Hi I am back with part 3 in A Brother's Revenge.

This first chapter picks up from the last chapter of the second story Aftermath which revealed Hayden as the third death. And there will be some characters and other mentions of my first story Pressure. So it might help to read the first two stories before reading this to get a better understanding, like the shocking murder of one of the Hardy boys friends in Aftermath. Just know he maybe gone in this story but he will certainly not be forgotten, he will be the driving force for Frank and Joe to get justice for their friend but first they have to go through a few hurtles.

I want to thank you all again for your wonderful reviews on my last two stories, It has been a busy holiday season for me and hopefully things will start slowing down, I only got the first chapter done, I do have it outline. but I am working on the second on hope to have it done as soon. Let me know what you think so far. Happy New Year!

A Brother's Revenge Chapter 1

"I'm sorry Frank, as of now you are the prime suspect in the murder of Jack Hayden." The words hung in the air as Frank digested them in disbelief.

"Let me get this straight. Jack Hayden was murdered early this morning. Someone called the station to claim I was there? And a gun was found with my fingerprints on it. And I'm the prime suspect?" Frank reiterated the words that came out of Chief Collig's mouth.

The Chief nodded. "That's correct."

Frank couldn't believe this. He didn't want to believe this. What the hell! This has to be a nightmare. Yes, that has to be it. A nightmare. He pinched his other hand and winched realizing, no, he was fully awake and, yes, this was really happening.

He shifted his eyes at Con, to his father and then back to the Chief, "Are you here to arrest me?"

"Yes, I am sorry. We need to take you down to the station for questioning." The Chief answered reluctantly.

He didn't want to believe Frank Hardy had committed murder. As much as he hated this he had to do his job. Somehow, someway they'll get to the bottom of this and find the truth.

"You can't be serious." Joe hissed, his temper beginning to rise. He whirled around with his crutches to face the Chief of Police. He stood at Frank's side, immediately balling his hands into fists clutched them at his side, he was ready to defend his brother.

"Frank didn't kill that son of a bitch!" He exploded. "But whoever did, did the job that our farce of a justice system failed to do! And now, you're going after my brother!"

"Joe, calm down," Fenton ordered.

"No! This is bullshit!"

"Joseph watch your mouth!" Fenton scolded. "Getting yourself worked up like this isn't helping things, now, calm down."

The Detective wasn't exactly thrilled about this either. Things were starting to get back to normal for his family, Fenton saw positive changes in Frank and Joe in the past two weeks. Dr. Reese was doing an amazing job at helping them move past their hellish ordeal, along with them dealing with their feelings and emotions.

Fenton knew the boys knew getting his approval to solve mysteries again was one of the things motivating them to work towards their recovery, and Fenton wanted so much for the boys to have their dream.

Frank was now a high school graduate, and on his way to Princeton in August. Fenton and Laura are beyond thrilled with Frank and Callie's engagement. They both love Callie as if she was their own daughter. She was a kind, strong and caring person. They felt all along she was the right fit for their eldest son, especially in the way she stood by Frank as he dealt with his health situation, and great support system as he deals with his depression.

They are just as thrilled for their youngest now a high school senior. Joe had started physical therapy which was helping him get back on his feet. During his recovery time they've become aware that his anxiety was better with fewer nightmares. They also noticed that Joe's been a little clingy with his brother more then usual. They think part of it had to do with the hospital fire and the fear of not knowing where Frank was during that time. And Frank was probably feeling the same way. The other part was the fact that Frank was leaving for college in August.

It was already the end of June, and July was fast approaching that meant the boys only had a limited time to spend with each other. The separation would be hard for them, but this time it wouldn't be by force but, by their choice. Fenton and Laura understood very well this was something the boys would have to work out for themselves.

They did take comfort when they saw a light in Joe's blue eyes and a smile on his face, something they hadn't seen in a long time. Come to find out from Frank that Joe has decided to start dating again. He asked out a new girl he met at school Vanessa Bender. Even though he hadn't yet met the young girl, just seeing his youngest happy gave Fenton a feeling that this girl was something special.

The hardest day for the boys was having to say good bye to their dear friend Phil Cohen. He was just glad they got through the funeral. Fenton of course was concerned with how Frank would deal with it all. He was glad that Joe and Callie sat beside him supporting him the whole time. It did make Fenton feel better when he caught Frank shedding a few tears and allowing himself to grieve and to let go.

Fenton knew the second thing motivating the boys to work on their recovery was so they could help track down Daniel Bartend and Henry Jacobs. The ones responsible for taking the lives of Phil and Seth Cohen.

However, Fenton was still reluctant in letting the boys help investigate cases. He had to consider their health above anything else. However, He and Sam sure could use their help with the two cases already on their plate. Looking into the disappearances of Daniel Bartend and Henry Jacobs/ plus helping the police with the investigation of the hospital fire.

And now on top of that Fenton had this latest headache to deal with. when the Chief and Con stopped by to drop this news in his lap telling him that Hayden was found dead. He'd been shot in the head and an anonymous caller had witnessed Frank committing the crime. The detective could not wrap his head around his son as the prime suspect.

"Dad's right, Joe." Frank was angry too. But, now was not the time for lashing out. The time was to think calmly and rationally, and figure out the truth of who killed Hayden. "You're not helping. Please stop."

"Okay, I'm sorry." Joe apologized; he was doing his best to stay calm. He took a deep breath and said, "We all know Hayden was a very hated man. He hurt a lot of people, and any number of them could've done it."

"I mean clearly he's being framed for this. What about this anonymous caller who'd had witnessed Frank committing the crime? And what about the gun, where did Frank get a gun?"

"Joe that's what we need to figure out." Fenton spoke up. "And you're right; Hayden was hated by lot of people including the people in this room. However, two wrongs don't make it right. the simple truth is someone did in fact kill him, and we need to find that someone."

"It wasn't Frank."

"Joe," The Chief cleared his throat, "I know you've all been through a lot and are still recovering from your ordeals. Believe me; I don't want to believe Frank did this."

He added calmly. "But, we can't ignore the clues that were found at the crime scene. I don't like our farce of a justice system as you call it, either. Mistakes were made, yes, but we have a chance to right our wrongs, put our mistakes behind us and do our jobs. We're not going to fail this time. We're going to do things the right way, the legal way, by crossing every T and dot every I in order to get to the bottom of this."

"It's the only way we'll find the truth." Sam spoke up, keeping his voice steady. He vowed to help clear Frank's name. There was no way in hell he killed Hayden.

"Okay so let's get on with this." Frank replied. He was ready to do what needs to be done to clear his name.

"Are you going to put Frank in handcuffs?" Joe anxiously asked the seasoned officer.

Chief Collig saw the worry in the boy's eyes. "Well, I don't see the need..." He started to say.

"No, don't do that." Frank said immediately. He was trying to put up a brave front for Joe. Deep down he was just as scared and angry. Well angry more then anything. "Please don't give me special treatment. Everything has to be done by the book, like you said." He held his hands out to the Chief. "Do what needs to be done."

Joe's mouth dropped. He was dumbfounded at his brother's response. What was he doing?

The Chief exchanged glances with Fenton.

As hard as it was for Fenton to accept he was proud of his eldest son for taking the initiative. He understood of what Frank was doing; prove to his brother our justice system isn't a total failure. Fenton gave the Chief a slight nod.

Just then Laura and Gertrude came out of the kitchen. "What's...oh, Chief I didn't know you and Con would be coming by." Gertrude said. "Would you both like a cup of coffee?"

"Thank you ma'am, but we'll have to decline." The officer replied regrettably. "I'm afraid this isn't a social visit."

Laura noticed the handcuffs around her son's wrists. "Why is Frank in handcuffs?" She started looking around the room.

She saw the hesitation in her husband's eyes and knew something was wrong. She looked at Fenton, demanding, "Fenton, what is going on?"

Fenton went up to her. He put his hand on his wife's shoulders. This was not going to go well.

Laura's face practically paled when he told her Hayden was found dead this morning. He'd been shot in the head, and the gun was found with Frank's fingerprints on it. Frank was their prime suspect.

"Frank did not do this!" Laura snapped, pulling herself away from her husband. She cast her angry eyes at the police officers. "You take those things off him now!"

"Laura, please calm down."

"I will not!"

"Laura, they need to take Frank down to the station." Fenton squeezed his wife's shoulder and took a deep breath.

"He didn't do this." She began to tear up.

"Mom, I'll be fine really." Frank replied trying to reassure his mother. "It's just a misunderstanding; we'll get it cleared up."

"Fine." Laura was trying to be so brave and not break down as she went up to give Frank a hug. Releasing her son she turned to her husband, "You do whatever it takes to bring him home".

"I will." Fenton promised her.

With that, Laura wiped the tears from her eyes and darted back into the kitchen. She couldn't watch her son being taken out of the house in handcuffs.

"Laura...," Fenton called, and started to go after her.

"Fenton," Gertrude said, putting her hand on his shoulder to stop him "She'll be alright, I'll go see to her," She looked at her eldest nephew. "You need to focus on Frank. This is a mistake. We need him home. "

Fenton gave her a slight nod as Gertrude left the room.

The Chief cleared his throat, "I'm sorry, Fenton I know this is upsetting, but we need to get Frank to the station."

"Wait, can I go with him?" Joe asked anxiously. He didn't want to leave Frank alone.

"Joe, I think it would be best if you stayed here with your mother." Fenton answered for him.

Joe didn't like that idea at all. He began shifting his legs with his crutches, he'd been standing on his leg for too long and it was starting to hurt. He winced in pain as pain shot through his leg with every move, but he didn't care if it hurt, he just wanted to be with his brother. Frank was in trouble and Joe was going to do everything he could to help him.

Joe began pleading with the officers. "Please..." his voice quivering with every word he spoke. "Chief, I won't give you any trouble; I promise...I'll do whatever you tell me". God he hated the way he sounded just now begging and pleading like some crying weak little baby. This was the time when he needed to be strong and fearless. "Frank was there for me when I was in trouble, and I have to do the same. Please."

"I'll stay with him while Frank is being questioned." Con offered.

Chief Collig felt all eyes on him. They were waiting for him to respond. And really what could he say; these boys have been through a lot. And finally he answered warily, "Alright, Joe I'll let you go. You can ride to the station with your dad and Sam. Once there you'll have to stay outside the room with Con."

"I will thank you Chief." Joe said gratefully.

"Thank you, Chief." Fenton said with gratitude.

"Little brother, don't worry." Frank frowned looking down at the cuffs around his wrists. He looked back up at Joe and gave him a small smile. "We'll get this figured out."

Joe gave him a nod and a quick hug. He released him as he watched with a heavy heart as Chief Collig read Frank his Miranda rights and then Con escorted Frank out the front door in handcuffs.

With Fenton and Sam right behind him Joe rushed to get outside with his crutches, his leg was hurting with every move he made. But he didn't care...he didn't care about anything right now other than Frank. He was more important.

Once he reached the front porch he nearly stumbled over the top step. "Joe..." Fenton and Sam caught him in time before he did.

Fenton saw tears running down his youngest son's cheek. Fenton cleared his own emotion from his throat. He gave his shoulder a light squeeze. He batted tears away from his eyes. He managed to say, "Now you heard what your brother said, not to worry and we'll get this figured out. Frank will be home soon."

"Damn straight he will." Sam added his support.

Joe felt the cool morning breeze blow through his hair as he stood in silence on the front porch with his father and Sam. He watched with anger and sadness at the sight of Con and Chief Collig escorting Frank to the back of the squad car. Con opened the door but, before Frank got in he looked up locking eyes with Joe.

All at once Frank's words flashed in his head, 'we'll get this figured out'. Joe took a deep breath to calm down. He knew he had to stay calm and focus... for Frank's sake.

Then his brother got into the backseat Con closed the door behind him. The two officers climbed in the front with the Chief at the wheel.

Joe felt himself slip into detective-mode, as the squad car began backing out of the driveway before disappearing down the road.

Joe vowed with determination. Hang on, big brother, I'll clear your name. God help me I'll clear your name.