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A brother's revenge chapter 18

'Jim' stopped sweeping along the boardwalk and adjusted the blue cap on his head. He watched Joe and Biff disappear in the crowd and saw Fenton following close behind them. Unbeknownst to all three of them he witnessed the drama and heard everything that took place.

An evil grin spread across his face, and he began to mutter to himself, "So, Detective, your precious baby boy has some real messed up issues, huh? What a shame. You don't want him involved with Jack's murder investigation. Oh, too bad, you can't be involved either...why is that? Oh, that's right, because your other son killed my brother. If Joe wants to leave this world, let's not stand in his way. As a matter of fact, I'm going to make sure that happens, and as an added bonus he's going to take his brother with him."

"If you thought that damn hospital fire was a blast...just you wait Detective, you and your sons haven't seen anything yet. Damn it!" He rubbed a hand over the latex mask where it was pinching his cheek. "I can't wait to get this stupid thing off my face." He took a disposable phone from the pocket of his shirt and hit a number on the speed dial. "Damn it, Picasso pick up."

"Yo! Ryan baby, is that you?" The Artist finally answered on the second ring.

"Who else would it be dumbass?" Ryan growled into the phone. "What took you so long to answer?"

"What the hell? Calm down. We've been busy carrying out YOUR plan. Your hot chick and that pain in the ass nephew of yours just took care of the rest of the crew who were prepping for the fireworks."

"And as for yours truly, I just arrived with my 'masterpiece', which I'll be setting up here in a little bit." Picasso bragged on the other line, "In fact, I think I've really out done myself this time and build two. They are a couple of beauties! You'll get to play with the second one later, the first one is for tonight. It's going to be one hell of a show."

"Oh, by the way I took a leisurely stroll through this cookie cutter town an hour or so ago. It's got a Hallmark kind of feel to it... and I like it. And judging from the up keep on some of these vintage homes the people here are shit loaded with moolah. I could do some serious damage here."

"You just remember Fenton Hardy lives in this town." Ryan reminded him, "So, don't go stirring up trouble just yet. We'll have him on our tails soon enough once we go after his boys."

"Oh, that reminds me," Picasso cut in, "I saw your little fish coming out of some office building with a blonde beauty with a pair of long legs all the way up to her firm tight ass. I followed them here to the pier." He smiled coyly as he puffed out a stream of smoke from his cigarette. "Damn I want to tap that!"

"Another time." Ryan countered, "Tonight, has to go according to MY plan. No screw ups, understand? Remember we're here to avenge Jack's death. Our goal is to have Joe Hardy by the end of the night, so we can proceed with the next phase of my plan. To get revenge for my brother!"

"Whatever you say, Boss." Picasso said just before he hung up the phone. He took one last puff of his cigarette and tossed the phone into the passenger seat of his black van.

"You can call the shots, for now, Ryan baby, after all this is your show. But just wait...just you wait. I'll get my turn. Soon everyone in this town will know my name and who the fuck I am, Sal 'Picasso' Mancini." He flicked his cigarette out of the window. He smiled inwardly and his eyes darkened. "The Artist."


"Vanessa, I think..." Frank started to ask when he was interrupted by a shout grabbing everyone's attention.


Even though it was starting to get dark out, with the help of the soft glow of the street lights Frank could see his younger brother hurrying up to him as fast as he could on his crutches. Even with the darkness fast approaching, Frank could see the excitement written all over Joe's face. He saw his Dad and Biff trying hard to keep up with him. Now what's going on? He thought.

"Joe, slow down!" Frank called to his brother. Then something out of the corner of his eyes caught his attention and ran towards his brother. "Joe, look out!"

But it was too late, before Joe could stop in his tracks, "Joeeeee!" A little voice called out. Hearing his name Joe immediately turned around as fast as he could on his crutches only to be tackled to the ground by a little blond blur.


Joe hit the ground hard, with a loud "oomph!" as his breath was knocked out of him and his crutches fell at his side.

"Oh, my gosh!" Vanessa exclaimed and ran towards Joe. As Frank and Callie raced towards his brother and the little blond blur. Tony, Chet and the other girls watching the scene with concern.

As Frank got closer, he realized the little blond blur was actually a very familiar little boy of about seven years old wearing red shorts and a red t-shirt with a soccer ball on the front and he was sitting on top of Joe's chest.

"Gotcha, Joe!" the little boy called out.

Joe knew that little voice... However, at the moment he couldn't think as pain shot up his injured leg and at the same time, he was trying to catch his breath.

Finally, after a few seconds the pain began to subside, Joe blinked his eyes until his vision became clear enough to see the face of a little blond boy sitting on his chest with a mischievous smile on his face. "Hey, Trevor." Joe huffed out his name.

"Trevor! Oh, my gosh! Joe are you OK?" He heard a man and a woman exclaimed in unison. Joe knew their voices too. He glanced up to see they were the boy's parents Pete McNeely the manager of the Police Department shooting range, and his wife Lindsey a petite woman in her early thirties wearing a casual spaghetti strap sundress with yellow sunflowers, her long brunette hair cascading down her shoulders.

"Uh-oh?" The boy grimaced at the sound of his parents calling his name.

"Son, what are we going to do with you? I swear you're like a bull in a china shop." Pete said as he picked Trevor up off of Joe. Joe felt an instant relief as the small weight was lifted off of his chest, and he started to take in small and steady breaths.

"Trevor honey, come here. You can't just go running up to people like that. You have to be more careful." Lindsey said to her little boy.

"But, Mommy, Daddy, I was playing Gotcha with Joe." The boy said whining as his dad sat him down on the ground next to his mother.

"Well, you got him alright." His father knelt down to the boy's level and replied, "But, listen Trevor, Joe can't play that tag game with you right now. He's got an injured leg. I'm sure once his leg is all better, I'm sure that he'll be happy to play that game with you, but right now you have to wait. Okay?"

"Okay, Daddy." Trevor said in a small voice.

Pete nodded, "Good, now let's go tell Joe that you're sorry." He said getting to his feet.

Meanwhile Joe found himself surrounded by his friends and family and a few curious onlookers from the crowd. "Joe, are you alright?" Biff said kneeling beside him.

"Yeah, I think so." Joe grunted as he slowly sat up with Biff's help.

Frank knelt down on the other side of his brother. "Joe, don't try to move." He put his hand on his shoulder to keep him from standing up.

"Bro, I'm fine, really." Joe tried to reassure him. "Stop making a fuss. I just got the wind knocked out of me."

"Listen to your brother, Joe." Fenton said to him as he crouched next to Frank. "Are you hurt anywhere? Is your leg..."

"Dad, I said, I'm fine." Joe said a little more harshly than he intended, between breaths.

Fenton pushed back the hurt he felt at that. He could tell that Joe's feelings were still a little raw towards him after their earlier encounter. He knew that he just had to be patient and keep trying with him. They still had some things to work out and it was going to take time.

Joe caught the hurt look in his father's eyes and instantly felt guilty for snapping at him, after all he was just trying to help him. "Dad, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you. I just..."

"It's okay, Joe. That's not important right now." Fenton replied. He decided to let that outburst go. After all, on top of everything else that was going on, he had another big issue to deal with due to the dark turn of events Joe had displayed earlier.

As the chilling image of Joe standing on the railing at the boardwalk of the pier looking over the water passed through his mind, it sent shivers down Fenton's spine. If Joe was having suicidal thoughts, he couldn't ignore that issue, but it also meant that Joe shouldn't be left alone. Someone would have to stay close to him at all times, just in case.

However, this was something he knew he couldn't do alone; he knew he couldn't... he was going to need everyone's help. Family and friends. Fenton looked up at Frank and Joe's friends, Callie then finally Vanessa. He would need their help in keeping Joe's mind distracted from his negative thoughts, to get him out of that bad place and to get him to focus on something else, and they needed to do that without making it completely obvious to Joe that that was what they were doing.

He would notify Dr. Reese as soon as he could find a moment to discretely get away from the group. He needed to let her know immediately what was going on with Joe. The sooner he spoke with the doctor the sooner they could plan the next course of action on how to handle Joe, his depression, and to get him the help that he needed. Now he just had to figure out how to explain it to Laura, Frank and Gertrude without them freaking out. Fenton took a deep breath, trying his best to stay calm and look like nothing was wrong.

Frank had noticed the strangeness between his father and brother. He could tell that something had happened. Earlier as he waited worriedly with his friends for his father and brother to return, he had sensed through his connection with his brother that something horrible was wrong with Joe. He hadn't wanted to mention the bad feeling he was getting in front of his friends or Callie, because he was afraid if he said it out loud then that feeling he felt would become more than just a feeling and would come true. He had put his trust in Biff to bring Joe back safe. And Biff had done just that, Joe was back, but something wasn't quite right. What was going on now? Did Dad and Joe get into another fight? He could tell that his father was extremely concerned and worried, but was trying to mask his emotions, and what the hell was Joe so excited about before his run-in with Trevor?

"Joe, let's get you up on your feet." Fenton said breaking into Frank's thoughts. Fenton, Frank and Biff all carefully helped Joe to stand up.

"Here you go, Joe." Callie said picking up the crutches off of the ground and handed them back to him.

"Thanks Callie." Joe replied, taking the crutches from her.

Fenton, Frank and Biff let go of the youngest Hardy once they were sure that he was steady on his feet with his crutches. As they stepped back to give him some space, Vanessa asked with concern in her voice. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Don't worry babe." Joe took a breath, "It's going to take more than getting knocked down by a seven-year-old to keep me down, good thing I have crutches."

"Fenton, Joe, I am so sorry about this." Pete apologized limping up to the Hardy's. "Trevor has been a ball of energy all day. Honestly, I don't know where he gets it sometimes." He was a little bit nervous about seeing the Hardy's again since it had been his careless and stupid mistake that had caused Frank's gun to go missing in the first place.

"There's no need to apologize clearly Trevor was just being enthusiastic." Fenton said accepting Pete's handshake, "I can relate about your son being a ball of energy."

"Plus, he was super excited about the possibility of seeing your boys tonight." Pete added, " On the ride here he kept asking us if they were going to be here. We told him, we'll have to wait and see. As soon as he got out of the car, he started looking for them. Once we got to the boardwalk, he saw Joe, and he just took off running to him before we could stop him."

Frank and Joe's faces flushed a bright shade of pink as Fenton smiled at hearing that. It was a known fact that Pete's little boy was a huge fan of his sons. Frank and Joe always saw themselves as normal teenagers, doing normal teenage stuff. Being detectives and solving mysteries was just a job that they did and was nothing special. However, to an impressionable 7-year-old boy, being teenage detectives was kind of a big deal, and Trevor regarded Frank and Joe as if they were superheroes.

Fenton was proud of his boys in return. Frank and Joe weren't around little kids very much; however, they were very good about interacting with Trevor in their own way. Frank was a little more reserved with Trevor but with the right timing and circumstances, when he felt more comfortable with the little boy, Frank would interact and play fun games with him. Most times the circumstance became favorable because of Joe. He had always had the magic touch in getting his big brother into being more outgoing and social, and to have fun, because Joe himself was normally happy and outgoing. So, it came easily for Joe to be outgoing and social with Trevor and of course he had the energy to match.

"Hey, Joe good to see you." Pete said extending his hand out to Joe. He had on a blue t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up showing off his muscular arms, and a pair of khaki shorts. "And I am so sorry about this, I hope Trevor didn't hurt you?"

"It's good to see you, too." Joe replied steadying himself and accepting Pete's handshake. "No, he didn't hurt me. He just took me by surprise that's all. I'm fine really."

He was still a little peeved with the shooting range manager for his careless mistake that caused Frank's gun to go missing. The same gun that had been stolen by the dark-haired figure who resembled Frank. Joe knew without a doubt that it was not Frank he saw on the security tape, taking the gun, the same weapon that was found at the crime scene on Shore Road where Jack Hayden had been found murdered, he just needed to find a way to prove it.

"Good, that's good to hear," Pete said, "Trevor, don't you have something to tell Joe?" He looked down expecting to see his son at his side, only to find that he was missing. He frowned and turned towards his wife and looked down to see him hiding behind his mother.

When he realized that Trevor hadn't followed him, Pete beckon him with his finger to come forward, "Trevor, come here, please."

The little boy poked his head out from behind his mother. He threw a pleading look up at her, because he knew he was in trouble. "Go on." she said coaxing him out from behind her with her arm.

Finally, the little boy slowly stepped out with his head hung down and cautiously walked forward towards his father.

Frank had to bite back a smile. He felt a bit sorry seeing the scared look on the little boy's face. He couldn't believe this scrawny but wiry, barely four-foot-tall, fifty-pound little boy, took down Joe who was twice his size and weight. Trevor reminded him so much of Joe when he was that age. Even his antics and actions were so like things that Joe used to do.

The little boy began fidgeting with the corner of his shirt bunching it up in his hands as he stood in front of Joe. He raised his head and said in a small voice. "Sorry, Joe. I didn't mean to knock you down. Are you mad at me?" A tear ran down his cheek.

"I know it was an accident and that you didn't mean to knock me down, I get it you were excited to see me, I have that effect on people." Joe smiled gently, noting the fear on Trevor's face, so he reached out to ruffle his hair. "And no, I'm not mad at you."

"Really? You still like me?" A big smile spread across Trevor's little face.

"Yeah of course I like you. We're best buds." Joe smiled, holding his arms out to the boy, "Now can I have a hug?"

"Gently this time." Pete advised his son. Trevor did as his father instructed and carefully wrapped his arms around Joe's waist. Joe wasted no time and enveloped the boy in his arms.

"Awe." Vanessa cooed. That was the cutest thing she'd ever seen. She didn't think that she couldn't be more in love with Joe as she was right at this moment.

"Daddy said we can't play Gotcha, cause your leg is hurt. Is it worser now?" Trevor asked Joe as he released Trevor from the hug.

"No, it's okay my leg doesn't hurt as much. It'll be good as new in no time." Joe answered. "I promise, when my leg is all better, we'll play, Gotcha. Okay?"

"Okay." Trevor looked down at the bandage on Joe's injured leg. "Do you have a metal leg like Daddy?"

Unsure of how to answer Trevor's question Joe threw a look at the boy's father. He knew it was impolite but he couldn't help but cast his eyes at Pete's prosthetic leg. He still felt a little guilty, for it was not that long ago that he had almost shared the same fate as the former cop. Thankfully he had survived and still had his leg intact, whereas Pete, even though he survived his ordeal had still lost a part of himself.

"Trevor, I think..." Pete started to say.

Sensing the awkwardness Fenton stepped in immediately. He crouched down to the boy's level. "Trevor, do you like hot dogs?" He asked.

"Oh, yeah." The boy nodded with excitement. His question suddenly forgotten and now his attention was now on hot dogs. Joe breathed a sigh of relief as Pete mouthed the words 'thank you' to Fenton for diverting the question to a different topic.

"Really, how many can you eat?" Fenton asked with a grin.

The boy smiled, he held up three fingers. "Three."

"Three? Are you sure?" Fenton asked playfully in disbelief, scrunching up his nose.

Trevor enthusiastically nodded his response.

"Hot dogs that sounds good right now." Joe chimed in; he patted his stomach as it growled. "That reminds me, I have eaten anything all day and I am starving."

"Well let's all go over to the picnic area and we can fix that." Fenton said.

"Can we Mommy?" Trevor said to her with pleading blue eyes.

"Oh, thank you kindly, Mr. Hardy, we don't want you to go to any trouble on our account." Lindsey spoke up.

"It's no trouble at all, we have plenty of food." Fenton said to the young mother. 'And please call me Fenton."

Lindsey looked over at her husband who nodded slightly, and turned back to Fenton and replied. 'Thank you, Fenton we accept."

"Yay!" Trevor exclaimed jumping excitingly up and down on his feet. "Can I sit next to you, Joe?"

"You bet." Joe smiled; he looks at his beautiful angel. "You don't mind, do you Vanessa?"

"Not at all." Vanessa lightly laughed.

'Hey, Trevor," Frank spoke up. "What about me? Don't I get a hug?" He held out his arms to the little boy.

"I think Frank's feeling a little left out." Joe said to Trevor. "Why don't you go show him some love." with a big smile on his face Trevor rushed up to Frank and wrapped his arms around his waist.

"Thank you, Trevor, I feel better now." The older Hardy brother said as he wasted no time and enveloped the little boy in his arms. He had to admit he has always a little hesitant around little kids but for some reason he felt comfortable with Trevor.

Callie's heart melted like butter watching her future husband with Trevor. She could tell he was going to be a wonderful father someday. She couldn't wait to marry him.

"Come on, Frank, you can sit with me and Joe too." Trevor said as he released Frank from the hug. He put his little hand into Frank's hand, and then turns to Joe, "Come on Joe!" The little boy beckon Joe with his finger to follow them.

"Yeah, come on, slow poke!" Frank called out to Joe as Trevor started pulling him towards the picnic area.

"Slow poke! I'll show you slow poke!" Joe shot back with laughter as he rushed to catch up to his brother and the little boy as fast as he could on his crutches towards the picnic area.

"Oh, yes, Pete, like I said, I can relate about your son being a ball of energy." Fenton shook his head. "Not even crutches can slow him down."

By the time Laura and Gertrude returned from their walk everyone was back at the picnic area, either sitting on blankets on the ground, or at the picnic table. After the earlier events both women were surprised to find everyone again laughing and joking around with each other. They were especially surprised to see their friends Pete and Lindsey McNeely sitting at a table. And then their eyes landed on Callie and Vanessa at another table with Frank and Joe sitting on the other side with seven-year-old Trevor McNeely between them laughing and eating hot dogs.

This was a much different scene than what they saw earlier, Laura and Gertrude immediately found Fenton at the grill placing grilled hot dogs on a plate, they demanded to know what was going on and what happened between him and Joe. He placed the hot dogs on the table then discreetly motioned for his wife and sister to follow him away from the group so he could talk to them privately about Joe.

Trevor was enjoying himself as he sat at the picnic table swinging his little legs excitingly. He was having the best day ever; he was eating hot dogs which was his favorite food in the world and he was going to watch the cool fireworks. Plus, His two favorite superheroes were sitting beside him. He was the luckiest guy in the world right now.

Unbeknownst to the group, a dark-haired figure was lurking behind the tall bushes just a few feet away from them. The expression on his face was stone cold as he directed his murderous gaze at the Hardy brothers.