I can tell you that it's always a nice time to be in Station Square and enjoying its cityscape, but the real reason why you're here in the story is to see cute girls going off on adventurers together, with Amy Rose the pink girl hedgehog and her adorable female rabbit friend Cream emerging out of the entrance and exit to the Twilight Park.

"Man that was so much fun!"

"Yeah I'm glad I get to experience that without fear of having a robot chase us!"

They were to continue their discussion, but Cream was quick to point out to Amy that she spotted a certain blonde haired bear that was a younger sister, who was sprinting about as she clearly enjoyed doing in her spare time.

"Hey, what brings you here?" Amy asked.

Tooty shrugged. "Oh, I just felt like running around the city. I feel like going into a more fantasy zone if you catch my drift."

"Sounds fun, but how will we get there?" Cream questioned.

Tooty chuckled. "Well I know a way to warp there, but it's kind of odd."

"We'll take any chance we can get!"

"Okay, just don't get weirded out!"

It didn't take long for them to see Tooty Bear farting, with it briefly causing a warp to appear nearby.

Later on, Amy and her fellow girls found themselves in the Spring section of the Click Clock Wood, with them all laughing and enjoying themselves.

"This was such a good idea to come here!" Amy cheered with her hands together.

"Well it's good I suggested it!" Tooty responded. "I felt a nice trip through the rainy forest would do us good!"

"I can definitely feel happy here!" Cream giggled while her ears flapped in excitement.