HP x Frozen

A/N: As I did previously, this prologue will be repeated at the start of Book 3 with the first chapter. I do this because people still select to follow Book 2.

Book 3 Prologue: The Wizard's Prison

Azkaban was a very terrible place. The Wizarding prison was on a rocky island in the middle of the North Sea. It was built more like a fortress, a fortress meant to keep the people inside from escaping. On top of that, the guards weren't a force to be reckoned with either. They were literal soul sucking beasts that devoured happiness from those around them.

The prisoners never again knew happiness once they were convicted and sent here. Many of them went mad eventually. In fact, all of them went mad eventually. All of the wizarding population knew this as pure and solid fact. They never felt sympathy though. Only the worst of the worst the wizarding world provided, were sent to Azkaban and they deserved their fates.

Two men in Auror robes walked the halls of the main tower on the rock in the middle of the sea. They were escorted by two silently floating excessively tall beings with their features hidden by hooded robes. The figures were keeping their distance as a glowing animal of some kind marched between the two men.

"I really hate having to do these checks like this," a tall man said to his shorter companion.

"It has to be done," the short man said.

"I know… It's just with these guards it seems pointless. It's impossible to escape Azkaban. Everyone knows this," the taller man said. He had long black hair tied back and a clean-shaven face.

"I beg to differ. I'm firmly of the belief nothing is impossible. We do live in a world of magic," the shorter man said. He was bald but had a thick neatly kept goatee.

"I forget. You're a muggleborn. I suppose that's why the higher ups like bringing on muggleborns to our department. You all keep us on our toes in that way. It is a good mindset to have in our line of work and I would usually agree. But in this case, it is impossible. No one escapes Azkaban," the tall man said as he opened a set of doors in front of them.

"I feel him! He's all around me! He's here! I'm his favorite he tells me. I want him inside me…" a crazed woman said from behind bars. She was touching herself in a very inappropriate way.

"Hello to you too, Bella…" the short man said with a scoff.

She suddenly grabbed the bars and smiled while licking her lips hungrily. "You… Ohhhh… I'll get you. Just wait, you Mudblood! My master will return. He'll free me! And take me in all those wonderful and horrifying ways," she said with an evil crazed laugh as she moved in a very suggestive manner with the bars.

One of the figures came forward and took in a rattling breath.

"No! No! Don't take him from meee!" the crazed women said with a look of horror as she quickly scrambled away from the bars. She wasn't so eager on trying to intimidate the muggleborn Auror now. She was huddled in a fetal position against the back wall of her small cell.

"I swear she gets worse every time. Wish she would do us a favor and just go the way of her husband already. He just stares vacantly at the wall all the time," the short man said.

"I agree with you there. I really liked the Longbottoms," the tall man said as he gave the now cowering woman a glare.

After a moment, the two men nodded to each other and split up. They each took a side of the tower to check on the prisoners, for all the good it did. They were mostly concerned with finishing up as soon as possible and leaving the place. They usually had an "After Prisoner Check" drink in one of their favorite pubs. They both needed it so their nerves could settle after the experience, even with the Patronus' help.

[-] [-] [-]

The two men gulped and looked to one another once they joined back up again after finishing most of the prison. There was just one prisoner left and he was the most notorious of them all.

The man was evil and vile. He pretended for most of his free years to be friends with his eventual victims. He was even the best man at their wedding. He also fooled everyone and acted like he hated his family and their notorious ways. Harry Potter would still have loving and caring parents, if it wasn't for this darkest of dark wizards.

"Alright then," the tall man said. Both of them got their wands ready. This prisoner was actually the most clam of the lot and most sane, even if he was still off the reservation. That however, only made the man seem more dangerous. No one in Azkaban, with the dementors guarding, should keep their sanity that long. No matter how little remained.

They opened the set of doors and walked down the dimly lit hall. They looked into the cell. Their mouths dropped open in shock. "I just had to say it was impossible…" the tall man muttered to himself with a sigh.

"We better inform the Ministry and talk to the guards. Sirius Black has escaped. Raise the alarm! He can't have gone too far. There'd be no where for him to go until we came," the short man said. They soon got to work. It was going to be a long night. They only hoped they weren't too late.

[-] [-] [-]

Outside of the tower on one of the few shorelines to the prison's island, a large black and shaggy dog ran fast. He picked up his speed even more, once he heard the alarms. He quickly jumped into a boat and transformed into a man wearing tattered clothes with a gaunt face.

He was once considered the most handsome of the guys by many girls, but his time in prison had taken its toll. He no longer had the healthy lean muscled body that drove witches crazy. His grey eyes, once deemed noble and entrancing, were now haunted and dark. His long black hair was greasier than a certain Potions Professor, which was something the man personally despised.

The escaping prisoner quickly rowed the boat as much as he could. "He's at Hogwarts! He's at Hogwarts! He's at Hogwarts!" he kept shouting to himself over the stormy sea. It was a mantra he had repeated many times recently. It was one of the few things that kept him going during the last days of his stay.

Sirius Black had done the impossible! He escaped Azkaban. He wouldn't celebrate though. He had a mission. He had unfinished business. He had someone he needed to avenge.

He had a rat to catch and kill.

A/N: I have seen Frozen 2 now, if anyone cares about that. I might carry over some of the story elements, but I also feel I've changed things up too much to treat it as canon for this story. It is a good thing this fic is an AU, so I can easily do that. I really did like Frozen 2 though. It was one of three times in my life I decided I would buy the movie when it was out for sale, before I even finished seeing it.