Chapter 9: How to Handle Boggarts

It was finally time for their new DADA class. Harry and the others were curious how it would go this year. Professor Lupin made quite the positive impression when he chased away the Dementors from the train.

"What are you doing with all of those books?" Ron asked as Hermione came to them with a bigger book load than usual, even for her.

"I do have more classes than you," she said with a slight frown.

"I'm talking about how we just have DADA left before lunch today," Ron said.

"Oh…" Hermione said in shock. She then knit her eyebrows and said, "I'll meet you all there… Save me a spot."

"You know we will, Hermione," Elsa said giving her a friendly smile as she joined the others just as Hermione left.

"That's suspicious…" Ron said.

"You talking about how she seemed to be mixed up on classes?" Harry asked.

Ron nodded.

It was very rare, meaning it hadn't happened until now, that Hermione didn't know exactly what classes they had.

"She does have a heavy course load, even if it is a mystery how she is taking them. We should keep an eye on her. She might have bitten off more than she can chew with her course load this year," Elsa said in worry for her friend.

[-] [-] [-]

Hermione managed to come to DADA with a minute and a half to spare. She was huffing a little as she sat down beside Elsa. Elsa smiled to her and gave her hand a slight squeeze. "You made it in time," she said.

Hermione nodded and let out a sigh of relief. "I did kind of have to book it. I think I made it so quickly because of our workouts," she said.

"Well. We better get them started once again next week then," Elsa said. Hermione just nodded to her friend. Elsa let her have to first week back off to get used to a schooling schedule again.

"Alright, Class!" Professor Lupin said after he quickly got their attention. "Get up! We're going to the teacher's lounge for class today. There's a boggart!" he said excitedly as he got them all to follow him out.

The students were excited about this. They figured they would spend the first day of class going over the course goals for the semester. That was how things went so far during DADA. Admittedly, they only had two years of experience with the class, but both previous professors left much to be desired.

There was an unpleasant surprise when they came across Peeves. It was yet another oddity because Peeves usually didn't mess with professors directly, much less during a class. "Loony Loopy Lupin. Loony Loopy Lupin," Peeves sang at him.

"I'd get that gum out of the keyhole, if I were you. Mr. Filch does need to get his brooms. I'm sure he'll be more than eager to bring it up with Professor Dumbledore if you don't," Professor Lupin warned.

"Loony Loopy Lupin. Many say his bark is worse than his bite," the poltergeist sang.

"Pay attention class. It seems you will learn a bonus spell. It is quite useful," Professor Lupin said. He raised his wand and then said, "Waddiwasi!"

The gum shot out of the keyhole and straight up Peeves nostril.

"Brilliant!" Seamus said as Peeves shot off backwards through the corridor.

Once the class was in the teachers' longue, they saw Professor Snape sitting at a table looking as sour as ever. He snapped shut the book he was reading and looked to them.

"Professor Snape. Are you going to observe today?" Professor Lupin asked.

"I'd rather not. This lot leaves much to be desired. They're more likely to gossip than actually pay attention," he said as he looked to a whispering Parvati and Lavender. The two girls swallowed nervously.

Professor Snape stood up to leave. He looked like there was something he wished to say, but after a quick glance at Elsa, he seemed to change his mind. A few caught this and were burning to whisper about it, but Lupin got their attention.

"Now then, Boggarts are magical creatures that love dark and enclosed spaces. Wardrobes," Lupin pointed to the one behind him which was shaking a little as if on cue. "Under sinks, behind beds and so forth. I once saw one that took up residence in a dirty clothes hamper," he said.

A few students snickered to that.

"Yes. That one was surprisingly easy to chase away," he said as a few more snickered louder to that. "This one moved in yesterday and I asked the Headmaster if I could use it for my first class. Before that, what is a boggart?" he asked the class.

No one was surprised to see Hermione's hand shoot straight up. "Miss Granger," Professor Lupin called to her.

"They're shapeshifters. They take on the form of your fears," she said.

"Correct. No one knows for sure if boggarts actually have an original shape themselves. They immediately take one based on your fears when they come out of their hiding place. The leading theory is they are merely a formless mass of magical energy. However, he have the advantage here. Can you tell us why, Mr. Potter?" he asked.

Harry was a little caught on the spot being called out directly. Perhaps Professor Lupin heard Hermione would answer all questions if given the chance, so he was picking out students to avoid that. Harry soon figured out an answer though. "There are a lot of us. So, it won't know what form to take," he replied.

"Correct! It is for this reason it is best to have company when dealing with a boggart. Many witches and wizards will even throw parties to deal with one. Good spirits and laughter are the boggart's weakness. It will get embarrassed and flee away once it's had enough," he said.

"How do we laugh at it though?" Seamus asked.

"Good question, Mr. Finnegan. There is a spell you cast on it while visualizing a way to make it into something funny. Boggarts also take on the weakness of what they turn into as well, even that is not an optimal solution," Professor Lupin answered.

He then withdrew his wand. "Now for the spell and wand movements," he answered. He showed them the wand movement a couple of times and called out, "Riddikulus!"

"Give it a try, class," he said to the students.

They did so a few times until he nodded in approval.

"Okay students. Form two lines. I'll let the boggart out whenever you step up for your turn. Remember the spell is 'Riddikulus' while you think of how to make it funny," he explained one last time.

"Mr. Longbottom. Would you care to start us off?" Professor Lupin asked.

Neville nodded a little nervously as he stepped forward. He was thinking what would be his fear. He did have a few. Perhaps in another life it would be something like a professor… Professor Snape to be precise. Neville didn't really fear him now though, especially because of the confidence he found in Potions thanks to his extra lessons with Elsa.

"On the count of three…" Professor Lupin started.

Neville narrowed his eyes. He did have an idea now. The idea was Voldemort's followers coming back to power… He had a feeling Professor Lupin didn't quite know what he was getting himself into by starting with Neville.

"One. Two…" the professor counted.

Neville quickly got an idea on how to make them funny. He tried not to laugh about it yet. He didn't want to ruin the moment.

"Three!" Professor Lupin called out and opened the wardrobe doors.

There was darkness for a moment. Several people gulped. It was a darkness light couldn't pierce. Then a form stepped out.

A masked Death Eater came out looking menacingly at everyone. Several were frozen in fear. Professor Lupin regretted not first asking what Neville's fear was. He was prepared to step forward and deal with this unforeseen problem.

Neville persisted though. "Riddikulus!" he shouted in determination.

The from of the scary Death Eater transformed before their eyes. Instead of the frightening skull mask, it was wearing a horse feed bag. It also had on what Dean had a few times described as a Beer helmet. The robes were no longer a dark and terrifying black. They were instead tie died with large purple lettering that said, "I Heart Muggles and Beer!"

The class, minus a few 'esteemed members of society', burst out in laughter. The 'esteemed members of society' were angry. They were especially angry because they couldn't exactly lash out at Neville. They and their families had put so much stock into the whole "Imperius Defense" purposefully getting revenge for this would not sit well. It would bring up questions best avoided.

There was also how Neville had become more competent with magic and he wasn't the easy target he was back at the start of first year. That was before taking into account some of his associations as well. Plus, the Longbottom family were again becoming a more formidable house, not just his grandmother.

They simply took note and decided once their time came again, they would deal with him for this insult.

[-] [-] [-]

The class had been interesting so far, but Elsa kind of dreaded her turn which she felt was coming up since about half of the class had gone already. She wasn't really sure what her greatest fear was anymore. It used to be easy. It was losing Anna or anyone else important to her, but after seeing how her powers had grown and what she did to the Acromantulas last school year... For better or worse, Elsa was in a way becoming more afraid of herself.

"Miss Evergreen. You're up!" Professor Lupin called to her.

Elsa swallowed nervously as she stepped forward, but no one noticed. There did seem to be a bit of curiosity to the flow of the room she noted. Elsa guessed she could understand. Many people wondered what scared the Ravenclaw Warrior Princess, or however her nickname had changed by now.

"Ready?" the Professor asked.

Elsa nodded in reply as she readied herself for the unknown. She was actually more curious about it than she probably should have been. Maybe it would show her how powerful she could become and she could use that to adjust her training in advance. Change her fear into conviction.

The doors to the wardrobe opened.

There was an icy mist that filled the room and people shivered, even if they weren't fully sure why. Elsa knew though. Her idea bout her greatest fear was confirmed knew. It made sense to her. She did feel even less threatened by other things lately.

The class was stunned and confused when they saw a coldly beautiful Elsa walk out of the wardrobe. She looked to be in her late teens or early twenties. She was beautiful, exceptionally beautiful, but she also had a rather cold smirk as she looked around at the room. She raised a hand.

Elsa's eyes widened as she raised her wand ready to use the spell, but she couldn't think how to make this funny. Luckily the boggart didn't use any magic. Instead it looked to Elsa and gave a dark giggle Pansy wished she could pull off.

"What do you intend to do?" Boggart Elsa asked as she stepped closer to Elsa and seemed to radiate power.

A few of the students closest to Elsa took a step backwards. They didn't like this dark version of their famed Ravenclaw Princess.

Draco was watching from the back with extra interest. This could possibly be proof to his theories regarding Elsa. He was further convinced siding with her would be more beneficial to his family.

Some 'esteemed individuals' were even more certain it would not be wise to lash out at one of Elsa's closet friends. It didn't matter how sacrilegious they felt his mockery of the Death Eaters was. Many debated how powerful Elsa was, this seemed to in a strange way confirm to them just how much she had to her.

Elsa finally had an idea. It wasn't necessarily funny, but it just might work. "Riddikulus!" she shouted as her wand radiated power.

There was a pop sound and instead of an older and scary Elsa there was an Elsa teddy bear. It was similar to the one Anna owned, but larger. The teddy bear next spoke in a cute squeaky voice, "Hi! I'm Elsa. I love warm hugs!"

Elsa couldn't help but chuckle a little. Some others did as well. Surprisingly, several of the girls thought it was adorable and awwwed at it. This reaction caused Elsa to blush for some reason.

It seemed the reaction was enough. The boggart quickly stumbled back into the wardrobe. It seemed afraid the group of girls would give it a warm hug and hair brushing ambush.

"That was interesting," Professor Lupin said in thought. "Ten points to Ravenclaw for a unique approach, Miss Evergreen," he said as the next student stepped forward.

[-] [-] [-]

Harry started to frown as the class continued. It seemed Professor Lupin was keeping him from taking a turn. He didn't mind just watching the others at first. He found Elsa's boggart interesting and figured out what it might be. Now however, he wanted his own turn. He didn't want to be the only one who didn't get a chance in the class.

As Lupin kept skipping over him, Harry couldn't help but wonder, "Does he know what I fear? Does he think I'll just collapse this time?" Harry knew it was a stupid idea. He doubted Professor Lupin could just read his mind like that.

Harry's fear was different from what he first thought it would be. At first, he feared a Voldemort returned to full power. Then he remembered what happened on the train and how it felt. Harry hated that more than facing Voldemort.

On the train, he was helpless. When facing Voldemort, whom he had defeated twice now, not counting when he was a baby, Harry didn't mind that as much. He still dreaded Voldemort's return. With Voldemort, he could at least do something or try to.

When it came to the Dementors, he couldn't.

He knew things on the train could have been worse, but for some reason sitting near Elsa and Anna seemed to lessen the effect. He wasn't sure why. He just knew he almost collapsed, but just almost. He was still helpless to the robed figures, and that truly scared Harry.

Ron was next. Harry already knew what it would be with Ron.

A giant spider, but still smaller than the Acromantulas in the forest, appeared. Harry's guess was proven true. Several of the girls screamed as the thing moved forward, but still much slower than the ones in the forest.

"Take off its legs…" Ron muttered before he shouted out "Riddkulus!" and the legs disappeared.

That didn't have the effect Ron thought it would. The legless spider clicked and clacked as it rolled over to Lavender Brown, causing her to shriek out and jump backwards and almost right into Seamus. Lavender then seemed to decide grabbing on to Seamus was the best defense at the moment. Seamus didn't seem too bothered by her choice of action.

The spider's body kept rolling and soon it was right in front of Harry. "This is my chance!" he thought as he got ready. The spider was surrounded by mist and just as a skeletal hand reached out from a robe.

It vanished!

Everyone tried to look around to see what happened to it. They saw Professor Lupin looking at a simmering silver orb floating above them. It almost looked like a moon peaking from behind clouds.

It briefly changed into a disco ball. The boggart then vanished and was again replaced by Seamus' banshee.

"It's confused! This is good! Everyone, use the spell if it turns into your fear," Professor Lupin said as Seamus cast the spell. This time he gagged it with a very fluffy pink Christmas stocking.

It turned into a giant spider again, but this time Ron had a better idea that actually worked. A shout of "Riddukuls!" from Ron and the spider was suddenly wearing roller skates and having a comically bad time trying to keep its balance.

It turned into a few others and everyone kept laughing as they made it look ridiculous. Finally, it turned to Neville again. "Riddikulus!" Neville shouted as his tie-dyed Death Eater appeared again.

This time the words on its robes said, "Love and Peace! Hug a Margarita!" The thing vanished entirely as Neville laughed out loud in both humor and triumph over it. He had faced his fear twice now and come out on top.

"Great job everyone!" Professor Lupin said to the class. "Ten points to Neville for finishing off the Boggart. Five points to each Hermione and Harry."

"I didn't do anything," Harry pointed out.

Professor Lupin looked to him and said, "You both correctly answered my questions at the start of class."

He turned his full attention back to the class. "For homework, read the chapter on Boggarts and summarize it for me. Due Monday. You are all dismissed for lunch," he said. The class cheered as they got ready to leave.

Everyone was talking excitedly on the way back to the classroom where they left their bags. They kept comparing boggart stories and everything. Seamus added the usual color and flare to his retelling. Lavender was walking closer to him than she usually did. Something the Irish boy really seemed to like.

There was one thing all of them agreed on. "That was the best Defense Against the Dark Arts class we've ever had!"

Harry meanwhile gave a sigh. "I just wish I had a chance to tackle it," he answered when Hermione looked to him questioningly.

"I do too," Hermione admitted with a frown.

"I can't imagine what would frighten you," Neville remarked.

Ron snickered as he said, "Probably a piece of Homework that only got nine out of ten. Or Elsa out scoring her on a test, even with extra credit."

Hermione frowned to that and swatted him lightly on the arm causing Ron to snicker more.

[-] [-] [-]

As they got their bags from the classroom, Harry noticed right away Elsa wasn't anywhere to be found. He saw her bag on her desk. He had a feeling he knew what was up.

He turned to the others and said, "Go on without me. Elsa seems to have left her bag. I'll get it and find her." Ron and Neville both nodded and left while Hermione stayed.

"That doesn't seem like her…" Hermione said with worry once it was just her and Harry.

"I've got this. Don't worry about it. Don't bother her about it either," he said to her. Hermione seemed to understand what he was getting at and so she begrudgingly left it to him.

Harry grabbed Elsa's things. He then thought where she might be. He got an idea and nodded to himself. Harry pointed his wand to Elsa's bag and whispered, "Sporing".

It was one of the few spells he got the chance to learn over the summer. Sadly, he had to focus more on basics first. Vitus insisted. For Christmas and next summer, Harry would be learning a lot more of Arendelle magic though.

Elsa's bag glowed and Harry put on the magic blindfold he got in the chamber. He could soon see clearer than ever once more. Everything was sharper and clearer and stood out so well. Harry once again found himself wishing he could see this way all the time, even if it was just meant for training. He focused on the bag's glow and a trail appeared before him to follow.

It wasn't long until Harry found Elsa. She was in an empty classroom on the floor above. Harry knocked on the door after taking the enchanted blindfold off. "It's me," he said before entering the room. He saw Elsa sitting in a desk looking out a window. He came over to her and soon felt a slight chill around her.

He knew that was usually a bad sign. It was proof her powers were leaking and that leak was usually associated with her stronger emotions. These leaks didn't happen often, but they had been happening more lately, if Elsa was to be believed. Harry was glad it wasn't as bad as when he found her last school year after the letter from her family. That turned out to be wonderful news in the end. It still wasn't good it was happening now.

Harry came over and placed a hand on her shoulder after putting her bag on the desk. Elsa looked to him and gave a slight smile. Her powers seemed to stop leaking as much. He sat down next to her.

He conversationally asked, "So your greatest fear is yourself? Or is it your powers?"

Elsa gave a sigh as her body seemed to slacken a little. "It's myself. Or more specifically… What I could become," she said.

"I see," Harry said remaining mostly quiet. He learned over summer Elsa was fortunately the type to talk when she needed to, if she trusted you completely with the matter. Harry counted himself lucky to have such an honor, given he knew most of everything about her now.

"My powers are growing. Growing even more than they did in the past, including summer before second year. I no longer fear losing control of them. I fear what will happen if I use them too much and give myself fully to them. It doesn't help that I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to fully embrace them after the ritual I went through over the summer. But after last school year… I'm worried about myself some," she said.

She was letting Harry fill in the blanks here. He did know about their battle in the chamber, but he didn't know about her massacre of the Acromantulas. She still thought that was the best option. It was not something she wished to share with others though. She feared what they would think if they knew what she did, even if she doubted her friends were big fans car sized man eating spiders.

Harry nodded in understanding. "I can kind of see that, but what exactly was the boggart?" he asked.

"Me. Fully unleashed. I guess you could say. What would happen if I chose to embrace darkness a little and then more? What if I gave into the calling of magic that surrounds us all?" she asked.

Elsa sighed. "Vitus is training me in the ways he was trained. I asked him to do that and my doing so is as good as a Royal Decree. I don't regret it. You and I both know Voldemort is returning. That's why you started your own training with Vitus."

She looked to Harry seriously and said, "I want to be ready and fully capable. His followers won't hold back on people when they start their attack. I feel this whole 'light' versus 'dark' thing is rather silly in a way. If you know what I mean."

"I get you there. I don't think it is that simple either. I don't fully believe in the whole turn the other cheek process. I'm sure it will be an actual war and we should not take it lightly by always choosing the supposedly higher road. Many times that encourages those coming after you," Harry said.

Elsa felt relieved hearing that. Maybe she wasn't as far gone as she thought. "I don't want to go all evil or anything like that. However, I won't try to be a goody two shoes either and limit what I do to defend myself and those I care about," she said.

She clutched her hand in a fist and placed it over her heart as she said, "But I worry. It feels really good using my powers. I love not having to hide them as much with you knowing about them and Anna having her memories back."

"I know how strong they are and I have a good idea how powerful they will become. I'm very certain I'm not exaggerating when I say in a few years even Voldemort, at his full power, would fear getting on my bad side," she admitted.

Harry was shocked to realize he didn't doubt her word. He saw her go toe to toe with school boy Riddle. The real deal would be more powerful, but Elsa definitely had that fight in the bag. It was only the specific circumstance of Diary Riddle that let it continue as long as it did against her. There was also how she was just a second year student then, and Riddle was in his later years at Hogwarts after having learned you knows how many dark and powerful secret magics.

"I don't want to become Boggart Elsa. She knew she already won. She knew we were all at her mercy and it wasn't just because she had an ego like Voldemort. It was simply a fact of the universe. And she loved being in that position," Elsa said a little darkly.

Harry gave Elsa as much of a hug as he could with her choice of seat. He then said to her, "You're forgetting something, Elsa."

Beautiful icy blue eyes looked to him in hope.

"You aren't alone. Just like you proved to me when we first heard about the prophecy from Dumbledore. You aren't doing this alone. You have me. You have Anna. You have Ron, Neville, Hermione and Luna. Hell, you have all of the other Ravenclaws in your year, especially the girls. We won't let you go down that dark path you fear you could go down," he told her with certainty.

Harry remembered what the sorting hat told him last year as he hugged her. It was so obvious now who it was referring to when it said one of his friends was already on their path to greatness beyond most others. He could fully appreciate that choice of wording.

Elsa had her powers, which were amazing. She was a Crown Princess to a powerful nation and she was training herself to be even better. He also realized what it was the hat meant when it said they could all become something far worse than Voldemort. Just like he vowed to himself, Harry would do the same for the others. He wouldn't choose an evil path and he would be there for his friends so they won't either.

Elsa felt much better hearing Harry's words as he hugged her. She realized he was right. She wasn't alone. She cared about a lot of people and those people cared about her. They would help her just as she would help them. Elsa tightened the hug for a minute before releasing it. She gave Harry a beautiful and warm smile as she said, "Thank you for that. I really needed to hear it."

Harry felt elated at how he helped Elsa. He liked helping his friends, but it felt even better helping her. Perhaps it was because of how close they were after trusting each other even more after the chamber. Maybe it was because of how much her family was helping him and he wanted to help them just as much in return.

It could also be Elsa's powers provided undeniable proof of how much his words meant for her. The room no longer felt uncomfortably cold and instead felt pleasantly cool. A much better result by comparison.

"So, what was your boggart going to turn into?" Elsa asked.

"Nothing as profound or deep as yours," Harry said giving a chuckle.

He turned serious as he answered her question, "I was thinking Voldemort at first. Then I remembered the train. It was going to be a Dementor. Voldemort I can at least do something against. Dementors not so much it seems. I really don't like how they affected me. I barely kept from collapsing because it seemed your powers partially protected me, if that makes any sense."

"I don't know about the part regarding my powers. I don't like them either though. Some might say your answer is actually more profound or deep," she said before clearing her throat.

She then spoke in a voice sounding sagely and mysterious. "Your fear is the concept of fear and nothing else. Conquer that! And you have the key to life's meaning."

"Something like that," she then said in her normal voice with a smile causing Harry to chuckle.

"They didn't really seem to bother you too much, at least compared to everyone else," Harry said.

Elsa shrugged. "Maybe you're right my magic protected me. They use icy cold with their powers and the cold doesn't really bother me anyways. I could literally dance around naked in the coldest blizzard the world has to offer and I would be fine."

Harry briefly had a dazed look as he envisioned Elsa doing just that. It both annoyed and relieved him the snow and wind seemed to magically hide certain parts of Elsa's naked body. Harry was really glad Elsa was looking away in thought when that vision came to him. He was pretty sure he would have been blushing in a manner Ginny from last summer would have pitied.

"Then again… It could be what their powers showed me. My most horrible experience is when I accidentally almost killed Anna. I've lived with that memory all of these years. It doesn't scare me, because I use it as motivation to improve my powers and control. It helped me further Anna was right there and holding on tight," Elsa said.

She looked to Harry. "With you it's different. You sort of see the moment when Voldemort killed your parents. But you were so young at the time it only partly forms. I think that's why it affects you the way it does. For better or worse, you can't even get a clear picture, so it is both confusing and scary and the Dementor's magic makes you feel really unnaturally cold like it does with everyone else."

Harry frowned at that in thought. It made sense. He still didn't like it.

Elsa was also in thought. "There is something that can be done about it though. The ministry deals with them on a regular basis. Professor Lupin also dealt with them on the train."

"I'll ask Professor Lupin then. I was meaning to speak with him and ask why he didn't let me have a turn with the Boggart. I think I know the answer to that question, but I'll still ask him. Then I'll ask him about defending against Dementors," Harry said.

Elsa nodded in agreement to that. "And if that doesn't work for some reason. We can look it up in the Archive together," Elsa added.

Harry was a little surprised by that. "I can see your mysterious archive that seems to always have all of the answers?" he asked in exaggerated awe.

Elsa rolled her eyes. "Of course, you can. You are a ward of the Royal Family. I may have to set it up, but I see no reason you wouldn't be able to use it just as much as Anna and I can." She then gave him a look and said, "Just don't go and rub it in Hermione's face."

Harry couldn't help but almost smile as he said to her teasingly. "I'm not the one who keeps bringing it up in front of her and pretends not to know where it is."

Elsa blushed and said, "It isn't like that…"

"Is that so?" Harry asked in a disbelieving voice.

Elsa was both blushing and giving him a small pout at the moment. Harry couldn't help but chuckle. Elsa's pout deepened. He thought it just made her look cute. He wasn't taking more chances though.

"We should probably get going," Harry said, hoping she wouldn't actually get angry at him. He was pretty sure she would be if he kept at it.

Elsa stopped blushing and her expression returned to normal. "It is lunch after all, so you're right," she said as she stood and picked up her bag.

"I finally get why you aren't impressed with the food at Hogwarts. You get to enjoy wonderful meals and feasts all the time," Harry said as they left together.

"True. But I do really enjoy the atmosphere of the Dining Hall with everyone there," she said with a smile.

Harry smiled in return. "I do as well," he said as he sneaked one last quick half hug, thinking it would help Elsa. She seemed to like it and at least didn't complain at his maneuver.

A/N: I couldn't really think of something else for Elsa to see in her Boggart. It may seem too obvious to some, but I felt it made the most sense. Elsa is already very powerful and will only grow more powerful. I keep thinking back to how she managed to accidentally freeze all of Arendelle when she had no practice with her powers, even if she was older than she currently is in this story.

It also took me a while to figure out what Neville's new fear would be. I loved the scene with Snape in his grandmother's dress and stuffed vulture hat, but that didn't feel right for this story. Neville is by no means a fan of Professor Snape, but he knows how to deal with him and the lessons with Elsa really helped his confidence a lot.