Ok, this is pure wish-fulfillment story so you guys have been warned.

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Don't flame for the incorrect facts. I have little to no knowledge of actual facts. I know very little legalities and culture of America or even England. Most of which come from Quora, movies, and TV series. I know the latter 2 are definitely not accurate.

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Chapter 1

New start

New York Airport

16th February 1992.

'It is time to meet some new people' I thought as I was getting out of the plane.

I had multi citizenship of India, Britain, and the U.S. so getting here wasn't any problem.

'The U.S. before 9/11 was definitely a lot lenient' I thought after seeing the security.

It was a damn shame that I couldn't intimate anyone of the attack. The FBI would round me up first and maybe even declare me a terrorist. I definitely heard Indian people getting the short stick when the attack occurred during my last life. And no matter how much of a goody-two-shoes I was, my survival instincts were top notch.

I shook my head of these thoughts.

'I really should think of the happy ones' I thought as I got past the last gate.

After getting out of the airport, I booked the cab. It was fortunate, that, I remembered the address that she told me. The winter was going away slowly but this place was cold as fuck, just like back home in England. Sometimes, I really missed the skin burning heat of India. It was morning so the temperature had yet to warm fully. It looked like it snowed recently. Thankfully, the road was not covered in the snow though I can't say the same with the footpaths.

I took the scenery as I got there.

Once, I was there, I paid the driver and dragged my luggage behind me. The luggage was wheeler luggage so I didn't have any problem carrying it.

I went to her apartment.

"Apartment... 20" I muttered as I looked for it "Aha... here it is"

I put down my luggage and knocked loudly on the door thrice.

I waited for someone to open the door but it looks like no one was there. It was locked. I knocked Chandler's apartment next but no one was even there. I knew it could take her some time to come back, so I took out my notepad from the luggage and wrote a message to her. After sliding down the message down the door, I exited the corridor.

While I was coming down the stairs, the light bulb in my mind went off. Then, I remember the other place. Knowing that there was one more place where she could be, I searched for it. There was no Google map, so I had to ask around. Thankfully, I found the janitor. He told me the directions for the bar she and her friends usually go to.

It didn't take me much time to find the bar. I was surprised to learn the name of it was Coffee House.

'Why would anyone name a bar, Coffee house?' I wondered. Suddenly a cold wind passed by making me shudder. I put the question at the back of my head and entered the bar.

I quickly went to the counter and ordered a beer without even looking as I was busy scanning the room for someone. It didn't take much time to find her. She was on the left side of the bar, talking with some other people. I recognized all of them who were with her. I was taken out of my musings by someone sliding the beer up to me.

Once, I got the beer, I paid the bartender who turned out to be Gunther and started chugging it down. There is nothing like a warm beer in a cold climate.

"This is good. One more and can you bring it there" I ordered and signaled him to bring the beer where my soon to be friends were.

"Sure" He replied. I gave him the money for that order and slowly walked towards her.

The other people with her looked at me but before they could intimate her, I was behind her. I crept behind her and put my hands on her eyes covering them.

"Guess who?" I asked changing my voice a little and making it deeper.

"Oh! Oh! I always wanted to play this game. Its- Caro- no- It's Hitesh" She said.

"Damn how can you always tell?" I asked her after removing my hands. She turned back and her face lit up. She gave me a big hug over the sofa which I returned with little awkwardness as the sofa was getting in between.

"When did you come here? And why didn't you tell me?" She asked me after breaking away from the hug and slapping my arm in mock anger.

Before I could answer that question came "Ahem" the sound of faking a clearing throat. We looked in the direction to see all of them staring at us. I was a little uncomfortable with how they looked at me. Thankfully, Phoebe started talking.

"Guys, this is Hitesh, my friend from London. The one I told you about. And Hitesh, these are my friends" She said while introducing us.

I ignored Chandler's remark "So, you were actually telling the truth"

"Hey," I said while waving my hands.

They greeted back. They were Monica, Chandler, and Ross. They looked quite young. I didn't see Joey or Rachel so I was quite right in thinking of coming here before the actual canon starts. On further thinking, I thought Joey might be somewhere else for the moment.

The writers really did fuck up when they wrote the flashback episode where Joey was already living with Chandler for more than a year before the canon started when he only started living with them a year prior. So, I was a little blind for the moment in that regard. My plan was to get the information before fucking up by opening my mouth.

I was taken out of my thoughts by Gunther giving me my beer. In the meantime, I also sat down on the sofa between Monica and Phoebe.

"So why didn't you tell me that you were coming and how did you even find me?" Phoebe once again asked turning back to me.

"As for finding you, well I didn't. I first went to your apartment but no one was there. So, I went looking for a booth to leave a message. While I was looking for it, I happened to find this guy who told me of this place and surprise, you were here just like he told" I then continued "As for your 1st question, well I wanted to give you surprise and I think I succeeded. Didn't I?" I ask her with a little smug look.

"You sure did," She said with a big smile on her face.

"And I am gonna give you a big surprise now. You know I told you that I was thinking of moving here, to New York?" I asked her after taking a sip from my beer.

"Uh-uh," she said but didn't understand. I expectedly waited for 2 seconds in which she connected the dots.

"Are you saying…. are you saying that you are moving here?" She asked breathing out.

"You bet. In fact, I was thinking of leasing an apartment somewhere around here too" I said and prepared myself for a hug which came not a moment later.

"So, Hitesh, was it?" I turned to Monica who was speaking to me once Phoebe dislodged from me. God, she looked beautiful from up close.

"Yeah!" I nodded giving her a small smile which she returned.

"So, what did you do in London?" She asked

"Well, I just completed my graduation from the college last year and was searching for a job so you could say – nothing," I said with a straight face which made everyone laugh a little.

"In what subject and college," Ross asked after that.

I turned to him "Law and it was just a normal college. You wouldn't know about it" I answered off-handedly.

"He is being modest, guys. He was in Cambridge" Phoebe butted in.

"Cambridge" All the other 3 exclaimed.

"Damn it, Phoebe. I have told you not to advertise that fact" I slapped my hand on my head in frustration.

I never want anyone from where I completed my education. It just creates an image of my in their mind which is a little hard to break.

Truthfully, I just studied the law because I didn't want any legality to take away my money I will get from the books. I had two more degrees that I completed before. There was nothing back there after that incident with…. So I came here.

My book was already edited and ready to publish. Due to advertisements and some other things, it would take some time for the people to get their hands on it. Still, my publisher has promised that he would publish all the books by May and the books would be in the market in June. So, I only had to spend a few more months from my savings, after that, I would be fine.

"So are you and Phoebe like, together?" Monica asked me taking out of my thoughts. I was thankful at the subject change and the fact that they didn't follow up on the previous question. Moreover, is that hope in her voice that I heard? And wow the question suddenly just got very personal. Still, I could understand her curiosity. A guy so familiar with her friend and the fact, she didn't mention much of him before.

"Oh! God No, we are like brother and sister. She is like my cute little sister who is half pain in the ass" I said while pinching Phoebe's cheeks.

"NO! You are my little brother because you are younger than me" She said while pinching my cheek.

"No, you are the little one. You even act like little one" I retorted back.

"No," She said.

"Yes" I replied back

"No," She said a little more forcefully.

"Okay how about this. We are both each other's little brother and sister. Truce" I asked and put my hand forward.

"Okay," Phoebe nodded her head and shook my hand after some thinking. We shook our hands and everything was back to normal.

After some more small talk, I finished my beer.

"Okay guys, I would really love to be here and spend some time with you guys but I have to see some places. In the meantime, Can I put this luggage at your place, Phoebe?" I asked, in the end, turning to Phoebe.

"Sure," Phoebe said.

"Thanks, Phoebe. You are a lifesaver" I replied with a little gratitude.

And so we both stood up. Before going away, I turned to the group.

"It was great meeting you guys. And thank you for taking care of my little sister. I know she can be too much at some times" I said with an amused smile. We all laughed at that, except for Phoebe who looked a little angry.

Before we could exit the café, we heard Monica calling us out.

"Hey wait for me guys? I am coming too. I forgot something in my room" Monica said jogging towards us. We stopped and she joined in.

We all walked back to their place continuing small talk.

When I entered their apartment, I was a little emotional. I mean this place was where most of the things happened. I grew up in the college watching 'Friends' in my previous life.

"Hitesh, Are you Okay? You didn't hear me calling you" I turned to see Phoebe looking a little concerned.

"Oh! I am sorry. It was just that this apartment is amazing and very orderly. So, I assume this is Monica's doing. I am sure, you are not this orderly, or, do you guys have a maid to do all the work?" I lied to cover up the mistake.

"Thank you and no there is no maid" Monica answered with a smile at the compliment.

"So where do I leave this?" I asked them, showing my luggage.

"You can leave it in my room, the one on the right" Phoebe replied.

"I'll be right back," I told them before going in.

I left my luggage in Phoebe's room. There were only a few things in my luggage; my clothes, cassettes, a Cassette player, some trinkets, etc. My documents were with me so I didn't have to worry about anything.

When I was coming out of the room, I thought for a second. I totally forgot about the gift. I went back and took it out and placed it in my jacket.

Meanwhile outside

Just as Hitesh went in, Monica rounded on Phoebe, "You never told me you knew a cute guy" she said.

"I told you about him but you guys never listen to me" Phoebe replied back.

"What is this?" Monica asked totally ignoring what Phoebe was saying. Phoebe looked at her and saw her picking a slip of the paper from the floor. She then took it from her hands.

"This is Hitesh's handwriting. I could identify it anywhere. He probably left it when he didn't found me here" She informed Monica.

"Oh!" was all she replied back.

Present time

"Weren't you forgetting something from your room?" I asked Monica, after coming out.

"Oh right. I totally forgot about it" she said and went into her room. And that was my intention. I took out the package from my jacket.

"Phoebe, Happy birthday. This is for you" I said giving her the gift. Her face lit up at that.

"You remembered?" She asked while taking the gift from me.

"That today is your birthday. I sure did. Why did you think I came today" I replied back.

"And a gift, I have always wanted someone to give a gift to me on my birthday," She said and tore the gift wrapper. In it, she found a book.

"Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone" She read it out.

"This book is very popular right now in England and I know you like to read," I said giving her some context. The hug I was engulfed in was unexpected but not unwelcome.

I know I shouldn't toot my own horn but the book was really good. Although the book wouldn't be released for the next few months, she doesn't need to know that. The book won't be famous for a while and I am sure she will forget about the date pretty soon. Well, not the date but the year which would be perfect. Oh! I am sure, she would be suspicious but I was quite sure that my identity wouldn't come out.

I didn't want anyone to recognize me so I already asked the publisher to not tell anyone about my real name. The name for the author of the book would be anonymously written as 'Hit' short for Hitesh. I really think that the mystery of the author would increase the sale of books.

The contract was already signed so only a few knew that I was the writer of the book. I could sue them if the information gets disclosed as only they knew about my identity. And the best part is, I wouldn't need any lawyers to do that.

My contract was the standard one for 20% royalties of the sales. At first, they wanted to give me some 2,000 pounds but I rejected that offer. Yeah right, like I would take measly 2,000 pounds when I know I would be raking in money in millions for that book alone in the next 3 decades. Truthfully, the offer was quite generous for the new writer but I knew something they didn't.

I also rejected the offer of 15% royalties which was the standard offer. I already advertised my book to my colleagues and I wasn't hesitant to tell the publisher. I wanted 25% royalties but he didn't agree. In the end, we agreed on the 20% royalties, and in return, I would have to give the edited book by the next year around the same time.

"Thank you, Hitesh. I am gonna go and leave it in my room" Phoebe said before going to her room. Just as, she went in, Monica came out.

"Where's Phoebe?" Monica asked coming to me.

"She just went to her room" I simply answered. I didn't want to elaborate further so I didn't say the reason.

Thankfully before the moment became awkward, I asked her despite already knowing "So Monica what do you do?"

"I am a chef in a restaurant called Iridium" She replied with some pride.

"Are you any good?" I asked seriously.

For a second Monica was both, confused and surprised at my bluntness though she understood when I couldn't control my laughing.

"I was kidding Monica. I am sure you are a good Chef. I will be surely coming there to eat. I am a very big foodie" I said.

On her disbelieving look, I elaborated "You can even ask Phoebe if you'd like" I said with a small smile.

"You can ask me, what?" Phoebe asked coming out of her room.

"Well, Monica was just telling me that she is a Chef in a big restaurant, Iridium, and you know about me and my eating habits" I elaborated.

"Oh yeah, Hitesh likes to eat a lot, like a real lot," Phoebe said it like it was a universal fact.

"He doesn't look like it," Monica said out loud. I raised an eyebrow at her comment. Her blushing face made me think that she didn't want to say it out loud.

Well, it was the truth. At 6'1 feet of height, I was packed with muscles. Not the bulky muscles, but lean and compact muscles. More than a decade of exercise would do that to anybody. My body was worth dying for. And the irony is; I did actually die for it.

Still, the best thing that came out of it was my height. I was 2 inches taller than my previous life. I was always disappointed that I was an inch short of obtaining a perfect height in my previous life. Then, again, I did let myself go in my late teen years in my last life. So, maybe that was the reason for it.

No matter, how many people say, reaching the 6 feet mark is the milestone. Every man on the planet who is under six feet wishes deep down that they were taller and anyone who claims otherwise is lying. Perhaps even to themselves. Height is directly related to respect and being above six feet is an unofficial club. It's a childish, vacuous thing to be proud of but that doesn't change the immutable fact that I feel pride all the same.

But, still, she couldn't have deduced that from all the clothes, I was wearing.

"Well, I do a lot of exercises. My mantra is 'Eat big and exercise bigger'. I would always choose to spend half an hour more on the treadmill than to say no to any food" I said sharing a little wisdom.

"Well, if you want any, I could make something here in celebration for you coming here. It's basically the same thing as the restaurant" Monica suggested.

I acted like I was thinking. After all, I didn't want to come off as desperate "Maybe tomorrow. I already have a plan to 'all you can eat' famous pizzas of New York. In fact, why don't we go after selecting an apartment? It will be my treat for both of you lovely ladies" I asked.

Complimenting really helps. Both of them blushed, and a smile appeared on their faces.

"Sure, but it should be our treat. After all, you just got here" Monica pointed out.

"Well I don't usually say no to free food but I would have to in this case," I said before continuing when she looked like she would refute "How about this? We split it 3 ways. And if you need more persuasion, I am sure once you see me eat; you will change your mind" I said with an amused smile.

"Ok, but we are not letting you pay," Monica said.

"We will see" I shrugged in a non-committal manner.

We did all this talking while coming out of the apartment.

Monica asked me "So Hitesh, What type of apartment, you are looking for? Have you seen any ads for it?", once we were outside the apartment?

"Well, it can be small or big. It doesn't matter. I just want the apartment to be a little quiet" I said. I wanted it that way because I would be starting on final editing of my 2nd book. I continued further "As for seeing Ads, I bought today's newspapers but considering I just got here, I haven't seen any ads. I also do not have previous days' newspapers"

"We can go to the bar and collect the newspapers from the last week. Gunther usually saves them." Phoebe suggested and thus we started going back to the bar.

"You know, you should probably look for a big apartment and then you could share it with another roommate, like Phoebe and I are doing. That way, you would get a big apartment and low rent" Monica said giving me a bit of wisdom.

'Darling, I already know about this trick. I am a fucking Indian. We invented this trick' I thought to myself though I refrained from saying out loud.

"Hmm… You know what. Your idea has merit" I said giving Monica a smile and making her smile back before continuing "But I want to have an apartment by myself. I really like my privacy. Though, if it proves expensive, I would look for a roommate?"

"Well, I am not doing anything else, today. I can help you find a place" Monica suggested.

"I was actually thinking of getting an apartment in this building" I replied back.

"Are you sure?" Monica asked in disinterest though her voice was hopeful.

"Yeah, the place is good enough and I would be near to the only person, I know in the whole New York," I said nodding towards Phoebe making her smile.

"Well if you want, sure," Monica said.

"So is there an apartment that is free in this building?" I asked both of them

"I don't know. We should check with the manager of the building" Monica suggested.

And so we changed the direction and went in the direction of the manager's office. I didn't know the way so I was following both of them.

"Didn't Chandler was asking for a roommate?" Phoebe asked Monica after a few moments.

"Yeah but he already promised to this Kip guy. He will be moving here by next week" Monica replied back.

Ah! So I did come back sometime before Joey moves in. I know that this Kip guy was here before he moved out. He also dated Monica if I am right in remembering the event. Still, I am fine with coming here a little more early. It gives me all the more time to set myself.

After sometime

Thankfully, there was an apartment free in the building. Apparently, anyone who leases the apartment leaves after a while. The manager didn't think I would be any different. Even Phoebe and Monica asked me to check other apartments. Still, I asked for the key, just in case, I like the apartment. I didn't know what they were even worried about. I understood it later when we reached there.

It was a floor below their apartment and just opposite of none other than, Mr. Heckles.

The meeting with him was just as I expected.

After taking the key from the manager, we all went to see the room. While I was opening the lock, I heard the sound of opening the door behind me. I even heard him say "Who are you?" but I kept ignoring him.

After unlocking the door, I turned around to meet Mr. Heckles for the first time.

"Oh! Were you talking to me? I didn't realize that you were talking to me" I said in a perfectly innocent voice. From the corner of my eyes, I could see Monica and Phoebe a little surprised at the turn of the events.

There was an awkward silence for a moment as he continued to look at us while we all 3 didn't know what to do with him.

To break the awkwardness, I spoke "Hello, Mr. Potential neighbor. I am Hitesh. If luck is good, we will be neighbors soon"

And before he could say anything, I opened the door and went inside. I didn't let say anything that could backfire on me. That must have looked badass.

I turned to look at the room and on first look, I was in love. I mean what a coincidence. I found the perfect place on the 1st try. Though it was just like Chandler's room, it somehow connected to me. First came the living room, on the right was the bathroom, while there were 2 rooms in the front. There was also a small window from each of the room opening in the back. It was perfect.

While on the outside a few minutes back

When Hitesh went it, there was an awkward silence around as even Mr. Heckles was speechless for once.

The girls didn't know what to say so after some time, they also followed Hitesh back inside. After a while, Mr. Heckles muttered to himself before going inside his room. The girls, on the other hand, were snickering after coming in.

"Did that just happened? Did Hitesh really left Mr. Heckles speechless?" Monica asked to which Phoebe nodded.

"Speaking of him, where is he?" Phoebe asked her.

"Hey guys, I think I found what I was looking for," Hitesh said while coming out from one of the rooms.

The girls only had one thought in mind 'Oh boy'

Present time (After 3 hours)

"I don't know why no one else lives there, but there is no problem in that apartment. I checked it thoroughly" I said to all of them.

We were all in the bar. We had seen some other apartments around this area on some strong suggestions of Monica and Phoebe but they all couldn't compare to the 1st apartment.

"The problem is Mr. Heckles. I am damn sure he is the reason, all the previous tenants left the apartment" Monica said while the other guys agreed with her.

"The old guy?" I asked acting clueless. They all nodded.

"Hmm…. Nah, he can't be that bad" I said.

"You don't know Hitesh, but we have lived here and he really is a piece of work," Chandler said.

"Look, guys. Maybe he is a nut case like you guys are saying or maybe he is not. I don't care. I like the apartment. It has a homey feel to it. Moreover, the cost is really low" and that turned out to be shocking. Apparently, the manager was willing to lease me the apartment at half the price. This would really help me in making my ends meet, easily.

"Yeah, you can say that. My apartment is double the cost at what you are getting" Chandler said or more like pouted.

"And if the guy turns out to be a real nut case, I will change the apartment after the time period is over" I continued.

"But Hitesh, the manager was clear on this topic. You will have to give 3 months' advance. No one has lived there for more than a month. The manager is obviously trying to wring out more money from you"

"Guys, trust me on this. I am an Indian. I know how to wring out my money. 3 months will be gone before you know it" I said with a little amusement.

"If you are okay then I guess it shouldn't be a problem," Phoebe interjected before this could turn back into a circular conversation just like before.

At last, this topic was over. Seriously, I was really touched by their concern but I already made up my mind.

"So tell me guys, how much time has been for you guys, staying here in New York except for Phoebe. I know about her." I asked the group.

"Well, Ross, Carol, and Chandler shifted here 2 years before. They got married some months after that and I came here last year in August"

Yeah, you heard her right. Carol was still with Ross. Apparently, I am ever more than 2 years before the canon. I thought the cannon starts in 1992 but, now, I think it starts in 1994. This is not my fault. It has been more than a decade since I even watched the series. I tried to remember everything about it when I learned that this is the 'Friends' world but even by then, I had already forgotten most of the things as it had been about a decade since I arrived in this world.

I remembered all the basic stuff but not enough to plan about it before. Still, I wrote it down. I am really playing it by the ear now.

Anyways I found out about the time difference when Ross came with his wife Carol. When he introduced me to her, for a second I was surprised. Thankfully, I saved myself by saying "Pardon me, my lady. For a moment I was transfixed by your beauty. Ross really is a lucky man"

'And also a jealous one' I thought with some amusement.

Ross made Carol sit on the left sofa, as far as possible from me. But, the jokes on him too as he had to sit on the other sofa totally opposite Carol. Meanwhile, I was sitting in the middle on 3 sitter sofa, with Monica and Phoebe sitting on either side.

Ross muttered something in his breath but I couldn't hear it while Carol fucking blushed when I said that. I was again surprised that she would blush as she is a lesbian. Then again, maybe she is still not fully convinced. After all, there is some time before she even meets Susan.

She probably blushed on my accent that I had painstakingly developed in the last decade, knowing it was a turn on for ladies in America and well, everywhere except for England. Still, it was fine. I could still be their friends.

I have already decided to lease the apartment just below their floor in front of Mr. Frustration. The best thing is; I will have to pay half the price for a whole year. I am sure that the manager would raise the price after the contract is over, but still, it would really help me now.

Moreover, I am sure, I could bargain the price to somewhat manageable by threatening that the apartment would be empty if I leave and he won't be making any money at all if that happens.

We spent our time, talking and laughing. It was good that today was Saturday. I am sure that they would help me get settled tomorrow and the following week. I excused myself to complete the contract of leasing the apartment. As I didn't know the route despite seeing once, Monica agreed to show me the way, before I could ask Phoebe.

Once there, I filled the forms to lease the apartment for an entire year. I also deposited the entire advance for 3 months. After that, I had enough to last me for a month as I will have to buy some necessities like a bed, fridge and some other things. And I was sure that I could land myself a job at that time. My rent for the 3 months was already done so I was free from at least that front. In the end, I came out of the office with a key to my apartment.

Once, I was free from there, we went back. Thankfully, the people were still there although Phoebe was absent. I decided to ask about her later. I have something important to do before that.

While we were there I also asked Chandler "Hey Chandler, can I talk to you in private?". He was surprised and I could understand his surprise. I should not have any reason to talk to him in private when I just met him.

"Yeah sure," he replied after a moment. And we moved to the corner.

"Your roommate will be coming in a week, yes," I asked him once we were alone.

"Yeah, Why?" he asked

"If it's not too much problem; can I stay with you until he comes? As you know I am new in the city. I got no bed and no other stuff except for my clothes. And it will take some time to buy all that stuff. I will be out by your roommate comes. I will even pay you"

"Yeah buddy sure, I understand. And you don't need to pay me" he said stopping me from rambling out. I do that when I am nervous.

"Sorry mate, for the inconvenience. Are you sure about the payment?" I apologized and asked.

"Yeah, it's no problem" he replied.

"Thanks, mate. You are a lifesaver" I said seriously showing that I really appreciated his help. I really didn't want to rent a hotel room as that would be expensive. If he hadn't helped me, I would have had to sleep on the floor or on the couch when Phoebe had found out. I really hated sleeping on the couch.

Meanwhile with the group

"So why do you think Hitesh asked Chandler to talk to him alone?" Carol asked the group.

"Maybe, he is gay," Ross said snootily.

"With that accent and body; don't be stupid, Ross" Carol reproached him.

"Yeah, his accent is really good" Monica sighed. "And have you felt his muscles? He told me, he even exercises daily. He is packed. I am sure he even has abs" Monica continued in her own dreamland.

"Someone has a crush" Carol teases Monica.

"Did I say that out loud? Please tell me you read my mind and I didn't just say it out loud" Monica panics and pleads with Carol.

Seeing their expressions, Monica understood that she fucked up.

"Anyways Where is Phoebe when you need her?" Carol asked changing the subject for which Monica was grateful.

"She went to her Massage center as she had an appointment with a client, though, she said she only had 1 client today" Ross answered.

"Here they come, and you both, shush" Monica whispered to them.

Present time

"So what were you guys talking about," Ross asked when we sat down.

"Well if I could have disclosed it openly, I wouldn't have asked Chandler alone, would I?" I asked him rhetorically before Chandler could say anything.

There was a silence for some moments before I couldn't control my laughter.

"I am kidding Ross, don't take it personally. I was just asking out Chandler if I could stay at his apartment until his roommate comes back. I sold all the heavy stuff back in England so I don't have any bed to sleep or any other stuff. I just didn't want to put Chandler on the spot by asking in front of you guys" I explained.


"So where is Phoebe? I didn't see her anywhere" I asked and changed the topic.

"She went to her massage center. Don't worry she told me, she only had 1 client today so she will be back in sometime" Ross replied.

"Is that so? Then we have time to plan" I told them.

"Plan to do what?" They asked

"You guys don't know?" I ask quizzically.

"I am sure we wouldn't be making these faces if we knew whatever it is that we should know," Chandler said rhetorically.

"You guys really don't know?" I asked again.

"Nu-huh" Ross replied back

"Well today is her birthday" I finally told them

"Today is her birthday?" They all exclaimed.

"Yeah, didn't you guys know about it already?" I asked with some confusion.

"No. Phoebe started hanging out with us just last year when she became Monica's roommate. It has been only a few months, since then, so we didn't know" Ross explained.

"Oh! I thought you were pretending to not know so you could give her a surprise birthday party. Still, we have time to prepare her a surprise birthday party"

"I can bake cake" Monica suggested

"We don't have time. We will have to buy it from a bakery" Ross replied back.

"Nah we have enough time," I said and so we continued to pitch in.

At first, we were thinking of celebrating the party by taking her to a restaurant. But, I thought it was too formal. In the end, we decided to give her a surprise party by decorating the apartment and baking the cake, etc. It was decided that I would distract Phoebe and try to not her go to her apartment, while, Monica would bake the cake and other dishes with the help of Carol. Meanwhile, Ross and Chandler would decorate the apartment but I wasn't counting on that. The girls would probably redo their work.


Just when we concluded the planning and were thinking of starting, Phoebe came.

"Phoebe is coming. Act like normal okay" I told them.

"So tell me Hitesh, are you in any relationship, maybe a long-distance one with a girl from England?" Carol asked just as Phoebe sat down. I turned to Carol to give her the answer. I didn't know but Monica thanked her behind my back for asking that question.

"No. I am not. Actually, I recently broke away from my girlfriend. We had been going out for 2 years so it still stings. It was one of the reasons, I came here. I just couldn't remain there. I even sold all of the stuff that we bought together. They reminded me of her and I couldn't just bear to look at them or even use them" I explained.

"Did you really break up with her?" Phoebe asked.

"Yeah," I said.

"I am sorry Hitesh," Carol said.

"Don't be. Those 2 years were some of the best years of my life. I will always cherish them. It's just, that, some couples are not destined to be together. But, I am sure I will find 'the one' one day" I said.

"Oh, you believe in 'the one'?" Monica asked suddenly. I turned back to look at her and answer.

"Yeah, I do. You can make fun of me but I really think there is 'the one' out there for each and every one. You just have to find him or her" I said. "Don't anyone of you believe in that?" I asked the group.

"Well I already found mine," Ross said nodding to Carol. Carol naturally looked happy. I don't know about the other days but Ross is definitely getting some tonight.

"What about everyone else?" I asked

"I believe in it" you don't have to guess who said it. Obviously, Phoebe believed in it.

"I didn't believe it before but I am starting to believe now," Monica said giving me a smile.

'Did she flirt with me? Holy shit she did' I thought though I kept my outer expression the same which was really difficult when a hot girl is flirting with you.

"Enough of the sappy stuff. It's time to eat lunch" Chandler said taking me out of our thoughts.

"You don't believe it, do you? I can tell" I asked Chandler.

"Of course, I don't believe in it," Chandler said

"Well I have always believed in, letting, everyone decide for themselves, so I am not gonna argue over it," I said before continuing. "As for lunch, I was also thinking of doing that. I was also thinking of doing some shopping for some stuff. Phoebe would you like to come. You have lived here for a while so I am sure, you know where I would get the stuff while keeping the cost low. We can eat outside" I asked Phoebe. I wouldn't have put Phoebe on the spot but as we planned, I had to keep her busy, and shopping is the best way to do that.

"Now I am jealous. I would have loved to go shopping" Monica said.

"You do realize he is talking about the everyday stuff, not about clothes" Ross pointed out.

"Still, if you want, you can come with us" Phoebe suggested. I told her not to by doing some signs behind Phoebe's back.

"We- Well, I can't. I have some work to do" Monica stammered out.

"But you wanted to go just now, and, what Work? Today is Saturday" Phoebe asked.

"Oh dear god, look at the time. Phoebe, we should go if we want to eat lunch and do the shopping if we want to be back by dinner" I said coming to Monica's rescue.

I took Phoebe's hand and quickly took her away. Once, we were some distance away, I acted like I forgot something and ran back to the café. Thankfully I found them leaving the café.

"Wow Hitesh, you are fast. You already did your shopping." Chandler joked. I just looked at him with deadpanned expression. I shook my head after a few moments when he became uncomfortable and turned to the other guys.

"Guys, I will bring Phoebe to my apartment after shopping to drop all of the stuff. You think you will be done in 4-5 hours?" I asked.

"Most probably. Are you sure, you can keep her busy for that long?" Monica replied and asked.

"I will try but I can't make any promises. Still, just in case you should hurry in case things don't go well at my front" I said before leaving them.

I jogged back to where Phoebe was standing. Once there, we were off.

5 hours later

Shopping was not easy in my last life and it is still not easy.

After getting away, we ate outside and spent all the time shopping. Phoebe also realized that I don't have any bed to sleep so she offered the couch in her apartment. Thankfully I already asked Chandler and told her that. She was visibly relieved after that.

Now, we were coming back to the apartment. While I was carrying most of the stuff, Phoebe too was carrying some. I didn't do my daily exercises so this turned out to be a perfect workout instead.

I opened the door after putting everything down. If I had been with some hot girl, I would have asked her to take out the key from my pocket. But, since, I was with Phoebe, I did it myself.

Once, I had put everything in my room, I thought back on how to intimate the others. I did call an hour ago to hurry up.

"Hey, Phoebe, would you look after the apartment, I forgot something, I would be back in a second," I told her while exiting the apartment. I didn't give her a chance to think or poke holes in that sentence. I ran up the stairs to the apartment and knocked on the door. The door opened but no one was on it.

"Surprise," they all said when I came in.

"Oh, it's you. Where is Phoebe?" Ross asked.

"Phoebe is in my apartment. I came here to see if everything was done. So everything is set, right?" I asked them

"Yeah" they replied

"Okay, I am bringing Phoebe now," I told them and walked back to my apartment.

I ran back to my apartment, where I found Phoebe standing there.

"Come on Phoebe, I met Monica while going, she asked us to come to the apartment. Apparently, she cooked something and she wants us to do the tasting as Chandler was out" I told her without letting her say or ask anything. After all, I didn't have an answer to what I forgot or where I forgot it.

So we exited the apartment and I locked it.

Once, we were there, I let Phoebe enter first.

"Surprise" I heard them shout.

"OH! Oh my god," Phoebe exclaimed.

I went in to see everyone wishing her "Happy Birthday"

"But how do you guys even know?" Phoebe asked after a while.

"Well, we didn't know as you never told me. Hitesh informed us while you were out and planned this" Monica explained.

"You did that for me," Phoebe asked. I just shrugged and nodded.

"Thank you, Hitesh. You are the best brother one could ask for" Phoebe said while hugging me. I hugged her back and just smiled.

"Anything for you, little sister," I said back, patting her head.

After that, it was time to cut the cake. We sang the song while she was cutting it. Naturally, she gave me the first slice from the cake before giving one to Monica. The cake was really good too.

"This cake is good" I complemented Monica while taking one more slice out of the cake.

"I know," She said her famous line.

All in all, it was a great party. All were happy. We danced. We sang. We ate dinner there. All the dishes were favorites of Phoebe, so, it was all veg. I didn't have any problem with that considering I also didn't eat meat. Thankfully no one complained.

Well, no one complained as Monica hid the meat dishes in the chandler apartment where people went to eat them. As they didn't know about my eating habits, they asked me to come. But once, I knew the real reason, I declined.


You thought I would scold them.

I wouldn't dream to do it. First, because people do the thing more if someone tells them not to do it. Second, this was a secular country. Everyone was free to choose what they wanted to eat. And third, I didn't want to come as an environmentalist or something.

Once, it got late, Ross and Carol took leave and went back to their home. Only Chandler, me, Phoebe, and Monica were left. We 4 spent some more time there as we lived side by side.

Then it went sideways.

Monica got an idea

And what idea Monica had?

To play drinking games.

We were already tipsy from all the alcohol so we were not fully functional. I flirted enough with Monica that we all knew we both were interested in each other.

While going back, Phoebe gave me a last hug and told me that it was the best birthday party of her life. I hugged her back.

Once, I got my bedroom, I quickly changed my clothes to comfortable ones and climbed on the bed. I was so tired from today that moments after I hit the bed, I was asleep.


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