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In the end, I decided to put the story in 2 to 4 chapters for now. All my chapters for this story will be 5k+, though, less than 8k. Most would be around 6k. Initially, they were all around 4k but after editing and adding some things, they are lengthier and better.

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Chapter 1


Little by little my conscious came back. What I found made me want to go back to my sleep.

It was cold, very cold.

I felt like I was sleeping outside in the winter season. The cold ground was freezing my skin to the bones while the cold wind was biting my bones.

My teeth started clattering.

I tried to find my quilt but after flailing my hands for a while, I couldn't find it.

When the cold became unbearable, I frustratingly got up to look for it.

What I saw for a moment had me taken aback.


There were trees all around me. But they were not just trees. They were forest trees. You could easily tell them apart by the vegetation growth and concentration.

I was in an unfamiliar forest, sitting on the ground beside what appeared to be a campfire's remains. For a moment I thought it was a dream but I could feel the cold, painful winds on my skin. Still, I pinched myself to confirm it.

I felt the pain.

Thankfully, the cold was quickly dissipating. I could see the sun rising while birds chirped. The trees although were quite long.

I pinched myself to see if I am in a dream or not, again.

I was not as I could still feel the pain.

I looked down at my body to see a different skin tone and it felt like I had suddenly become short and so thin. The ground was a lot nearer than it should be. My skin tone has always been wheatish brown and now it was white and not just any white. It was like chalk white. There were no hairs on my forearms which I definitely had last night. For fuck's sake, there was no meat in my hands. They looked like fucking twigs.

Getting a bad feeling, I stood up. I tried to find anything to see myself. I saw a water puddle not far from me.

'It probably rained sometime ago' I mused.

Water drops from the trees were falling into the puddle making a soothing sound. The ground was wet in some areas. Thankfully, it was not where I had apparently 'slept'. Mud was sticking to my shoes which looked like nothing that I or any other human would wear. It looked like crudely handmade with leather.

I really did not like the conclusion my mind was jumping on.

At last, I reached the water puddle and looked in it.

What greeted me was definitely not my face. My black hair has changed to a dirty blonde. My black eyes have changed into the blue one. But that was not all. The most disastrous thing, I looked like a fucking 9-10-year-old child.

I think my mind agreed it was a perfectly good time to freak out.

Sometime later

Once I properly freaked out for god knows how long and get back to my senses, the sun has risen quite up. I tried to remember what I was doing before I get her but all I came up with was watching T.V series 'See' season 2.

Suddenly a headache came and with it came, images. No, not images but memories! Soon a headache started to form. I could feel my head starting to split open. I bit back the scream that wanted to come out.

The world started to spin.

I soon fell on the ground in my dizziness.

I don't know how long I laid there whimpering in pain, probably an hour or two, maybe even more. Little by little the headache and the dizziness started to go away.

When I came back to my senses, my head felt like lead. The headache was not gone but it had muted. Still, my head felt like someone had played football with it.

I looked around to find the previous dark forest has turned into a bright one. The sun was at its highest. The cold was absent and in its place, I could feel the warmth.

It was good that I wasn't found by any animal. After all, I had not been in any position to defend myself.

Still, I at least knew where I was.

I don't know if this was some cosmic joke or a prank from some higher power.

The thing is, I ain't laughing.

I was in the world of 'See'.

If I had known that the price of watching that TV series would be this, I would have never watched it. I mean I have read about this type of situation. I have even written some and sure I thought the premise of the series had quite a good potential. It definitely didn't mean that I would actually want to live in this type of the fucked up world.

All the people are blind. And the world has gone back to the stone ages. The difference is that instead of stone weapons, people use steel weapons. And the most terrifying part. People with the gift of sight are hunted and killed. People just like me.

I calm my breath by just focusing on inhaling and exhaling. I did for about 10 minutes before I was able to calm down.

My thoughts soon turned to my previous body.

This body was once in a tribe of some 80-90 people. But the thing is it was not some normal tribe. It was the underground tribe that was shown in the 6th or 7th episode of the 1st season.

The boy was born as an orphan and with the gift of sight. It took some time for everyone in the tribe to know about it. Most of the place was perpetually in the dark so they didn't find out early.

The boy was about 9-10 years old when they found out. There was no concept of recording the date so the people didn't know his exact birth date. And the concept of the seasons was unfamiliar to them after living underground for so long.

The tribe members were cut off from the upper world so they didn't fear the witch-finders but there was this fear of the unknown, and the boy was definitely an unknown.

Maybe at one point in the past, they too would have feared the sighted people and known about them. But after so many years of isolation, they probably forgot about it, which was both good and bad for the boy.

The good thing was that they didn't kill the boy.

Oh! Some of the tribe members proposed to kill the boy as there are some of those people everywhere. But the village elders dissuaded them. There was the law here that they don't kill unless they have to and killing a tribe member was a big 'NO'. It was also the reason that they don't let leave the people from above the ground. They isolate them until they agree to become their tribe member.

Most people don't last half a decade before agreeing and they are bound to live with them for the rest of their lives.

I knew this because the boy was told the same thing many times over the years like a mantra. His mother was an outsider who stuck here one day when she took refugee in the cave from the cold. The boy got to know this from his uncle.

He also told him that his parents got killed when they tried to run away.

Anyway, at last, it was decided that he would be exiled from the tribe to the upper world. The boy cried the whole time. Though it appears the elders were not fully cold-hearted. At least they gave him a dagger and let him keep his clothes when he was getting exiled.

It was ironic that his parents got killed for getting out while he was forcibly told to do it on the punishment of death.

That was a month ago.

They had an underground waterfall so they never starved as the water body contained a large quantity of fish which was their main food. For a month, he was able to survive by fishing and cooking it but at last, he met his end due to the increasing cold. The underground is very warm compared to the upper world so the tribe members never encountered this type of cold. And thus, he never prepared for it.

I had to give it to him. He was able to survive for a month without any help. Still, why was I reincarnated in this boy's body? I mean I am sure I could somewhat change the canon for the better but that would require a lot of work. The work which I was not inclined to do.

I also remembered what the guy had been doing for the month.

After getting exiled, the boy continued to stand on the elevator, cry and beg them to be taken down. But no reply ever came. The boy went to sleep crying. The night came and gone. When the boy woke up the next day, he was very hungry considering he hadn't eaten in a day. So, he exited the cave.

The first time, he saw the upper world, he was surprised and more than a little curious. It was so much different than the underground. For him, it was the first time in his life that he was seeing so many colors. Only when his curiosity was sated, did he remembered about his exile. And on top of that, in his curiosity, he didn't remember the location of the cave. Soon he became hungry as he hadn't eaten in the last day.

So he went fishing as he could hear the sound of the river flowing nearby when he didn't find anything else to eat. He easily caught a fish by swimming in it though he did find the water too cold. Thankfully, he knew some ways to fish to cook it as he learned it when he was underground.

He was even lucky that he got enough heat to dry his clothes. Otherwise, he would have gotten hypothermia.

Once, his stomach was full, he remembered the cave.

Unfortunately, when he tried to find the cave, he couldn't find it. He again cried back to sleep. He tried to find the cave for some more days but didn't find it. In the end, the sadness became anger and he left and vowed to never return.

For 3 weeks, he had been remaining and doing some traveling by the side of the river but day by day the weather was getting colder. He didn't know how to be warm and in the end because of it, he died. The fire helped but even then he died in his sleep.

I also realized that the boy had lived most of the time in the darkness so he had been using his other senses while there. For all purposes, he had been trained like blind people and thus I too had a sharp hearing, an acute sense of touch, smell, and taste.

Suddenly, my stomach growled, taking me out of my thoughts.

Yeah, the guy hadn't eaten anything before passing out as he wasn't able to catch fish. The starvation with the fatigue and cold finally caught up to him at last. It's a miracle that I was able to stand with so little energy.

I would need to find food and find it fast. On some thinking, I knew, I could easily hunt for any rabbit or squirrel. The problem is the work that comes after it.

Thinking of just all the messy work, in the skinning and cooking, makes me nauseous. Still, I would have to do it. I didn't saw any fruits or berries in his memory and the guy had been living here for some days. Thankfully there was a river nearby. The speed of water is not very fast and there are some shallow parts too.

It was good that I saw enough 'Man Vs Wild' to know how to make a spear with three sharp protrusions with a thick branch. I used the leaves to bind and the dagger to sharpen the tips. I could have used some clothes or rope but I didn't have a large stock of them. Moreover, that spear wouldn't last much. It was better to not risk the ropes and clothes. I also knew so many other things that could help me in this life. Just the bows and arrows would be life changers in the current era.

Still, the knowledge does not equate to the experience. I had to kill the fish with the spear. Due to refraction, the aim is not good enough so that's why I added 2 spikes beside the spear. With it, I had more chances of nailing down a fish. It took me an hour to catch 3 fish.

A single fish would have been enough for my child-sized body but I would need the other 2 for the dinner and tomorrow's breakfast. I was already planning for the future. I also laid a trap for the fish in the shallow waters. Hopefully, it will catch some when I come around the next day.

Walking back, I remembered that I had nothing in which I would be able to cook it. The boy had been eating the fish by roasting them on the fire. It was really a miracle the boy didn't die before. Just thinking about those memories makes me nauseous.

It took a moment to steady myself after the assault of the memories. The previous incident didn't actually give me a whole set of memories. I suspected that I would be getting memories randomly in the next few days whenever some words would trigger them.

Getting an idea, I went back to the river. There I searched for the correct type of rock. Once I found it, I tried to polish it and make it like a pot by hollowing out in the middle but my stomach felt like it was eating itself. So I quickly started the fire and cooked the fish on it. It was good that the boy knew how to start a fire, otherwise, I might have had to eat the fish, raw.

Just thinking about it makes me nauseous.

It took a lot of time to get the fish done as the stone took quite a lot of time to get heat up. I had to be extra careful to not touch the stone.

Without any spices or salt, the thing was bland as fuck but it felt like the best food after the starvation. The guy left an impression on me so I felt like I had been starving for weeks and not eating properly.

It was getting dark. I would say I had only 2-3 hours before I am unable to see. Even with the training, I got from him in my other senses, I wouldn't risk out in the open forest filled with beasts. The boy was really lucky that some bear or a pack of wolves didn't snack upon him while he was out in the open for the last 4 weeks.

It was a great irony that in my last life, I would have been scared shitless upon being in a forest at night. Yet, here I am. I think the boy left some impression upon me when I received some of his memories. He lived all his life in darkness so it definitely didn't bother him one bit and thus it didn't bother me at all.

I shook my head and tried to concentrate on the present.

I tried to think about finding any cave or something from my memories but couldn't think of anything. I knew I had to get on some high ground to protect myself from any bear or pack of wolves. The guy didn't happen upon them but it doesn't mean they couldn't be there. So I started walking to see if I could find it.

Just when I was starting to lose hope, I found some space on a cliff some 6 feet high or so from my calculation. It would save me from the wolves but I know bears could stand on 2 feet. They could easily reach me. The humans could also reach me but considering that they can't see, I would be mostly safe. It's not like I have any other options.

Once I was sure, that it was a good place, I quickly collected some fallen leaves to soften my new bed and to provide warmth on a cold night. When it was done and I felt like I had enough, I made another fire and cooked me another fish. All the work made me hungry. It was good that I started the fire. It would have been a cold night otherwise.

Now that I was relatively safe, warm, and full, I felt my world crashing down. My situation was really not fucking great. Only with great effort did I control my volume off crying. It was a miracle that I didn't just start bawling my eyes out. I think even subconsciously I knew that making noise in a forest at night was a bad idea.

Once, I had cried out my frustration silently, I sat there just looking into the fire. With the full belly, I was also getting sleepy. I had half a mind to just sleep here. But I was quite paranoid about getting killed in my sleep.

With a heavy heart, I climbed up. Space up there, was enough, for a big person to sleep. But it was also hazardous as one could fall over in his sleep. Moreover, it was cold. But, I was tired and with no other option. So I kept my grumbling to myself and went to sleep.

I was quite tired from all the things that happened today otherwise I am sure I would have been unable to sleep.

Next day

The sun had already risen when I got up.

When I woke up I thought it was all dream but my stiff back and birds chirping told me otherwise.

I sighed and got down. The fire had died down leaving only ashes.

I quickly shook myself out of my thoughts and picked up some ash. I had a lot of work to do.

I quickly went to the river and did my morning rituals. I knew from the previous life that the ash is a good substitute for soap.

Once there, I also checked on my trap that I laid there yesterday. Thankfully I found a fish caught in the trap. I quickly killed it with the spear. I couldn't leave the fish behind. Some other animals could chance upon it and I would lose it.

With this fish, I had 2 in total and I didn't have to worry about food till dinner. For that, I rearranged the trap and made my way to my spot.

Once there, I cooked the fish that I caught yesterday and ate it while I also hid the other fish in the foliage of my bed. Once I was done and my belly full, I started hatching out a plan. For some hours, I remained there and planned while also polishing the stone to make it in the shape of the pan.

There were many options before me.

I could travel and find some tribe to take me in. I could definitely find the Opayol tribe. But considering that they bullied their own members, I can't say what they would do to me once they find out I too am different. Jerameral was an adult when he happened upon them and stayed with them. So they probably didn't bully him. The same couldn't be said for me.

It was good that the boy didn't encounter any one of them. I suspected he went in the other direction, which was good. I had to give it to him. The boy was lucky as hell.

My second option was, I could try to find some other tribe like the Haveyas. The problem is if I happen upon the wrong tribe, there is a high chance that they would use me as a slave or give me to the Payans as a tribute to save some of their food stock.

I could try my luck in locating the Alkenny Tribe but I couldn't be sure to find them. They would probably in their 1st location and if I happen to be here after the 1st episode, then they would be at their 2nd location.

I could go there by making a shaft and rowing it upstream but there was a high chance that I would just get lost. There was also mention of river bandits so I wasn't sure that it would be the safest option. And if they weren't there, the whole trip would be a waste. I will have to come here again and start from zero.

Moreover, even if I found them, keeping my eyes a secret would also be a pain in the ass but it would far outweigh the benefits I would get there.

I cried to myself in between at my misfortune and what situation l landed in. I think my body being a child has made my emotional control back to hell. This was the second time, I had cried in just 24 hours.

I thought of some more ideas and discarded them.

In the end, I decided to remain here and first recover from the starvation that this body went through. I could travel somewhere else if there wasn't enough game here to sustain me.

This presented me with another problem.

I would need some weapon to hunt the games but other than a dagger, I didn't have any. All I could think of was bow and arrows. The sun was not even at its peak when I was done with all my planning so I had enough time to start making it. In my planning, I had also completed polishing my pot.

I put the stone pot in my sleeping space, with its mouth facing downwards and the fish under it. Once my lunch was safeguarded, I started to look for a branch to make my bow.

It didn't take much time to find one.

Once I found a branch that was quite flexible, I used my dagger to shape it in a bow. It was a tedious job but after some trial and error, I was successful in making it. Although it was not that great, it was workable. The thing looked like an amateur job which it was. I quickly tied the only rope I had to act as the string. The splinters were really annoying and painful to deal with but I persevered.

Next, I made 10 arrows. Obviously, I didn't have any metal to use at the front so I just sharpened the tips of small and thin branches with the dagger. I only selected the branches which were straight as it helped me in doing less work.

I didn't have any feathers or strings to tie at the back so I knew that their range would not be much. Still, it would be far greater than fighting with just a dagger, be it humans or animals.

With it, I would be able to even hunt a bear. I just need to practice and get good at it and maybe find a safe place to pepper the bear with the arrows.

Suddenly my stomach growled taking me out of my thoughts. I looked above to see the sun going down. I only had 3-4 hours to eat lunch and get some dinner.

I collected all of my things and made my way over to my spot. Thankfully, my fish was still there. It also showed me that no animal had been here as they would have easily found the fish (even under the stone pot) with their superior sense of smell and eaten it.

I quickly started a fire and cooked it. Once I was done, I made my way over to the river to see if my trap caught any fish. Unfortunately, I didn't find any. I rearranged the trap once more and started hunting. I didn't have any confidence in my archery skills so I also collected some stones. I had more chances to nail something from them than from the arrows.

For a few hours, I tried but I was unsuccessful. Sure, there were animals but for one reason or another, I was unable to kill them. Some of them because my arrows didn't hit the target and some of them got spooked when I was not silent. I missed a turkey with just an inch. Initially, I tried to use stones but it appears I misjudged this body's strength. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't throw the stone far and fast enough to hit the target.

In the end, I admitted defeat and started walking back to my spot. The sun had already gone down. Still, I took a detour to the river to check on the trap. If I would be going hungry, at least this way I could be sure that I tried my all.

Seeing two fish in my trap made me quite happy. I quickly killed them and picked them up. I skipped back to my spot. After eating one of them, I was asleep in minutes from all the hard work I did.

1 Month later

And so my life went on. In no time, a month had passed. Trust me I made sure to draw a line, every day, on a rock to remember and keep track of the time.

I was also right in suspecting that the boy's memories would start coming randomly. Thankfully, after a few days, they lessened, and after 2 weeks, they stopped coming back altogether.

There were times when I felt like killing myself. A thrust of the dagger to my neck would have done the job but I didn't do it.

I preserved.

I also didn't want to die in that manner, choking in my own blood.

I also decided to remain there in the safety of my place. I thought it was better with the devil you know than the devil you don't.

Soon enough a routine was formed.

I would wake up before the sun had fully risen which in itself was amazing as I was never an early riser in my previous life.

I would then walk to the river and complete my morning rituals. I started bathing in the river after 2 days of my arrival though I skipped a day in between, sometimes I even skipped 2 or 3 days when I felt like it. It was cold as fuck but I still did it. I didn't have any soap so I used the ashes from the previous night's firewood. It was a perfect replacement for soap... for now.

I also didn't have anything to warm the water so I always started the fire before going in the water. I would also put my stone pan with the fish on it so that my fish would cook in the meantime.

It was an irony considering I didn't use to bathe for a week sometimes when winter was at its peak in my previous life. But here I had to bathe every other day. After all, I didn't want to get any disease. And chances of getting contaminated at this time, this place was very high. I didn't have any healer with me to even look after me. And if I get sick, I wouldn't be able to catch my food which would make the situation even worse.

The first time, I bathed, I was surprised. It seems the guy hadn't bathed properly in a month since he got exiled. Sure, he swam to catch fish but that was it. He didn't specifically bathe for the sake of bathing. He definitely used to bathe when he was with his tribe though I am sure the warm underground water played the role in that.

I also found one more perfect place to lay a fish trap. It was nearby and not that far so I had enough food for my daily needs, as my traps would catch 3-4 fish daily. I thought 1 fish would be enough for one sitting. But soon enough, after a few days of my arrival, I started requiring 1 and a half and then 2. Thankfully, my diet has settled after a month. Now, I need 6 fish a day at the least for satiating my hunger.

Anyway, I would warm myself after the bath with the fire while eating my breakfast. Once I was done, I would take back extra fish with me and hide it in the foliage. From then till afternoon, I had all the time to practice with my bow.

I started practicing the archery after 2 days of my arrival and in just a week, I was indefinitely better than what I started with. But, after that, my progress halted and moved very slowly.

My training was something like this: First I practiced my aim at a closer range and once I was good enough I increased the space by a step and so on and so forth.

I started with 2 steps from the target and now I could get a bullseye from 4 steps. It might not look good but trust me, it was quite good. I could kill an animal from a greater distance as I don't always have to hit the bullseye for that.

I only became that good with my bow as I didn't have anything else to do other than eating, hunting, and sleeping so most of my time in the last month was spent practicing with my bow.

I also started exercising after a week of my arrival.

In my previous life, I was quite fat till my teenage years and got bullied due to it. So after having enough, I joined a fitness club where the instructor took me under his wing. He knew every exercise for every muscle of the body. In just 3 months I was fit as a fiddle. Even after so many years, I continued to do them every other day. By the time of my arrival here, I could do only 9 sets of 10, exercises (each for a particular muscle) before getting tired.

Initially, I couldn't even do a set of ten before getting tired but after 3 weeks, I could easily do a set of 10.

Anyway, if I had enough fish to last me through the diner and next day's breakfast, I would continue the practice. If it wasn't then, I would hunt. With my bow and arrows, hunting was definitely easy compared to what I remember with the boy's memory.

There haven't been many times that I had to hunt as my traps caught enough fish to sustain me every day. Still, in the last month, I caught a turkey, some rabbits, and even a boar.

In fact, I caught the boar yesterday evening. I was not hunting. I was doing a perimeter check up to see if there was any dangerous animal within the area. It was then when it attacked me. I had to kill it in self-defense. I was surprised that it was away from his pack as the wild boars generally stay with their packs.

Still, it was good that I encountered it as I was going to need it. At last, I had decided to travel away from here. This place served me well but our time together has come to an end. Day by day, days are getting shorter and nights longer. The days were getting colder and nights even colder. I could feel the winter approaching. The trees shedding leaves should have made me realize that before but I was probably not in my right mind.

I would need to find a tribe or any other place to stay for the winter.

My place was good enough. In fact, it was better than the first time, I happen upon it. I have been using stones to break the wall and make more space for me. Unfortunately, there has been only some progress in the last month as I only did it when the sun went down, usually after eating dinner. I was not sure that I would be able to make a good enough cave to last winter.

In fact, I should have gone from here a week or 2, before. Or I should have made some shelter of wood for me. Unfortunately, I didn't and now I am regretting it.

Today, I woke up before the sun has risen. I quickly picked up some ash from the last night's fire and made my way over to the river. I made sure to bathe as it could be a while before I get any chance.

After doing the morning rituals quickly, I dismantled the traps, I set up for catching fish. By some luck, I found 3 fish in them. With them and one left from the last night, I had 4 fish in total. After I scooped them up, I started traveling. I already packed everything last night so I was quickly ready to go.

I started traveling downstream. Even if people have lost their sight, they would need water, and a river is a great source of water. I am sure I would find some settlement if I continued to go in either upstream or downstream. I chose downstream.

By the time, I started traveling the sun had come up.

I had the boar tucked to my side while 4 fish on my other side. They were to be my food for 2-3 days. I also had all the bones of animals and fish that I hunted. I knew they could be made as weapons and maybe some more things. The thing is I don't know what other uses these could have. The people in the tribes though would definitely know. I could definitely trade them for something I could need.

I also had a wooden spear which also acted as a staff. If I happened upon a human settlement, they would be suspicious, if I didn't have a staff. The staff is essential for every blind man to check for obstacles in their way.

I carried my stone pan in my hand while I had the bow on my shoulder while my precious dagger was strapped at the back of my shoes in case of an emergency.

I also had a quiver on my shoulder. I made it a week after my arrival to store the arrows. Carrying 3-4 arrows in my hand was definitely not feasible. You don't know when you would need more arrows. I had to use some leather to use as a strap so that I could carry it. I used the glue to do that. I found the glue on some trees and boiled that in my stone pan to liquify it.

The quiver could contain 25 arrows at the maximum which I hope would be enough. Thankfully the feathers from the turkey were at their back. It disturbed my aim when I added them but after some practice, I was even better than before. Their range of attacks doubled.

I could get a bullseye from 8 steps with the feathered-arrows.

It was only because of them that I was able to kill that boar without any injuries. Even with my new arrows, it was a very close call. I didn't have steel tips on the arrows so it takes some time to kill the animal.

After yesterday, I also decided to coat my arrows in the paralytic-sleeping poison that the boy's tribe used to make. It was good that the boy knew how to make the poison though I only dipped half of them in the poison. I would use it in case I would be attacked by humans and dangerous animals like wolves, bear, and lion. It would not affect the meat… much. The person would just sleep a little more from eating the infected meat.

I was clad in furs from the new furs that I skinned from the animals which I hunted. The previous clothes were under it considering they were not exactly suitable for the winter. I knew tanning the hides would prolong their life but I didn't know any way to tan them so I was already prepared to lose them once the winter was over.

All in all, I looked like a perfect barbarian. The changes in the month were staggering. A month of a full belly and all the running, hunting, and exercising did my body a great deal of change. For once, I didn't look like a wind would knock me over. In fact, for once, I looked healthy.

Moreover, there was hope for the future.


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