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Chapter 5

The Festival Fall and Confession

2 Weeks later

Unfortunately, the opportunity to increase my standing further in the tribe didn't present itself in the last 2 weeks.

But I did get the opportunity to do something else, something I have been dying to do.

Getting LAID.

About a year ago, the second time puberty hit me like a bullet train, hard and fast.

I already knew all that was to know about the beautiful creature, that was a woman. But a certain body part of my body only started to admire them about a year ago.

Truthfully, it has not been easy sailing since then. There had been many side effects that have created some problems for me.

Some of the side effects were not that difficult, to be honest. Sure the cracking of voice was annoying but it was still bearable. Irregular growth spurts were also both good and annoying, and sometimes painful too. Hell, I didn't mind the pimples and all the other shit that I had minded in the last life.

There was only 1 major problem.

I was always horny.

And I hated that I was always horny.

I don't know why it was such. But I would bet my every property that it had something to do with my mutation.

I couldn't even make out with any girl as there was no one who was in my age range. And even if they were I wouldn't touch them. I wanted the ones who were mature and at least older than 18. At least, that way, I was able to look in the mirror. Well, not mirror as there were no uses for them but still this way I could look into the water without staring back at a pedophile.

While I had forgotten a lot of memories of my past, I still retained enough to consider myself an older man even if sometimes the hormones of this body think with a different brain like a horny teenager.

Anyway, the only one I could find who was suitable enough for my standard was Paris. The other girls were either too old or too young or already married. While she, on the other hand, was only half a dozen years older compared to this body's age and still single.

Living with her was both a good thing and torture.

Good as in, I could see her whenever I wanted to; I could even stare at her for long and she wouldn't even know. I lost count of how many times, I had watched her naked while she was changing.

But sometimes it really was torture. The people are very bold in this era. The thing is they can't see, so many things just become obsolete. Changing clothes in front of other people is one of them. I loved the strip show that she showed me every time but I hated that I couldn't act on it.

I couldn't jerk off while she was doing that seeing as she could sense, hear, and smell it. Neither could I touch those perky breasts and do unspeakable things do them.

Sleeping in a single room is another side effect.

Well, there is only 1 room in the hut but even if we had more, we would sleep in a single one. In the winters, people always slept with at least one person on a single bed.

The main reason for that was that it helped people in keeping their bodies warm due to body heat.

There was another reason why we slept with each other. Only I had the bearskin in the whole tribe. That alone made my sleeping bed, warmest in the whole tribe, probably in the whole region.

Obviously, only she knew that I had a bear-skinned sleeping bag in the whole tribe. Otherwise, the tribe leader would have taken that from me. More like her bitch-wife would have egged him to take it. But It's the same thing. In the end, I would have had to give away my sleeping bag.

Sometimes, I really wonder how he became the tribe leader. Most of the time, it's his wife that takes the decisions.

So, to save myself from all the hassle, I had Paris swear that she wouldn't tell anyone about it when I decided to share it one night after I woke up and found her shivering. It was the coldest night during my first winter here. Even I felt the cold despite being in the bearskin and with the log burning. But once we slept together, I didn't feel cold again that night.

Since then, I have been sharing the sleeping bag with her at the night. I thought she would start sleeping on a separate bed once the winter was over, but she continued to sleep with me.

I wasn't complaining. It was good to be able to cuddle during the nights at that time. I think the loneliness for an entire year did leave me with a craving for human touch and human interaction. If not for that, I wouldn't have trusted her with any of my secrets that early.

It hadn't been a problem for the first few years after that. I certainly enjoyed her warm body, especially her breasts, pressing into me. I even touched them, a few times, accidentally of course.

But then puberty hit me. And it went to shit.

I still love sleeping with her, the feeling of her breasts pressing onto me, but it creates problems. The last year had been particularly torturous. I had gone to great lengths to hide my lust for her. Thank god, I wear furs. Due to their, thickness, she can't feel the boner, I always have, while sleeping with her. Or if she had, she hadn't commented on it.

I don't know if she could sense my lust or not, due to her being a presage. Even if she could sense it, she kept mum about it. I think my age also kept her away. I knew my body was just 14-15 years old but with my height and matureness, I came as older, about 17-18 years old (one of the reasons I could vote in the meetings earlier despite younger than the allowed age). But that doesn't mean, she doesn't suspect it.

I came quite close to tell her about my feelings but something in my mind always whispered not to do it. Maybe, it was my teenage mind because I was never this shy in sharing my thoughts about these types of things. But here the stakes were higher. I didn't have any other girl who was in my age range and checked every box. If Paris didn't think of me the same way, I could literally find no girl.

Moreover, I didn't want to jeopardize my relationship with her.

You could say that we were like best friends now, instead of brother and sister relationship, she was angling in the start. We talked about anything and everything. She knew almost everything about me while I was sure that I knew everything about her. The only topic we never touched was about eyesight and sex.

We were close but not that close. The relationship reached the stage of a best friend, only recently. Moreover, people only became bold in the areas where eyesight was involved and where one couldn't see things. The sex-related talk was simply not done unless the people were a couple or family. Even in the family same genders have these types of talks like father-son or mother-daughter.

This doesn't mean I didn't try. I left more than enough hints that I lusted after her.

I hugged her far more often, far longer, initiating them by my own will. I complimented her whenever I could. I even helped her with her tasks.

I never missed any opportunity to touch her.

Initially, I could only touch her (excluding during the nights) when she started teaching me the silent sign language. It was around the same time that my puberty started. I purposely made mistakes so that I could get a reason to keep touching her. I especially liked mistaking words that let me touch on her waist, thighs, and shoulders.

But it soon became dull. The excitement had died down and now it felt like another torturous exercise. That's why I quickly learned all there was to learn about sign language.

There was only 1 thing I could have done to stave off my lust: Masturbation.

Seeing as there was no porn, I had to improvise.

Peeping was actually a little more difficult in this era. They could literally sense me. While they can't use their powers and hence, sense me, all the time, the humans have shown great instinct whenever someone is staring at them, we could feel them. The same happens with the people in this era too. So to save my skin, I decided to peep on them while they bathed and had more than 50 feet of distance between us just in case someone decides to use their powers.

At first, I realized that they don't know that I have eyesight. So they might have thought that I am doing nothing while standing there or sitting in the tree. But then another thought entered, the Ayuras would be able to hear me jerking off while the Scentiers could smell it.

There were so many factors.

In the end, I stopped caring. I decided to do it and forget about the consequences and decided to peep whenever older women would bathe.

Thankfully, nothing has happened in the last year. Some had been suspicious and a few have even tried to investigate but with my eyesight and powers, they never managed to catch me. After a while, they started ignoring their instinct about it.

Truthfully, I had caught a bad habit of jerking off while peeping. At least, it lets me clear my head for a while. If I did not do it, then I am even sure that I would have assaulted someone in the lust haze.

But again, it has become stale. Checking out their tits is fine and all but it kinda loses its appeal after a few minutes when you can't give them the good little grope. And that I couldn't do that even if I wanted to.

Moreover, I also realized that I was falling for Paris (living with someone for about half a decade could do that), hard and couldn't do anything about it. On top of that, she had decided to go to the 'Festival of Fall'.

From what I could gather, the Festival of fall is a gathering of travelers at a fixed place during the start of the season of fall or autumn as it is known. People travel there to trade. It lasts for a week.

They also travel there to find mates. It is like a blind date. Just one filled with a ceremony and sex. Once the sexual appetite is satiated, women try to convince the men to come with them to their tribe while men do the same. It is not necessary to become a husband and wife as both can go their different ways once the ceremony is over.

This way, women bring new blood in the tribe so that the side effects of inbreeding do not appear and men distribute their 'seeds'. I always shake my heads at the thought process of some men. I don't know why they would want to have a child that would never know him. It would be better if they just admit that they want to have sex and be done with it.

From what I could gather, the Alkenny will be going to this festival after more than 2 decades. The last time, they went, Paris was conceived by her mother, though she couldn't convince her biological father to move in. And now Paris wants to do the same.

I was quite angry and more than a little disappointed that she would get fucked while I will be left here. Seeing as the canon started quite a bit into the future, I don't know if she will be able to convince her fuckbuddy to move in with us or if she would just get fucked and come back. Either could happen. And even if her 'husband' comes, he would have probably died in the canon. I don't know if it would happen now or not.

So, to avoid torture afterward, I decided to shift to a new house. After all, once she came back, she might need some space with her new husband. I am pretty sure, she won't join another tribe seeing as she was in this tribe by the time canon starts. And I don't want to hear them having sex a foot from my sleeping place.

Truthfully, I had another reason too for making a new house for myself.

I wanted a house that didn't look like a dilapidated hut. The current hut in which I resided didn't have any problems. It provided enough space to store my things and sleep comfortably.

I just didn't like the way it looked. It was a round house, with walls made of mud and wood, and a conical roof made of straws. In my previous life, only the poor people of the remote villages would have only used something similar.

I could have made something good, something pleasant to look at, in half the time, the other people would have taken. I even had a great plan to make it.

But the tribe leader declined my request.

Yeah, we had to request these types of things from him. His reasoning was sound, that a new house would need resources that would come out of the clans' savings.

I argued that I would make it on my own with my own materials but he still declined, citing, that I would need more resources in the winter like logs to keep it up. I said I would collect the things on my own and won't use the clan's saving. He countered by saying that it would waste my time that could be wisely spent on collecting more food for the winter.

I left him and his hut in anger after some time when I understood that he won't budge from his decision no matter what reasons I present.

Only after going through half the lads from my group in the training yard, was I able to think clearly again. Now, I am breathing heavily lying on the ground, thinking about how it came to be, while one of the lads celebrated for defeating me with the other lads that I had gone through.

While lying there, I thought about the issue.

After thinking for a while, I reluctantly agreed with his reasoning. I could see where he was coming from. He didn't want to take any chances with the winter even if the last few winters had been easy with my help.

Once, I rested enough, I released a sigh, picked up my spear, and started walking in the direction of my home. I didn't bother acting as I was blind and walked in the direction of the home.

Though before I did that, I got an idea. I went to the leader and had him agree to take me to the 'Festival of Fall' with them.

My main reason was that Paris was also going to the festival. I was thinking along the lines that with the help of my eyesight, I would be able to just position myself to be her partner during the ceremony, and that way I would be with her and she might not protest much if even the 'destiny' wanted us to be together and if I found someone better, no problem.

But again, the tribe leader refused. He countered by saying, I was too young. I bluntly replied that I was old enough for my cock to work so he shouldn't have a problem. It was amusing to see him flustered at my blunt and crass words.

We went back and forth. In the end, he reluctantly agreed to let me come with the group for the Festival of Fall.

An hour later

I really fucked up.

I came home to find that Paris had heard about my request and talks with the leader from the gossip network and was angry with me. Apparently, she didn't like that I wanted to leave the hut and make a new one. More than that, she was hurt. I could feel it.

She had even arranged another bed and decided to sleep on the other side of the hut leaving the burning log between us.

I wanted to talk but what could I say. That I wanted to leave this hut because I was not sure if I could control myself around her. That I couldn't bear to see her getting fucked by another man.

'Yeah! Like that would go well' I thought sardonically.

'Well, no use thinking about it now' I thought with a resigned sigh. 'I will have to pack tomorrow and set out with the group the next day'

And with that, I decided to sleep.

2 Weeks later

Some 20 people started traveling, a day after my talk with the leader. My last-minute addition brought some murmurs but no one had any problem with it.

Obviously, I brought my weapons with me. My short sword hanging from the hip, my spear helping me to fool my fellow people, and my secret bow and quiver on shoulders. While no one knew I brought my bow and arrows, I already thought of an excuse if someone discovered them. I would just say that they were ornaments and I brought them to sell.

The traveling was quite slow due to more people. We had to stay in the group, help the others. It took us about 2 weeks to reach there and we were still a day's travel away from our destination.

I am sure I could have traveled the same distance in just half the time. I definitely didn't like it when we had to camp in the open. Hell, we didn't even look for an elevated spot to set the camp. I couldn't even scout the area to see if any dangerous predator was there.

Thankfully, once I suggested the scouting on the third day, the leader easily agreed. While scouting, I killed whatever animal I could find. That way, I brought 2 turkeys, a deer, and a boar in the 2 weeks of travel. My traveling companions were definitely impressed and more than a little grateful for God Flame to bless me with hunting instincts (eye-roll). I also found some safer spots to camp.

In between the travel, I tried to talk with Paris but she remained angry with me. Thankfully, she slept with me in my bearskin so little by little, her anger drained away. The people say true. Time heals all the wounds.

Still, while going there I thought and got worried that with some miscalculation, I might get paired with some another woman. To prevent this, I just decided to do what I should have done months ago.

I kissed her while we were talking after dinner.

For the first few seconds, she didn't respond and didn't kiss back. I thought I made the mistake. But just as I was going to pull back she started kissing me. After that, I started kissing her enthusiastically. It was night time and we were both in our tents (which I thankfully made sure to bring).

One thing led to another and thus for the second time, I lost my virginity. She was also a virgin which truly baffled me as I was sure she would have at least experimented with someone in the tribe. Still, I made sure to give her the best experience. I was gentle with her despite wanting to rail her like a battering ram. I did everything I could to make her 1st experience, the best. While I came only 2 times, she had 4 orgasms.

It was good that she was not a screamer. Otherwise, the whole group would have known. As it was, I was sure some of them already realized it.

Post sex, we talked and I came out clean about how I liked her but couldn't get the confidence to say it. In return, she also talked that she thought of me as too young but I convinced her to not be skeptical about the arrangement. It didn't take much talking. While such relationships weren't illegal, they were still frowned upon. But they happened.

I knew no one from our tribe would say anything. After all, Gather Bax and Souter Bax got into a relationship in the canon despite the clear difference between their age and the fact they were very closely related.

My maturity also sealed the deal. I also think that she was quite content after the sex and her tiredness played a significant role in her decision.

Once, the talking was over, we again went at it and then again and again. At first, I was gentle but the last round was definitely to my liking, hard and rough. She tried to keep her voice down but after the second round, she couldn't. Her screaming and moaning only made me wanna go faster and rougher.

After the last round, she quickly went to sleep.

While I was also tired, sleep didn't come to me easily. I kept thinking about sex.

While I was a bit experienced in it due to my previous life, this body was completely new. Still, by the last round, I was miles better. My vitality and mutation definitely helped. While I couldn't last long, my cock would be ready for the next round, quicker. And while she was done, I could feel like I could go for a couple of rounds more.

The last few rounds were definitely the raunchiest sex of both of my life. It looked like she was getting better at it too. The thing is without the eyesight, she had to be completely dependable on me while I could easily surprise her by being unpredictable. It's like having sex with a blindfolded girl.

'Now, I just have to convince her to use ropes and some roleplay in sex to make my dream come true' I thought lecherously as I spooned Paris with my cock touching her ass cheek.

I could see an amusement park from the corner of my eyes. We didn't camp much far away from it. I was confused as to why people hadn't torn down the things for the steel weapons.

I shook my head and looked down to see that Paris was already asleep. I put my hands on her breasts and squeezed them a few more times, getting some moaning from Paris in her sleep, before I closed my eyes to get some sleep.

Next day

I groaned as I woke up to find myself spooning Paris. My cock was hard and nesting between her ass while my hand was on her stomach.

At first, I froze but then little by little, last night came to my mind.

At once, a grin came onto my face. From her snores, I realized she was still sleeping but that wasn't going to stop me.

Grinning slightly at her adorable soft snores, I bent my head low and started to explore her neck. There was a sweet spot there somewhere. And judging from her sudden moan and shiver, I seemed to have found it.

I started kissing her neck on that sweet spot while my hands roamed upwards, inside her clothes, and started playing with her breasts. The clothes were a little problematic but they didn't deter me.

It didn't take much time for her to wake up.

"Stop it" She murmured sleepily but I ignored her and continued my administrations.

I was rewarded by Paris squirming away and letting out soft giggles as she tried to escape.

"That tickles," She said as she turned towards me making me stop but instead of stopping, my lips found a new target. Soon, she started reciprocating and we started kissing passionately.

"Does it?" I asked mischievously when she withdrew.

Unfortunately, before we could get into it, we started hearing footsteps which meant that the camp was awake.

We got up with a resigned sigh and completed our morning rituals before packing up. Soon we were traveling again but this time, I was walking side by side of Paris.

A few hours later

It didn't take more than a couple of hours to reach the destination. The sun was not even at its peak.

Truthfully, I was a little amazed at the sight. It had been quite some time since I saw more than 100 people simultaneously as most tribes consist of even less than 50 people. Few ever go past that number.

I suspect that it is due to the isolationist nature of Alkenny's tribe. The Alkenny tribe pays lip service to House Kane compared to what other tribes pay in taxes.

They also have natural safety due to being on elevated ground which shields them from storms, floods, earthquakes, etc. I have noticed that the larger tribes always have some sort of protection from natural hazards. For example, the underground tribe was such a tribe and it had more people than the Alkenny tribe.

Anyway, the venue was a large empty land which was filled with tents and stalls. There were more than 200 people if my senses were correct. We passed through dozens of stalls on our way to an empty place.

There we unpacked and made a camp.

By the time we were done, it was time to eat lunch. We ate some salted fish that I was able to catch yesterday.

After that, we spent the time perusing the wares. There were quite a lot of things. Livestock, Fish, and other types of meat, Different types of clothes, Raw material like cotton, wool, silk, etc.

There were even weapons though they were ridiculously expensive. The most expensive thing though was a horse. I really lamented not being able to hunt on my own. I was sure that I would have been able to get a good sword or even that horse if I could have hunted a lion, bear, or a few deers.

Nothing caught my eye. I thought about taking some livestock and raising them but I didn't know how to. In the end, I asked Paris and she advised me to buy them if I could. She told me that a family might be willing to tend to them for some cut of the products.

I was silent for a moment thinking this through. If no one took care of them, they just might die in my care. It would also really be a hassle to travel with them. But the pros outweighed the cons. I could have a steady supply of eggs. It had been a lifetime since I had any eggs.

In the end, I decided to buy them but they were ridiculously expensive. I could only buy a rooster and 3 hens that were still able to lay eggs for the boar that I caught the previous day. Initially, he was only giving me one of each but I haggled and brought the price down.

I knew I was here for a few days so I decided to buy them and check if the hens were fertile or not. I warned the buyer that I will give them back if his words proved false. Even if he doesn't take them back, they would have about the same amount of meat that the boar had. So, I wasn't worried.

I also learned that the festival started a couple of days ago and would continue for 3-4 days more.

By the time, we were done, the sun had gone down.

It was a chore keeping the act of a blind man. I had to touch and smell if I wanted to check out something. Seeing as I was with Paris, I had to accompany her too which really took a lot of time. I could have done with all the shopping in less than half an hour.

We quickly left the purchase in my tent and took a bath. Obviously, I brought my bathing pot with me. Unfortunately, due to traveling with the people, I could only bathe a couple of times in the last 2 weeks.

It really felt good to be able to bathe before having sex. Judging by the long and passionate kiss that Paris gave me, she definitely thought so.

We then wore our clothes before going to the ceremony.

1 Hour later

Thank god, I decided to confess to Paris before arriving here otherwise I might have not been able to do anything.

The thing is I didn't know the exact details of this Festival from the canon as it wasn't told. Still, I ought to bash a few heads when I get back home for not telling me about an important piece of information.

When we reached there for the ceremony, I got to know that unmarried couples and married couples have different ceremonies. I really could have lost Paris because some fucks didn't give me a piece of information.

The thought was infuriating.

Anyways, the ceremony started with men and women going separate ways. Then, we had to come to each other. The problem was that the couple had to find each other by touch or smell. We couldn't talk. And trust me, no one talked. These ceremonies were sacred after all.

I admit I took more than a little time getting back to Paris. There were a couple of reasons.

The first reason was that it would have been suspicious if I had caught Paris on my first try. It might be my paranoia speaking but my paranoia had kept me alive for the last 5 years and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The second reason is that I was not willing to give up the chance to feel some women. I left the older ones but I made sure to check the 'assets' of the women who were closer to my age. The best part is that they couldn't even speak up. After all, traditions are to be kept up.

We were one of the last ones to get back.

Once we found each other, we didn't waste any time getting back to our tent. I was more than horny after coping a feel of more than a dozen women. I also didn't bother to act like a blind person and used my eyesight to get back to our tent quickly.

By the time we reached our bed, I had already divested all of my clothes and Paris' clothes. I don't think Paris even realized it with our passionate and ferocious kissing.

We broke the kiss to take some breaths. But I didn't stop even then.

I quickly picked her up and threw her on the bed. She yelped at the sudden action.

I suddenly realized that she is totally at my mercy. This thought made my cock twitch.

Paris didn't see but if she had seen my smile, she would have run away.

I decided to fully enjoy the night.

With that thought, I dived in.


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