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Moving to Forks had been a willing decision. She didn't necessarily want to, but Renee and Phil were still in that honeymoon phase and Bella didn't want to get in the way of that. Having to stay home while her new husband traveled the country had left Bella's mom in distress no matter how hard she tried to hide it.

So Bella decided that she would stay with her father Charlie until she graduated from high school. No plans beyond that had been ironed out yet since she wasn't sure of just what she wanted to do with her life. Forks was wet and dreary compared to the scorching heat of Phoenix, but it was tolerable.

Charlie was a good man. A bit awkward and not the best at expressing his concerns and feelings verbally, but he more than made up for it in actions. He was one of those people. Actions speaking for him far better than he could even hope to verbalize.

Even though they hadn't seen one another for so long, he'd gotten her a truck so she could drive around, set up her room in purples that he remembered she liked, and installed a far better bathroom cabinet to better store their things separately.

It was the small things that didn't seem important on the surface, but really mattered in the long run. He'd known she hated the old cabinet and the door on it. She had a feeling more things had been fixed around the house just to make things easier on her.

She blinked when Charlie pulled her aside after springing the whole truck on her that evening. "Listen, Bells, I wanted to ask a favor of you."

Since she knew that Charlie typically didn't like burdening people, she knew he wouldn't have come to her unless she was his last resort. It was something he'd passed on to her somehow, despite how that couldn't possibly be a genetic trait.

"What's wrong?"

He looked out the window of the kitchen, toward the house across the street. "That house was finally bought out a few years ago. A young man from Britain, named Hadrian Potter just moved in, claiming his godfather had gotten it for him as a gift. He's seventeen and new to the US so he doesn't have a license to drive nor is he used to the way we drive here compared to there. He'll be starting at the high school like you and ended up testing into your year."

"And… you want me to be his ride?" she guessed. It wouldn't be a problem since they would both be going the same way to and back. Would save a lot of finite resources in the process.

"I can give you extra money for gas if you want."

"No! No, it's fine. There's no reason he should have to walk if we're both going in the same direction to and from," she assured him. "Should I… go and tell him?"

Charlie smiled, his eyes doing that little crinkle they did when he was happy. She remembered seeing it all the time when she was little. It was a small comfort.

"Thanks, Bells."

Harry blinked when his wards alerted him to the fact that he had a visitor. It wasn't Chief Swan either. The man's presence had already been registered just in case.

Seconds later, the doorbell rang and he put his bag down. Preparing for his first day of muggle school in years required a lot of concentration and preparation. He didn't really know what to do or bring and had been packing and unpacking obsessively for the past hour. There was just so much new stuff for him to get used to! Muggles advanced so quickly. He remembered when mobile phones were the size of bricks and could knock a man out. Now they looked like they would snap from a stiff breeze and operated through the lightest of touches.

There was a young brunette his height at the door. Her face was heart-shaped and she had a widow's peak. She looked incredibly awkward standing there, wringing her hands uncertainty. "Um… hi. I'm Bella Swan and I just moved in with my dad Charlie across the street."

"Ah, yes! Mr. Swan said you'd be moving in soon. He's been very excited about it."

Bella nodded, a dark flush spreading across her face. "Dad got me a truck and I wanted to know if you'd like to come to school with me? Until you can get your own car. If you want to of course."

Harry beamed. He found her to be amusing. It had been a while since someone had made him smile in such a way. Not after everything that had happened. "Thanks! I can pay you too!"

"Oh! N-no! That's fine, really. You don't have to pay me."

"But I-"

"I would very much prefer that you didn't, please?" she insisted.

Maybe he could sneak some money in her bag when she wasn't paying attention to him. "Are you sure?"

She nodded sharply.

"Thanks. I'm Harry, by the way. Would you… like to come in?"

Bella glanced back at her own home, before shrugging and stepping past him and into the hallway. Harry's house was a decent two-bedroom, one and a half bathroom. The outside was an off white with brown trimming, and the inside was all dark reds and browns. Sirius had bought it for him as a 'holiday home' or something. It had been in his Will once Harry had finally gotten around to seeing the bloody thing.

"I've been trying to pack but I don't really know what to bring," he told her as he lead her into the lounge. "I haven't had a first day at a new school in a very long time and this time no one knows who I am so I'm especially nervous and confused."

She frowned. "Did you go to the same middle school as the kids you went to elementary with?"

Harry shook his head with a frown of his own. "No, I started secondary when I was eleven and found out that my parents had set me up at their alma mater before they were murdered. And their murder and my subsequent survival of their murderer because of them, made our names pretty famous, so everyone knew who I was before I even got there. They'd already formed their own opinions and expectations of me even."

It was absolutely ridiculous. Magical people made no sense half of the time!

Bella looked even more awkward than before. Like she didn't know if she should apologize or not. He waved off her mounting concern. "It's fine," he assured her. "I've pretty much gotten over that part of it by now. Though I'm sure you can now understand just why I'm out of my depth with this."

She nodded and took a seat on the sofa he gestured to. The upholstery was red while the wood was brown. The house had come furnished in a very Gryffindor kind of way.

"Would you like some tea?"

"Um… hot or iced?"

Harry blinked as he thought about it. "I've never had iced tea actually. Is it actually better than having tea hot?" he'd heard the usual digs at Americans for 'ruining tea' but he was honestly curious. Harry never got to try many things growing up and he wanted to remedy that issue as soon as he could.

The other teen shrugged, wringing her hands still. "Depends, I guess. Iced tea is great in the summer, or especially in places like California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and New Mexico. Places like California, Texas, and Arizona have an abundance of buzzards and vultures and being too hot or dehydrated is dangerous because they pick up on it and will gather around you, waiting for you to drop.

"Hot tea is best for colder climates so I've rarely had reason to drink it much because I've typically been in warm places most of my life with that occasional vacation up north where hot tea and hot chocolate are served everywhere."

"Should I try iced tea up here since the temperature seems to be on the cooler side?"

She shrugged. "You can do whatever you want in your own house. I'd recommend trying various types of teas cold, but lemon, green, and oolong seem to have the best flavor when paired with coldness."

Harry smiled. "I'll take that into consideration. How about I get you some water for now until I figure this whole thing out? I still need to go shopping too."

"I could take you."

"If you take me anywhere but school, I'm paying you," he said in a no-nonsense tone.

He was certain he hadn't imagined her small huff.

The chances of him liking Forks had just gone up considerably.

Bella ended up taking Harry to the store, which was good because she had to go shopping too. Charlie's skills in the kitchen weren't that great. As in practically nonexistent. The man needed help and he did work every day and cooking on top of that would be stressful.

It was fascinating to learn that Harry could cook very well apparently and knew even more than she did. When she asked, he mumbled something about his aunt and uncle and chores and then frowned heavily, letting her know it wasn't a pleasant memory.

She let it drop since they'd reached the store at that point and had to familiarize themselves with everything. Some things had changed since she was younger. More technology was involved now.

It wasn't a very big store though. "A trip to Port Angeles might be better," she suggested. It was the nearest 'city' and was guaranteed to have a Walmart at the very least. They'd have to make a trip at least once a month, though. Either there or to Olympia though it was much farther away.

Harry wasn't much like Bella in terms of planning. He just grabbed things he knew would make a good meal of any combination. Bella planned ahead for the upcoming week of dinners methodically. It just made her feel better to do something she'd gotten used to over the years with Renee. Her mother wasn't the best at being maternal, which meant Bella often picked up the slack in many ways.

She didn't really mind since Renee had things she was good at that Bella couldn't hope to compete with. She could even do things her new husband Phil couldn't, so it wasn't as if having a man in the house changed anything or made life any better.

The cart was quickly filled with meats and veggies. Internally, Bella considered the price it would cost to make her own pasta homemade, versus the amount that would be spent on purchasing pre-cooked pasta. This was for things like lasagna which she very much was willing to make totally from scratch, but did Charlie have the tools necessary for her to do it that way? She'd have to check later.

"I'm going to go pay," Harry told her, gesturing to his cart. "The trolley is getting too full now and I think I've got enough for two weeks of meals."

His cart was just a mishmash of stuff, ranging from three different types of chocolate cereal and four gallons of chocolate milk, to bags upon bags of fresh fruits and vegetables that she could feel her wallet shying away from. Produce was so damn expensive and it wasn't fair. Bella could get behind a diet of asparagus and watermelon if only both weren't so expensive all the time!

"I'll join you in a minute," she told him. "Charlie fishes a lot so we have too much trout in the freezer and I'm trying to think of the various ways it can be used without it getting old." It was still winter and they were up north, so she didn't want to spend money on other meats when they had so much of one kind on hand already. Meat wasn't cheap in the winter.

"Good luck."

She liked Harry. He was… safe among all this new stuff. Bella felt better prepared for her first day at Forks High School tomorrow as a result.

Harry just had this calmness about him that made her feel less harried ironically.

Edward Cullen had spent the better part of nineteen hours playing the piano. He'd merely sat down on the bench and began playing, and had felt no need to stop ever since.

His emotions cycled through the more darker, less pleasant side of the emotional spectrum. Thankfully, Alice and Jasper hadn't been due back from their hunting trip when he'd began, because poor Jasper would have been exposed to Edward's roiling emotions and it wasn't fair to him.

Besides, when they finally returned and Jasper got full force of Edward's current range of emotions, he put all of his power into forcing a calm on Edward, making the music morph into something less depressing as a result.

And it was Esme's thoughts that made him feel a bit sad about his venting through music. She knew he was listless and it hurt her by extension because she was so caring as a person. Carlisle even more so.

One could only fake contentedness for so long before it became too much though.

Alice sank into one of the many sofa cushions in the room, her thoughts pleasant and full of hope. Things are going to get so much better! Just you wait!

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