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Harry's words from earlier in the afternoon were ringing in his head. As such, this was the night that Edward chose to check on Harry.

Distantly, Edward was aware of how creepy it was that he watched Bella sleep without her knowledge. It did not matter that his intentions weren't nefarious, and Rosalie, despite her intense dislike of Bella, had surprise-attacked him one morning in order to rip his arm off and hit him over the head with it. She'd told him to stay out of Bella's room until invited in and that an invitation in one event didn't extend to any other time. If she found out he didn't do as ordered, she'd castrate him and withhold her bounty until she deemed him worthy of having it back.

So Edward had remained outside the window every night he'd gone to watch her, just entranced by how she moved in her sleep and the things she said now and then.

She moved restlessly, and held full-blown conversations with the people in her dreams. Bella missed her mother, hated the rain, and said Edward and Harry's names a lot. As the time passed, she seemed less and less sad about being away from Arizona and more and more interested in her surroundings.

Harry was her exact opposite. He was dead quiet. He curled onto his left side in a fetal position and didn't move once the whole night. His breathing was calm and unlike Bella, who made little squeaky noises when breathing out, he was just quiet. His breathing was so silent that if it wasn't for his heartbeat, Edward could have mistaken his presence for wind or the slight rustle of leaves against the Autumn ground.

It was a bit strange.

Edward had not been inside Harry's house before. He hadn't even crossed into Harry's property until now.

From the bedroom window, he could see that Harry truly liked green, but also red. The colors were equally in abundance, the bedding was purely green and fluffy, burying Harry all the way up to his messy head of hair.

There was a floor-length mirror off to the side, and a black canopy above the bed itself, that twinkled like it was covered in moving stars.

No scents came from the room. Nothing slipped through the cracks in the windowsill. If he couldn't see and hear Harry, he would have thought no one was there at all.

And just like with Bella, nothing in Harry's mind came to the surface while he was sleeping. Both remained perfectly silent to his ability. It wasn't something conscious on either of their parts because it still happened even while asleep.

It was fascinating and aggravating.

He ended up watching until the sun came up, and had to leave quickly to go and get the Volvo. The tank was filled all the way and he even stopped at a local diner everyone seemed to like, and ordered a bunch of food to surprise both humans with.

Chief Swan left the house at exactly seven thirty every morning, so when he rounded the corner and was out of sight, Edward pulled right into his driveway behind Bella's behemoth of a truck.

Both humans were actually in Harry's house though, so he grabbed the food and went to knock on the door.

It was opened before he even made it to the stoop, with Harry smiling up at him. "Have fun watching me last night?"

Edward's face probably displayed the common 'caught with hand in the cookie jar' expression. It certainly made Harry laugh and he reached out and yanked Edward inside by the lapels of his pea coat. "At least you didn't break in, so I suppose I can let it slide. I've got something for you."

The food was placed on the kitchen table. The kitchen was a mix of garish reds and golds with brown furniture. Esme would be appalled by the color scheme, but charmed by the island counter. Bella was seated at the table already, sipping orange juice and looking a bit tired still, but also excited for the day's events. She smiled when she laid eyes on him.

"For you," Edward said, gesturing to the to-go boxes as he placed them on the table. "They're from Sally's in town."

Bella dove for the pancakes while Harry returned from upstairs with a white box that he handed to Edward. "To help you out today," he explained as he took the final seat at the table.

They were lollipops. Massive, individually wrapped lollipops. When he aimed a questioning look at the other teen, Harry laughed. "Blood Pops."

The haemophobe among them froze in her seat, eyes staring at the box in obvious horror as she blanched a concerning amount.

Harry waved her off. "I'll surround you with a muffling charm while I explain them to him, okay?"

A quiet buzzing filled the room and Bella looked around for a bit, before nodding to herself and continuing to eat the pancakes. Her color returned to normal pretty quickly as a result.

"So," Harry said as he pulled out the eggs and bacon Edward had purchased for them, "Blood Pops became pretty popular in the last half century or so, when wix began to realize that there is a whole community of people living alongside them that they can make money off of. Blood Pops are for species of Beings that like blood. They are all ethically sourced. You will find the type of blood used on the label of each individual baggy."

Edward pulled one out of the box and turned it over. In fancy, gold lettering it said [BLOOD POPS: Dragon Edition: Hungarian Horntail].

"Dragons are real?" was what he managed to get out of the name.

"Yes. All blood collected by the suppliers was taken either from willing donors or Beings/Creatures already dying and having no use for their blood. As I'm sure you know, all blood has different flavors in essence, so they come labeled very specifically. The Chinese Fireball's blood is very spicy, I'm told, but the Hungarian Horntail's is more tangy. Same with humans and animals. There are Human kinds, various animal kinds, kinds from other species like merfolk, selkies, naga, werewolves, etc… Since I had a feeling you wouldn't want the human blood ones and that animals had to be incredibly plain for you, I got an assortment of dragon blood ones. It's pure blood, there's nothing else in it, so you can have it. And your eyes might turn a shade of purple if you manage to have all of them today."

It was a very touching gift. Very considerate of him.

When he opened the bag, the scent of blood hit him instantly, but it was unlike any blood he'd ever smelled before. His mouth immediately filled with venom that he had to swallow it down.

Tentatively, he licked the pop and went wide-eyed. It was better than any blood he'd ever had. The venom began pooling even faster, something he'd experienced only a few times in the past one hundred years.

"Thank you, Harry," he said, feeling overcome with emotion. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts he'd received in the last few decades. Right up there with the Grand Piano Esme had gotten him for Christmas in 2000.

Harry smiled and snapped his fingers, making the buzzing sounds disappear and causing Bella to look up. "You done explaining?"

"Yep. Your ears are safe."

"Thank you."

The drive to Seattle was spent listening to their varying musical tastes. Edward had been generous enough to suggest they each go in order and pick a song, starting with Bella, then Harry, and then Edward. As Harry had the premium on the Spotify, he got the music without the ads and could just enter whatever song someone wanted.

The playlist was created at the kitchen table with them rotating their suggestions until there were over two hundred songs. It was doubtful they'd all get played during the day, but it was a nice system they'd set up.

B: Living On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
H: Long Live - Taylor Swift
E: Clair de Lune - Debussy
B: Hello - Evanescence
H: The River Lea - Adele
E: Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
B: That's The Way It Is - Celine Dion
H: Let It Be - The Beatles
E: Un-Break My Heart - Toni Braxton
B: I Have Nothing - Whitney Houston
E: Rehab - Amy Whinehouse
B: Uprising - Muse
H: Footprints in the Sand - Leona Lewi
E: It's Only A Paper Moon - Ella Fitzgerald

And so on and so forth.

There was no chance of falling asleep with those sounds jumping all over the place in the car.

Edward also stopped at a drive thru an hour in to get them both Coke. Something about blood sugar levels, though Harry didn't know what that meant but gladly accepted the drink since he liked them very much. Getting to have things he'd always wanted to have was nice.

It should be noted that Edward drove like a maniac!

Doing 100 nearly the entire way cut what would have been a 4 ½ hour drive in Bella's truck that could only do 50, since she wasn't brave enough to make it do more, down to two hours.

"You're sitting up front when we drive back," Bella told him. "His driving gives me anxiety and I'll be lying across the backseat later on."

Edward scoffed. "I have the best reflexes out of anyone here. I won't crash. Besides, driving slow is so boring!"

It was the closest Harry had ever seen the vampire act his physical age, and it was nice. The slightly whingey tone still sounded attractive to the ear, but the knowledge of it being a childish thing to do was what lifted the mood considerably.

"So what's first?" Edward asked, looking at Bella who had the list pulled up on her mobile.

"You been to Seattle before?"

"Of course."

"Museum of Pop Culture is first on the list, then the Seattle Aquarium. We brought money for parking."

He waved them off. "I will handle any fees for parking. It's my car and I offered to do the driving."

That meant more money could be put toward lunch. Yesssss!

While exploring, Harry confessed to only having been to a zoo once, and his relatives had to take him because the minder had gotten injured falling over one of her many cats. His excitement was adorable to say the least, and his fascination with jellyfish was unexpected.

Apparently, the last time he went to a place for viewing animals, he ended up releasing a boa constrictor in the Reptile House and caused a massive amount of panic. Harry could talk to snakes which was a thing apparently. Certain magical people, if they were lucky, were born with the ability to speak to certain animals. Bella wouldn't mind being able to understand birds, just so she'd know what the hell they were always tweeting about.

Bella's favorite part about the aquarium was visiting the seals. There was just something about how they moved that tickled her endlessly!

And halfway through the tour, Harry looked at Edward and asked, "Do any of these look like dinner according to your dietary choices?"

That got a snort from Bella, who could just imagine Edward trying to hold onto a seal while drinking its blood, and the excess of blubber just pushing him away!

"Har har, I forgot how to laugh. Honestly though, big animals are the best. So mountain lions, black bears, and moose are most preferable because they have the closest tasting blood to humans. Followed by regular bears, elk, and bobcats."


Maybe it was just the fact that the sight and scent of blood made her violently ill, but she just couldn't wrap her head around the concept of different flavors of blood being more appealing than others. Like, she got the gist because some food was more appealing than others for her, but the blood bit was still a difficult thing to process.

Vampires couldn't find plasma interesting or something? It had to be blood?

"Where to now?" Edward asked as he held the door for them on their way out.

Bella pulled up the list. "It's lunch now, so we were going to find a Seattle-specific cafe and eat there. To try Seattle cuisine you could say."

Harry, who had a map pulled up on his phone, gestured to their right. "Google is leading us that way. Technically it's in front of us, but there aren't any streets capable of taking us right there. We make a few turns and we'll make it."

And so they did.

Edward did not eat with them, but he did order desserts for them to try. And by that, she meant he ordered a lot to-go so they could try them at their own pace. She almost felt bad, but the chocolate fudge was just too good to not appreciate.

After lunch, the next thing on their agenda was to explore the Pike Place Market since they were there anyway.

The coolest thing was when someone bought something, Harry took care of it so no one had to carry bags all over the place, or make trips back to the Volvo. Apparently, his satchel was spelled to hold more than it looked like it could. So their bags would discreetly be slipped inside and no proof of their existence remained. It was awesome when he did things like that.

Edward went through the collection of lollipops that Harry had given him and looked the most relaxed she'd ever seen him.

They even found a stall just full of items for hobbies! Harry, who had never been to a farmer's market before, had been impressed by everything and ended up buying homemade honey pops, and hard candy, and an ugly knitted sweater that made his eyes light up when he saw it.

His smile was enough to rival Edward's and made her heart skip a beat or two.

Harry was really handsome, whether he seemed to know it or not.

"I wanted to ask you both, if you'd be interested in going on a hike with me tomorrow?" Edward asked as they rode back to Forks. True to the agreement, Harry was in the passenger side this time while Bella laid across the backseat. "I want to show you both something I'm very fond of, and the weather is supposed to be nice for the first half of the day."

"Hiking?" Bella asked, sounding concerned. "On a trail or in a forest?"

"In a forest," he clarified, and then aimed a knee-weakening smile to the rearview mirror. "Don't worry, I'll protect you from all the rocks and roots."

"If you're so concerned over possibly falling, I can bring my Thunderbolt and fly us there while Edward runs," Harry suggested.

She sat up instantly, eyes curious. Edward mimicked the expression exactly, looking desperate for answers.

"Flying," Bella murmured, sounding the word out as the implications of it came to mind in frightening clarity. Harry had mentioned flying on a broomstick before and that it could go 120 mph. He'd also implied that he could keep up with that speed enough to control such a thing at such a speed. "I would like to see it."

"Great! I haven't gotten to fly in a long time! Is there a lot of uninhabited area where we're going? It'll be easier and more fun if I don't have to panic over non-magical people seeing."

"It's very secluded and high up the mountain. No hiking parties have every managed to get up that far on their own. Some places can only be traversed by someone with supernatural abilities, or someone who has specific training for that kind of undertaking."

Now she was even more curious as to where Edward wanted to go. "Do you really like nature?" she asked him.

He smiled. "Yes. Sometimes I like to watch as plants open for the sun and close for the moon. It's always fascinated me how naturally they lean toward sunlight as if trying to grasp it in the only way they can."

"What's your favorite flower?" Harry asked out of the blue.

"Marigolds," Edward said. "I love the shape. You?"

"Zinnias and Dahlias. Same reason, but also the colors they come in. Bella?"

"Dead red roses."

Both men looked back in question and she shrugged. "Renee would always take whatever roses she got and hang them upside down. The way they shriveled up and darkened was cool. I find it very appealing. My room back in Phoenix was just full of cacti and dead roses all over the place."

There was a moment of silence, before Harry said, "I've never seen a cactus before. Do they really hurt if you touch them?"

"Some cacti can be touched calmly."

And then, staring out the window almost in a daze, he said, "I should get one for my room."

"Would recommend."

When they finally reached Forks, it was five o'clock and time for dinner preparation. She'd made lasagna the day before so there were leftovers for that. The tray just had to be put in the oven and allowed to warm up.

When she reached the front door, she looked back and said, "Aren't you coming?"

Edward looked absurdly pleased with the offer, and Harry nodded, saying, "I've still got the stuff. You want me to leave your bags in your room?"

"Please and thank you."

In the meantime, Edward unwrapped the last of his special lollipops that Bella didn't like thinking about, and popped it in his mouth. His gray eyes looking bright under the fluorescent lighting of Charlie's old kitchen.

It was as she was turning the oven on, that she realized what was wrong with her observation, and she whirled around to get a second look. He was sitting the same as seconds ago, still as a statue with the pop in his mouth. His eyes however, instead of being the warm butterscotch they'd been that morning, were actually gray.

"Your eyes are gray," she told him. "Like a really light gray that's almost blue."

As his eyes widened, Harry returned and said, "That would be the pops. By tonight his eyes will be somewhere between lilac and mauve, because he had the box all day and dragon blood is powerful and has powerful effects, especially if from the strongest of the lot."

The fact that the blood from different living things could change the eye color of a vampire of Edward's type, was so weird, but also really interesting. And she wondered how it was possible. Like, she'd read about the red eyes, but red shouldn't be possible in a human body, and vampires like Edward were former humans according to the book she'd read. Meaning they had the whole human system inside them, just enhanced by venom. So how was the red a thing?

In fact, how was the black a thing? Did the iris really just get darker or perhaps the pupils just expanded because the desire for blood gets so strong? Nothing like this was mentioned in the section on vampires so she wasn't sure.

"Bella? You okay?"

She blinked and looked up, realizing that she'd been standing in the middle of the kitchen, staring at the floor for however long, lost in thought.

"Got lost in the science behind vampires," she explained.

"Did you at least come up with something?" Edward asked, head tilting to the side attractively. God, everything he did was attractive. For fuck sake.

"Nothing but questions and observations not written in the book Harry has."

Edward turned his attention on Harry, who rolled his eyes and held out his hand. The kitchen window rose, just as the front window of Harry's house did the same across the street. Out that window flew the very book Bella was talking out, and it flew right into her own window and into Harry's outstretched hand.

He deposited the book into Edward's hands. "Have at it."

She'd never seen him move so fast before, eyes flicking back and forth from page to page, processing information faster than their human brains could ever hope to.

That was also another thing. If the human brain could only use 10% of its potential, did the vampire venom unlock additional potential? Were they working on 50% or something?

She wished there were studies about this!

Bella inhaled her slice of lasagna once it had been warmed enough. Harry had denied the offer of some, saying he was still full from lunch where he'd eaten far more than she ever thought he could pack away.

Edward shut the book suddenly and was on his feet. "Charlie's coming. I have to move the Volvo." And then he was gone, with no proof of him being there at all left in his wake.

While gone, Harry placed his book in his satchel to hide its presence.

The car was parked in front of Harry's house on the other side of the street moments later. Edward returned like he hadn't even left, moving seats entirely to leave Charlie's free for him when he walked in. Bella was already plating up a big slice of lasagna for him before he even got in the door.

To his credit, Charlie only paused a moment upon seeing how full his kitchen was, before he removed his gun and placed it tellingly on the kitchen table while hanging up his belt and coat.

Bella set the lasagna and a glass of milk on the table for him just as he sat, and smiled. "Dad, this is Edward Cullen, he's Harry's boyfriend."

Edward smiled the moment the general gist of Charlie's thoughts came through. While not exactly like his daughter, it was obvious her mental fortress came from him to an extent.

Is that why Bella's his only friend at school? Are the other kids being intolerant yahoos?

Charlie was born in a far less progressive and understanding time, but the genuine disappointment wafting off of him at the thought of people not accepting Harry for not being heterosexual and being out and proud about it, was a sweet thing.

He was a good man.

To cut the tension even further, Edward offered his hand and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you officially, sir. I wanted to meet you in person to ask for your permission to bring Bella along with Harry and I tomorrow. We're going on a hike and then meeting up with my family for baseball in the evening."

Alice had announced the thunderstorm with glee two days prior and they'd all had begun the preparations immediately. Even going so far as to get new gear specifically for the sport to get more into the game. They took these things seriously. Looking the part was important.

"You're gonna get Bella to play baseball?" was Charlie's amused reaction. "My Bella, who has two left hands for feet?"

"Thanks, dad," she said dryly.

"Just keepin' it real, Bells. Please don't break anything this time."

"It was once and it wasn't my fault!"

He was dead curious to know the story behind that little outburst. The blurry images that came to Charlie's mind involved a little Bella, probably seven or eight, bleeding from the head on a pitcher's mound.

While he had questions, he could wait until later in private to ask them. Besides, permission had been granted in a roundabout sort of way.

Edward stood and looked down at Harry. "Shall I walk you home?"

"It's right across the street," the younger teen pointed out.

"I'm nothing if not traditional."

Harry waved to Charlie and subtly high-fived Bella before they left. The moment they were across the street, they broke into light snickers. "Charlie is so emotional," Edward confided. "He thinks the kids are being homophobic to you which is why you don't have any other friends. He's contemplating saying something on your behalf."


At the doorstep, Edward moved in a little closer than he usually would, and placed a cold hand on Harry's incredibly warm cheek. Under his touch, it grew even more hot as it turned pink. The signs of his 'dazzling' were present in how unfocused Harry's impossibly green eyes went.

"I'll see you tomorrow," he promised.

"Okay," was his breathless reply.

It didn't escape either's notice that Charlie had watched everything from his kitchen window, concern present even as Edward drove away.

On the ride home, his cell buzzed. It was Alice. "Esme is shopping for food for tomorrow. You'll bring Harry and Bella over at four, they'll eat dinner here at five, and then we'll all go up to the field at six. The storm starts at 6:25 so we won't miss it."

That was good.

He needed to make certain his room neat by human standards. He wasn't messy or anything, but he needed space and he wanted to make a good first impression.

At home, he was welcomed back with a hug from Esme, who smelled like a dozen humans she'd no doubt bumped into while at the store. "I'm going to make them penne alla vodka tomorrow. I hope they'll like it."

Even if they didn't, they'd never tell her. Both were simply too kind to want to hurt someone's feelings. "Thanks, mom."

After that, he proceeded to sit at the piano and play the lullaby he'd composed for the two humans who were so very interesting. He'd learned so much today and needed time to sort through it all.

Harry was a wizard. There were other types of vampires out there in the world somewhere. Edward's eyes were indeed changing color because of him spending the whole day eating lollipops made of dragon blood.

They looked pretty cool actually.

"Nice eyes!" Alice said as she dropped into the sofa suddenly. "I'm going to ask Harry to get me some of those pops! I want purple eyes too!"

The entire family was in the living room a second later, thoughts of curiosity filling the rest of them.

"Harry bought Edward a box of Blood Pops. His people make lollipops out of blood for the non-human Beings that exist in the world. Edward ate twenty Blood Pops made of dragon blood today! And they're turning his eyes a light purple!"

He looked up to give them all a clear look. Bella had been right. They'd turned light gray, then light blue, and were now light purple. A lilac as Harry had suggested.

And, because he felt like shocking his family even further, he added, "We're the fourth and most dangerous type of vampire, did you know that?"


It was offensive that anyone had ever tried to tell him otherwise.


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