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They chose to meet at Harry's house the next morning. Bella came over around seven and had a hearty English Breakfast for the first time in her life. Harry was very glad to expose her to it since the substance would be needed if they were to be hiking for the day.

"I have the broom ready," Harry said, holding up said piece of beautifully polished wood. "I spent last night polishing it to perfection so I can appropriately brag about it today."

He released it, allowing it to float in the air on its own. The striking appearance was very special and the make and model was priced upon request, not the other way around.

Bella took in the work done on it. As it was the next step after the Firebolt of the 90s, it had a similar make and model, but more improved. The shaft and twigs were pure white, made from Eucalyptus Mannifera. To better give the idea of a lightning bolt when it shot across the sky. It was something easily visible from great distances.

The Thunderbolt was a sort of partnership with Harry. It came out in 2018 because the company that created it wanted permission to use the shape of his famous scar, as the symbol on the shaft, but also in advertising. He'd granted permission in exchange for his own version of the broom. After that, he gave them a few quotes after assessing the value of the broom and its benefits so they could use his quotes to promote it better.

It was better than having to pay 1,500+ Galleons and he got a percentage of the sales too, so there wasn't much of a reason to complain.

"...Is it safe?" Bella eventually asked, looking doubtful.

"As safe as driving a car I suppose. Maybe more so because you don't have to rely on other people being good drivers so you all don't get hurt."

He then shoved the broom into his satchel, smiling as it disappeared at full length. "Can't wait to show you it later." he loved flying and he hoped that Bella ended up developing a taste for it too.

"Can't wait," she agreed uneasily.

And that was when Edward knocked on the door. He'd changed obviously. This time he chose a pair of simple jeans and a white shirt with the collar peeking over the tan jumper he'd chosen to wear.

In contrast, Harry was in black jeans and a black t-shirt with some black Vans to finish the look off. He'd also decided to leave his glasses behind since they were just charmed and not really necessary. Bella's outfit was similar to Edward's but less high fashion. Like comparing Gucci to Walmart perhaps? It was like one of those couple things where they plan to dress the same?

Edward looked excited and was practically bouncing on the balls of his feet. "You said your broom can go 120 mph in 6.5 seconds, which is fascinating, because the common vampire runs an average of 105 mph immediately. So I was thinking of having a race."

That wasn't in the book on vampires. "You said 'common vampire'. What about you isn't common?"

And that was when Edward appeared sheepish for the first time. "I guess I forgot to mention it. In a way, I came into this way of existence with another ability, though it isn't useful like hearing thoughts and seeing what goes on in someone's head. I was very fast as a human. I do remember being very good at foot races and Carlisle found newspapers about me winning local events. The common vampire can run about 154ft/47m in a second. I run 175ft/53m in a second."


"The rest of my family all run at slightly different speeds, but all between 100 and 105 mph."

"Cool. That means… if I've done my mental maths correctly, you can go just shy of 120 mph, meaning a race would be very interesting between you and my Thunderbolt."

"I'm just amazed that your eyes can keep up with that kind of speed."

Harry smirked. "I was a Seeker, dear Edward. In the wixen sport of Quidditch, the Seeker has to track down a miniscule golden ball with silver wings, that moves in short bursts of incredible speed when not in a chase, and then gains momentum if in a chase. I'll show you that too."

Both of his friends looked interested.

"You ready?" Edward asked them, looking back and forth between them for confirmation.

"Impress us, oh broody one."

He scowled. "I haven't brooded since the week I came back from Alaska."

"...But that typically means you brood, right?" Harry asked, trying not to smile.

"Just get in the car, little human."

True to his word, Edward took them on a hike.

It was his special place. Edward wasn't like his family who each had someone to pass their days with. And the house being constantly filled with lovey-dovey thoughts was sometimes off-putting because he obviously had been alone the entire time. So Edward liked exploring nature and finding little things most people wouldn't get the privilege of seeing.

The meadow he'd found was something out of a fairytale, surrounded by massive trees with an open sky directly overhead. And on sunny days, the flowers would light up in a special way, and the heat of the sun would cause them to be more fragrant.

He'd never shown it to anyone in his family, though he was certain Alice had Seen at least a few Visions of him there.

But something in him wanted to share this with Harry and Bella. He wanted to impress them. Being a vampire wasn't impressive to Harry since he had magic and went to school in a castle. And Bella, who had gotten to learn about them because of Harry, was taking it all in stride. But she was less awestruck over supernatural skills and more interested in the science of vampirism and how it worked.

Reading minds was interesting, but not that much. Choosing to not drink the blood of humans was even more interesting, but again, not really by much.

So he had to rely on his knowledge of obscure subjects, his heightened senses, and his own personal charm. A daunting task if truth be told. It was the most effort he had to put into anything besides his thirst for blood in the past century.

It seemed he was succeeding so far though. Both humans were willing to be alone with him and enjoyed his company. They teased him in their own ways and made sure to involve him in their conversations.

Edward took many turns to get to the trail necessary for the hike.

Bella looked at it with interest, and frowned when Edward started moving toward the tree line and not following the decades old trail.

"But- the trail?" she said in defeat.

"I said there was a trail, not that we're following it."

Harry patted her shoulder and reached into his bag to withdraw a bone white broomstick longer than he was tall. It floated in front of them at thigh level, and he motioned for Bella to mount it first. She sent him a dubious look, but gingerly did so. Harry then got on behind her and reached around her to hold the shaft. She stiffened a bit, face beginning to turn pink.

"Hook your feet onto the foot rests if you need to," Harry told her, before pulling up on the broom and ascending high into the air in the span of a second.

"EEEEEEEEEEEK!" was all Bella managed to get out, her eyes closed and face scrunched up.

Edward waited below them as Harry did lazy figure eights above the trees. Eventually, Bella seemed to loosen up and opened her eyes to get a good look at what they were seeing.

"Wow," he heard her say in awe. "It's such a nice view. You can't see this from a plane because it's too far down."

"Can you follow me to the meadow through the trees?" Edward yelled upward, gesturing in the direction he planned to go.

"Bring it!" Harry challenged.

He did so, and the broom zoomed off as well. Edward could hear the wind whipping past it and Bella's laughter as they moved.

The broom kept up easily with his speed. A trip that would have taken two hours or so on foot for a human, was shortened to a few minutes, with Harry exclaiming, "I see it!" And then he leaned forward and the Thunderbolt, which had matched pace with Edward easily, shot off, leaving him behind by several meters.

Indeed, Harry made it to the meadow faster, him dismounting by the time Edward reached the tree line.

"That was fun!" Harry said, hair a wild mess because of the wind, and cheeks wind-chafed. "And another point for the humans!"

Bella stumbled off and to the ground, her hair equally messy and her breathing heavy from laughter.

"I need a minute," she said. "My adrenaline skyrocketed during that hell of a ride. You said there's a sport for that?!"

"Quidditch! It's a thrill."

"That was better than a rollercoaster."

"I'll take you to a match sometime. We'll get you a pair of Omnioculars and you'll really get to experience everything properly. I promise."

They turned to him still standing in the shade, and beckoned him into the sunlight, curious.

He went.

Edward glowed.

The book had described it and she'd gotten a mental image, but that just didn't live up to it. Her crappy human imagination couldn't ever hope to live up to such beauty!

Type #4 Vampires had skin that hardened and solidified with crystal-like properties. Their venom, which quickly took over all other bodily fluids but lost its potency everywhere but the mouth because it wasn't diluted there, was iridescent. Because most of the melanin was practically burned out by the venom, and the skin was like crystals, the shimmering, crystal-like cells were easy for the sun to reach through the pale skin. They then refracted UV lighting with a prismatic effect.

That was how Harry's book had described it. It had been a very scientific kind of observation and she'd gotten the mental image of little rainbows coming off Edward's face, like mini PRIDE flags, but this wasn't like that.

It was like how she used to find bits of broken, white granite as a child. How when held up to the light, they would shine and each individual granule would be a different color.

Edward glowed, as formerly stated, with little rays of light coming off his face in a very distracting way that proved why vampires didn't go out in the sun. Not necessarily a sparkle, but also not really a glimmer, or a shimmer. Maybe all at once?

It was enchanting. He was perfection walking all the time, but in that moment, Edward looked very much like something a renaissance artist would die to render into their preferred medium.

Beside her, Harry's breathing stuttered. He was just as dazzled by Edward as she was. When she peeked at him, she saw that his pupils were blown wide. She wondered if hers were doing the same. Pupils only did that when someone looked upon something they greatly desired. And she greatly desired Edward in that moment, mouth going dry.

"You're both just staring at me."

They nodded, still staring and still silent, lost in their own thoughts.

He came closer. She felt small. Like some no-name peasant in front of the Pope or something equally important or whatever.

She felt his cold hand take hold of her right one. Dimly she registered his other hand taking up Harry's left. He held both up to his perfect lips and smiled fetchingly.

"Won't you tell me what you're thinking? It's very frustrating not knowing."

He smelled good but in an impossible-to-describe way! He was too close.

"I… don't think you want me to answer that out loud," said Harry distantly.

That prompted Bella to look at him as well, wondering just what was going through his mind.

Harry's face went bright pink at their combined attention and smiled while giggling. "Trust me, you don't want the answer."

"I do!" protested Edward. "I always want to know what you're thinking." Because he couldn't hear then at all.

"Fine." That was really quick of him to give in. Bella was immediately wary of his response based on what she knew of Harry as a person and how his mind seemed to operate.

"So I was thinking about how beautiful you are when you shimmer, and then remembered that you glitter all over technically. And then I remembered that all the venom-like fluids in your body are shimmery like you. And then I wondered if your ejaculate would be opalescent or more glittery."

They stood in perfect silence for a moment as Bella tried to turn away in mortification - Edward was still holding her one hand though so she couldn't go anywhere - and Edward simply stared. Of course she'd been right to be wary! Harry was just so open about private topics that she wondered how he could function every day!

And then Edward did something that no one would ever expect!

He smirked in a devilish way that spoke volumes of an inner rascal that longed to be released, and said, "It's opalescent if you're so curious."

Both Bella and Harry's jaws dropped.

Prim and proper Edward Cullen had just said those words. Which meant that Edward masturbated in his free time! Was Bella the only one with absolutely no sexual experience at all?! What the hell?!

"You really don't want to know what I'm thinking now."


"What?!" the Brit asked defensively. "He confirmed my thoughts! It isn't my fault my brain immediately moved on to the next topic! It's the natural progression of the conversation!"

Edward took the chance and stepped even closer. The move pressed him against both of them. Harry and Bella were both 5'4", which was ten inches shorter than him. They had to crane their necks back to see his face in full, which exposed the pale lines of their throats.

The temptation of the burn was there. It always was, but he was in control. While his body wanted to try their blood, his mind was staunchly against such an idea. And Edward had better control than a newborn!

"Stay. Very. Still," he said carefully, leaning down slowly to give them time to understand.

It was the closest he'd ever been to either of them. His face settled perfectly between their necks, almost resting his chin on their touching shoulders. Here, he could smell everything more richly. Outside how mouth-venoming they were naturally, both had very pleasant scents.

Bella's was more freesia and strawberries, and Harry's was more fresh rain, lightning, and petrichor. If he had to guess, the lightning bit was from his magic since it wasn't a natural human scent.

The blood was the kicker in all of it though. Rich and thick and made him gulp his own venom down several times in the span of a few seconds.

Thankfully, they both remained as still as possible, allowing him to take it all in at his own pace.

He took a deep breath and then leaned back, feeling calm once more. "It's getting a bit easier." What a relief.

Apparently he neglected to notice that Bella had been holding her breath the entire time, too focused on trying to desensitize himself.

"Breathe, Bella."

"It's hard to think when you get close. You smell good and my head gets all fuzzy up top."

"Same," Harry added. "I kind of wanted to latch onto you and never let go, but I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate that."

"I'd appreciate it all too much," he confessed. "That's why we must be careful. We're all in the know about vampires and my intense interest in you both, but it is never just because of how different you are. Physically I want more than is safe for you to give."

But Harry's words brought to mind something that Edward had never done before. Something he'd wondered at but been dismissive of since he'd been alone for so long and did not return Tanya's interest no matter how hard she tried to win it.

And here and now, in the privacy of his meadow, he was considering it. This was his place and he was sharing it. And perhaps it'd be okay to share another secret between them all before they left for Edward's home.

"I think I need a human moment to collect myself," said Bella, stepping away and taking a few deep breaths. "Give me a minute." She proceeded to do breathing exercises on repeat, in...two...three...four, out...two...three…four.

Apparently Edward's affect was even more potent than he'd assumed. Harry remained firmly planted where he was, allowing Edward to reach up with his now free hands, and lightly cup the smooth skin of Harry's now warm face. At once, Harry's green eyes dilated again. Edward wavered a bit, wondering if he was strong enough to do it, let alone do it gently.

He got a slight nod from Harry, and decided to just give it a try.

Compared to Edward, Harry's body was practically scorching. His lips were hot and pliant and as Edward tilted his head for a better angle, he could feel Harry's hands resting lightly on his chest. This close, Harry's scent was even stronger than before, and it warmed up immediately as his body's sexual response began rising.

Edward knew he inspired fantasies in people. He'd heard enough thoughts and smelled enough arousal to expect it basically. But this… He felt proud of the physical reaction he elicited from Harry. Proud that it was him doing it and that Harry very obviously enjoyed it. His hands slipped around the human's fragile throat and down his back to pull him closer.

Harry's entire body seemed to curve toward his own as if in offering.

Distantly, he could hear Bella's heart rate rising as she watched.

And then Harry opened his mouth and Edward had to wrench himself away, fleeing to the other side of the meadow just in case. He held his breath for good measure.

The wizard tasted far too good for Edward's sanity. How did that even make sense?! His kind drank blood, they didn't actually eat human flesh! How did Harry taste so... appealing even without blood?

Harry was still there, staring into space as his eyes came back into focus. "Not my first kiss, but certainly the best I've had," he said, voice shaking slightly.

While Edward was keeping distance for Harry's sake, that did stroke his ego a bit. Something he'd never even done before and he was apparently very good at it! His confidence rose quite a bit from that revelation.

As for Bella, she was watching wide-eyed, her face a delightful shade of pink.

"Would you like to be kissed too?" Harry asked, hand out in offering. His smile was naughty and suggestive.

Bella blinked and then looked away quickly before taking a deep breath making hard eye contact. "Teach me how to kiss, Harry."

It was like Harry had been overcome by the spirit of Rudolph Valentino. He took Bella into his arms and then dipped her very dramatically, not even going for the lips first. He instead placed a light kiss on the hollow of her extended throat, which made her swallow in reflex. He began a slow and careful trek upward, moving to her jawline, eliciting a shiver, and then her chin which earned him a groan, and finally her lips.

Edward hadn't seen someone kissed quite so thoroughly in a very long time.

On one hand it was because he avoided such open displays of affection because he preferred to give people their privacy as best as he could, and on the other hand, it was because that rarely happened anymore. That level of romancing wasn't something people turned to.

He could hear Bella's heartbeat take off like the wings of a hummingbird. She wrapped her arms around Harry and moaned obscenely into the kiss.

Finally, it came to and end, and Bella's lips were bright red, her eyes were glassy, and her breathing was ragged. She looked delightfully messy and titillated. Damn.

Harry's face spelled out S-U-C-C-E-S-S in bold lettering.

As for Edward, he'd finally gotten control of himself and had rejoined the humans. Their combined arousal was still like a punch in the gut, but he felt more in control now. And since he knew what to expect now, he'd have less chances of being surprised by its sudden appearance in the future should he do anything deemed remotely attractive to them.

"You okay now?" Harry asked with a smirk.

"Yes. Thank you for giving me time. I'm trying to do this right, but I've never actually done this before and I really don't want to make a mistake." This kind of mistake literally had life or death hanging in the balance.

His concern earned him a soft smile. "The chances of you being able to hurt either of us are low. Not because you can't or anything, but because I've charmed items we're both wearing to prevent anyone from harming us, let alone getting close enough to do it."

That… was very useful. "When did you do that?"

"A couple of days ago. I was reminded that I could do that, so I did it."

"You… are just full of surprises."

Bella, on her end, was trying to catch her breath still. She'd asked Harry to teach her out to kiss and then he went and did that!

She'd always wondered at the romantic things she'd seen in films and read in books. Always wondered why so much touching was involved when kissing. And now she knew. It excited the body and made the space between the couple feel more intense. More personal.

Other senses were involved in kissing.

Her first kiss was with a handsome man who was… her boyfriend? How many dates do people have to go on before they are considered to be dating? She'd actually done a lot more with Harry than she had Edward and they'd been using the boyfriend/girlfriend excuse for a few days already.

So yeah, Harry was her boyfriend.

And he could kiss really well too. Since meeting him, this was the first time Bella felt the need to jump his bones.

Deciding that she wanted to rest after everything that had just happened, Bella sank into the tall grass and flowers and laid back. The sun overhead was warm and it was the most exposure she'd gotten since coming to Forks. She was going to soak up as much of it as she could.

It took little time for Harry and Edward to join her, laying on either side with enough space for their arms to not be touching.

"I miss the sun," she said quietly.

"I know a spell to create light much like the sun," said Harry. "I could summon some for you any time you want. I can even turn my guest bedroom into a mini beach if you'd like."

Of course he did. "Can magic do anything?"

He made a considering noise. "Can't create food. It's one Gamp's Laws. But I can multiply existing food supposedly unlimitedly."


"Well, no one's ever bothered to see how long they can go, but my best mate Hermione did multiply a sugar biscuit one hundred and seventy-three times before she got bored. It was an experiment and the results were inconclusive because she stopped herself out of sheer annoyance, not because she couldn't actually continue."

She thought about it for a moment. "Can you only multiply the food, or will the packaging it comes in be multiplied too?"

"The packaging will be too. But that can just be Vanished."

Vanished? "Where does it Vanish to? Like, will the Vanished item(s) appear somewhere in the world and pollute things? We really don't need more pollution, you know."

Harry sat up then and frowned. "Give me a mo." His head tilted up toward the sky, so she couldn't see his face from where she laid. Eventually, he looked back down, eyes completely dilated black with no green or white remaining. The appearance made her shiver in barely withheld fear.

That was the most abnormal thing she'd seen him do. He looked borderline dangerous for the first time ever in her presence.

"Apparently they're banished in a sense, to another dimension."


"Yeah. But it's fine because the dimension in particular is just a black void. Nothing lives in it."

"How did someone even find out to make a spell like that?"

"Experimentation, as usual."

Right. She could only imagine what kind of experimentation went into that. since it was magic is was probably even more insane and inhumane on that end.

"Wix are crazy," she decided.

"Madder than an aristocrat who was asked to sit beside a peasant to orientation," he agreed with a grin.

They stayed in the sunlit meadow well past noon. Harry had pulled out his own Snitch somewhere in the middle of it all, and let it go. The gold ball soared off into the sky and he gave chase on his broom, giving the two below a good show.

He scared the wits out of Bella when he dove and avoided a harsh impact with the ground at the very last second by pulling up and corkscrewing over her and Edward. He'd gotten close enough for his hair to touch Edward's chest in passing.

"You're fucking crazy!" Bella yelled up at him. He merely laughed.

When it was over, Edward asked, "Is that what Quidditch is like?"

"Seven players on each team. Three Chasers to pass around the Quaffle and hopefully get it into one of three very high hoops. Then two Beaters who control the Bludgers. They're charmed balls that fly around on their own and the Beaters knock them toward the other team's players in hopes of getting them out of the game. The Keeper defends the hoops. The Seeker catches the Snitch. Catching it earns your team 150 points and ends the game immediately. Usually it means victory, but the more experienced teams are capable of scoring quickly and dragging a game on for quite some time."

"Sounds terrifying," Bella said.

"Sounds fun," Edward countered. "All of this is hundreds of feet in the air on brooms that goes as fast as yours?"

"Well… mine is top of the line and used by Professional Quidditch Teams. The school teams just have whatever the school has in the broom cupboard if the students don't have their own. So usually Shooting Stars and Cleansweeps. They're decent if they're less than twenty years old. Fifty years or older and they move no faster than a butterfly." Ron's Shooting Star came to mind and he winced at the memory.

"Are professional games very dangerous?"

"Yes! People can die in those. Most Quidditch deaths are because of Bludgers. One broke my arm once and I continued playing anyway and still managed to win! Others are because of falling from great heights. A few come from smashing into things while flying too fast."

Bella looked horrified while Edward looked intrigued.

Eventually though, it was time to leave. They had a busy day ahead of them of course.

"Would you like to meet my family now?" Edward asked them a bit shyly.

Typically, vampires were very solitary creatures, so it took a lot of compassion for large groups of them to form. Covens weren't as widespread as many wix believed because vampires didn't like their space being intruded on.

The fact that he called them his family and not his coven, was very sweet, and proved that compassion really did work wonders.

Bella took a deep and shaky breath. "What if they don't like us?"

That drew a snort from their vampire boyfriend. "So you're worried not because you're going to be in a house full of vampires, but because you think those vampires won't approve of you?" It did sound odd when he put it like that.


"They're more baffled than anything, don't worry. After hearing Harry threaten to take care of me if I became a problem and you going along with it, they've been rather interested in meeting you both."

Both humans went red! That had happened back on their first day of school! They had all heard that!

Bloody hell!

"I think it's my turn to show Bella how I travel," Edward said, making her whip around and stare at him wide-eyed.

"As in… you running while holding me?"

He aimed that damned charming smile at her and nodded.

"Are you sure you'll be able to? It won't be too much?" It won't get in the way of his control or anything?

"No. Just climb on my back and hold on tight."

"I'm heavier than the standard backpack," she warned, approaching him carefully.

He barked a laugh. "Bella, I can lift a car with one hand, you're fine."

She leapt onto his back without any further argument and locked her legs around his hips as tight as she could. His body was hard and cold as expected. "I'm not choking you, am I?" she asked, wrapping her arms around his neck in the process.

He laughed again and took off. Much like the broom, they were moving too fast for her to really take in any details. The wind whipped past her face and made her eyes water but also feel dry at the same time. She had to close her eyes just to regain her composure.

The run was over as quickly as the flight had been. They were beside the Volvo almost immediately, Harry waiting for them like he'd been there all along. He probably Apparated or something.

Bella, shaking like a leaf, stumbled off Edward's back and onto the trail they'd never bothered to use despite how appealing it had looked.

"You should put your head between your knees if you're nauseous," said Edward helpfully. "That's what Google says at least."

"Why is that?" asked Harry, a frown on his face. "I've heard the suggestion many times before but never really thought about why."

"It helps increase blood circulation to the brain."

Edward knelt down beside Bella, seemingly not caring his about high fashion pants in the process. He placed a cold hand on her forehead. "Any better?"

She nodded.

The hand on her forehead trailed across her brow and over her right ear. She looked up in shock and found him leaning in with an intense look on his face. Similar to the one he'd had on his face when he'd kissed Harry...

Kissing Edward was very different from kissing Harry, and yet it was just as good.

And also enough to completely steal the air from her body and leave her unable to move.


"Did she faint?"

"I think so."

She could hear them of course, but the air was coming in very slowly - or not at all really - and she felt frozen in place and wondering how she was supposed to go on when beautiful men kept kissing her so wonderfully.

Edward's cold hands framed her face in concern as Harry patted her hair down.

"Breathe, Bella, or I'll have to put a Bubblehead Charm on you."

So it was either getting control of her lungs on her own, or Harry performing more magic on her.

The choice wasn't even made before her vision was slightly obstructed by the odd, rainbow-like effect of a bubble, and pure oxygen seemed to force its way into her lungs. It was the cleanest air she'd ever breathed and it felt fantastic!

Breathing without the bubble was going to feel so odd when it popped in an hour!

"Okay, I think she's fine now. Let's get her in the vehicle."

"What exactly is that?" Edward asked as he did a K-Turn to get the Volvo to face the right direction.

"The Bubblehead Charm produces pure oxygen for exactly one hour. It's useful underwater, in the middle of a burning building, and when fleeing from a murderer because the bubble mutes all sound from inside so no need to quiet your breathing."

It sounded fascinating.

"Do you think it would work in space like an astronaut's helmet? Or would it freeze?" he asked.

"No idea," Harry admitted. "Probably freeze though considering it's made of water for the most part."


"Are we going to meet your family now?"

"Yes. Esme has especially been looking forward to meeting you."

Harry's head snapped around, eyes narrowing. "What have you been saying?"

"Just the usual things. You vex me. You aren't a normal human. You've offered to kill me for being a 'grand twat'. The whole nine yards, really."

"Oh, Merlin! You told them about the death threat?!"

Well… "More like Emmett couldn't wait to talk about it, but it's difficult to keep secrets in a house full of vampires so it would have gotten out some way or another eventually."

"I'll never be able to look you mum in the eye!"

"Oh don't worry. She smacked me for being rude to Bella so badly that you felt the need to defend her honor, and thinks it's good that you're willing to put me in my place and not allow me to control everything. The only real concern that has been posed other than worry for the safety of the family, is the very obvious power dynamic in this relationship being geared abnormally in my favor since I'm the immortal and indestructible one and you're both frail humans."

There was a moment of pure silence, before Harry broke into loud guffaws and patted Edward's forearm. "Oh, if you only knew. The power imbalance is less than you think, don't worry."

Edward made a turn into the familiar road leading to his family's home, and wondered just what Harry meant by his words. Were they because he had magic and could basically teleport anywhere and do almost anything except make food out of nothing?

Eventually they came upon the house and it's magnificent glory. Esme's work was always impressive and he would regret when they'd eventually have to sell the house in a few years. His room was the nicest out of all the bedrooms Edward had ever gotten. The full wall of windows was a nice touch, but Esme never repeated a design twice so that hope was already long gone.

"It's so cool," came Harry's awed whisper when the car came to a stop. "Can't believe something like this was built anywhere near Forks. Seems too fancy for such a small town. A wrap-around balcony on the third floor?"

"Esme will be thrilled that you like it. She put us all to work for an entire week to get it done."

"Vampires build houses?" Harry asked when they all met up at the front door.

"When Esme has a new idea, yes."

The bubble surrounding Bella's head popped a second later and she looked sad.

"The fresh air was so nice," she said quietly. "Kinda miss it."

Harry proceeded to run his hand over Bella's head, and her severely windswept hair levitated around her head and proceeded to straighten out and then separate into two sections. The top section braided itself and then tied itself off, leaving her hair half up and out of her face, but just enough was left down to block her throat and lessen any temptation her scent might inspire.

A snap of the fingers, and all the grass stains on Bella's clothing vanished, and the wrinkles flattened out immediately. One final snap and she blew out a breath suddenly that smelled entirely of mint, which had not been in her mouth when he'd kissed her an hour ago.

Harry repeated the same process with himself until he too looked perfectly presentable. Any scent of their morning in the woods was completely gone. He did the same for Edward a second later. "We're ready."

Bella bumped his shoulder with hers and smiled in gratitude.

Edward smirked and opened the door for them, letting them take in the décor Esme had worked so hard on. This morning, he'd left while she was in the middle of cleaning an already clean house. She'd wanted to leave a good first impression on Edward's partners and had been mentally going over everything she thought needed fixing.

"It's so nice to see a house where everything isn't red and gold," Harry said with a relieved sigh.

"Or canary yellow," added Bella, probably thinking of her father's kitchen and its unfortunate color scheme.

"That too. It doesn't look cluttered or cramped either. Nice and open."

"Why don't you just redecorate your house?" Edward suggested while the humans spun in place to get the full effect. "It might take some time but it isn't too big of a house."

Harry waved him off. "I haven't a decorative bone in my body. I'll just end up making everything green and black if I do. At most it'll be less gaudy than what I have now, but then I'd feel bad because my dead godfather picked out the furniture."

Every now and then, Harry said things that made Edward's heart hurt. It was so difficult to deal with the fact that Harry was so alone growing up and that when he finally found family, it was taken away somehow. Did anything good ever happen to him?

Any further comment was halted when Harry's eyes finally landed on Carlisle and Esme, who were standing not too far off, waiting to give the humans some space to get used to their new environment. Neither wanted to scare them away or mentally overload them.

"Hi, Dr. Cullen!" Harry said with an easy grin and a wave, drawing Bella's attention as well. "You have a lovely home!"

"Hello again, Harry, Bella. It's good to have you here."

Esme stepped forward, extra conscious of her speed, so she could shake their hands. "It's so good to know you," she said honestly. "Edward has told us so much about you both."

Bella's face flushed. "That worries me. I can only imagine the embarrassing things he's said."

"Everyone already knows you lack equilibrium, Bella," said Harry. "There's nothing else that could even potentially be embarrassing, don't worry."

She glared at him, and stuck out her tongue. He smirked in response and wiggled his eyebrows.

"I'm making penne alla vodka for you," Esme told them, gesturing toward the kitchen. "I've finished the sauce and am just waiting for pasta to fully cook through."

"That's why Edward insisted on us coming here immediately instead of going back to my house," Harry said, sending him a look. "You could have just said something. We would have understood."

"It was supposed to be a surprise," Edward countered defensively.

"Thank you!" Bella exclaimed, interrupting a mini argument before it could truly begin. "You really didn't have to but we appreciate the effort very much."

Harry nodded. "I've never had penne alla vodka. The process has medium difficulty though so I could do it again if I want," he finished thoughtfully. "I'll add it to my list of potential meals for next week. I'll have to go shopping though."

"You made it but you never actually ate it?" asked Bella, looking as confused as everyone else in the house, who were listening in, felt.

"My aunt and uncle never let me have whatever I cooked for them. It was an ongoing punishment."

What the fuck? came Rosalie's thoughts from the garage. The direction of her thoughts was echoed by everyone else Edward could hear.

Alice appeared at the top of the stairs, beaming down at them all and pretending like she hadn't just heard something so depressing from Harry. "Hi, Bella! Hi, Harry!" She flitted down the stairs, ignoring the looks of shock from both Carlisle and Esme as she pulled the two humans into a quick group hug. Neither human gave the startled reaction that was expected.

Then again, neither really acted as they were expected to, to be honest.

"Wotcher, Alice!" Harry replied with a grin.

Bella settled on a simple, "Hey."

"You smell less edible than expected," Alice told them, not even bothering to censor herself or her opinion in the least.

"That would be my doing," Harry said, interrupting Esme's mounting mortification. "Did a bit of Magical Thread-Warding for Bella and I," he said, gesturing to the twine necklace she wore that had dozens of little opal beads on it. "I didn't want things to be too much for you lot, so I worked on diluting the scent of the wearer. Outside a meter of distance, our scents are virtually indistinguishable from our surroundings, in order to help us blend in if necessary."

That was incredibly intelligent, and brought Edward's attention back to magic and his wondering about what exactly Harry was fully capable of.

"Hi, Jasper," Bella said to the vampire standing several feet away for everyone's safety. And maybe also because Edward had been paranoid and asked him to remain at least ten feet away until everyone was comfortable with the humans in their presence.

"Hello, Bella, Harry," the Major replied with a firm nod and a small smile. Harry gave him a nod in return.

A small ringing sound came from the kitchen, and Esme beamed. "The pasta should be done now! Come!"

Things seemed to be going well for now. Good. He hoped it stayed that way. This was important to him and he wanted nothing ruining it.


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