Chapter 1:

Disclaimer: I don't own Marvel or any of its dub branches, nor any if its characters which I have mentioned here.


The first thing I felt upon waking up is that I'm small. A lot smaller than I last remember being. It was disorienting.

The last I remember, I was a 23 year old student in India studying in Mumbai. It was January 4th 2020 and I was going to college by bus. There was an explosion. And then I'm waking up here. Did I lose my legs or something? Was that a terrorist?

No. I can feel my legs just fine. Slowly, I get up out of the bed I'm laying in and take a look around. The room I'm in is magnificent. Its like those you see in movies. So I'm in a rich person's house. But why? Did they kidnap me? Pfffft.. I'm not that important of a person. Neither is anyone in my family. And they haven't even restrained me.

So kidnapping is out. Determining that I'm definitely not being kidnapped, I get up. As soon as I get up I realize that something is very different. My perception of everything is different. Not wrong, just different.

Stumbling a little, I make my way to what I assume to be the en suite bathroom. Fucking rich people. In the mirror there I can see exactly what is wrong with me. I'm smaller. A lot smaller. That was evident while I was walking over here from the bed. But now I know why I am smaller. I look like a baby. A bloody baby. Well not exactly a baby. More like a 3 feet high kid.

As soon as I look at my reflection and I don't recognise the face in there, the baby face in the mirror, I swallow the urge to scream bloody murder and run towards the bed to sleep. Hoping that this is a bad dream. Praying to all the gods in the Hindu religion -that I know- I go to sleep.


The next time I wake up, I have two sets of memories. So things are a little bit clearer. One set is a little -blurry?- and it has the 23 odd years of my life as an Indian dude -that I can remember- while the second set is of a 6 year old white American kid named Harry Osborn. Name looks familiar doesn't it?

After freaking out for about an hour on being reborn, I start analysing my memories. My new name is Harry Osborn, my father's name is Norman Osborn. My father and I don't get on well, and practically hate each other. My mother died ehike giving birth to me and Nornan doesn't talk about her much. He is a businessman and a scientist working in his own company and he's hired Bernard to take care of me in his absence. So like 90% of the time. But why does everything sound so familiar?

Of course it does. I'm in the Marvel Universe. I don't know which Marvel Universe. There are so many of them. But I think its the Sony Spider-verse. That's because my father in this life, Norman Osborn- God it feels creepy just saying it- looks like the actor from the first Spider-Man movie. You know the only Spider-Man trilogy. With Toby McGuire as Peter Parker. Yeah that one. I don't exactly know the actor's name.

So of course my father in this life is going to be a villain in a superhero's origin story. Welp. What can ya do? I can kill him, but I don't think I have it in me to take a life. Plus he hasn't committed a crime yet.

Holy shit it just sunk in. I died. And I got reborn. As a friend-to-be of one of the superheroes. Well not yet superhero, but still he's one of my favourite characters in any comic book. Peter is smart, strong and funny. What's not to like?

I can conclude a few things at least. My previous life is over. Either I died, or the 6 year old Harry Osborn from this Universe has possession of my body in my original Universe. Either way, not my problem. I already hated my life. I will miss my family though. But we were already growing apart. Maybe it was rebellion in me or maybe it was meant to be. But I won't waste the second chance I've got to live my life from the start again. Well almost from the start.

From Harry's memories I can tell that Norman and I don't get along. He has even hired Bdrnard just so he didn't have to take care of me. Bernard is to me exactly what I expected Alfred to be like to Batman. In the 6 years of my life, he has taken care of me like a father would. Only he gets paid. But still, he cares for me. While Norman is busy with Oscorp. I don't even think he grieved for my mother after her death.

Seriously. In the 6 years ,of which I can remember a little from after I was 3 years old me and Norman have had 2 conversations that did not result in either one of us shouting at the other. We all know how he behaved in those movies. But I seriously underestimated him. Anyways. I think I have to prepare. Either for my father to eventually become Green Goblin and cause chaos, or in case this Universe is joined with Marvel Comic or Movie verse then for different alien invasions. Either that or I'll just be stronger just for the sake of it. There are a lot of strong villains in any Marvel Universe.

From my memories I can tell the date is 28th September 1999. I was born on July 14th 1993. I have 10 years to prepare for everything that may come up. But first, I'm hungry. Let's hope Bernard has made my favourite blueberry pancakes.

Good thing My memories have merged together. Or else I'd be wondering why I know how blueberry pancakes taste like.