Hello and welcome to the Servant Compendium, a compilation of characters from other series turned into Servants. Basically, they are something I made for my fictional works that involves or includes TYPE-MOON setting (specially the Fate franchise) for later or unused projects.

To begin the first entry of this compendium, let us start from the Heroic Spirit of Bows and Arrows, Archer.

Servant Class: Archer

True Name: Yusuke Urameshi

Gender: Male

Origin: Yu Yu Hakusho Universe

Type: Heroic Spirit

Alignment: Neutral Good

Hidden Attribute: Man or Earth


Strength: B+

Endurance: A

Agility: B+

Luck: C++

Mana: A

Noble Phantasm: ?

Class Skills

Clairvoyance (Archer): B

Independent Action: B

Magic Resistance: C

Personal Skills

Art of Aura Manipulation: A++

Eye of Mind (True): A

Hybrid: A

Spirit Detective: A

Noble Phantasm:

Detective's Case Files/?: B~A+


Archer's True Name is Yusuke Urameshi.

A Spirit Detective working for the Spirit World from a parallel universe. A man who had polished his skills through his enjoyment of fighting.

He came from a world where the concept of Throne of Heroes did not manifest and as such, a Heroic Spirit modeled after him shouldn't exist. However due to an omniscient overseer from a far universe, his deeds and and exploits were archived on its records, allowing him to be summoned as a Servant.

Though summoned as his younger self, his temperament is that of a matured adult who had gained wisdom from all of his adventures.

"Man, I thought working as a real detective would be less troublesome... This is much tiresome than I was working with Koenma!"

Perhaps that was a notion too early to give...


Even though Yusuke is summoned as an Archer, he fights using his fists like a deliquent brawler from your neighborhood who looks for fights for a living.

Master: You're suppose to shoot things as an Archer...

Yusuke: Who says I can't use my knuckles? If beating up the enemy is the only concern, then beating them up with my fists would result the same, no? And besides shooting them down is kinda boring...

Sometimes the Master would contemplate whether putting Yusuke into the Archer class container was a failure of the system or not...

As an Archer, Yusuke have the skills Clairvoyance (Archer), Independent Action, and Magic Resistance.

Art of Aura Manipulation is a skill that denotes the usage of Spirit Energy and Demon Energy (another word for Od) in the art of combat.

Yusuke has also the skill Hybrid. As someone who is a product of two different species, he was given this skill.

Spirit Detective is a skill derived from Yusuke's title as a detective of the Spirit World. When facing Spirits (e.g. Heroic, Nature, Divine) and Demons, a 'plus' modifier is gained.

Yusuke's Noble Phantasm is Detective's Case Files, the embodiment of his numerous legends. This Noble Phantasm comprises of several techniques including:

- Spirit Gun

- Spirit Gun Mega

- Spirit Wave

- Sacred Energy (False)

- Mazoku Transformation

...and many others.


- Using the Noble Phantasm Mazoku Transformation will immediately change Yusuke's class into Berserker with different Skill set (e.g. Mazoku Kind Demon).

- He is odd as an Archer since he usually prefers fighting with punches and kicks.

- He can be a slayer of the suoernatural due to his Spirit Detective skill.

- His Hybrid skill is only at A- rank due to him gaining it through atavism.

- He was supposed to be Hakuno's Servant in Within A Thousand Phantasms alongside Itachi Uchiha during the Youkai Singularity.

- He was supposed to be Yasaka's love interest.