Hello and welcome to the Servant Compendium, a compilation of characters from other series turned into Servants. Basically, they are something I made for my fictional works that involves or includes TYPE-MOON setting (specially the Fate franchise) for later or unused projects.

So here is our third entry representing the Heroic Spirit of Spell and Sorcery class, Caster.

Servant Class: Caster

True Name: Irene Belserion

Gender: Female

Origin: Fairy Tail Universe

Type: Heroic Spirit

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Hidden Attribute: Man or Earth


Strength: D

Endurance: B

Agility: B

Luck: D

Mana: EX

Noble Phantasm: A++

Class Skills

Independent Action: EX

Item Construction: -

Territory Creation: -

Personal Skills

High-Speed Divine Words: A

Human Shell: A+

Enchant: EX

Shield of Spriggan: A

Wisdom of the Sage Dragon: A+

Noble Phantasm

Universe One: World Reconstruction Magic/Anti-World: EX

Belserion Dragia: The Day I Broke This Enchantment/Anti-Unit(Self): EX


Caster's True Name is Irene Belserion

A renowned enchanter hailing from a parallel universe who created a magic that can slay dragons in battle. A queen of a ruined country and the strongest woman of Alvarez Empire's Spriggan Twelve, she is reputed as a powerful mage due to her peerless magnitude of power.

She came from a world where the concept of Throne of Heroes did not manifest and as such, a Heroic Spirit modeled after her shouldn't exist. However due to an omniscient overseer from a far universe, her deeds and exploits were archived on its records, allowing her to summoned as a Heroic Spirit.

A knowledgeable queen enchantress who fell into ruin due to her quest of regaining her humanity.

"I have already made peace with my past, so don't worry such trivial stuff Master."

She says this with a serene and content smile on her face.


As a Caster, Irene have the skills Independent Action, Item Construction, and Territory Creation.

Irene lived in an age where the infuence of gods were still prominent hence attaining the skill High-Speed Divine Words.

"I never heard such a thing like this. Is this one of the perks being summoned as a Caster?"

She would always ask her Master this question with genuine curiosity.

Irene was indeed a human, a regnant monarch who ruled a country filled with mages. However, she turned into a dragon after overusing a certain magic that can slay dragonkinds. The human corporeal form that one currently sees is only a shell employed by a powerful enchantment that hides her draconian physique. This legend of hers is transformed into Human Shell skill, nullifying any weapons or techniques that is lethal to someone with dragon traits.

"You know, I'm just a lizard covered in human skin. I guess it would be natural for you to somehow feel revolted... Hm? You don't feel disgusted by me? I-I see..."

Enchant is Irene's unique magecraft style. Being renowned to enchant even the heavens themselves, she has an EX rank in this skill.

In her lifetime, Irene was a member of Alvarez Empire's Spriggan Twelve, personal guards of the emperor which denotes their superior ability in magecraft. Being a member of such circle, she gained the skill Shield of Spriggan. Gives resistance to any form of magecraft with B rank and lower.

Wisdom of the Sage Dragon is basically Irene's entire knowledge on magecraft. As someone who have lived for more than 400 years studying any forms of magecraft, this part of her legend is sublime into a Personal Skill. Grants her to perceive or read the entire structure of any magecraft of A rank or lower. The Dragon Slayer skill is also fused with this skill.

Summoned as a Caster, Irene have several Noble Phantasms; Universe One -which restructures the world around her to her liking, Belserion Dragia -transforming herself into that of a dragon, a Divine Beast, and Eye Magia - a clairvoyance-like Noble Phantasm.


-Irene is considered as a Top Servant by the Moon Cell alongside Dragonball's Gogeta.

-Though her Item Construction and Territory Creation have no designated rank, her Enchant skill can pretty much enchant her surroundings into items or even a building.

-Upon using her Belserion Dragia Noble Phantasm, her Human Shell skill will be nullified, allowing anti-dragon attacks to be effective against her. However her overall parameters except for Mana would jump to A++ rank.

-While in dragon form, Irene can use an Asteroid-like Noble Phantasm that isn't accessible to her while in human form.

-She was suppose to be one of Hakuno's love interest.