Hello and welcome to the Servant Compendium, a compilation of characters from other series turned into Servants. Basically, they are something I made for my fictional works that involves or includes TYPE-MOON setting (specially the Fate franchise) for later or unused projects.

For our fourth entry, I hereby present to you a Heroic Spirit of the Mount, Rider.

Servant Class: Rider

True Name: Setsuna F. Seiei

Gender: Male

Origin: Gundam 00 Universe

Type: Heroic Spirit

Alignment: Neutral Good

Hidden Attribute: Star


Strength: -

Endurance: -

Agility: -

Luck: A

Mana: EX

Noble Phantasm: EX

Class Skills

Independent Action: EX

Riding: A

Personal Skills

Advocate of Peace: A++

Clairsentience: A

Crystallization of Mutual Understanding: A

ELSkind Modification: EX

Noble Phantasm:

Gundam 00 Qan[T]: The Gundam To End Wars/Anti-Unit~Anti-Army: EX

Seeker of Understanding: The Bridge Between Humanity and The Unknown/Anti-Unit: A++


Rider's True Name is Setsuna F. Seiei

A man of a parallel universe where traces of magecraft had been diminished completely and humanity had reached the height of their civilization by venturing outer space.

He came from a world where the concept of Throne of Heroes did not manifest and as such, a Heroic Spirit modeled after him shouldn't exist. However due to an omniscient overseer from a far universe, his deeds and and exploits were archived on its records, allowing him to be summoned as a Heroic Spirit.

Having witnessed the horrors of war up to his adulthood, Rider retains his warm and friendly demeanor, promoting mutual understanding as much as he could.

"I can feel your intentions thus exchange of words aren't necessary for me to understand you."

Certainly, the Master would be left confused and speechless at the same time at the abruptness of Rider's words...


Even though he was summoned as a Servant, Setsuna still retain his stance of being a pacifist avoiding conflict and battkes as much as he can.

"There are other ways to resolve conflict than fighting. How can I say this? It is something I had experienced, the hard way..."

But when push comes to a shove, he will not hesitate to take up his sword again and erase the distortion of the world.

"Setsuna F. Seiei... Eliminating the distortion of this world!"

As a Rider, Setsuna have the skills Independent Action, and Riding.

Advocate of Peace is a skill that acts like Charisma and denotes someone who hates the concept of wars and conflicts. Promoters and instigators of conflict will suffer a ranked down twice in all of their parameters.

"Peace can't be brought by force, it can only be brought by understanding."

Such words of wisdom from a man who suffered from a world filled with strife...

Clairsentience, a skill that involves feeling or sensing energies in other people, and gaining psychic insight from them. Rider can sense the subtle energies that surround him, as if the environment and pick up and feel the mood of the room or a person, tuning into past, present, and even future energetic possibilities. At higher levels, future sight and mind reading are possible.

Crystallization of Mutual Understanding is a Magic Tool that shouldn't be in the legend. The crystallization of the friendship he gained by reaching an understanding with a living metallic lifeform. It is an anomaly taking an appearance of a powered exoskeleton (armor) made up of living metal.

ELSkind Modification is a variant of Self-Modification skill, gained by fusing with a techno-organic sentient alien known as ELS. A mana reactor core (GN Drive) that ELSkind possesses is formed, and despite being a Servant, he can act almost independently.

As a Rider, Setsuna have his Noble Phantasm Gundam 00 Qan[T] which is basically a 20 meter tall humanoid robot. A Noble Phantasm that houses several other Noble Phantasms, a mystery that is synonymous to the man known as Setsuna F. Seiei.

He also have Seeker of Understanding, an ability that embodies a part of his legend where he became an entity that is both human and ELS.


-Within the Moon Cell's archives, Setsuna is considered a Top Servant.

-Aside from being summoned in the Standard Rider-class container, Setsuna can also be summoned in an Extra-class container that is designated to those who "exist" outside the domain of man.

-His Star attribute is due to the fact that he became the bridge between humanity and aliens in his universe.

-Half of his parameters remain blank. This is due to the fact that his Strength, Agility, and Endurance doesn't have a standard value denoting their fluctuating states depending on the Servant's wish.

-His Seeker of Understanding Noble Phantasm is similar to a certain Servant, where anything he assimilates will turn into his own Noble Phantasm.

-His Gundam 00 Qan[T] Noble Phantasm despite being a humanoid mecha Noble Phantasm itself, is also a "treasury" which holds several Noble Phantasms like Quantum Burst (a mental interference -like Noble Phantasm), TransAm, and many others.

-In the prototype of Within A Thousand Phantasms, Setsuna have a brother-like bond with Hakuno Kishinami, always guiding Hakuno in every dire situation.

-The heiress of the Agares Family, became fascinated by him to the point that her devotion became that of a faithful wife much to Setsuna's chagrin.