I have been writing short fanfics for a bit and I decided that I should start by posting a small one to get me started on here. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or any of the characters mentioned in this FanFiction. All rights being to the amazing Tite Kubo.

Speech Key:

"Shiro talking"

"Ossan talking"

"Ichigo talking"






"For the last time, NO!"

"Come on King! Just one!"

"Shiro… Ichigo has made up his mind."


"As disappointed as that makes me, we should respect his ultimate decision."

"Ossan, you too?"


"Oh come on! I can't just get one! It's a huge decision! Not to mention the responsibility! I just finished laying the new floors too! I don't want any scratches on them! Plus the-"

"We get it, King. You're not mature enough for a puppy. After all, you barely managed to take care of that da-"


"Darn rabbit in a can while the Midget was out fighting baddies. You just suck in general."

"Thanks Shiro. You really are the best mentally unstable Zanpakuto spirit a guy could ask for. I'm still not buying you a puppy."