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Speech Key:

"Speaking Normal"

'Thinking Normal'

"Ossan Speaking"

"Frustrated Ossan"

"Shiro Speaking"







"Shiro…*sigh* no… why would you even..."


"Shiro… why? Just why?"




"Uuuuuuuuuuuh… Whoops?"

"You BROKE it! How am I supposed to deal with your insatiable thirst to cause unbridled chaos through sheer idiocy now!? Especially when you wake me up at the butt crack of dawn with one of your brilliant plans to take over the world with nothing but super glue, silly string, gun powder and a tub of bleach?"

"Hey! That would have worked if you hadn't gone off at Zabimaru when they insulted your new shades!"

"Why did we even need disguises?! That wig was itchy and you can not walk in stilettos! The only reason I didn't kill you then was because I had my coffee. Which I CAN'T have NOW because you BROKE MY COFFEE POT!"

"That thing was ancient anyway! We can find a Walmart or something and get you a Keurig to catch you up with the rest of society!"

"I am quite content living away from society full of hoodlums and Zoomers. Besides, if I have to become a hipster in order drink my coffee, then was the world really worth saving?"

"Ok Drama Queen, chill out. You don't need to hate on the millennials because you need a special pot to brew your coffee."

"It's not special. It's normal. And I wouldn't need to go to Walmart and buy a new fancy coffee machine if you hadn't broken my perfectly good one!"

"Hey! It's fine!"

"You can't just say its fine and expect everything to be fine! That's not how it works!"

"Sure it is! I didn't pay taxes in 2016, that's okay!"

"What…*sigh* Shiro… *another sigh* I can't even…"

'Shiro, you don't pay taxes. I didn't even pay taxes in 2016 because I was a minor.'

"It's referenced, my dude."

"Hello, Ichigo."

'My dude? Since when have you talked like that? Hey Ossan.'

"My third eye was opened and I have become aware, you uncultured swine."

'Who are you and where is my zanpakuto?'


"Where is Shiro?"

"I'm right here! Sheesh old man, get with the times! The times have evolved, and we need to keep up with the kids to stay relevant!"

'No… It cant be.'

"What have you figured out Ichigo?"

'Shiro… Have you been watching YouTube with Keigo again?'

"No. Please tell me it isn't true. Last time you watched it with him you were trying to do trick shots while screaming "DUDE" and attempting to bake geeky treats. We can't go through this again. I can't eat one more pile of ash disguised as a rainbow cookie."

"That was one time… and it's not a baking channel! Video games are harmless! Especially now that we found an arcade. You can't even hear me rage from there!"

'Wait, you found an arcade?'

"Oh yah! You were on a date at that dingy arcade when we found our awesome one!"



'What, Ossan!? It wasn't a date! We were just hanging out as friends!'

"Just like the friendly romantic picnic you had?"

'It wasn't romantic!'

"So it was unintentionally romantic? Wow king you are a natural sap."

*Aggressive Sigh*

'I am not a sap! The candles were just for lighting!'

"Lighting? You needed light in the middle of the day?"

'We were under the gazebo!'

"Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait! You were-"

"ENOUGH! Would you two imbeciles SHUT UP!? FIRST, you make a ruckus swinging your blade around trying to see if you could cut a pizza in the most idiotic way possible while flinging sauce and sausage everywhere. THEN you MISS and DESTROY MY BLESSED COFFEE POT and assume that everything is fine when everything is definitely not fine! NOW you are arguing with Ichigo about something as trivial as his crush on-"

'I don't have a crush!'

"And that's another thing! Your blatant denial of something so obvious! Everything is falling apart at the seams! You being an imbecile, him being an idiot, and I DON'T HAVE COFFEE!"

"Dude, chill."


*sigh* 'Ok ok. We will get you a new coffee pot. Whichever one you want, its yours. In fact, the Keurigs are pretty cool.'



"Don't ask."