Hello everyone!

This is my first time writing a story about Boys over Flowers (or any Kdrama for that matter). This is a SoEul fic with a side of Jan Di and Ji Hoo. I think they should've ended up together and not Jan Di and Jun Pyo. I don't know why but I think they're a better match because Jan Di let Ji Hoo open up more to the world and more importantly she gave him a family. I really hoped she would've given him love as well.

On the other hand Jan Di and Jun Pyo were (in my eyes) too alike to make their relationship work. They would've been amazing friends if you ask me because Jan Di could keep him grounded and all but to me I don't think they would've been a good couple.

In this story some events will be sped up and others would be delayed. Everything will be kept in chronological order and everything will happen but just not in the timing it was in, in the drama.

English is not my native language so I will make mistakes. For this I apologize.

Also, a friend pointed this out to me when he read this story. I introduce a friend of Ga Eul by the name Kwon Shi Hyun, who is a painter. Apparently this is also a character in Tempted with Red Velvet's Joy. I've never seen this show before so it is not the same person. I'd had this person in mind but couldn't think of a name so I used a generator and this was a name that I really liked and didn't want to step away from it because it seemed perfect. That should be all the resemblance there is between the two. I'm sorry if this is confusing for some of you.

Lastly I don't have a set updating schedule. I upload whenever I have the next 5 chapters ready. At this moment I already have 6 chapters ready to post so the second upload will be somewhere next week. I'll try to update every week but sadly my life sometimes gets in the way and I'm not able to upload but I'll try my best.

I hope you enjoy!

Ga Eul had been through a lot in her life, the life of a commoner never really boring. She'd had multiple bad dates, terrible boyfriends but never quite as bad as Soo Pyo. Hearing him say all that to his lady friend had really hurt her and something she had always done when she was upset was feeling the need to be alone. So she sent her best friend on her way to apologize to her boyfriend. Maybe even thank him for it.

And so Ga Eul had been wandering the streets of Seoul alone, feeling her phone vibrate in her pocket every now and then but she was too drained to actually pick up and listen to whoever was calling. Normally she would be looking at it from the first time it rang but she just couldn't make herself look at it now.

After the tenth time it had rung, she was too tired of ignoring it and actually picked up without looking at the caller ID. "Hello?"

"Although my parents are Korean, Ga Eul, I don't speak Korean fluently. You know that which leads me to believe that you did not check your caller ID before picking up. On top of that I can hear in your voice that you're crying or at least fighting the tears." He sighed. "Talk to me."

"Kwon Shi Hyun." She sighed, actually feeling better already. "Why do I always pick out the wrong men?"

"What?" All of the sudden her friend sounded a lot more alert than he had been when she picked up. "What happened? Did someone hurt you?"

"No, not like that at least." Ga Eul assured him. "I thought I met a nice guy but he was just using me because I was a high schooler. Because he was bored. He had a hundred other girls. I'm just one of the few."

"Playboy." He sighed. "Why do you always pick them out?"

"You tell me." She sat down on a front step with a loud sigh, not even bothering to keep the tears in now. "I really thought it would get better after coming back to Korea. Obviously it didn't."

"You'll find your soulmate, Ga Eul. Just don't forget to have fun in your search for the one." He suggested. "Anyway, I didn't call without reason although I love just catching up with you. I called to tell you I'm coming to Korea next week. I'll be there for business so I'll need a translator... please?"

"You want me to be your translator?" She asked.

"Yes." He said without hesitation. "I have to go but I'll text you the details later."

"Bye." She said and hung up.

Kwon Shi Hyun and Ga Eul had a long history together. As the painter had said earlier, he was of Korean descent but didn't quite talk the language. These days he was a very busy person and a very known painter but some time ago he had just been an English tutor in Korea. An advantage of having him as an English tutor was that he only spoke English so she had to learn. Now Ga Eul could say she spoke English on a near native basis.

After he left Korea and went back to Chicago, he'd flown out Ga Eul the summer before she met F4. Although they'd started out as tutor and pupil, they'd quickly transitioned into friends. Ga Eul was one of the first ones to encourage Shi Hyun to really pursue his art and go back home. In Chicago, she'd found out that Shi Hyun was the heir to a lot of museums all over America and Europe along with some other small art institutions all over the world.

All this had changed absolutely nothing about their friendship and they often called each other to catch up. Whereas she was the first to encourage him to pick up his art, he was the first one to reach out to her and console her whenever life got too much.

Now he could do nothing though and she really hoped she could lay her head on his shoulder and cry her eyes out all the while laying in his warm embrace. He'd always been the brother she never had and always had a soothing touch. She really wished someone could step up to her and console her but on the other hand she also wanted to be alone. She really couldn't bear to have Jan Di breathing down her neck. For once she wanted to do this without her friend.

"Ga Eul-yang?" A voice interrupter her train of thoughts.

She looked up and saw the Casanova of the F4 standing in front of her. "Sunbae."

"Aren't you a bit too old to be crying in the street?"

She chuckled humourlessly. "I guess I am."

"You okay, why are you crying?"

"I'm... not okay. I will be... hopefully." The younger woman said and stood up. "What about you, sunbae? You seem a bit stressed."

"I'll be fine, don't worry about it." He quickly waved away her comment. "You want to come with me? I got something to show you."

She smiled. "You know what... I think I will."

Maybe getting a little bit of help isn't that bad, right?