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Yi Jeong was waiting impatiently in his seat until he could finally get off the plane. He'd been sitting as still as possible since the pilote anounced that they'd started their decent to the ground but that had been several minutes ago and he was not known to be a patient man.

Finally, after way longer than he'd wanted, he'd come back and was ready to stay. As soon as he was given the green light to get off the plane, he unbuckled as quickly as possible, took his carry on and got off as fast as he could without running. If it weren't for the press waiting on him in the airport hallway, he would've run to get to his girls as quickly as possible but he didn't want to draw any unnecessary attention to himself.

People (read: media) had been very surprised when the news broke a little over three months before Yi Jeong's return to Korea. Some shareholder of Kwon Industries had gone to the media to feed them some lies about Ga Eul. Apparently she was not fit as CEO because she was not the right type of woman, who could not provide the company with a steady future or an heir if you know what I mean. After that lie, the media started digging in her past and found that Ga Eul had never been pictured with man nor had she ever had a relationship, at least publically.

Following this, they released an article wondering why Kwon Industries' CEO had not yet secured her place by marrying or at least having a relationship with another wealthy businessman.

It had always been Ga Eul who had been putting off exposing their relationship to the world. She had been scared that with Yi Jeong in therapy in Sweden, they'd harass him there and disturb him. After the article he'd put his foot down and told her that they would be releasing a statement. Behind his parents' and grandfather's back, he'd released an independent statement that Ga Eul and himself had been in a relationship for nearly five years and were going strong despite them living in different continents.

Nothing however could have prepared the world for the next statement that had been released while he was on a plane back to Korea.

In the hallway, he saw two very familiar faces. One with a smile and the other with a frown, not looking too happy.

Yeah, that statement probably did that.

With a huge smile on his own face, he walked to the duo quickly and caught the running girl in his arms. Ina, now a bit older and taller, jumped in his arms and hugged him tight. Despite being taller than when he left, he still picked her up and walked over to her mother who was waiting for him with her arms crossed.

Mindfull of the media and their photographers, he greeted his girl: "Ga Eul yang, it's been too long."

"I don't know anything about what I read this morning."

"Aah, you read the statement."

"You know the funny thing, Yi Jeong? I was so surprised to read it, saying you had told everyone but I was even more surprised that my company confirmed it." She raised her chin defiantly, "So, how'd you do it? How'd you get my people to confirm a lie."

"It's not a lie." He explained as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Yes it is." She said, looking down at her left hand, "I don't have an- Oh my God."

Down on one knee, in front of all the camera's which were now flashing like crazy, he asked her: "Ga Eul yang, will you please marry me and make me the happiest man alive?"

"Looks like you'll make an honest woman out of me yet."