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Author's Notes: In Season 2 Episode —- "Water, Water, Everywhere" Hannibal instructs BA to weaponize a decrepit tanker truck. When BA protests Hannibal references their "fight in the barracks at Cam Rahn Bay"

This is my speculation about what happened there.

Summary: Even doing a good deed can draw trouble to the team.

Chaos in Cam Rahn: by LAGC

Chapter 1: The Fusillade

"Remember, Lieutenant, no shenanigans while we are guests here at Cam Ranh base." warned Hannibal in full command tone.

"Sir, yes, sir." replied Face, "I've no intention of missing out on seeing the USO show, Colonel."

Marginally reassured Hannibal left their hut to report to the command office. Once Hannibal exited Face relaxed and investigated what BA was up to on the small table in the corner. He was unceremoniously rebuffed by his Sergeant, who simply wanted to write home to his Mama in peace and privacy,

"Why don't you go check on Murdock. Make sure that Fool ain't doing nothing to cheat us out of seeing Bob Hope and the rest of the USO Show. I wanna have something nice to write in my letter."

"That's a good idea, BA." agreed Face as he set off.

Alone at the table, BA had to admit to himself that setting a bored Faceman out to fetch an unsupervised Murdock might not be the sanest ploy, but he trusted Face not to carelessly risk their chance to see Bob Hope and (even more inspirational) Raquel Welch. In fact BA fully anticipated that Faceman would wrangle them front row seats.

It didn't take Face long to find Murdock. When the Pilot wasn't at the helicopters Face knew where to look, so he set off for the construction zone on the eastern side of the base. A new neighborhood of hooches was being built. The Office of the Adjunct General had employed a crew of local Vietnamese to build the shelters. Murdock, being able to converse in their language, had befriended some of the men and women.

When Face located Murdock, the Captain was busy showing several Vietnamese children how to operate a yo-yo. Face took a minute to appreciate the purity of this interaction and the peaceful expression on Murdock. As of late, it wasn't common to see Murdock's eyes free of darkness and torment.

Face noticed an older Vietnamese woman struggling to carry two large buckets of sand over to the building site. He went up and relived her of the burden. Face finished carrying the buckets over to the men constructing the walls. He passed them over and the men poured the sand between the wooden frameworks, in an effort to blast proof the interiors.

Next thing Face knew, two more buckets were passed over to him, without having to look he knew they came from Murdock's hands. The men remained there, an integral part of a "sand brigade" thus facilitating construction. Both were enjoying building something versus the destruction of their usual military missions. This is where Hannibal found them an hour later.

Hannibal liked what he saw as he approached: his two officers relaxing, creating, and forging human connections. Surrounded by the hells of war it's all to easy for soldiers to lose grasp of their own humanity and awareness of the innocent. Hannibal was comforted to see that his men had not fallen prey to that disenchantment. It reminded him that he had, in fact, built a perfect unit out of men that the Brass saw as irredeemable outcasts.

Face and Murdock snapped to attention as soon as they spotted their CO. They excused themselves from the sand line and approached Hannibal.

"We have our new orders. Let's go back to our hooch." Hannibal said and all three set off.

Once inside their quarters Face and Murdock sat on the cot nearest the desk. BA put down his pen, pivoted on his desk chair. All three GIs turned expectant eyes to Hannibal.

"In three days time, we are shipping out to Colonel Morrison's company. He's embedded in jungle territory and in need of the skills and services of an Alpha Team.

"Do we have any specified mission as of yet, Hannibal?" inquired Face.

"No. Not at this time, just that we are going to be Morrison's alpha team. I suspect we will receive his orders upon reporting to him."

"Well at least we will still be here for the USO show." piped up Murdock. His Team nodded appreciatively.

"Yeah all the more reason for you Fools to be on your best behaviors." warned BA

"US?! Big Guy, what about you too." challenged Murdock.

"Me!? I don't start no trouble." growled BA

"Maybe not, but Lord knows you sure know how to finish it." teased Face. BA snarled in response but then smothered a guilty giggle.

Hannibal just rolled his eyes and declared it was time to go to the mess hall for dinner.

BA and Hannibal filled their trays quickly then claimed a table in a quiet section of the mess. Face and Murdock were delayed as they waited for a fresh pan of mash potatoes to be set up. Hannibal watched as two officers from a unit under a guy named Colonel Roderick Decker approached his men. Their cocky swagger put Hannibal on high alert. A quick side glance at BA showed his Sergeant was having a similar reaction.

"Hey lookie here, Colburn, it's Peck 'n' Murdock."

"Yeah our resident bucket brigade buddies." Colburn chanted.

"Maybe you two would be more comfortable getting your meal in a sand pail instead of these shiny trays?" Morton taunted.

"The trays will do us just fine, Morton." Face calmly replied barely looking at the over-aged bullies.

Having received their portions he and Murdock began to walk toward Hannibal and BA. But Colburn and Morton weren't done yet and physically blocked Faceman from moving.

"Would you kindly step out of my way, gentlemen?" Face asked in a restrained tone and with an empty smile.

"Maybe we don't want to, so I don't think we will." answered Colburn.

"Is there any particular reason you sad samples of this here army are darkening our skies tonight?" asked Murdock. His bored tone camouflaging his rising ire.

"Yeah. We didn't like watching you with that Mama San." Colburn hissed, so close that his fetid breath shifted Murdock's hair.

"Aw maybe they were hoping she'd adopt them or let them turn her daughter into a boom boom girl. That sounds right doesn't it, Colburn?" snarled Morton.

"Come on Murdock. I see enough vermin out on missions. I don't need to look at it in our mess hall." declared Face.

The two moved to dodge their antagonizers but Colburn and Morton began to reach for the trays. Their hands froze midair when Hannibal ordered a full attention. He and BA had come up behind Decker's men, being so intent on baiting Face and Murdock they hadn't noticed.

BA positioned himself behind Face and Murdock, delivering a murderous glare at the creeps. Hannibal inquired if there was any problem of which he needed to be made aware. The four men denied the existence of any. The Colonel then sent his men to their table and commanded Colburn and Morton to line up for food or to get the hell out of the mess hall. With seething glances at Face and Murdock, the jerks opted to leave the hall.

Once the Team was isolated at their table Hannibal asked what was going on.

"Not really sure, Hannibal. We've never really bothered with either of those two." Face said.

"Seems they have a problem with us helping to build the new huts." supplied Murdock.

"Well, try to steer clear of them, if you can. It'd be nice to not incur any incidents in the 72 hours we have left here." instructed Hannibal.

—additional notes

Bob Hope, a world famous actor, was quite active in the USO (United Service Organizations). He performed at many many camp shows over many years. Raquel Welch joined him in some of these morale lifting performances.