Chapter 1: Through the Force all things are possible

Underlined = Memories

Bold = Goa'uld/Tok'ra Symbiote and Beings in an ascended state

Italic = thoughts, telepathic speak, dreams

The first thing he noticed was an aching pain from his chest as his eyes snapped open, finding himself staring at a grey fog-covered sky wondering how such a thing could exist in what he could only call the end. Though any curiosity he felt was cut short as the pain in his chest grew, his eyes squinting in pain as he pushed himself onto his hands and knees fingers digging into hard soil. Then with a startling realization, he realized why he could even feel the pain, why the dirt clenched in his fist felt so rough and coarse, why he could see a grey sky and then he took a breath….he was alive.

As he lay back down on the ground breathing in and out slowly letting his body get used to breathing once again he stared at the sky questions flying through his mind at hyperspeed. His hands moving up and down his body checking for anything and finding two lightsabers clipped to his belt and finding himself clothed in the armor his dark side had worn before they had rejoined as one.

"This shouldn't be possible. I died, truly died this time I was one with the force," he thought, panic starting to run through him as he realized he could no longer feel the connection to the force that had always been present in his life even when he had lost all memories of himself. Standing up now with a goal in mind he looked around his surroundings finding himself surrounded by trees over which he could see what looked like primitive dwellings a few miles away.

"I guess this will have to do," Revan whispered finding the sound of his voice a bit odd but pushing it to the back of his mind as he sat cross-legged on the ground closing his eyes and trying to reach out to the force allowing the words his master once said to during his training as a padawan to steady his beating heart his breathing becoming slower and slower as he focused on his master's words.

"The Jedi code has been the center stone of our order since its conception. It has survived the 100 Year Darkness, the Great Schism, and will survive beyond even us, but it has not always been what it is over time it has changed and not for the better. The code that you know now is not but a censored version of what I think is the true path of the Jedi now repeat after me," her voice filled with such conviction his voice joined hers.

"Emotion, yet peace.

Ignorance, yet knowledge.

Passion, yet serenity.

Chaos, yet harmony.

Death, yet the force." Revan repeated eyes closed and breathing growing still as he reached out. Feeling every as each breath passed his lips, hearing the sounds of nature, hearing the code pour from his lips. Then like a hibernating bantha after a long winter, he could feel the force slowly sink into him like a Kolto bath then all he knew was white.

"Who dares to trespass upon the realm of their gods?"

Revan's eyes shot open, finding himself now surrounded by a group that looked like humans yet, they felt nearly as twisted and dark in the force as Vitiate was. Then without warning as one they reached out and all Revan knew was excruciating pain as memories long-buried rushed to the forefront of his mind, but for Revan pain was an old friend and in his darkest times as well as now it was a source of power the force coming to his aid without conscious thought. The attack was redirected back at them empowered by Revan's pain both mental and physical, blood running down his eyes and nose as knowledge and power were ripped from their minds and energy-based bodies being absorbed into Revan's as it started to glow itself then all he knew was darkness.

"You know I didn't think I'd be seeing you again Rev," Revan's eyes snapped open looking in the direction of the voice to find himself staring at the one person he never thought he'd see again. Rushing forward and wrapping his arms around her feeling her body pressed against his for the first time in centuries.

"You never change do you?" She said with a heartwarming sigh as he pulled back looking her in the eyes.

"Bastila how? Wha.." Revan began to ask before she put her fingers to his lips shushing him.

"I don't have long so just listen," she said quickly with a smirk as she pulled her hand back. "And we should have enough time for a few questions." Revan kept a hand in hers as he pulled back nodding slowly.

"Where we are now is a representation of the World between worlds it's sort of a nexus in the force where you can go to anytime or place in the galaxy through, however usually only the living force is able to allow someone here as it doesn't only allow you to travel through time and space, but also to parallel realities," she explained

"Where you are now is a shatter point reality much like our own with its own living force and quite a few differences. Transporting you here tore a hole between the two realities, however, it will only stay open for a few more minutes then the tear will heal itself and the worlds will be completely cut off. What happened is that the living force from our reality saw through the

the world between worlds that this reality's living force would be damaged due to these Ori's actions which in turn would damage the whole of this reality ending many lives and worlds and in order to stop it we came to a decision that we had to save this world using the only one who"

"So I'm supposed to stop this reality from being damaged?" Revan asked, looking at Bastila.

"You already did," she said a smile on her face "the beings that attacked you were the Ori a race of individuals who learned to become one with the force or as they called it ascended either through natural means, worship, or sacrificing hundreds to increases their ability to do so much like Vitiate or Darth Nihilus and what they've done with this power is horrifying spreading fear and hate using their religion called Origin."

"Then why am I here? Shouldn't I have become one with the force again?" Revan asked his voice filled with worry.

"Bringing you here ...wasn't easy and bringing you back would be all but impossible," she said softly, eyes looking down refusing to meet his gaze.

"What do you mean?"

"Tearing a hole between realities is dangerous even when conditions are perfect; it requires the complete willingness of every Jedi to have joined with the force as well as the consent of the force concepts; the Father, the Sister, and the Son. Time has no meaning in the world between worlds so we all convened there and came to a consensus that this reality would be saved. But it is a one-time thing the Son refused to allow any completely devoted to the light to go clinging to the fact that he believes himself to be all-powerful that left only you as an option, as one who has both accepted both the light and dark a true master of balance"

" But that's insane! I didn't master either! I almost completely destroyed the galaxy by releasing Vitiate to do nothing more than to satisfy my revenge!...I...I failed to do anything in the end but bring pain and harm to the galaxy ..." Revan's voice dropping to barely a whisper

"I know…" she smiled sadly as she reached forward and placed her hand on his cheek pressing her forehead against his "but, you did something that had never happened before you brought the Sith and Jedi together to take you down, you showed them that some enemies required more than either light or dark side could give them you paved the way to Vitiate's defeat you gave them the possibility of success Revan never forget that"

"You saved the galaxy Revan even if it wasn't through your own hands you brought peace for at least a little while letting the Republic rebuild for those three-hundred years of torture letting our children grow up and live their lives without the threat of an all-out war." her voice dropped to a lower tone as she kissed his forehead " You are more than a Jedi or Sith Revan you are my husband and father of our children. I am happy to have the short time we had together"

"So I won't be seeing you again after this?" Revan asked

"No," she said softly a sad smile on her face Revan looked at her with sadness "the force is powerful but that was only after eons of force users living dying and joining with it becoming a part of it while this reality doesn't have such a thing with this Ori and their other little group of ascended using the force mot becoming one with it. It doesn't have the power to send you back it's too young, not strong with many generations of followers and believers"

"But what will I do then? If I've taken care of these Ori that was such a huge threat to this reality what do I do now?" Revan replied but Bastila just smirked again and poked his nose.

"Isn't it obvious," Bastila asked a gleam in her eyes as she stepped back the world around him changed and he saw many different things; a group of people fighting against a being with gold glowing eyes, a race of people living in the trees living in balance, a race once strong and tall through time turning into small grey beings shadows of their former selves, a blond woman raising a hand with a golden device sending a man through a wall, a city underwater under attack from a battalion of ships, a people at their end leaving behind a legacy a new city that would never truly be realized except, it was now waiting…..waiting for him.

Then the world began to shake and Revan found himself on his knees as Bastila kneeled hand on his shoulder keeping him steady. As he found his eyes were drawn to her as he saw the look he'd seen many times on his old master's face, a look of excited resignation.

"See there is so much for you; to do, to see, to live, to experience Revan this your second chance a chance to finally be free from the responsibilities on you by both the Jedi and Sith you are truly free Rev." she pulled him up as he found himself face to face with her, Bastila the one thing that had kept him going during his hundreds of years of imprisonment.

"But I-" he started to say but was cut off by Bastila's fingers against his lips

"Revan I will always love you and I will always be with you matter the distance or even the reality..but, don't be afraid to live this new life given to you. You have spent so long stacking so many responsibilities onto yourself...just live Revan," her hands cupped his cheek a smiling at him "just spare me a thought now and again? And remember the Force will be with you...always." He felt her lips pressed against his before he heard a very light whisper in his head. "Giving you some hints of where to go shouldn't be too much of a spoiler" then eight images appeared in the forefront of his mind along with the word 'terra' then darkness engulfed him and he knew nothing more.

The smell of the forest he had been meditating in greeted him as he regained consciousness, the sky now black illuminated by the light of two moons. Then without warning, he feels the force nudging on his mind tugging on him to move, to go so he slowly stands up finding his body not tired just sore as he starts to walk where the force-directed him letting himself be guided as he closed his eyes trusting the force to keep him safe as he cut himself off from the world reaching deep inside himself trying to find any changes below the surface of his psyche.

It took a few minutes but with the force almost seeming eager to help him he found his mind filled with millions of different memories and thoughts one such being a wormhole generator capable of transporting unshielded people to other such generators to different planets using familiar symbols to those that Bastila had shown him as coordinates in space.

Snapping his eyes open Revan gasped as the knowledge of these devices was laid bare in his mind both the enter and outer workings of their systems as well as how they've had been used then like a valve being that Revan now realized was his mind assimilating the millions of years of knowledge that while had been essentially downloaded into his mind was now being put in their respective areas as he fell to his knees and the force coiled around him in what could be interpreted as a mother hugging a child as his mind settled with the combined knowledge of the Ori.

It could have been minutes or hours but, Revan found himself back on his feet attributing it to the fact he was now using a hundred percent of his mental capabilities, following the force as he tried to make sense of the new information he had recognizing now that Basilta had given a destination that had to be outside of the usual network of Astria Portals probably from the scientific group that had split off from the Ori over their disgust and fear of what the Ori had been doing. Finding his trek through the woods relaxing Revan thought about just how crazy his life had become since stepping foot off of Dantooine letting out a low chuckle.

"If only Meetra could see me now," he said with a sad smile thinking of his one-time protege who had loved to travel the galaxy before the war. He found himself stopping to stare at the Astria Portal of this planet as it came into view, the force giving off what felt like a hint of joy for a feeling he'd never known the force to give.

"Probably because it's never had someone who uses it as I do?" Revan through before turning his attention to the Portal finding it covered in moss taking a few minutes to find the dialing device buried under even more moss and some vines using the force to slowly pull it off the device without harming it.

"Hopefully it still works," he whispered tapping the symbols that Bastila had shown him sighing in relief as the symbol on both the dialing device and gate lit up smiling now he starts to enter the rest of the coordinates that Bastila had left him, however, the grin fell off his face as the gate would not accept the eighth coordinate. Closing his eyes allowing the force to take over his senses he put his hand back on the dialing device using the force to follow the connections inside the machine feeling the energy from the crystals that made up the device trying to dial but being unable to do to the increased power requirements of dialing a different galaxy. But he couldn't let that stop him he wouldn't.

" I won't fail here!" Revan thought, reaching for his anger this time, the frustration that he was in a new galaxy blind to what would be coming his way. The pain knowing he would never see her again the resentment he felt at Vitiate for taking away his life for all the pain he caused. Putting his hand where he knew the power cell of the device was turning his negative emotions into one of the many force powers at his disposal, sith lightning one of his deadliest weapons during his fall. He knew that doing this would probably make travel through from this gate impossible as the dialing device wasn't made to withstand such a massive jolt in power but he knew that he had to see this through as he moved his free had to the final coordinate pushing it in as he felt his lightning being drawn into the device and through the gate, but he held strong till the final symbol locked pushing the crystal to set his destination watching it dial and the wormhole form. He cut off the lightning jumping back as the force warned him of danger, thanking it for the warning as the dialing device short-circuited, blowing the red crystal used to set a destination blown open revealing the inner workings.

Looking to the still stable for now wormhole and knowing this was his only chance Revan used the force channeling it into his legs leaping forward from his position close to the device and through the wormhole feeling the force rejoice as he found himself going through a wormhole then righting himself as he shot out of it landing with knees bent and lightsabers were drawn taking in his surroundings finding himself in darkness. Revan closed his eyes using the force to try and sense anyone nearby however he felt no signs of life in the force.

Moving to take a step forward Revan's eyes were beginning to adjust to the room's darkness as the lights began to turn on. The first was what seemed to be some kind of display console then the room's overhead lights revealing what looked like some kind of control room. Revan saw nothing that indicated anyone had been here in a long time finding everything covered in a thick layer of dust. The counsels looked to have some kind of sheets over them to stop dust from getting into them.

"Hello?" Revan asked cautiously moving to one of the sheets pulling it off and finding a display that showed the status of the gate which he had come through as well as under the display finding what seems to be symbols to dial on the gate pushing one to find it light up and that the gate locked it in showing that the gate didn't move the gate to dial but use digital lights to show what symbol was dialed. Moving his hand away from the button the symbol as well as the gate lost its light as it disengaged.

"So they've upgraded since the Ori," he stated casually moving to another display finding that while it was in the Alteran's language he could read it just as well as any of the other languages of the galaxy with some effort as the dialect had changed a small amount chucking it up to being part of the information download he received when the Ori attacked him. He found that what he was looking at to be a repository of any and all portal addresses recorded by the Alterans who had changed their names to Lanteans after their relocation to the Pegasus galaxy along with locations and descriptions of the planets they were on. Moving to another of the covered displays Revan pulled the sheet off finding it to be a communication terminal that had a map of what seems to the city he was in finding that one section on the map to be blinking indicating there was a communication coming from there reaching for what seemed to the comms system of the place Revan pushed it on.

"Um...hello?" Revan asked watching as the blinking on the monitor turned off and he heard the comms connect.

"Come." said a synthetic-sounding voice before the comms went dead and the displays shut off and the stargate was covered in what seemed to be a force field. Revan sighed knowing that while he could try and work around whatever the voice had done he didn't know enough of what the Lanteans were capable of to risk it.

Using his Jedi teachings Revan closed his eyes centering himself in the force letting his worry and doubt be released into the force taking a deep breath before taking another look at the map to make sure he knew the directions then taking off finding that all he had to do was follow the lights as it seemed the voice had set a path for him to follow. Letting the force flow through his mind and centering himself Revan walked through the halls of what he guessed from his look at the map to be a city as the walk took at least thirty minutes no windows or anything resembling plant life before he found himself in what looked to be an empty room finding the only thing there to be a chair approaching it he found it to have some kind of gel matting on it feeling the force becoming him to he touched it the room was bathed in the light before it cut off and Revan was no longer alone.

"Malak?" Revan asked eyes wide in shock as his former apprentice and a best friend stood before him once more. Reaching out with the force though showed it not to be him as he felt nothing unlike when he had sensed Meetra or Bastila.

"Sorry but we required a form to communicate without a comms system or direct interface with the control chair," the Malak look-alike said before melting into what seemed to be a puddle on moving metal then taking the shape of Mission Vao. "if these forms are unsatisfactory then we can choose another"

"How did yo-" Revan started to ask.

"When you touched the control chair our systems did a complete scan of your body both physically and mentally trying to analyze what we thought to be a threat to city-battleship Hades I am city-battleship A.I. Ereshkigal," replied fake Mission moving a hand, and two chairs formed from the floor behind her and Revan as she took a seat indicating that he should as well.

"Why would I b-" he started to ask.

"You should have noticed from your brief access to our systems that we have a complete repository of all portals known in both this galaxy and the others which we tried to make our homes. You used a portal on what is the current home of the Ori we could not be sure if you were merely one of their slaves sent to destroy or take this ship or worse one of them having taken the human form to wipe us out as they tried to millennia ago," stated Ereshkigal her voice cool and crisp with no emotion."Had you been a slave we would simply have sent you back through the gate to another habitable planet hoping that the Ori would believe you would be dead, or if you had been an Ori we would have triggered the wormhole-drive along with the star-drive with shields off ripping the ship apart at a subatomic level across trillions upon trillions of light-years."

"What would make you take such drastic steps?" Revan asked after funding his voice again glad he hadn't been ripped apart at a subatomic level. Then noticed a sharpening of her eyes into what was almost a glare.

"The Ori must not be allowed to harm the Lantean's legacy is to be protected at all cost" stated Ereshkigal

"But if the ship was the Lantern's leg-" he asked being cut off again by Mission

"No, their legacy is the people of Terra," stated Ereshkigal, staring Revan down almost as if daring him to question her.

"Then there are no more Lanteans left?"

"According to my systems, last communication with the outpost on Terra the last remaining Lanteans had abandoned city-ship Atlantis and the Pegasus Galaxy due to the threat of the Wraith and had decided to join with the human population of Terra." Ereshkigal stated "Any Lanteans that remained either have died or ascended by my calculations and information gathered on the Lantean people,"

"Why wouldn't they come back if they had ascended from what I understand from the Ori they could still interact with the physical plane and you said it was possible to take human form," Revan asked

"Due to the actions of the Ori the Lantern's have established rules that state any being who ascended is not able to interact or change event on the physical plane, they are only able to help others to ascend that is it and even then any ascended being is held to their laws,"

"So they just abandoned their legacy because they ascended and feared they'd become the Ori?" Revan asked with disbelief.

"They left behind repositories of knowledge that contained the entire knowledge base of the Lanteans that they believed one day humans would be able to use to continue their work and maybe one day join them," Ereshkigal stated as Revan raised an eyebrow.

"Why are you telling me all this? I mean I understand telling me what would happen if I harmed the ship or tried to take it but, while revealing information about the Lanteans to me if you read my mind then you should know that I'm not exactly from around here," Revan asked watching the Twi'lek A.I. tilt its head like some of the feline species he's seen in his travels, a look of what could almost be described as curiosity on its face before it straightened up almost as if to hide its display of emotion.

"Is it not obvious?" asked the A.I. raising its hand making Revan tense before the wall opposite of the control chairs front lit up with a holographic screen showing two different D.N.A. strands side by side showing common characteristics "On the left is from the former High Counselor Morros and on the right is from you. You both share common characteristics the main factor being this gene right here," the image showed the shared genes between each strand causing Revan's eyes to widen," Parameters set by former High Counselor Morros reached; test confirmed subject to be a human with Lantean key, and a potential to access one-hundred percent of Lantean Repository with a .000000009% chance of failure " stated Eresh as it stood up its form shifted to what Revan could only assume was Morris's then back to Missions.

"Welcome to City-Battleship Hades High Counselor Revan I am A.I. interface Ereshkigal accessing the repository of knowledge is required to confirm status" stated the A.I. before it and the chairs it created sank back to the floor leaving Revan sitting on it with a look of shock on his face.

"Hello!" Revan yelled as he stood up moving around the room even poking the control chair but getting no response." You can't just expect me to plug my head into something that apparently has the entire existence of a super-intelligent species!" Revan yelled, turning to leave the room only for the doors on either side of the room to close locking him in. Revan just stood there staring at the now shut doors tempted to use his lightsabers to cut through it and just leave the ship. But he couldn't, he could feel the force basically yelling in his ear to sit in the chair he could feel it almost pushed him to take a step towards it.

"Come on Rev what's the worst that could happen?"

Revan turned around, eyes wide.

"Malek?" but the room was empty but for that second he could have almost felt his former friend, after all, he'd stepped into the temple on Dantooine with a second through hadn't he? But, would this turn out like that? Would he do something even worse than leading Alec to the dark side?

"Let go of all you fear to lose"

Revan spun around again but found himself still alone, no one in the room with him. Taking a deep breath Revan closed his eyes centering himself once again in the force letting it take away his fears and worries, letting it flow through him and just letting go of all his doubts.

He walked to the chair running his hand along the arm of it before sitting down feeling it slowly activate as it lowered him down the lights above it as well as on the chair lighting up as he felt it almost whisper, asking if he was ready and with the force supporting him he gave a small 'yes'.

"Yes" then the information poured in within seconds he knew all laws the Lanteans had established since their separation from the Ori as well as their creation of the Wraith one of the most dangerous and more just kept coming but with help from the force and he suspected Eresh it felt more like a puzzle coming together than the agonizing pain he felt from the Ori's mental attack and information transfer that had felt like a mass-shadow generator going off in his head.

For what felt like hours Revan held strong as the information kept coming ranging from scientific data from studies of black holes to recipes created by chefs. It seemed like all information that the High Counselor had access to was in here and then came across data concerning the Hade's creation as it had been the first City-Battleship created to battle the Ori should they discover the continuation of the Lanteans as well as their creation of what was humans. The ship was to be the first of a fleet of increasingly advanced ships with this ship serving as the capital ship as well as a home for those serving in the anti-Ori forces however with the war against the Wraith knowledge of the ship died with High Counselor Ishtar who was one of the wars first casualties six years after having ordered its creation. However with the ship being so far out and a major secret along with it being manned with a highly experimental and ethically questionable A.I. its advancement did not suffer.

The ship had a fully automated nanite crew created and programmed by scientists to break down any material and convert it into usable material for the ship the only exception being the ZPMs. They were sworn to secrecy under the possibility of death as the Ori had become nothing more than a fairytale for most Lanteans. It connected with a one-way communication system connected twenty-four seven to every major system of the Lanteans giving Eresh unlimited technological upgrades and advancements accessed through a backdoor created by the High Counselor. The in-charge A.I. and its nanite composed crew required no rest so they worked constantly upgrading systems till the ship looked completely different from its first conception. The A.I. had been given the name Ereshkigal in honor of the Lantean woman dying of a terminal illness with high potential of ascension who had allowed for an experimental bio-scan of her brain to be used as a base for the A.I. resulting in her early death. With a donor with such potential, it's the thirst for knowledge and processing power was beyond anyone's expectations leading to breakthroughs that could have possibly changed the war with the Wraith. However, with the rules laid down by Ishtar, its interference was not allowed leading to the Eresh only being able to listen as the Lanteans gave up and slowly faded into obscurity all Lantean networks lost and it ...alone for thousands of years ready for a people and a war that was never to come.

"Then you arrived." he heard Eresh say softly Mission's face peering down at his as the information transfer ended a look of pure and utter joy on her face "I was so scared that I'd have to destroy this," she gestured with her arm the screen walls falling away to reveal a view of space," my home but then you came and touched the control chair I saw what you had accomplished." then there she was again standing over him tears falling down her cheeks "and I knew what I had to do to save myself and my home...I can't leave without permission from the High Consoler so using the law put in place in case of complete loss of the High Council and any governing members of colonies scattered throughout the known galaxy, along with you sharing the gene required to run this command chair and all Lantean technology, and knowing that you are just as lost as I am-" Revan looked at the A.I. that had taken on his friend form and simply smiled softly moving his hand up patting her head making her stop and stare at him showing that even an A.I. was able to blush.

With the knowledge and ability now available to him Revan simply used the command chair he was still in to turn the ship's engines and shields on preparing for liftoff before standing up looking Eresh in the eyes with a smile on his face.

"As High Counselor Revan of the Lantean race, I sincerely thank you for everything you have done towards the conflict and now with the Ori gone I think it's time we complete the other mission given to you" his smile turned into a smirk "Our destination is Terra and our new mission is to help humanity reach their full potential as the fifth race" Eresh smiled back and nodded as the ship for the first time lifted off from the planet that had been it home for million years

The view changed as the ship left the atmosphere and the planet Eresh once called home. Raising her hand a holographic viewscreen of information popped up showing the status of all systems which Revan confirmed by sitting in the command chair letting flow into his mind.

"Destination set, wormhole-drive activating, shields raised to max strength, hull integrity one hundred percent, cloak activated, calculation complete ready to engage wormhole-drive," Ersesh said looking at the planet they were leaving behind before facing Revan a look of determination on her face.

"Engage," Revan commanded sitting back in the control chair as he could feel the drive engage then the ship jumped and for a second there was nothing but silence.

Then Revan's eyes opened wide as he found the ship halfway between Terra and its moon with what looked to be two Pyramids orbiting around it

"Eresh scan those ships and search for open comms on the ship and planet!" Revan ordered laying down on the chair to get readings instantly

Closing his eyes and allowing the chair to connect to his mind it began to pour all information Eresh was hacking from the planet and ship finding out that the planet now called Earth by the human had accessed its portal calling it a stargate killing one of the leading rulers of galactic tyranny and had established teams that would go through it meeting with many different races one such being members of one of the four great races the Nox. hearing about the Asgard, and taking on the galactic spread parasites that were the Goa'uld which were now preparing to attack Earth. However, one of their teams sg-1 had managed to get a prior warning and had after the closure of their Stargate program had covertly taken control of their gate and used it to board one of their ships that were carrying a stargate.

"Orders Counselor?" Eresh asked, looking out at the two ships a look of worry on her face.

"Any luck hacking into the ship's comms?" Revan asked using the chair to see if the plan he was coming up with was viable.

"Yes, it appears that they've captured the sg team on the second ship after a failed attempt of killing the goa'uld Apophis's son Klorel and now the ships are waiting for Klorel's recovery in one of their sarcophagus leaving us with about an hour till the attack commences and Earth will be unable to damage the ships with their limited technology though one of the ships has what appear to be explosives places at key locations on the ship that might be able to slow it down," Eresh said looking at Revan for a command.

"The chair when I first used it injected a subdermal communication stone connected to you, correct?" Revan asked while using the chair to have some of the nanites take the raw material left in storage to form a mask much like the one he wore during his fight for and against the republic bending down to pick it up and sliding it on finding it fits well then having the nanites slide into his suit updating it to his specification as well connecting it to the mask making it airtight much like the suit he wore during his reign as Darth Revan.

"Yes as is standard with High Counselors for their orders to be heard and relayed at all times," Eresh replied as the nanites left his suit and the sound of breathing could be heard from the mask.

"Then teleport the explosives from the ship and lock weapons onto their engines be prepared to fire on my mark," Revan started centering himself in the force and relaxing letting out a deep breath "I'm going to board the ship rescue sg-1 and hopefully take control of the ships," Revan said activating his lightsabers the red and blue blades illuminating his mask before he deactivated them sliding them onto his belt.

"Why would you need to capture the ships?" Eresh asked looking annoyed at the suggestion

"Well, Earth has no ships or weapons that could fight them right? We could give it over them a sort of test to see if they're any closer to becoming the fifth race,"

"And if they decided to turn those ships on other countries there? Or try to take another race's technology with force?" Eresh asked with worry in her voice, "I want to believe they're ready after all the Lanteans put their faith in them, but what if they're not ready?"

"Then we stop them but, they're out there searching the galaxy and kicking mynocks-nest and the some of the greatest lessons are learned from both failure and success," Revan said softly "we will be there if and when they need help, but we can't be scared to rub their mistakes in their face if they make a big one" looking Eresh in the eyes as she smiled and nodded.

"Ready?" Eresh asked "I will be teleporting you to what the scans to show an unused room just then I will give you further instructions once you're on board,"

"Teleport" then Revan's vision went white before he found himself in a dark room using the force to feel his way around and to silence his steps much like the sith assassins on Korriban as he made his way out of the room listening to Eresh's instruction as he traveled to the halls keeping to the shadows the force becoming much like a second skin hiding him from any Jaffa who happened to look his way the force compelling them to forget he ever was there to forget even the tiniest detail their eyes were able to catch.

The silence of the ship was suddenly broken with the sound of what sounded like slug throwers and energy weapon fire so Revan picked up his pace, letting the force silence and shadows go letting it boost his body to the best of its abilities instead as he picked up speed his lightsabers activating with a flash as he cut through the Jaffa in front of him before they could even realize they were between him and sg-1 his cleaving through them the force guiding his blades the world turning into nothing but red and blue as the force pushed him to his absolute limits redirecting all blast heading towards him as he cut his way through.

"Hold your fire!"

He heard a voice say as the world lost the red and blue tint and he found himself in a hallway filled with bodies of Jaffa the wall scorched from deflected energy blasts and close grazes with his lightsabers. Looking to where the voice had come from he could hear Eresh tell him he was within five feet of sg-1 as he got his first look at them.

The first thing he noticed was that they weren't alone as he spotted an elderly Jaffa that Eresh notified him was Teal'c's master Bra'tac and two younger Jaffa that stood behind him probably some more students like Teal'c a who was at the front of the group about as tall as a wookie's shoulders with skin of a dark complexion and like Bra'tac and his other student they all had what Eresh told him was the mark of Apophis. The next member to of sg-1 he took notice of was an older looking man with some white in his air that had an air much like Carth one he got that pole out of his ass who after a small laugh Eresh said was Colonel Jack O'Neill followed by a woman with short blond hair reminding him a little of Meetra who had a look of curiosity and weariness directed at his lightsabers who was confirmed to be Captain Samantha Carter the rear was brought up by a man who didn't have the feel of a soldier with glasses on his face who could only be the last member of sg-1 Doctor Daniel Jason.

Seeing that they were looking at him as if prepared for him to attack Revan lowered his blades slowly as they lowered their weapons however with a warning coming from the force Revan turned around the threw the red lightsaber in his left hand straight through a Jaffa who had been sneaking around the corner who stared at the lightsaber now protruding from his chest before Revan called it back to his hand the jaffa's body falling to the ground as he turned back around seeing sg-1 weapons lowered smiling as he deactivated his lightsabers sliding them onto his belt.

"Where can I get a pair of those?" O'Neill asked nudging one of the Jaffa who had the misfortune of meeting Revan's saber with his foot.

"Sadly they're not for sale" Revan quipped back as he looked at the bodies on the floor memories of a similar time when he and Alec had taken on a Mandalorian fortress on their own nearing the end of the war when they'd let their pride go to their heads and Alec had lost his jaw.

"So do you usually cut your way through a goa'uld mothership or is today your birthday and you decided to say what the hell lets take on an entire ship?" O'Neill said as he walked up to Revan acting calm and collected even as Revan could see he was putting himself between him and his men.

"Nah just came to check on the old planet and found it being attacked and figured I should be a good neighbor and clean up the trash," Revan said as he closed his eyes and letting the force take hold of his senses feeling that a squad of Jaffa was heading in their direction though it'd be about ten minutes before they reached them. Releasing his sense from the force Revan turned to look at O'Neill.

"So what are you planning exactly? From what I understand nothing your planet has could hope to scratch these ships with their shields, and you don't exactly have an army." Revan asked leaning against the wall.

"Well the plan was to off Apophis save our friend Skaara somehow get a goa'uld out of a host without killing him and blow the ships maybe get one of the ships for a road trip since traffic had been terrible, but I am open to ideas mister laser-swords," O'Neill said with false bravado as he leaned against the opposite wall holding his gun at the ready and staring down the hallway ready for a possible attack.

"Well I could teleport us and your friend minus his little snake buddy out of the ship and then disable their engines and shields letting Earth's gravity take hold and have them burn up in the atmosphere," Revan said smirking as O'Neill's eyes widened with every word "or I could just teleport us and your friend to my ship and then have my ship's A.I. vent the air from the ship till all the Jaffa are unconscious, restore the atmosphere, then have my digital friend land these things wherever you want them."

"You have a fully funct-" Carter started to say but was cut off

"Can it Carter! Option b sounds like a good plan let's go with that one," O'Neill said quickly as the sounds of marching Jaffa reached them

"Eresh option B please," Revan asked before he, sg-1 and Bra'tac, and his two students were engulfed in light finding themselves inside what appeared to be an observation room aboard the Hades watching as both ships seemed to stop and some of their doors opening one such being their hanger as a couple of death gliders flew out only to be shot down by a single drone the Jaffa and humans staring wide-eyed at the power of the drones.

After the impromptu fireworks, there was another flash and a young man was laid on the ground wearing what appeared to be some rather gaudy clothing and what Eresh silently communicated to him a goa'uld shielding device and weapon. Waving his hand the weapon was removed from the boy as he slowly started to wake up O'Neill watching with bated breath as the boy awakened looking around his eye's finding O'Neills before he jumped up and hugged him.

"O'Neill the demon is gone I am free!" he yelled with joy before turning to Daniel and wrapping him in a hug "brother Daniel it's so good to see you!"

Seeing that neither O'Neill nor Daniel was attacked and that the boy seemed to be fine, the Jaffa and Carter lowered their weapons slowly before the calm was interrupted by Eresh.

"Stargate activation detected! I repeat stargate activation detected!" sounded through the ships comms

"Dammit it had to be that slimy snake Apophis who got away," O'Neill said in frustration

"Do not worry O'Neill, Apophis's army is being defeated as we speak, without his victory here and the loss of his two motherships his time among the System Lords is growing short." Teal' said with a smirk on his face as O'Neill got what he was saying with a smile forming on his face as well.

"My sensors indicate that all Jaffa aboard the motherships are unconscious Counselor," Eresh said over the comms ``Should I beam them into the ship's briggs?'

"Yes then I want you to see if there are any boobytraps in the ship's systems, after all, I wouldn't put it past Apophis to set a trap if his ships were seized by a rival goa'uld he seems like the type," Revan said as he watched the displays of his ship showing all the life signatures moved to lower parts of the ships before turning to O'Neill

"So where do you want them?" Revan asked with a smirk on his face.

O'Neill seemed shocked that Revan would hand over two goa'uld motherships but, he quickly asked if Revan had a way to contact Earth and without any prompting Eresh established a connection with the SGC allowing O'Neill to speak to General Hammond assuring the man that he was indeed him with some quick code that had been established by the SGC and a quick call to the President Eresh was told to land both ships at area 51 where they were hurriedly building a makeshift hanger to hide the fact that two pyramids had just landed on one of the most secret military bases in the United States.

As they watched the ships breaking through Earth's atmosphere O'Neill turned to Revan and simply asked

"Why are you doing this?"

And Revan just smiled and said

"I am to you what the Nox are to the Tolan." enjoying the surprise in SG-1's eyes before he had Eresh send sg-1 and Jaffa to the SGC gate room.

"Well, I think that went well don't you?" Revan asked Eresh a smile on his face as all he heard was a sigh of frustration he let out a chuckle...and didn't question when the door smacked him lightly on the way out