In the city of New York or Brooklyn to be more precise, there were two teenagers; Mario and Luigi. On the outside they look like ordinary teenagers but in reality they had unearthly powers. Of course, the brothers always knew that they were different. One thing that was different about them though was that the older brother had fire powers while the younger had electric. Mario may be the older brother but he is shorter than his younger brother. While Mario was more athletic, Luigi was the brains of the duo but they both had incredible strength and can jump really high.

"Hey dorks!" Luigi rolled his eyes. Right now, they were at their house lounging around in the kitchen. It was their cousin Wario who called them.

"What is it? Can you just leave before you waste any more time?" Said Luigi clearly annoyed.

"Nah, I am just here to tell you that we are going on a weekend trip without you." It was true, Wario was even caring suitcases.

"So you are going without us." Mario added.

"Oh we won't be going without you. Oh wait, we are." Said a new voice. It was their aunt, who appeared to be tired from all the packing.

"You said that we could go this time!" Said Mario clearly angry.

"Now kid, mind your aunt." This time it was there uncle who seemed more interested in his phone than looking Mario in the eye. Luigi on the other hand was a bit shy about the situation. Their cousin's were horrible and they were always considered second place to them. Still Mario and Luigi did not mind being in their shadow since they had a special place were they are considered heroes.

Aside from that Mario was the oldest twin. He wore a worn out shirt along with a red and pink checkered jacket. He also wore blue jeans and brown dress shoes. He even had a trademark red had with the letter M sitting on his head. The younger brother Luigi, wore a similar outfit but it was green instead. He wore a green and black checkered jacket, wore a black shirt, blue jeans, brown dress shoes and a green hat with the letter L in the middle. You could easily tell that the clothes they wore were hand-me-downs. However, their lives were not perfect. In fact, they were perfectly miserable. In fact the only reason they could still stand living here was their other secret; Mushroom Kingdom. The moment that their family left, the boys were just glad that they were gone.

As far as the boys could remember, they never seemed to fit in. That was until about a month ago when they accidentally fell down the toilet when their cousins tried to dunk their head in said toilet. They ended up becoming heroes of the realm and are being hailed as heroes. As a way to thank them, a scientist who used to live in their world made them special keys so that they could visit the realm anytime they wanted but there was a catch: they can't tell anyone or the memories of their adventures will be erased. Speaking of the Marios, one of them was busy pacing back and forth in the kitchen. His brother was only concerned for his well being since his body was literally on fire. He had a right to because sometimes both of their powers would act up if they are highly emotional

"I can't believe they wouldn't let us come!" Said Mario who was now fuming and was pacing back and forth angrily.

"Mario, you need to calm down because you are burning the carpet." The younger brother then began to put out the fire that was Mario's footprints.

"Our parents left us out on another family outing and all you care about right now is the stupid carpet?"

"I have my priorities." Luigi said shrugging his shoulders.

"Mario, the carpet!" Luigi panicked. Mario then looked down and said sorry when he saw that the carpet was now in flames while Luigi continued to put it out. However, Luigi was still upset about the incident and he tapped his left foot impatiently as a result.

"Oops." Mario says nervously.

"Just be lucky that I was able to convince our aunt and uncle that we could take care of ourselves." Mario then stuttered once he thought about their old babysitter. That was when he began to have an idea and said, "I know, why don't we visit our friends over in the Mushroom Kingdom!" Mario even forgot why he was angry in the first place.

"Okie dokie." Luigi replied. He figured that it was probably a good idea anyway. Anger did not suit Mario. Plus it can get dangerous. The older brother then pulled out a key from his pocket. Suddenly, a door seemed to appear out of thin air. Mario then used the key to unlock the door and outside revealed a realm that looked as though it came straight out of a fairy tale. Once on the other side Mario took a deep breath and said,"Sanity."

Luigi only rolled his eyes as he followed after his brother. The door then disappeared behind them. They soon found themselves in Toad Town. In Toad Town, there were plenty of Toads, Yoshis and the occasional friendly Koopa roaming around and every once in a while, some of them would wave to the brothers.

"Oh look, there is Peach's castle, I wonder what she is up to?" Mario said thinking out loud to himself. In front of the town there was indeed was a very pink castle and inside the castle was a princess. Two in fact. One of them was Princess Peach Toadstool. She had long blond hair and wore a frilly pink dress.

"Oh, I hope Mario would come and visit today." Said Peach thinking out loud to herself. It was obvious to the entire Mushroom Kingdom that she liked Mario. Everyone knew this, except Mario himself unfortunately. She even had a dreamy expression on her face and it was clear that she was thinking about her hero. Currently, she is in her room writing in her diary.

"Heya Peach!" The sudden voice gave the princess a fright. She then turned around only to see that it was her cousin Daisy.

"Daisy what are you doing here? You nearly gave me a heart attack!" Before anyone could see, she quickly hid her diary. Now Daisy was the complete opposite of Peach. While Peach was definitely a girly girl, Daisy was a tomboy. She had brown hair and wore an orange dress complete with a flower pin in the middle.

"Are you thinking about you-know-who?"


"Relax, I was just pulling your leg. Plus everyone in the kingdom knows that you two are made for each other. It is like me with Luigi." Daisy said still giggling.

"Don't be ridiculous, Mario likes Pauline. I don't think that he was any interest in me whatsoever." Once Pauline was mentioned, it was clear that her right eye was twitching at the mention of her name.

"Well, I think that Mario likes you more. I have seen him blush around you several times before and I don't think that he is aware that princesses are allowed to marry whoever they like." Daisy shrugged not really caring.

"All right and maybe this time I will confess to Mario." She then looked at her friend and said,"Please go easy on Luigi this time. I think that he is afraid of you now." Suddenly there was a knock on the castle doors and both princesses began to greet their visitors.

"Okay who wants to bet that the brothers are being scolded by Toadsworth again." Said Daisy while both girls were ready to get the door. Peach only looked at her cousin as if she were crazy. "What? You know it's true and sometimes they can be a bit irresponsible."

"And dense. Very, very dense." Replied Peach and both girls giggled. True to Daisy's word the boys were indeed being scolded by Toadsworth. Now Toadsworth was Peach's butler and for some reason said butler thought that he should be a father figure to the boys.

"You guys were reckless for leaving the door open like that!" Both brothers then cringed knowing how the old Toad was when it came to the rules.

"I told you that it was a bad idea."

"Shut it Luigi, you know that we didn't have much of a choice. Wario was about to dunk our heads in the toilet and Waluigi was going to give you a wet wily."

"How was I supposed to know?" Luigi replies defensively.

"That's enough, you boys were still reckless for leaving the door open like that!" Said Toadsworth. "What if a villain found the entrance? Plus, if anyone ever finds out about your hero status than your memories would be erased!"

"It was only one time we left the door open! Do you really need to get on our case for that?" Mario said angrily.

"Yes Mario, I do. It is for both yours and everyone else's safety." Toadsworth sighed. "I am starting to regret letting you two stay in the real world. I am even more reluctant about letting you two stay with those hooligans. At least here in the Mushroom Kingdom, we can find a decent couple to take care of you for a while." Mario only rolled his eyes not really caring.

"Honestly, that doesn't seem like a bad idea." Luigi muttered only to get an angry glare from Mario. "You know staying here forever doesn't seem like a bad idea either."

"Luigi, we can't just up and leave. People would wonder where we are."

"No they wouldn't and we both know the the only reason why we are still living in the real world is because you still like Pauline who is already taken by the way." Luigi pointed out.

"Please don't mention his name."

"Everyday I sometimes wonder, why do you keep trying to pursue her? She horrible to everybody! Especially you!" Luigi then sighed knowing that he was being ignored. The younger brother even noticed that Mario had a dreamy look in his eye. Once the brunette saw this, he slapped his forehead knowing that his brother was too far gone in this state.

"I'm sorry were you trying to say something?" Mario asked and Luigi facepalmed as a result.

"Oh good, the princess is here." Said Luigi. Suddenly, the green teen became scared. It was Peach's cousin Daisy.

"Aww, relax Luigi. No shoulder punches today." Luigi then sighed but was still wary of the desert princess. Unfortunately Daisy went back on her word and did it anyway.

"Hey, you said no shoulder punches!" Luigi complained but Daisy ignored him and nearly shoved his hat inside his head using her bear strength.

"I wish that I could join some sort of sports team. If I joined a team like the football team than Pauline would have to like me!" Said Mario excited about the idea.

"Mario, no! You know why we can't join." Said Luigi not liking where this was going.

"Why is it that every time Paulin's name gets mentioned. You end up being a blushing mess?" Peach said now annoyed. That was when Mario began to daydream. He imagined that he was on the football field dressed in full uniform. There were people chanting his name and he was about to score the winning touchdown for his team. Next thing he knew was that the other team was trying to tackle him. The red teen then dodged and left without a scratch. A few members even scratched their heads wondering how Mario was able to jump so high. He then scored the winning touchdown and the cheers became so loud that it turned into an echo. The echo still continued when the teen was being lifted up by the rest of the team and the day dream ended.

"Mario, Mario." Said Luigi snapping his fingers in front of Mario's face in order to get his attention. "Of course Pauline, I would like to go out with you." Not too long after he said that, he was finally snapped out of his own thoughts.

"Mario, hello." Said Luigi still trying to get his brother's attention. "Mushroom Kingdom to Mario."

"Oh, sorry Luigi, were you trying to say something?" Mario apologized.

"Mario, I know that you want to impress Pauline but with our abilities it would be unfair to the other team."

"I know but please let me have this." Mario was now begging and even brought out those infamous puppy dog eyes.

"Mario, no. I am not giving in this time."


"No, this time I am putting my foot down and you know fully well that our strength could easily kill someone if we are not careful. What are you going to do, hold back?" Luigi then realized what he had just said and instantly regretted it.

"That's it! I'll just hold back! Luigi, you are the best little brother ever!"

"I should have just kept my big mouth shut." Luigi complained, knowing that this would not end well. When Monday came, tryouts for the football team started. Of course there was a long line and it turns out that Mario was all the way in the back. Luigi on the other hand, was sitting on the bench since he wanted to support his brother.

"Hey Luigi!"

"This is stupid." Luigi was now pouting not realizing that someone was trying to get his attention.

"What's stupid?" Luigi then finally turned his head to see who it was. "Hi Daisy, what are you doing here?" It was clear that Luigi was now nervous. Peach was with her and Luigi was a bit surprised to see them both dressed as cheerleaders. Once the green teen got a glimpse of who they really were. Luigi calmed down.

"Peach, Daisy. What are you two doing here?" Luigi said nervously.

"Why, we are new students and we even decided to try out for the cheer squad." Daisy answered while Luigi tried not to laugh. Of course, Daisy was offended by this.

"What? Just because I am a tomboy doesn't mean I can't like cheerleading?"

"No, it is not that. It was just unexpected." Luigi said trying to be polite but Luigi was stuttering every word. He then smiled nervously knowing that he was going to be in trouble later. Meanwhile, Mario was dealing with his own issues.

"Okay, I think that's everyone. Practice will start tomorrow."

"Um Chad, I still have not tried out yet."

"So shrimpy here is going to try out for the team?" Mario then had a hopeful expression,"Nah, I think that you are better off being the ball." Mario was a bit surprised when the quarterback said this. As a result, everyone laughed and Mario ended up being the ball.

"Maybe I should get Mario an ice pack." Said Luigi who was in the audience and both girls cringed at Mario's bad luck.

"So red, your going to try out for the team? Sorry, short fuse but we don't need any more people." Said Chad while the rest of his friends smirked.

"But, why? I know that I am short but at least give me a chance." Mario begged. Chad and the rest of the team, huddled up and Chad came up with a plan. Chad then smirked and said,"Tell you what Mario, if you want to join the team so badly than why don't you try and pass a little test for us?"

"Sure." Mario shrugged.

"As you already know, the game is going to start in about a week and for that reason, I would like you to guard our school treasure; the Brooklyn Bull." In the center of the field was a statue of a bull. "Every year those Middleton jerks try to steal our mascot and I think that giving you this job would be a perfect way to see if you can handle being on the team."

"Pff, that would be easy." Mario said cockily. The trio then smirked at this.

"Okay, if you successfully guard the school mascot than you are on the team."

"It's a deal." Said Mario and the two shook hands. Little did they know that this was all part of a scheme that Chad cooked up. Meanwhile, Daisy and Peach were trying out for the cheer squad and the one in charge of it all was Pauline who just so happen to be the head cheerleader.

"Okay ladies show me what you got!" Said Pauline in a cheery tone.

"Hello, I'm Peach!"

"And I'm Daisy!"

"Yeah, I don't care, just get on the pyramid and just so you know, the only reason I agreed to this was because two of our members broke their leg." Pauline Said obviously annoyed.

"Cool, can I see the injury when they come back?" Daisy asked hopefully.

"Eww." Said a random cheer leader.

"Whatever, just get on the pyramid before I change my mind." The girls then shrugged their shoulders and did what they were told. Peach had no trouble getting up but when Daisy tried to get on, the entire pyramid fell and everyone collapsed. As a result, Pauline rolled her eyes as if she predicted it would happen.

"I don't think that we did it right." Daisy said nervously while Peach gave her a straight face. Back in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario was telling Toadsworth all about his job for the football team. Toadsworth on the other hand was a bit concerned knowing full well that the teen had trouble controlling his strength.

"Master Mario, while I am proud that you decided to join an extracurricular activity, I am a bit concerned about what would happen if someone were to, ahm, discover your unnatural abilities."

"That's why I came to you. You said that you were a skilled fighter back in the day so I thought that you could give me some pointers. You know, so that I don't accidentally hurt anyone." Toadsworth then sighed as he finally gave in. The old Toad knew that Mario resented his powers. Still, he thought that learning to hold back didn't seem like a bad idea. Suddenly Toadsworth went to the kitchen and grabbed some plates from the kitchen.

"Um Toadsworth, you know that there is a reason why Luigi is the one who takes care of the dishes." Mario pointed out.

"If you want to learn control than we can practice with one of these dishes. See if you can gently punch one of these plates." Toadsworth instructed.

"Are you sure that the princess would be ok with this?"

"Nonsense, Master Mario. We have plenty. She wouldn't notice if only one plate was broken." Shrugging his shoulders, Mario did what he was told only for the plate to be smashed into pieces. They tried again until there were no more plates left and they were all on the floor, broken.

"Guess that I was wrong. Good day to you Master Mario, I need to replace these plates before the princesses notice that a bunch of plates are missing." Mario then swallowed his saliva, knowing that he was doomed. A week later, it was the day of the game and so far Mario has done a good job guarding the mascot. Still that doesn't mean he was not paranoid.

Suddenly, he got a call. Mario then saw that his phone was ringing and decided to put it on video chat. Luigi was in the science room for some reason. Right next to Luigi was the old man who looked liked he was doing a few experiments and was already in his lab coat. Mario recognized the old man as Professor E. Gadd since he was the one who designed their keys.

"You told the professor Luigi?"

"I tried to stop him."

"Ah, Mario. It's good to see that you are here. I have heard about the situation that you are in." Mario then looked at Luigi who was just as confused as he was.

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, I heard that there might be trouble at the game so I had your brother help me with a few inventions and he agreed to help me." Again, Mario looked at his brother.

"He never told me what they were for." Luigi said defending himself.

"I used those contraptions to booby trap the entire field! That way the enemy would be kept out until the game starts!" The professor says proudly. Mario could not believe what the professor was saying. He then saw the many traps that were on the field.

"Professor, they weren't going to hurt us, they were going to prank us. It's tradition! That was why I was worried about accidentally hurting someone in the first place. How did you even get the information?"

"Toadsworth." E. Gadd replied. The scientist then realized that the old Toad might have been exaggerating and said,"We need to get everyone off of the field!" Luckily, Mario brought a few power ups to school. Mario then took out an Ice Flower and became Ice Mario. He needed to hide hid identity while. The kickoff was about to begin and Chad was leading it. Out of nowhere, a Chomp Chop appeared and bit him in the but. He was badly injured when the Mario came to save him. There were even twamps guarding the goal posts and more members of each team were rescued. That was when Daisy and Peach saw what was going on.

Peach began evacuating the crowd while Daisy joined in the fight. She even punched a koopa who tried to attack her. The other team then began to run for their lived only to set off a few bombs. Once the fight was over, most of the team members were injured. Mario then cringed after seeing all of the trouble he caused.

"I messed up." Mario finally said.

"Hi there." Mario then turned around and saw that it was Pauline. The older brother was even turning a bright tomato red when he saw her.. "Thanks for helping out. You know, if I were single, I'd date you."

"You really think so?" Mario said still blushing.

"Of course, but I have to take my boyfriend to the hospital. I hope that I get to see you around." Pauline then blew him a kiss and the red teen waved back. It happened at the same time when Luigi and the professor came to check up on Mario.

"What?" Luigi only glared at Mario and he knew that he was going to be in trouble later.