Twin brothers Mario and Luigi really had it rough this time. Last night they had to sneak out in order to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. When their aunt and uncle found out that the left the house while they and their cousins were gone, they knew that they were going to be in trouble big time when they saw Wario guarding the door.

"Someone's in trouble." Wario laughed along with his brought who was mocking them in the background. This resulted in the Mario Brothers having to do double chores. It wasn't until late at night when they finally finished. All day they had to clean the house from top to bottom and they were exhausted due from the many chores they had to do. However, just as when the brothers were about to go to bed, they heard a car horn.

Luigi then got out of bed to see who it was. Once he recognized who it was, he saw that the teen had short blue hair and wore an I Heart New York t-shirt, along with blue jeans and brown shoes. Right next to him was a red Ferrari and a few other teenagers that Luigi didn't recognize. Right next to then was another car and in it were Daisy and Peach.

"Hey, Prince Haru! What are you doing here in the Real World?"

"Who is it?" Ask Mario still exhausted. Luigi then replied with,"It's Prince Haru and some of his friends!" Mario then shot out of bed and went towards the window. He the notice the blue haired prince and waved hi to him.

"So are you two ready for a night out of town?" Haru shouted, obviously excited.

"We can't, we're grounded!" Mario called back as he opened the window.

"Your parents are turds, come on my friends and I will bust you out of here." Mario then wondered how they were going to do that. As it turns out, both princesses had a van and they brought out a ladder from the trunk. The two men, then helped the girls laid the ladder down on the side of his house to the brother's bedroom window.

"We'll catch up with you guys another time, it is a guys night for you after all." Said Daisy and the group swapped cars. Inside the van that the princesses were riding, there were more faces that Mario didn't recognize. Luigi on the other hand, reluctantly came down since he was afraid of heights.

"So Haru, who are the other guys with you?" Mario asked.

"I'm sure that you can figure it out yourself." Said the prince. For a moment both brothers squinted. That was when the brothers saw that it was some of their other friends. Dreambert, Peasly, Marth and Link. Haru then opened the car door so that Mario and Luigi could get in. However, they sat all the way in the back since they thought that it was awkward seeing some of their friends from Mushroom World as humans.

"So what are we going to do?" Asked Luigi nervously.

"We are going to take a drive, talk about our problems and do something crazy." Replied Haru. "Link, you have the spray paint do you?" Link rolled his eyes and showed him that he had the item that was requested. There was a plastic bag right next to his seat.

"I don't think that this is a very good idea."

"Come on Luigi, it is no secret that we are all frustrated and angry. I know that you want to and besides, the place that we are going to allows it." Said Marth. As a result, Luigi only shrugged his shoulders and sank into his seat. The rest of the way, the green teen was a bit uneasy due to the writing that was on the back of the seat. A little bit further down the road, the boys could finally see New York in their line of sight.

Once Mario saw where they were going, Mario slouched down a bit just like his brother. The boys finally made it to the city. It was night, and being New Yorkers themselves, they knew that some weird stuff would go down. Mario even had Luigi close his eyes at one point. Not long after, they finally found themselves in a hidden alley. At first it was quiet and abandoned but then as the group went deeper down, they could hear loud raid music.

The boys then looked up and they could swear that it was their friend Kirby who was the DJ. They knew that the pink ball, had a strange fascination with Real World music. Still, they only shrugged his shoulders and decided to ignore it.

"So what do you think?" Asked Haru. "I know what you guys are thinking but sometimes we like to take a break from being heroes and get wild." The blue haired prince then handed Mario a spray can. He looked at it while trying to figure out what he should do with it. In the back, Luigi noticed that there was a dump in the background.

"Horace, Pete?" Said the brothers, shocked to see that Luigi's teenaged fellow scientists were at the party as well. At this point in time, just seeing, Dr. Light and Dr. Wiley was a bit was there as well. There were even a few new faces that were there at the party that the boys did not recognize.

"I think that we better catch up with our friends." Said Mario with his brother following after him. The red teen then grabbed his brother. While the two were trying to navigate themselves through the party. Finally, they caught up with their friends who were busy spray painting graffiti on an empty wall that was in the same area.

"Hi guys, I was just going to look for you." Said Haru.

"I think that it is nice that you and Peach are still friends even though that you broke up." Mario said taking off his hat. He was nervous and that was an understatement.

"We just didn't have many things in common and agreed that we should see other people." Haru replied shrugging his shoulders. Mario then sat on a bench and Luigi sat next to him.

"Does any of you think that it is stupid that we have to marry princesses?" Marth finally said trying to break the silence.

"I know right? My mom won't get off of my back about me trying to get a girlfriend." Replied Prince Dreabert. Link on the other hand only stared. "Link, you are lucky that Zelda doesn't have to marry a prince. I think that the rule changed after you saved her from Gannon." Link only nodded, confining that Dreambert's statement was true.

"Hey Mario, did you know that if a princess from Hyrule is about to marry, the fiancé is supposed to take a temporary vow of silence until the wedding. Must be tough not being allowed to speak for a while. It was probably a good thing that your brother taught him sign language." Said Marth as he continued to rant. All of a sudden, they heard a crash.

"Hey guys, what do you suppose that was?" Asked Haru. "Let's go see where the noise came from. Immediately all of the teens went to where the noise came from. Of course, Luigi ran after them while at the same time, trying to tell them that this was a bad idea.

Eventually, the entire group walked up to the crash site. Inside the crater, there was a ship. Without thinking, the other teens began to mess with it.

"Guys, I don't think that playing with it is such a good idea." Said Luigi, voicing out his concern. Finally, Marth stopped messing with the machine and said,"We are just having some fun Luigi. I know that you probably want to do some nerd stuff with this once we go home." Luigi then sighed knowing that there was no point in arguing with him. The next thing that one of the members from the group did was open the hatch.

"Marth, I don't think that this is a really good idea." However, Luigi was once again being ignored and the prince signaled the inventor to come inside. Inside the machine was a robot but it looked as though it was unfinished.

"What do you think this is supposed to be Luigi?"

"I don't know Marth but I would highly advise that we do not touch it." Marth only shrugged his shoulders and closed the hatch. The next thing that the boys did was lift the unidentified object of. It was mostly Mario who carried it all the way back to the raid since he was the only one willing to do it. Once back at the raid, the entire party stopped because they saw that Mario was carrying something weird. As if on cue, Luigi's fellow scientists came by to see what his brother brought. However, the moment that the group turned their backs was also the moment the hatch was open.

"Luigi, did you happen to open it while we were not looking?" Mario asked clearly concerned. Luigi only nodded his head as if to say no. Once Mario's worries were confirmed he began to panic. The raid was still going on and the duo began to search for the machine while the others were distracted.

"I knew that going towards that crash site was a bad idea but did anyone listen to me? Noooo." Luigi said while being sarcastic and began his rant at the same time. While Luigi was still going on about his rant however, the red teen grabbed his brother. While they were still looking, it seemed that the machine was blending in with the crowd. They then knew that they had to get the creature away from the crowd if they were going to fight that thing.

Suddenly Luigi found it and both brothers began to dog pile it only for their target to get away. The party was still going on and that was when Kirby saw that his friends were in trouble. He then decided to use his music as a weapon. As a result, the vibrations knocked the machine down and Kirby went back to the party.

"Thanks!" Said Luigi and Kirby gave him a thumbs up. The robot was still distracted and when Mario saw this, the red teen used the opportunity to tackle it. Luigi then came after his brother. While the boys continued to attack the machine, Mario see his bear strength to rip off its' head. The next thing that happened was both brother's tearing the ting to shreds until the robot no longer worked.

"Glad that's all over." Said Mario out of breath. Luigi then fell down and sat next to his brother. Just as soon as they were about to get a moment of rest, they saw that their cousins and their parents were here.

"Guess you guys have really done it this time." Waluigi teased.

"Oh, and by the way, you two are adopted." Wario added.