A connection like theirs would normally kill them. They've defied reason before at a price, but with the yearning to be whole again, does one half have to lose?

After over a year, Rey has managed well, considering, but it doesn't change the fact that she hasn't been the same since that day on Exegol. She has her friends around and is not alone, but the one presence she longs to feel continues to elude her…

"Alright let's switch into some classic exercises. Finn will be giving each of you a blast helmet and a combat remote to train your force reflexes and block the blasts" Rey instructed before Finn took over the training of the group.

While Rey watched each person slowly warm up to the concept, she watched as one of the newer recruits continued to get hit, blast after blast, with the shield over her eyes. With a smile and a knowing glance at Finn, he stepped in to coach the young girl.

Shortly after the aftermath of the Battle on Exegol, Finn mentioned that he had been trying to tell Rey that he was force sensitive - ever since they were sinking on Pasaana. She had chided him for not just telling her earlier but was overjoyed to have someone else with her to understand the burden and blessing of the force. It was a comfort she needed, especially after losing Luke, Leia, and Ben. She had trained with him extensively for about a year before they decided to recruit other force sensitives to train and grow stronger together.

She looked at the young girl now, finally blocking blast after blast. Rey couldn't help but smile – Finn had come such a long way in a short time.

As the exercise neared its end she took the lead again to lead the group in Force meditation.

"Now remember, though it will likely be only after extensive amounts of practice, you may see things out of the norm. Past, Present, and sometimes Future, but not to worry." The pupils' eyes shone bright with the possibility of their sensitivity before closing them and focusing together.

As the class continued their mediation deeper with the force, Rey felt a brief flicker inside her, before the floodgates opened and she felt an overwhelming rush of feeling that she only knew as – Ben! she nearly screamed aloud, as her eyes snapped open in a panicked state. The rush then left as soon as it came, but not before Finn noticed her unease.

"Well, I think that's enough for today – be sure to continue your practices before we meet again tomorrow" Rey instructed before quickly packing up.

That night was to be a party to welcome back Poe – Their system was among one of Him and Zorii's many stops. They had taken up establishing trade routes for the reconstruction of the Republic. Each time they had seen them the selection had grown more diverse with the new contributing systems - Even Finn had to admit that Spice running had its fair share of… legal skillsets. While Rey usually looks forward to their arrival, the emotional weight of the day left her meditating alone in her room for the night. Ever since Exegol, she had been desperately trying to communicate with the Force Ghost of Ben, but night after night had ended in disappointment. Am I not strong enough? She wondered, Did he not turn soon enough to come back like Luke or Leia? Does he not want to communicate with me in the Force? The last thoughts bothered her more than she wanted to admit. So why now, all of a sudden, did I feel him again? She winced as she remembered the day's meditation - the harsh feeling of abrupt emptiness as his presence left again.

There was a light knock on Rey's Chambers.

"Come In!"

Finn made his way through the doorway holding one of Rey's favorite drinks, "I come bearing Tsiraki! Poe made sure to bring some back for you along his last route."

"Finn! You're the best! Though I'll probably have to thank Zorii – I'll bet she's the one who reminded Poe to actually bring it on their next trade run," she laughed.

"Enjoy – Looks like you could use it," Finn said while handing over the prized liqueur.

"You're sure you don't want some?"

"Nah – I'll pass. For the life of me, I can't understand why you would like that stuff" Finn stated in disgust.

Rey laughed to herself. It was stupid, but the taste grew on her while visiting Ben's homeworld of Chandrila. Not that she would tell anyone that the reason she always requested it was the vague connection to the 'long gone Kylo Ren'. She took a few sips before considering Finn's previous comment.

"What did you think I could use this for?" she inquired.

"Ever since today's training you've seemed... not yourself" he explained. Hah – you could say that about the past year and a half she thought.

"To be honest, its actually been the first time I've felt like my full self in a while, ever since – "she stopped herself before continuing, they had been through a lot together, but she was sure this was something he would not be able to understand. She took a sip before continuing – "since I found out what happened to my parents." That was partially true, but the knowledge of her parent's decision had really only helped to heal that wound.

"Rey, You know I'm always here for you, right?" Finn said, grabbing her hand. His quick response made her question whether or not he had believed her, but she shrugged the thought off. Finn had always had her best interests in mind.

Rey smiled, "Yes, you've proven that time and time again. Thank you, Finn."

When Finn had left for the night, she couldn't help but be grateful that she had better friends than she could ever ask for, even if she couldn't tell them everything that weighed on her mind.

She dreamed again of him that night, replaying their final moments of overwhelming joy, peace, and completion before she had felt his presence slip away from her. Ben smiles. The one time she had ever seen it had faded far into her memory with time, but tonight it was clear as that fateful day. But instead of collapsing, he put his nose to hers, looked into her eyes, and whispered, "Come find me."

She woke with a start, breath ragged and dripping in sweat. All her senses were in a panic, but she felt calm nonetheless. She knew what she needed to do.

Author's Note: I love the Dynamic of Rey & Ben/Kylo and their ending was bittersweet but suspiciously open for continuation. As an avid FanFic reader myself, I figured this was a good scenario to turn lemons into lemonade! Hope you are enjoying it so far - Let me know what you think!