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First question I've gotten(In the reviews) is to clarify what power armour is used, Fallout 4 or 3/NV. The power armour used is the Fallout 4 X-01 power armour. The X-01 is not. I repeat, is not, cannonically, the same power armour as the Enclave Advanced/Remnants power armour. The Enclave Advanced/Remnants power armour is a refined, scaled down version of the X-01. As referenced by a video by the youtuber "The Wanderer" with evidence supporting this. Thusly the X-01 power armour and the Enclave Advanced Power Armour will be two different suits. The X-02 "Devil" power armour from Fallout 3 will follow the same path as the Enclave Advanced Power Armour, in that it will be in it's Fallout 3 configuration, scaled down to a simple suit like the Enclave Advanced. ...Anyway, onto the story.

This story takes place after the events of the mod "America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave" And the Enclave favoured ending of the mod. I want to stress that anything in this story is not canonical to Fallout 4 or the "America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave" mod, I have no ownership or hand in either beyond being but a simple player(and lover of it all) of the storyline of both.

7th of November, 2288

Finally, it was all, almost over. The Brotherhood of Steel was brought to heel, and they were on their way out of the place that would be the rebirth of the great, United States of America.

With General Ward at the helm, the dispirate remnants of the capital wasteland's Enclave bastion were brought into the fold and now made up the bulk of the Enclave, the Minutemen were brought into the fold just a month before after the Sole Survivor, the man who crawled up out of Vault 111 as it's only last remaining occupant, had done everything to restore the Minutemen, only to see there was a new, better way of doing things.

No one cared for the mutants, it was just a fact of life, however some did indeed have their uses, while it took some convincing, the settlement of Goodneighbour was spared what so many other places across the wasteland would suffer, a cleansing which was ultimately necessary. Preston had his complaints of course, however his qualms were quieted after it was decided, the Enclave would instead of killing off the ghouls that remained sentient...

They were allowed to remain in their settlements to support the Enclave's war effort, after all, speaking to the patriotism of the good general did have it's uses. They were after all, Americans. And until they would finally succumb to turning feral, they would be allowed to help in the war effort, while not allowed into the armed forces, food was still needed.

Thusly the ghouls of The Commonwealth were allowed to retain their settlements with farms as long as they supplied a portion of their food to the Enclave. Everything was going as well as it could be expected, the City of Boston itself had still to be cleansed of it's raider populace in various places, however it was a task, Ingram took pleasure in.

However not all things would be well in this land in the process of rebirthing a nation. Unforseen forces were at work, ones which would bring three worlds together. Unknowingly to Ingram he was about to stumble onto the main force.

Through the streets of Boston, the now familiar pounding of heavy metal footsteps was heard, Ingram walked down the centre of the street as the sun shined down on him, and his X-01 power armour's black, matte paint job heated up while the tesla coils which decorated it sparked and ran along the armour's edges to the pylons built into the armour.

"Fucking hell, it's hotter than satan's asshole and it's fall... Why?!" Ingram asked himself aloud, confidant that absolutely no one could hear him. Stopping dead in his tracks, Ingram heard a sound he'd not heard since he was a child, the clip clops of horses feet, coming straight his way.

Ingram booked it to the side, up a set of stairs as men on horseback passed, wearing some strange armour, just what the hell was going on?! The more he thought about it, there was something quite familiar about the armour... Least the helmets anyway. "I don't remember taking Jet..." Ingram remarked to himself before he was charged by some strange pigman with a sword and dagger.

"Oh hell no!" Ingram yelled as he spun up his Minigun and shredded the creature with a hail of bullets, though more came along with soldiers on foot. Ingram all the same fired on them with his Minigun. "Fucking mutants and Romans working together?! You gotta be shitting me!" Ingram yelled as he backed up, to an alleyway, he went down it and switched to his Fatman, aiming it down the alleyway, he adjusted his aim, upwards slightly, and let the MIRV that sat in the catapult, the MIRV flew out, being launched into the air, then at the suitable distance required.

The MIRV broke apart and unleashed it's payload on the soldiers clad in quite very antiquated armour and the mutants under their command. Ingram activated his helmet's built in transmitter, broadcasting on an emergency freqency he knew would be picked up by command and nearby units. "This is Sergeant Harry Ingram, I've come into contact with hostiles armed with bows, arrows, spears, and swords, there's men on horse back and I swear to god I hear them yelling in some bastardised Latin, I think I just found some unit of the rumoured Caesar's Legion, I'm holding my own thus far but I need reinforcements, I'll be heading to the old Harbour Master Hotel to hole up in and hold out against the mutants, Segeant Ingram out!" Ingram said, turning off his transmitter before he started booking it to the Old Harbour Master Hotel, however it seemed as he pressed on.

As Ingram pressed on, he encountered more of these... Romans and these mutants. But also more squads of fellow Enclave forces converged on the area, Ingram ran into one such squad and joined them as apparently, a vertibird had spotted the area where these mutants and romans were coming from. And where they were coming from didn't make him too excited to hear. Their greatest activity was around just where he was going.

Though Ingram was relieved to know he wasn't going to be marching into the thick of it all alone. But it wasn't all good news. He was technically the highest ranking person there so he had to lead the charge, how he would do so was an entirely different matter.

The enemy was corraled around the Old Harmour Master Hotel, such a feat should be to the average man, impossible. But the Enclave had anything but average men in it. Especially in the case of Ingram. He was just a Sergeant of the Enclave, though in his previous life he managed to get up to Captain in the Army, he could lead men but he sure as hell was rusty at it. Not since the end of the resource wars had he done so.

"Alright boys, listen up." Ingram said, motioning for his men to gather around, five power armoured soldiers, all ranks below his though they in comparison had more experience than he could even dream of with recent combat. Most members were either former minutemen or remnants from the last Presidential command in DC which Ingram in due time learned was the largest bastion of the Brotherhood yet in existence.

"What are your orders, Sarge?" One of the younger recruits asked and Ingram cracked a smirk under his helmet.

"Sarge? I don't remember giving you permission to call me Sarge, Private." Ingram said, jokingly.

"R-right Sergeant!" The younger recruit yelled.

"Calm down boy, I'm kidding. Now, I figured we ought to get it out of the way, we may be fucked. More so than when those brotherhood POS decided to show up in that fancy airship of their's. But eitherway, we're soldiers. We got a job to do and we're gonna do it. We're gonna rip these roman knock offs and their mutie bastard friends some new assholes. Command has established that the enemy is concentrated at the old Harbour Master Hotel and force recon has reported a strange new at the building. As such we're weapons free in most cases but watch your fire around the structure, which means the M42 is a no-go. As are our usual missile launchers, Nuka Grenades are a no go as well. Though frags and plasma are allowed." Ingram said, establishing the ROE for the upcoming fight.

"Sir, yes, sir!" The recruits saluted and began checking their weapons. Ingram himself switched to his AER-9 Laser Rifle, just a standard one with a reflex sight and a fine tuned beam focuser on it. Though he wouldn't realise it until later that the fight, by the time he and his men would join it. Would be almost half over.

The squad, with Ingram left their position just 15 blocks away from the Old Harbour Master Hotel. Already the sounds of battle could be heard as the group left down the street, as the sounds got closer and closer, more bodies littered the street as well as piles of dust and plasma goo as well as butchered corpses of mutant creatures which Ingram recognised as the strange pig men and the other creatures that chased him some time before.

The battle that Ingram and "his" unit walked into seemed more like a mop up operation. More so with recently tamed Deathclaws doing most of the work, mostly thanks to Dr. Kane and her teams' continued construction of a strange device that the Enclave had apparently worked on some decade or so ago back in Washington D.C. Not much could be done since now the very same people that rode through the streets with impunity, taking down anyone unfortunate enough to come across them with the bruntality of savage raiders, were now begging for their lives in what could only be described as some bastardised version of Latin.

But to give credit where credit is due, these strange, Roman like soldiers must've realised they were outclassed, not strategically, but tactically and by technology. It apparently hadn't taken them long to realise the weaponry wielded by Enclave forces, laser weaponry, plasma weaponry, and the heavy weaponry such as flamethrowers and miniguns would simply tear them apart, though in the case of the flamethrowers they'd be burnt to death.

Regardless, a whole new matter arose when control was taken of the mysterious structure which these "Romans" came through. The men sent in my Ingram returned with tales of a land as far as the eye could see, lush with green grass, living trees, better yet. The maximum acceptable air quality the Pre-War Environmental Protection Agency outlined before the war.

Ingram himself made his way to the gate and just stared at it. He hadn't seen anything like it, except maybe in a post card from Greece, or Italy. But regardless, overhead a few vertibirds could be heard coming in from the sea and they found their own place to land, just a little bit away from the structure, Sgt Peterson, or well... Now Colonel Peterson came out, two troops in X0-2 Power Armour with tesla shielding followed him with miniguns as he made his way over to the structure.

"Sergeant Ingram?! That you?!" Colonel Peterson yelled as he made his way over to Ingram.

"Yeah it's me, sir!" Ingram took off his power helmet and shifted it under his right arm as Peterson finally reached the structure.

"Crazy day, I'll suppose." Colonel Peterson said as he saluted Ingram, who saluted in return.

"Yessir, we got prisoners, they're all speaking some bastardised latin but all in all, we've eliminated all the resistance around this structure... Which from what I've heard from a couple curious boys, is actually some type of... Gate. ...I won't repeat the actual phrase one of them used because I'd prefer not to use bullshit sci-fi terms, but on the otherside of the gate it seems like a whole other world. And there's no enemy combatants as far as we can tell, but there was heavy foot traffic, leaving the area so they'll probably return." Ingram reported.

"I see, I'll report it to General Ward, in the meantime, you and four other men are to go through as scouts, keep an eye out. We'll also be sending synths and some of the Minutemen through." Colonel Peterson said.

"Roger that, sir... But I'd like to request something." Ingram asked.

"What is it, Sergeant?" Colonel Peterson asked.

"I'd like to go on my own, I'm not declining taking a squad through but I mean, after we've found a suitable area to set up a FOB, I'd like to go on my own, I believe that's what would be best and past evidence has shown I operate more effectively, alone." Ingram said.

"That's certainly what General Ward believes. Alright, Sergreant, I'll do you one better. You don't have to go in with a squad, you're free to go on as you see fit. We'll get a suitable radio transmitter set up when we roll through the gate and we'll contact you when you're needed." Colonel Peterson said.

"Thank you, Colonel." Ingram saluted Colonel Peterson who then saluted back and left, Ingram looked to the gate and let out a sigh.

"Hmm... Wandering. I only did it briefly before we brought the Enclave back. ...This'll be fun." Ingram smiled before he donned his power helmet again and headed to the gate, walking through it, the void between entrance and exit was pitch black, a literal void that not even the headlamp on Ingram's Power Armour could light, but he kept walking and walking...

Until finally, there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and his Power Armour's HUD showed "Enclave Radio Signal Lost, Freedom Radio Signal Lost, Diamond City Radio Signal Lost, Classical Radio Signal Lost." Which caused him to only slightly lose nerve, but hell if the sight he came out to wasn't beautiful. It was night time in this world, not only that but the geiger counter in his Power Armour registered baseline, pre-war levels from before the bombs fell.

Ingram stopped after coming out of the Gate and took off his power helmet once more, taking in a breath of truly, truly fresh air, a tear also welled up in his right eye but he wiped it away. This. This was the true, new start... But... What was that pounding he was hearing off in the distance?

Ingram looked off in the distance to a mountai, just over it he heard artillery sounding off and anti-aircraft fire. This is supposedly a world of some bastardised Romans, what the hell, or who the hell was firing off artillery and anti-air guns?

Off on the otherside of the mountains on the otherside of the gate, in the new world...

"That's another wyvern down." Kurata said, watching through his NVGs as a Type 87 took down a wyvern with it's Oerlikon 35 mm KDA autocannons.

"Yeah, looks like they're running away again." Itami said, watching through his own NVGs as a group of enemy troops exploded after a shell exploded in the middle of the group.

"Yeah, just wonder what's up next..." Kurata asked, not taking his eyes off the battlefield infront of him.

"I dunno but wake me up if they actually break through." Itami said, shiting his helmet over his eyes while he lifted his NVGs.

"Right... Wait what?" Kurata asked but it was too late. Itami was fast asleep.

"Oh dear god..." Kurata said with a sigh.

The next few hours would prove uneventful with last night's attack proving to be the last one. Itami and Kurata made their way through what was at this time called, no man's land. Vultures flew overhead while Itami walked the broken fields, tattered banners, broken bodies, and weapons littered the grounds as he went on, stopping for a moment after a vulture flew directly overhead.

Itami looked down to his feet to see a broken bow, he picked up the piece of wood and silently looked at it before Kurata came around.

"So did you hear the report? Intel says they lost 60,000 this time." Kurata said as Itami stood up and looked around.

"Plus 60,000 in Ginza. Two whole army corps of men." Itami said.

"Don't tell me you're worried about them." Kurata said

"120,000 people, why would they send so many? And just what kind of country are we fighting anyway!?" Itami brought his arm back and tossed the broken bow off into the distance.

On the otherside of the mountain, at the gate leading to Boston...

Enclave troops came through the gate, first minutemen who were clad in government issue combat armour, long since the agreement when the Minutemen were brought into the Enclave's fold along with the Institute which brought it's own advanced equipment. It turned out, having Ingram was quite beneficial to the Enclave, the Minutemen had their salvation from total destruction, owed to Ingram, and the Institute..

Well, some things were best left unsaid. No one could be sure if their loyalties lied solely with Ingram due to his relation to the past director, and the fact the past Director named, Ingram as his successor, or if they were loyal to the Enclave as it was indeed, legally the only authority that could surpass the Institute. Besides, it didn't take a brain surgeon to know if the Institute didn't bend to the will of the Enclave, it would very likely be destroyed by both the Enclave and the Minutemen.

Ingram, himself couldn't be happier at the sight to see all three, even if begrudgingly, work together. Gen 2 and 3 Synths were helping build up a new base for the coalition. Minutemen were setting up artillery, which their usual was now augmented by a found stock of M114 155 mm howitzers and an ample amount of shells.

Institute synths were first working on establishing a radio tower and powering it with a salvaged vault generator, which itself was being set up in a building that was also being set up.

Ingram watched from the distance as troops came through the gate, someone had also had the idea to build a robot work bench and start pumping out robots built to enclave specifications, namely eyebots which were held off to the side as production had been stopped when the ideal number of eyebots were reached, then next came Mister Gusty robots to help Minutemen and Enclave patrols.

Even still. The Enclave was the strongest faction out of the latter two, the Brotherhood couldn't come close to matching the Enclave as they had done time and time before, there was no NCR as of late to help the Brotherhood, and there was..

Well. There was a liberty prime but he was taken after the Enclave throughouly wiped out the Brotherhood's forces in Boston and sent the airship to crash into the sea. Now, Prime was back with his rightful owners and still being worked on by Enclave scientists. What a joy it would be to have such a war machine on the Enclave's side...

But Ingram felt uncomfortable even with all this firepower and support. For one thing, it wasn't because of them he felt uncomfortable. It was because his pipboy was picking up radio signals, transmitting in what he surely knew, despite his time in Alaska back in 2076 and 2077, was some east asian language. He atleast could take comfort in knowing it was a Chinese Communist broadcast.

To his ears it sounded not at all like Chinese, but he knew, it was asian, that's all he could really say for certain.

What scared him more so was how it got stronger and stronger the further south west he went, surely another gate hadn't opened in East Asia? And if it did, shouldn't no one be alive?... In fact should he not be recieving any signals if the Enclave was taking time to establish a radio tower, then just how would some other country that came out of the nuclear war, 210 or so years ago, have one up before they did?

Regardless, it was likely only power armoured Enclave troops knew about this, and they were far and few... But yet the risk was still there. Especially since some Minutemen were using refurbished T-51, T-60, and T-45 power armour. Most of the T-60s were repaired Brotherhood Power Armour, painted to be Olive Green with the US Army star on the chestplate.

Ingram sat there, atop a rock, elevated on a hill just a distance away from the base as he saw the Institute's synths climb down the radio tower and continue work on the building housing the generator for it, with the amount of power and the fact the airwaves were clear, as well as noise pollution likely being lower, this radio tower may carry across the continent, the message it would carry? The Enclave was here. America was here. And America would not die.

It wouldn't take long before Ingram's pipboy, plugged into his power armour would pick up a new radio signal. The only that truly mattered for him. The Enclave Radio Station and it's first broadcast would be christened with a song that all knew, and it's enemies feared, whilst a flagpole was erected by Enclave troops with the national banner, the 13 starred banner, with the 13th star removed and replaced with the Enclave "E".

Ingram didn't waste any time and stood up, snapping to attention in his armour, he saluted the flag while the national anthem could be heard.

If the Asiatics, wherever they were, could listen on radio, they ought to know then with this new broadcast, America was still alive. Uncle Sam, though a bit singed by the fires of the atomic war, still stood, ready to kick the shit out of any red pinkos that stood against him even now.

Across the mountains, on the road outside of Alnus Hill

After Itami gave his whole spiel... Which was barely a spiel to begin with, to his unit, the third recon team, they loaded up and began their drive to nearby towns and villages, with the drive being uneventful, boredom was high among the troops of the third recon team.

"Hey Lieutenant, think we could have some music?" Kurata joked, looking over to Itami, taking his eyes off the road.

"We won't pick up anything from Tokyo, I can't barely get any bars of reception on my phone, here. ...Also keep your eyes on the road." Itami said.

"R-right." Kurata said, putting his eyes back to the dirt road infront of the small convoy of three vehicles.

The drive would be uneventful until the recon team would reach their first objective, a village they would come to know as "Coda Village". It would be then, one member of the recon team would have time to report to command. Sergeant-Major Sōichirō Kuwahara, the eldest member of the team, the "Demon Sergeant" for his legacy among troops, forcing cadets to run at High Point all the time at the NCO Course.

Sergeant-Major Kuwahara sat in the lead humvee, switching through radio channels until he would get an ear full of Stars and Stripes Forever, forcing him to pull back from the earpiece on the headset he held to his ear.

"What the hell?!" Kuwahara yelled, off at the village gate, Kurata heard him and came running.

"Sergeant-Major, are you alrig-" Kurata started before he heard what Kuwahara yelled about. Stars and Stripes forever came blasting out of the earpiece on the headset.

Kuwahara turned down the volume and held the earpiece up to his ear before he spoke to Kurata.

"Go get Lieutenant Itami, he's going to want to hear this." Kuwahara said, Kurata went off, running to find Itami.

"So that's why we're here, we're not here to steal your land, your homes, or any of that stuff the Empire does." Itami said, speaking in the local language to the best of his ability from the manual he was given, Kurata came running and tapped Itami's shoulder.

"What is it?" Itami asked, switching to Japanese.

"The old man just got an earfull of music." Kurata said

"Music...? Here?" Itami pointed to the ground, disbelieving this report.

"Come on if you don't believe me." Kurata said, Itami followed him back to the Humvee, as did Kurokawa, and a couple others.

Kuwahara disconnected the headset connected to the radio and it began playing the Battle Hymn of the Republic, a famously American song.

"This is supposed to be American music, right?" Itami said as he sat down in the Humvee.

"Yeah, they just got done playing another song before this. Stars and Stripes Forever if I remember correctly." Kuwahara said.

"So why would American music be playing... On this side of the Gate?" Itami asked Kuwahara who just shook his head as the song stopped and a voice came over the radio.

"This is Enclave National Broadcast, the official radio network of the United States Government." The voice said in English as Bravua started playing in poor quality before a drill sergeant type man started speaking in English, a voice almost remenicent of R. Lee Ermey in his role for Full Metal Jacket.

"Hello America, this is Uncle Sam speaking!" The man said as it was followed by an eagle's screech.

"And that my friends is the call of an American Eagle! His wings might've gotten a little singed from the strike by the red menace but like all true patriots, he's dusted himself off and is holding his head high! He's a survivor, make no mistake, tenacious, resourceful, and tough as they come. And now he call's for you, citizen!" The man said before it was followed once more by the eagle's screech.

"All across our great nation he flies, and summons all brave men and women to stand as one, and serve our country! America needs you, make the choice to become part of history! Make the decision to restore our land to her former glory! Act now to enlist in the United States Enclave Armed Forces and join your brothers and sisters in pride! United States Army! Now Recruiting! Be the difference! Tell em your Uncle Sam sent ya!" The man said, again followed by the eagle's screech.

Before it switched to Hail Columbia and Kuwahara turned down the music, everyone was silent. This meant the Americans had their own gate. Or it meant another America had a gate.

"What's... The Enclave?" Itami asked Kuwahara who shook his head.

"I've never heard of it for all the time I've been in the SDF." Kuwahara said.

"Keep an eye on the radio, and check in with Command, tell them we've recieved strange radio signals from the US military." Itami said before he left the Humvee. The whole thing with the gate has gotten interesting, more so than it was before.