A/N: Hello, here with a new story. This is a Swanfire story, no curse, real world based, but hopefully still good. I had this idea for a while and I finally got around to getting it started. I hope you enjoy. I do not own Once Upon a Time belongs to ABC and Disney and creators, just my plot. And the title is based off of the song Speechless from Aladdin which I also do not own belongs to Disney and creators.

Chapter One: About Me?

Henry's POV

You're asking us to write about who we are and what we wish for if we could wish on a star like Gepetto in the story...well...okay. I'll give it a try. My name is Henry. Henry David Matthews-Nolan. I live in a small town, maybe a population of 300, but… sorry...you already knew that. You live here too Mr. Giovanni. Storybrooke. My mom is Emma. She's the best, but I'm not sure she knows that. She works the breakfast and lunch rush at Granny's on Mondays Tuesdays and Thursdays. My dad...well he never talks about what he does, but he says he makes a lot of money. I think he owns the Mirror because he always complains about the reporting and says he should make Mr. Glass pack it in. He's always busy, and always angry about something, but it's just because he's busy. He has a lot of important things to do.

Me, well, there's not much to know about me. I really like to read and I really like this class. I wish I could do something to make my mom smile again. She hasn't really smiled in a long time.

"Henry…" I dropped my pencil under the desk as I heard Mr. Giovanni. He was close...he was right in front of my desk. "What are you still doing here?"

I kept my eyes glued to my paper. "Working on the assignment Mr. Giovanni, I'm almost done."

I don't look up because I already know how he's going to look. It's how everyone looked at me, like they were sorry. And I knew they didn't mean it, so why even look up? If I looked up at adults, it just made my throat close up and my lips crack because I bite down on them. If I looked up at the kids in my class I usually got the strange looks, like I was sick, useless...or worse if it was Peter or Felix or Devon, I got punched or kicked. That's why I was still in the classroom working on the assignment that was late instead of out for recess.

"Mind if I take a look?" He asked. I heard a soft sigh which I could only guess was Mr. Giovanni sitting in one of the desks next to mine.

"Sure," I slid the paper over. I saw him take it. But I still didn't look away from where it had been. I dropped my hands and clasped them together twirling my thumbs but trying not to fidget too much.

I stayed still and quiet as Mr. Giovanni read. I really hoped it was okay, the conversation from the other night at the dinner table still playing in my head. If I didn't pull my grades up, Dad was going to send me to Spencer's before the year was up. It was a boarding school, and it meant I would have to leave Storybrooke to go to Augusta. He was friends with the headmaster Albert Spencer and it was all arranged for next year, but it could be sped up if Dad said the word. Mom tried to argue. She always tried to argue, but I could hear what happened even upstairs in my room. I could hear the crying, but I realized later as I hugged my pillow that it was mine. And when Mom came in my room to tuck me in, her eyes were dry, and she smiled at me and squeezed my hand and pulled the blankets tight, but when I looked at her and kissed her goodnight, there was no smile in her eyes.

Mr. Giovanni's hmm pulled me back. I snapped my head up looking over to him, forgetting for the moment about my no looking up rule, scared stiff.

"This is good kid," He said. "But, you know...there's really nothing about you here."

"What...what do you mean?" I asked softly.

"You wrote about your mom, about your dad, Storybrooke, this class, but I don't get you Henry."

"The end Mr. Giovanni... " I said. "Right there."

"That's good, but it's all the stuff I already know about you just by watching." He said. "Try digging a little deeper… you might be surprised." He tapped me on the shoulder. "Tell you what, I'll take this one," He took his pen and wrote a mark on the paper taking it to his desk and writing another mark in his book before he brought it back over along with a leatherbound journal. "And give you another shot. Extra credit, keep a journal until the end of the year. Write about anything you want to, but don't overthink it. You fill these pages, we'll call it even."

I take the journal and examine it. It was a light brown like an old book, and in gold letters the words Once Upon a Time. And then, I look at the paper. Nice work Henry: B-. That was a higher grade than I should have gotten since it was two days late. As always, when it came to Mr. Giovanni, I wondered if he knew something he wasn't saying. But unlike with most adults, that prospect didn't scare me nearly as much today.

"Thank you…" I said quietly.

He nodded, standing up and going back to his desk just as I heard the bell that signaled the end of recess.

I stuffed the journal and the assignment in my backpack, the prospect of Grandma visiting the classroom for the literature class she taught us not the only thing keeping my attention today. Maybe tonight would be better. Maybe Augusta could come off the table now.

A/N: So things are not quite so good for Henry right now, nor for Emma. Any guesses as to which Storybrooke resident Mr. Giovanni is? I tried to drop a lot of hints. You'll find out next chapter. ;)