Chapter 4 Hello Storybrooke and Unexpected Murder.

Weeks have flown by since Emma and Snow accidentally fell into the portal Regina conjured using the Hatter's hat. Mother and daughter found themselves back in the Enchanted Forest or to be more precise what was left of it. Neither expected to return to the Enchanted Forest, nor what they would find there. The fight between Cora, Hook, Emma, Snow and Mulan was long. Mother and daughter were very lucky to survive.

But their good luck wasn't enough to stop Cora from finding another way over to Storybrooke with her captain. Cora was never a woman to give up, especially when what she wanted, she was extremely passionate about.

"This is where we part ways now love, I have my crocodile to skin," Hook told Cora before turning away. Cora gently but firmly grabs hold Hook's arm making him halt and turn back to face her.

"Ask yourself Hook, how did I cloak your ship?" Cora said, she would assume, he would understand quickly. Captain Hook wasn't a complete fool. While she found those, who had lacked her intellect easier to work with and manipulate. Complete fools were useless.

"Magic," Hook replies.

"Very good Hook and if I have magic it is safe to assume that the Dark One, also has the ability to practice magic here," Cora says.

"His immortality and invulnerability also, has returned," Hook concluded.

"Yes, so to get your revenge you might have to stick around me for a little longer," Cora said. Then suddenly, Cora sees two arms come and go around Hook's neck with a blink of an eye, she hears a loud snapping sound before Hook just collapses onto the ground! Leaving Cora to face a man twice the deceased captain's size in height. The man must be around his early thirties. The man's eyes are forest green, while his skin is pale, his hair short but thick which resembles brown tree bark. The man was wearing a basic attire of white jeans, white boots and a black shirt.

"In another life perhaps the one hand pirate could have that," The man said.

"Monroe!" Cora gasped; this was unexpected for the old witch.

"My lady, it has truly been too long since our last encounter," Monroe bowed briefly.

"It certainly has Monroe, how were you aware of my return?" Cora asked.

"I recognised the scent of your magic my lady, I never forget a scent," Monroe answered.

"Werewolves never do I suppose," Cora said.

"Only the greats never do, so Cora if I am to assume correctly, you plan on seeking out your daughter the Evil Queen," Monroe says.

"Your assumption is correct, wolf," Cora responds.

"I don't suppose, you could wait until tomorrow to seek out the queen, desperation makes the heart grow fonder. I happen to know a great restaurant nearby, one that may satisfy your needs temporarily," Monroe suggested.

"I suppose a quiet dinner between two friends would be acceptable," Cora said. Monroe smiled.

"Ah, I forgot the body," Monroe sighed, before picking the pirate up with one hand as if the dead pirate were a piece of bread and tossed him out to see. Before the body could land, Cora used magic to transform Hook's remains to water. Monroe then offered an arm to Cora and the two slowly walk off to the restaurant.

End of chapter 4.