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Former Ninja and Sith

The battle


A dark cloaked figure was walking toward a building he had a mask on and all you saw where his blue eyes. Looking around he sees several men wearing both White Armor and dark armor. "Commander," said a female voice.

The man turns to the female. Blond hair and a grey robe. "What is it Lana?"

"The Dark Council has summoned you," said the female.

"Odd," said the man. "You will join me."

"Understood commander."


During the flight the man was sitting in the mediation chamber aboard his vessel. His finger the green gem he had for 10 years. "We have arrived on Korriaban ," said Lana. "Is something wrong?"

"I have a bad feeling about this meeting," said the man. "Stay hidden. I will go alone."

They land and commander heads to the Dark Council. He enter the chamber and sees the enters council there. In the middle is a throne with a female sitting on it. "Empress Acina," said the commander. "How has the council been called here?"

"I was told by Malgus, that he had a development in the war with the Republic," said the female.

The room shakes. "It was a trap,' said the commander. "Everyone evacuate."

The door open and a hulk of a figure walks in. Mostly robotic with scars of battle on his face. "It is good to see everyone here," said the man in his raspy voice.

"What is the meaning of this, Malgus," said a Dark Lord.

"I have come to kill you all," said Malgus. He ignited his saber and in a quickly blitz kills a Zabrak Sith. "One down."

The commander ignited his saber and goes to block the rouge Sith. "Sith Lords, we must fight for the Empress."

"Darth Nox,' said Malgus. "You will die."

The commander named Nox uses force push sending Malgus into wall. "Empress. Leave," shouted another Dark lord on the council. A human with a robotic eye. The remaining council jump to face Malgus.

"No one leaves," shouted Malgus. Using the force he chokes two of the Dark Lords and then snaps their neck.

Looking around Nox eyes narrows. "Lana," whispered the man in a head piece. "Evacuate. This was a trap."

The Malgus disappears making Nox eyes widen. Brining his saber Nox block a strike to his back. Malgus is repulsed by a force push. "It seems there is more to you then I thought; however it will not be enough." Using the force Malgus kills the rest of the council including Acina with an attack not discovered. "Now it is just us."

The Dark Lord of the Sith, the commander of the eternal alliance and the vanquisher of maniacal emperor for the first time felt fear. Shooting out a torrent of Force lightening, it hit Malgus in the chest sending him flying back. "Lana, bring the ship to my location."

"Understood, commander.'

Running to the window he jumps out and lands on a small patrol craft. He gets in and the craft jumps to hyperspace. A man in a red jack and brown hair runs up. "What the hell happened?"

"Malgus betrayed us. He killed the Dark Council and the Empress," said Nox.

"What are we going to do?" asked the man.

"I don't know Theron, head back to Odessen."


Nox was sitting around a table. "Never thought Malgus would be so bold," said Lana. "What are we going to do?"

"The empire is basically all but done for," said Nox. "Theron, I need you to contact Grand Master Shan."

"Understood Commander," said the man.

"How could Malgus have gotten so strong?" asked Lana.

"He was stronger and faster than before," said Nox. "I have an attack I can use that can defeat him, however the prep time is the problem.'

"What type of attack?" asked Lana.

"An ability from my home world," said Nox. "On my planet I was a warrior of a military group known as Shinobi. I was the rank of Jounin, elite ninja."

Theron walks back. "I contacted Grand Master Shan," he said. "She is welling to meet."

"I have a mission I need to finish," said Nox. "Malgus will no doubt try to kill the Jedi I have captured, we must rescue them."

"You mean?" said Lana.

"Master Gnost-Dural and Knight Tau Idair," said Nox.

"Hang on," said Theron. "We don't even know where they are."

"I know where they are," said Nox. "Lana, you know what I am talking about?"

"You mean?"

"The place I was imprisoned when my planet was bombarded," said Nox. "The Dark Prison."

"So what's the plan?" asked Theron.

"I will take one other person with me," said Nox. "Andronkios, will be coming with me."

"The member of your crew?" asked Lana.

"That is correct," said Nox. "A army will give our plan away."

"Very well commander," said the bald headed pirate.

The two head to the small shuttle and take off.

Getting to the prison, Nox puts it in stealth and lands. They walk down the ramp and quickly dispatch the guard. "Andronkios, you rescue Tau Idair. I will go get Master Gnost-Dural."

"Understood." Nox throws him and lightsaber.

They split off.

Nox rushes in and is quickly attacked by several troopers. He deflects several blaster bolt and uses force lightening to kill them. He fights his way to the cell and see the Master chained up. "Stand back Master Gnost-Dural."

Using the force the rips the door off its hinge. "You're the commander," said the Master.

"I have come to rescue you," said Nox. "Are you good to walk?"

"I have conserved my energy," said the Master. "I am ready."

The two quickly leave the cell. Naruto takes out a holo-communicator. "Sith," said Andronkios. "I got to the Jedi cell and got her out. However we are pinned down."

"I am on my way," said Nox. "Put on you tracer."

"Let's go," said Nox. The two head down the narrow corridor. They run into several droids and the two make short work of them. They get to the location and see the two fighting off a small army. Using force lightning, Nox kills half of them. The four warriors take the rest out.

"Nice rescue plan," said Tau.

"Not the time for Sass, Master Jedi," said Nox. They get to the ship but see three Sith Lord standing there.

"Darth Nox," said the Sith. "We have been ordered to kill you."

An army of one hundred troopers appears with several walker.

"Sith, we don't have time for this," said Andronkios. "You get to the ship."

"What about you?" asked Nox.

"This is where we part way, it was an honor working with you," said the pirate.

"Give them hell," said Nox as he kills the Sith Lord with force lightning. "Let's go.'


The three force user board the small ship and take off. Nox was sitting, lone tear on his face. They all sense Andronkios passing away an hour later. Tau walks up. "You ok?"

"I don't know," said Nox. "He was a good friend and comrade."

"You mourn his death," said the female Jedi.

"Not all Sith are cold and heartless," said Nox. "I mourn all the deaths in my army."

"I am taking us Tython," said Nox. The consol beep. Theron appears.

"Grand Master Shan has agreed to meet at Tython," said the SIS agent.

"I will go there now," said Nox. The shuttle flies to Tython

The three exit and are approached by five Jedi master. "We have been asked to escort you three to the council chambers," said the Master. "The sith must relinquish his lightsaber and cuffed with force resistance cuffs"

"Agreed," said Nox. Handing over his single hilt and letting himself be cuffed, he is escorted to the temple.

"You two go on and recover at the temple," said Nox. "I will be shortly."

Both of the former captured Jedi nod their heads and head further away. "You ready Sith?"

"I am thank you," said Nox.

The five Jedi and one Sith make their way to the temple. The padawan and knights watch and murmur to each other. Getting to the temple, they head to the council chambers. "I am surprised you're not imprisoning me," said Nox.

"The Grand Master believes your urgent call," said the Master.

"You seem very friendly," said Nox. "Can I ask your name."

"Master Burger of the Jedi High Council," said the Master. "I sense something within you. Not Dark or Light, just neutral."

"I see," said Nox. "Impressive, you could sense it."

We're here," said the Master. He walks over to an empty seat.

Nox see the Grand Master a middle aged female. "It's been a long time, Grand Master Shan," said Nox.

"It's a pleasure to see you again," said Satele. "How is Theron doing?"

"You know, the same smartass," said Nox. "I am here on business, if you don't mind."

"Theron told me your message was urgent," said Satele.

"It is," said Nox. "The empress and the Dark council has been murdered minus myself."

"Who could have taken so many Dark Lord out," said a Twi'lek Jedi Master.

"Darth Malgus," said Nox. The fear on the Master faces were visible. They have all heard of this dark lord. "Somehow he has gained enough power to blitz three council member kill the empress and the kill the rest of the council without breaking a sweat."

"How did you escape?" asked Burger.

"I used a high power force lightening to send him flying," said Nox. "It would be enough to kill a Jedi Master. Malgus stood up a few second later. Disoriented but unharmed."

"You're force lightening is said to be stronger then the former emperor," said Satele.

"I hate bragging," said Nox. "I don't know about that comparison."

Satele looks at Nox. "Why request this meeting?"

"I want to form an alliance," said Nox.

"With the republic?" asked Burger.

"No, I have little love for the Republic. I am talking about the Jedi," said Nox. "Malgus is too strong for either of us to take on alone.'

"How do you propose we beat him," said Satele.

"My planet fell to the empire," said Nox. "I was a leader of my village. They called it the Hokage.'

"Ok," said Satele. "Why tell us this?"

"I am getting to that," said Nox. "We had an ability know as jutsu. One of these branches was fuinjutsu."

"What is this fuinjutsu?" asked Satele.

"Sealing," said Nox. "In cloak is a scroll please take it out.'

"I will release your binding," said Satele.

Nox takes out a rolled up paper. "This paper has ruins on it."

Unrolling the scroll he show some character on it. "Add a little energy.'

With a poof a dagger appears. "This is a containment scroll.'

"The sealing I will be using against Malgus will be deadly," said Nox. "I will need prep time of two minutes to get it ready."

"Why not do it now?" said Satele.

"I would, however; this unique seal has to be done according to battlefield situation," said Nox. "Terrain. The power of the enemy, many variables have to be considerd."

"I see," said Satele. "Who do you need?"

"I would prefer the Grand Master to join me," said Nox. "Grand Master and myself are the only one who can face Malgus."

"What about the army?" asked Burger.

"My army will keep them busy," said Nox. "We need a planet that is has little to no populous.'

"Do you have a place?" asked the Twi'lek Master.

"I do I will upload the planet to the data pad," said Nox. "Are you willing to help?"

"I will join you," said Satele.

On the shuttle the Grand Master and the Commander were flying to a planet with swamps and plains. "How do you intend to draw Malgus here?"

"I convinced him that my army was planning to establish a base here," said Nox. The shuttle lands and the two get to a small Alliance outpost. "So I will have Lana join you in the battle, while I get my sealing ready."

"Very well," said Satele.

The three force users went to meet the Dark Lord Usurper. "Just hold them off long enough," said Nox.

A figure is seen in the mist of the swamp. "The Grand Master and the Sith traitor," said the raspy voice. "Where is the commander?"

"We are more than enough to deal with you," said Lana as both her and Satele. Ignite their sabers. The battle has begun. Lana unleashes force lightening at the robotic sith. He blocks it with his saber. In the corner of his eyes he sees the Grand Master going for a swipe. Malgus turns around and block the fatal blow. Malgus using strong power blows of form IV Dejm So. Starts tire out Satele. Another saber slips into his hand and his blocks a quick strike from Lana.

"Not bad," said Malgus. "But.'

With a massive force push he sends both the Jedi and former Sith back. "Damn, it's not ready," said the commander. "They are being overwhelemed."

"You will all die,' said Malgus.

"The main purpose of the seal is finished, but that is all I can do in at this moment," said Commander. "I am sorry, Lana and Ashara. Guess we won't have that happy ending."

He jumps down and nearly impales Malgus. "You show yourself. You must relize they stood no chance."

Commander looks around sees Lana and Satele outide of his area. "Neither of us will survive Malgus," said the commander. He turns his head. "Lana, my love I am sorry."

A tear appears on Lana face. "Fuinjutsu: Time destruction Jutsu," said the commander.

"What are yiou doing?" shouted Malgus.

"Taking us both out," said Nox. "We have both become to strong to live."

"No," shouted Malgus as his fails dropping his saber on the ground. The ruins glows with a explosion neither Sith are seen.'

"Naruto!" shouted Lana. Yelling out the name of her lover.


In the swamp a brown haired females 13 appear. "Wake up."

"Where am I?"