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~additional note~ This is a very short chapter because I am just trying to get the gist of writing fanfics, and a feel for this story.

It was raining.

There were no windows near her bunk, but she could sense it, almost feel it even. The sound of raindrops hummed in her ears.

The rain used to bother her, scare her even. But now that she was at the Resistance camp, she could block that fear out with her newfound powers, in addition to those from her mother, the goddess Demeter.

Rey tried to ignore the thunder that was keeping her awake, but it was hard to ignore Zeus's fury. 'What is he mad about now?' she thought.

Her mind wandered for hours, going from what she had for breakfast, to her training block. Then her mind fell on what had happened at her special training with General Organa.

He had just appeared there, almost out of a shadow.

The newcomer, Ben she thinks was his name, was tall. Far taller than herself, and he had jet black hair that fell shaggily around his neck.

And his eyes.

Rey had only looked in them for a moment, but that was all it took. They were piercing brown, not just metaphorically, but almost metaphysically. There was a connection between them, she just knew it. He would be important to her.

Very important indeed.

Her mind once again turned to the rain. Pitter-patter, pitter-patter. Ben. pitter-patter, pitter-patter.

His name flowed over and over again, almost against her will. She tried to focus on the rain, on the bonfire, on his eyes.

She must have eventually fallen asleep. When she woke up the next morning, Ben was still in her thoughts, but she pushed him away and began to prep for the day.

Since Rey was training with her newfound 'bonus powers', which General Organa had called 'the Force', she had her own small living quarters, separate from the other children of Demeter in bunker 4. This made it easier to meditate and channel the 'Force' when needed.

Her quarters were maybe the size of a large tool shed and had gray cement walls, whose cracks were filled by moss and small plants. It was like a smaller, more toned-down version of the main Demeter cabin, which she had spent some time in before being relocated to cabin '4B'. There was a wooden door, and two small windows on the opposite wall from the door, as well as a skylight, which mostly remained blacked out. This made it easier to meditate, to gain focus while doing so. The floor was also concrete, with small patches of buttercups here and there. Rey also had a small herb garden, that she used to grow spices and herbs for healing.

She had a small refresher in the back of the room, which had a small shower with concrete walls and a glass door, along with a set of wooden cabinets where she kept her toiletries, and a stack of dark green towels.

Rey found that having her own bunker had its perks, like privacy, and more areas where she could add her own personal hints of decorating. But it had its downsides, Despite the obvious loneliness (that didn't bother her as much as you would think it would). She had nobody really looking out for her. Of course, she had the other Demeter kids, but she had no cabin head to tell her what to do. She certainly knew plenty of demigods who would kill for no cabin head telling when to go to bed, or what to do. Yet she disliked the lack of leadership.

Once she got out of bed, she took a peek at her clock. 6:30. Good, she had 30 minutes till her morning meditation with Master Luke. She strolled over to her wooden dresser, feeling the soft green rug under her feet. Another personal touch she had added. She picked out some white linen training robes and slipped into them.

She wrapped her fore-arms up with some extra linen. This had no other purpose than to hide the scars she had received from a few monster attacks. Even though plenty of people had told her they made her look bad-ass, and how she shouldn't cover them up, it just reminded her of her losses, like Paige.

Paige had been a good friend of Rey's, the first one she actually made at the camp, after Hux. Paige was Rose Tico's half-sister. Paige was also a daughter of Demeter, while Rose was a daughter of Apollo. Paige had died in a minotaur attack a couple of years back. She had died while protecting Rey, whom the minotaur was after.

Rey quickly redirected her thoughts when she felt moisture form in the corner of her eyes. She couldn't be late for meditation. She quickly brushed out her chocolate-colored hair, and tied it back into 3 looped buns, a signature look for her, and slipped on her boots. She grabbed her bow staff, her weapon of choice, and slipped out the door of cabin 4B.

As she walked to the circle of trees she usually meditated in, she took a couple of extra minutes to greet the forest creatures along the way. They all liked to come up and silently greet her in the mornings. That was a given perk of being a child of Demeter. Sometimes, the forest spirits known as dryads, would come out and say hi, her favorite of them making an appearance today.

"Greetings Rey," said Laura. she was a laurel tree spirit, though that much was obvious to any child of Demeter. Rey had known Laura for years, and she was probably the most friendly dryad in the camp's forest, often attending bonfires and camp meetings or gatherings.

"Hello, Laura. How are Pina and Lane?" Lane and Pina were respectively laurel and pine spirits. They were more reclusive, but Rey considered them friends.

"They are fine, but Pina has been losing needles every day. She keeps going on about the forest being in danger." Laura said with a slight eye-roll. Laura had light brown skin and a slim figure. Her oval-shaped, olive-green eyes were kind and soft. Her hair was various shades of vibrant dark and light green laurel leaves and was about shoulder length.

"Well, send them my best. How are the critters?"

"Also fine, although some hotshot camper blasted down two squirrels with a blaster, and one camper shot a bluejay with an arrow," Laura replied.

"Provably an Apollo kid." Rey stated. "Hey, I should probably get going Laura. Are you coming to tonight's bonfire?"

"I don't know, Pina is really on edge about leaving the forest right now. I think I might stay behind to ease her conscience."

"We'll miss you then, you'll have to stop by soon though," Rey replied, and then started to head down the path to her meditation spot.

"Will do. Seeya Rey."

When Rey arrived at the clearing, Master Luke had not arrived yet. After about five minutes, Rey decided to just head back to her cabin, and do some private meditation, hoping Master Luke wouldn't mind. She didn't mind it anyway, private meditation gave her a chance to reflect on more personal stuff, without Master Luke sensing her inner thoughts.

When she arrived back at cabin 4B however, she felt that something wasn't right. There was a prickling sensation on her neck as if her senses had been heightened. The sounds of campers heading to the first block seemed to vanish, and the air seemed to drop 10 degrees. She slowly entered her cabin, bow staff out and ready to pick a fight. But when she entered her cabin, she saw a figure. She couldn't see who it was until they turned around.

The eyes she saw were staring back at her, just like last night. But this time, they were there, in person, and they were even more piercing than before.