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Ben's POV

As he strolled away from her cabin, he could feel Rey's panic growing farther with every footfall.

He hadn't really know why he decided to use the bond to communicate, maybe just to give her a reason to talk to him again. Even if it would only be to figure out what he had done.

Rey had entranced him, he knew that now, and the bond proved that this was certainly not going to be their last encounter. A new image of her flashed in his mind with every stride away from cabin 4b and the Demeter cabin.

Her chocolate hair, looped upon her head.

The wispy baby hairs that curled near her ears.

The long, fluttery lashes that curled up from her sparkling, hazel eyes.

Suddenly, a new image appeared in his line of vision.

The general.

"You're late, Recruit. I almost thought you weren't going to show up." she chided. "Have a nice chat with your fellow trainee?"

A slight look of fear spread onto his face, but he masked it with false confusion.

"I don't think I know what you're talking about, General."

Leia rolled her eyes and turned to start walking towards the concrete pavilion. Ben followed suit, deciding to quickly change the topic.

"So when do I begin training?" he asked. More specifically, when do I start training with Rey, he thought.

"You must complete your basic training before you can train with her," she replied to Ben's private thoughts, out loud, nonchalantly. Ben stopped cold.

"How did you-"

"Why else would I be training someone to use the force if I didn't have its abilities myself, soldier? Need I remind you of who my brother is?"

"Luke Skywalker, of course, I know of the tales surrounding the man who killed Snoke. But that doesn't explain how you just read my mind. Force bonds are rare, the odds of one, nonetheless two-"

"Is rare, yes." she finished. "We do not have one, you and I, although we must focus some training on yours with the girl. Also, it's Master Skywalker to you, that is how you will address him."

Great, he thought. I have no privacy.

"You will be taught how to prevent me from looking into your mind, but not until you've been trained properly in the culture of the base. We need you to know your way around, and how to fight, without the force. Then we will build your abilities." she retorted, calmly. "And I don't look into people's minds unless I need to, or if I just want to mess with them. Your mind is safe. For now." she winked.

"Now, let's get started with your orientation."

"I thought that's what I did yesterday?" Ben replied.

"Yes, but as I have seen, you barely can find your way out of your cabin without getting lost."

Suddenly he saw someone strolling towards the pavilion.

"That's why I've assigned you to her," she said, pointing at the ever-approaching figure. "This is Rose Tico, she is a pilot and flight engineer on the base, a child of Apollo."

Rose was short with a triangular figure. She had tan skin and light brown eyes, with glittering flecks of gold, though she lacked the trademark blonde locks of Apollo. She had jet black hair with angular bangs, the rest pulled into a neat trail on the back of her head. She wore a green flight suit adorned with the Resistance Starbird, and tucked into her suit was a little necklace, a golden crescent with intricate carvings.

"She's going to take you on a more extensive tour of the camp. I want you to report back to me in the main communications center today at 16:00, try and get there on your own, and on time." Leia smiled, and then turned and entered the building adjacent to the pavilion.

He looked over to Rose, who returned his look with a friendly smile.

"Let's get started then."

Throughout their walk, Ben learned many things.

He learned mostly about the camp layout, where to go and where not to go, restricted areas, the Med Bay location, and a myriad of others. However, he did not limit himself to questions about the camp only.

"You seem to know everyone," Ben commented after Rose greeted almost everyone they say by name. "Do you know Rey?"

"I do, were good friends, although she was always closer to my sister."

"You have a sister?" Ben asked. He knew he must've said something wrong by her change in expression, from fondness to sadness.

"Had. She died a few years back. Her name was Paige, she was a daughter of Demeter, like Rey. We grew up together, even before we came here, since we had the same civilian mom. She was one of Rey's first friends actually."

"I'm sorry that she passed."

"Thank you, but I like to remember her, and not the fact that she's gone. Why did you ask about Rey?"

"The general said we're going to be training together soon, I haven't met her yet though, and I want to get familiar." he lied.

"Training? Do you have the force too?" she asked, a look of wonder in her eyes.

"I do, that's mostly why I came here."

"Wow. I always wished I had the force, it sounds so cool."

"It's mostly a lot of meditation." Ben joked. This made Rose laugh.

"Sounds peaceful. So you're going to train with Rey huh? Are you sure that's all you're looking for?" she winked.

A look of embarrassment and horror spread onto his face, his cheeks succumbing with red heat.

"I'm joking, of course!" She assured him. Ben didn't need the whole camp knowing that he liked her. He needed to start training so he could build up a barrier on his mind as soon as possible.

"Rey is nice to everyone she meets. She is very understanding, but she is also very loyal to the cause." Rose explained. "She thinks of the base as her true family since she never really had one-" Rose trailed off, and clamped a hand over her mouth. "Please don't tell her I said that! She doesn't like people knowing about that!" Rose was pleading.

"Don't worry, I wouldn't want you to get in trouble. After all, your one of the nicest people on this base that I've met," he assured her. Plus, I hear you're a pretty kickass pilot."

"Ah so the general informed you well," she grinned. "I've been piloting almost my whole life. When I'm in a fighter, I just get absorbed with the controls. it's soothing."

"Sounds like you've got a big job. I don't think I could ever be focused on anything. Not unless I try real hard."

"Well my friend, Poe, he's an amazing pilot. He was born in the Resistance, raised in it, lived his whole life with the Resistance, he even saw Luke Skywalker receive his medal on Yavin! He taught me everything I know."

"I can't wait to meet him."

"Oh, you so should! I'd introduce you, but he's off base right now, I think he's on a mission on the Endorian base. But he's really a great guy, good friends with Rey as well."

Ben soon realized that they had returned to the dining hall, although now it was bustling with life as the base began to eat its first meal. He hadn't realized how hungry he had been. The smell of fresh flat cakes and jogan fruit juice wafted through his nose.

"And this is my favorite place on the whole base, besides the hangar." chirped Rose. "You should come take a seat with me, I can introduce you to Rey!"

His mind flashed with the image of her chocolate hair and freckled cheeks. His heart picked up pace.

"I'd love that." he replied.

And with that Rose started strolling towards a table in the far corner. One of the 4 seats was preoccupied with Rey's white linen bag. He started thinking of what he would say to her that wouldn't be awkward. When they approached the table, Rose took the seat next to Rey's bag, and Ben sat across from Rey's unoccupied seat.

Soon, Ben witnessed a slim, dark-haired figure approach, clad in eggshell linen, carrying a fresh tray of food. A look of confusion spread across her face as she looked from Rose to ben, Rose again.

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