Firstly, I'm just going to say the default disclaimer. I don't own HTTYD, etc.

Secondly, this is a mature piece of fiction with some content of a sexual nature, and I will probably write some lemons in later chapters.

Thirdly, this is a transformation fic, and dragon x dragon and dragon x human is going to appear in this fic.

If you don't like any of the above turn back now!

My reasons for writing this are few but complex. I have issues that writing sometimes seems to help with.

If you want to leave a review calling me a sicko or whatever go ahead, I won't pay any attention to it. I'm not writing it for you, I'm writing it for me.

If you want to praise my ability to write and tell a story, then please do. I think my writing is crap.

Also, if you do want to leave an honest critical review of my story and/or writing, then go right ahead, I would love to read your advice!

Regarding Updates and Completing the Story.

Updates may or may not happen. I want you to understand right now that I do not guarantee the completion of this fic.

Nor do I promise to provide regular updates or new chapters.

If I do update this fic, entire chapters might disappear or be rewritten.

If this fic does one day hold the glorious "Complete" tag that means that it is actually complete and will probably not be updated.

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