Can Never Be

(Sally pov.)

I came to visit the two princes I use to tutor back in my beginning days.

I couldn't believe how much they've grown.

"Sally!" Ruza shouted and Mare actually came out and smile at me.

"Hello my two favorite students." I said. Holding my arms out, I let them both come up and hug me.

I was happy seeing them.

"Sally." I looked up, and there he was. "Chrom." Chrom Rem. My ex lover.

Back when I was here, I was teaching the boys and Chrom was the adviser to the crown prince, so he was in a lot of my sessions with Ruza.

Then one day, he asked me for dinner, and I agreed. Not thinking it would turn out the way it would.

But it turned out, he played me.

He was so wonderful. He was sweet when he first courted me. It was over a month of nothing but, lunch picnic's, fancy dinners, even a few midnight drinks in either quarters. Nothing overly done.

But the painful part, was when he got me fired.

Ruza's father, sent me away cause I was too busy with Chrom that his sons weren't getting the right education he was expecting.

He hated the fact I was being courted by Chrom, but as I packed my things..."It's better this way. I'm sorry this had to happen like this. I'm sure, you will still find work out there."

I then knew, he did this to me on purpose. He wanted control over the prince.

I wished I had seen it before, but it was too late.

I packed up and left.

But now, I was back. After hearing of what happened, I came as fast as I could. "Well, I heard you two now have a princess friend."

"Yes. She's playful." Mare said. "I'm guessing she got you to come out of your room." I smiled.

"And she saved me. But, I still wanted Chrom here to help me. Cause I still trust him. Don't you?" Ruza asked me.

I looked up at Chrom, guessing they didn't know the truth about what happened.

"I'm glad. You showed him the best kindness any young prince would show someone who has betrayed the crown. You will make a fine and fair and kind king, Ruza." I told him.

"I'll be right in there for tea. I would like to...speak with Chrom alone for a moment." I told them.

The two nodded and went inside as Chrom approached me.

"Sally...It's been-"

"I haven't forgiven you." I told him. "You broke my heart. And I haven't gotten over it. You may fool the prince this time, but you pull this again, and I'll hunt you down and kill you myself. No matter how much...I still love you." I said to him.

He didn't have a word to say. He opened and closed his mouth. He nodded understanding me. "If it helps," He spoke as I walked past him. "I still love you too. And I would kill myself, if the thought crossed my mind." He said.

I had a tear fall down my cheek. But I couldn't get emotional now. I had to be my usual self. Even if, it means putting on a mask.

The End