After picking up the six surviving dogs from the base, Jerry, Katie, Cooper and Davis got them all into the boat that was going to take them back to New Zealand where they would all fly back home. Captain Lovett apparently had a special surprise waiting for the dogs: hot meals!

"After feeding on the cold meat Antarctica gave them, I'm sure they'll appreciate this," he laughed, scratching Shorty right behind the ear as the pure white dog dug in.

"Hey how about some hot coffee for the rescue team?" inquired Cooper, Lovett just pointed him to the pot, where it was ready. Maya meanwhile was taken by Jerry to the medical room where the ship's doctor, despite not knowing much about animal medicine, gladly looked at her leg.

"It seems to be a recent cut, I'll do what I can for her, but when we get back to land, you might want an actual vet to look at her," he told Jerry.

"I once had to have a vet stitch a wound on my leg, he and I remain in contact," Jerry mentioned, both he and the doctor laughed over that.

When they got back to the States, Maya with her bitten leg now in a cast there was a small welcoming committee waiting for them. Davis' wife and son were there. So were some members of the Antarctic group who wanted to honor the six dogs who had to survive on their own in the frigid wasteland of Antarctica.

"Eric, I want you to meet the dogs who saved your daddy," Davis told his son as he walked Eric up to them and introduced him to the dogs one by one, just as Jerry had done for him what seemed almost an eternity ago. The dogs happily crowded around Eric, showering him with love. Eric seemed to be having the time of his life, until he looked up at Jerry.

"I thought there were eight?" he asked. The four individuals who had gone to retrieve the dogs gave each other somber smiles.

"I'm sorry Eric, Old Jack never made it off the chain, he was old and I guess he lost the strength, and we have no way of locating Dewey's body," said Jerry as he knelt down to pat Eric on the back and scratch Max on the head. Hearing this, various members of the Antarctic group expressed their sympathies.

"I daresay Dewey has an unmarked grave just like Robert Scott and his men, but may Old Jack's grave be a reminder of the courage all of these dogs faced," said Eve, putting a gentle hand on Jerry's shoulder, he accepted the sympathy. He then got back up and hugged Eve and then Katie. Cooper meanwhile found himself victim to being jumped on by Buck and licked in the face. Once they got all the dogs to line up and stay put, they (the dogs), the Davis family, Cooper, Jerry and Katie had a photograph of themselves taken for the Antarctic magazine.