An AU Spidey-Snake story requested by Kal-drxwn on Wattpad! I hope that you enjoy it! I love this idea so much; it was hard for me to stop the story where I did... I could have kept working on this for a long time!

Peter had to admit, his life was pretty good all things considered. He was a super hero stopping crime and saving lives while somehow managing to be a top student in school; not to forget about his 'internship' at Stark Industries. It was awesome.

Despite finding out that his whole childhood was a lie via a freak accident, forcing May to come clean with him, Peter felt as if he was still winning in life. He could live with what he found out and, in a way, it made sense.

But then the Asgardians came to Earth.

To the Compound, more specifically.

They weren't going to stay there permanently, just until they were able to find a place to settle and set up houses for everyone to live in. Meaning for a few months... the Compound was at maximum occupancy and completely full of life.

And Peter had to admit, things got a little awkward after that - for him at least. He knew that Thor would return one day, which was fine! Peter had always wanted to meet the golden man! It was that Loki had come back with him that put Peter on edge... Thor claimed that Loki was a changed man, much better than what he was before and that people could trust him now. Peter wanted to believe him... He wanted to go over and greet Loki like the rest of them were doing. But instead he stayed in the back of the room and slipped out the door once introductions were over.

A month ago, Peter would have been so excited to meet the two of them. He was such a big fan of Thor, and anyone could see Loki's charm even from a distance! Being friends with them would be... awesome.

But he knew the truth about his family's involvement with Loki and he just couldn't face that right now. He would rather take on Flash and the Vulture within the same hour than this.

A part of him wondered if the two alien gods knew about him... If they did, they certainly didn't care- No, no; he couldn't push that on them! They were amazing and nice and probably didn't know.

And they wouldn't know. Peter would make sure that they never found out. If anyone knew the truth, it would create so many problems and probably a lot of arguments and fighting and Peter really didn't want to be the cause for another break in the Avengers.

"You're that spider-child," A smooth voice said from behind him, causing Peter to jump. He spun around to see Loki standing there, a small smirk as he looked Peter up and down. "I have to say, I almost didn't recognize you without the suit. Was that one of Stark's designs?"

Opening and closing his mouth for a second longer than he was proud of, Peter cleared his throat and shook his head. "Yes- no! I mean, kinda? I came up with the original design, he just... improved it."

Loki nodded slowly, his eyes narrowing a fraction. "I see... Do you know what else I see?"

Peter gulped, not trusting his voice as he shook his head.

"I see you, child." Loki leaned closer, "You're always watching Thor and I with a very strange look, one I would almost name guilt. But that can't be, what would you have to be guilty over that involved us?"

This wasn't good... This was definitely not good. Peter's heart was beating too fast, he couldn't think. What was he supposed to say to that? There was nothing to say! The gig was up; Loki knew! Of course he knew! Only an idiot wouldn't know! Peter was the idiot for thinking that Loki wouldn't figure it out!

"Brother, there you are!" A rough but happy voice called from down the hall, Thor smiling brightly as he walked over. "Ah, I see you've found young Peter! Great!"

They both knew. Oh dear God they both knew!

"H-hi..." He almost cursed as his voice cracked; he was supposed to be out of puberty!

Thor seemed more amused by it though, his smile growing even larger. "Stark asked us to find you, there is a mission he wants you to take part in."

Almost immediately, Peter's eyes brightened as his back straightened from a hunch he hadn't realized he'd gone in. "Really? That's awesome! Thanks, Mr. God-Thor, sir!"

As he ran to find Mr. Stark, Peter heard Thor commenting to Loki about how nice he was and that Loki shouldn't try to scare him. It made Peter feel slightly bad about avoiding them for so long... Maybe he could be friend with them?

And he tried; Peter really tried to be friends with them. Thor was easy enough to get along with, just give the man food and he would consider you his friend for life. But things were still tense with Loki... Both of them had their guards' way up around each other, and Peter could honestly say he wasn't surprised about that at all.

But then one night, Peter was stuck in a dream - a nightmare. Try as he might, he couldn't wake himself up. It was horrifying and painful and Peter needed to wake up, he needed to know that it was a dream and that his friends were still alive! He needed to know that they were alive and he hadn't killed them! But he couldn't.

It took what seemed to be forever to break free of the dream's icy grip, leaving Peter gasping for air and clutching at his freezing chest. His breath came out in white puffs in front of his face, which was strange... Until he looked around his room and saw the ice that covered the floor and walls, frost all over his bed.

Terrified of bringing that dream into real life, he threw his blanket off and got out of bed as quickly as he could - making sure to avoid looking at himself in the mirror as he went to his door.

He tried to control his heavy breaths as he made his way into the kitchen, confident that it was early enough in the morning that no one else would be going there any time soon. If Peter got something to drink - something warm, like hot chocolate - then he should calm down.

Just as he entered the dark kitchen, Peter stopped short and looked around with furrowed brows. Someone else was in here-

"Holy shi-!" Peter jumped and nearly stuck to the side of the fridge when he saw Loki standing next to the stove, slowly stirring something in a cup.

"Careful, you will call Rogers in here with that kind of language," Loki chuckled as the boy slowly relaxed.

Taking a deep breath to try and calm his racing heart, Peter muttered, "That's the last thing I need right now..."

Loki raised an eyebrow at him, tilting his head slightly, "Shouldn't you be asleep, child? Correct me if I'm wrong - I've only been here a week after all - but I don't believe it's normal for you to be sneaking through the Compound..."

Peter stiffed slightly but sent a weak glare to the man, "I'm not a child, I'm fifteen. And I wasn't sneaking, I was just... I don't want anyone to know I'm awake right now."

Taking a sip of what was in the cup, Loki chuckled. "Whatever you say..."

An awkward silence fell over them for a while as Peter shuffled his feet, staring at the floor or wall or anywhere that wasn't in Loki's direction. He should probably have thought of something to say, they were both awake at this time and alone so this might be Peter's only chance to have an actual conversation with the man...

But then Loki placed his spoon in the sink and started walking out the other door, the chance for conversation quickly leaving with him.

"U-Um, wait...!" Peter called, taking a step forward. He soon cursed himself though because he didn't have anything to continue with... Loki stopped though and looked at him expectantly, making Peter blurt out the first thing that came to him - which unfortunately was his dream. "Have you ever been scared of yourself? Uh, I mean... Have you ever wondered if maybe you could hurt someone you care about when you really don't want to? I know that seems stupid, how could you hurt someone if you don't want to? But that's possible right? Have you ever... Ah, never mind, forget I said anything. That's a stupid question."

Peter rushed to the stove after pulling the milk carton out of the fridge, his eyes focused solely on his work as he tried his best to ignore the stare of Loki as he poured milk into a pot and placed it on the burner.

Loki watched the child with a very confused but interested expression. Of all the people to ask that question to, he asked Loki. Was he just reaching out to find comfort from a bad dream, or really wanting to talk, Loki couldn't say for sure... But something about it made him stay.

"It's possible," Loki said quietly, causing Peter to turn back to him with wide eyes. "You can hurt those you care about if you aren't careful, it happens all the time."

"I see..." Peter looked down at the stove. "I really don't want to hurt anyone though..."

Loki took a breath as he slowly nodded, "One can't always help themselves. But there are ways to prevent it."

Peter looked up, his eyes hopeful, "Really? What are they?"

"Finish your drink and meet me in the sitting room, then I will tell you."

A small smile made its way onto Peter's face as he nodded, turning back to finish making the hot chocolate as Loki left. His hands were shaking slightly as he poured the heated milk into a mug, he didn't know if it was from the nightmare or excitement of talking with Loki... He was going to say excitement though; it was a much better feeling than the leftover traces of fear.

Once he had finished mixing his drink, he went into the living room where Loki was sitting, a single lamp turned on and a book in his hand as he drank what Peter assumed was tea. He looked so cool... Perfect hair in a designer suit, holding a book with one hand with the light illuminating him just in the right places. Peter was honestly jealous.

The book disappeared in a flash as Loki looked up at him, nodding slightly to the seat across from him. Peter rushed in carefully, trying his best not to spill his hot chocolate as he took the chair Loki indicated.

He was almost embarrassed by how eager he was to talk with Loki, but he was able to ignore that embarrassment as soon as Loki started talking. Peter had always expected Loki to be wise and kinda all-knowing, but he was surprised to find how gentle and understanding he was as well.

Loki had figured out it was a nightmare that set Peter on edge and admitted to having ones like that as well; while neither of them wished to give details of their vivid dreams, they both formed a slight bond over the knowledge that they weren't alone. It was comforting in a way that Peter didn't think possible.

And when Peter had that same dream and woke up with his room frosted again the next night, he went to the kitchen to find Loki already there and with two cups of warm drinks for them and another night of talking in the living room.

It was pleasantly surprising to witness this side of Loki... Peter had grown up hearing only the bad about him; how Loki was evil for what he did in New York, or that he was a cold-hearted trickster that didn't care for anyone... Peter was willing to bet none of those people would ever expect the alien god to make hot chocolate and listen to a teenage boy ramble about his problems.

It felt good to talk with him as well. Loki was an amazing listener and would occasionally ask a follow up question afterward. It caused a strange sense of pride to swell in him, because Peter had witnessed Loki cutting off Thor and Mr. Stark multiple times in the past, but he never stopped Peter from talking. It was like he had special privileges!

And when Peter returned the following weekend, he was worried that things would have gone back to the way before... But Loki greeted him with a small smirk as everyone gathered in the living room for movie night.

Their bond grew even more after that, much to Peter's excitement. He had run into Loki while on patrol one night and the man had decided to join him in stopping a bank robbery. Afterward, more often than not, Loki was with Peter on patrols.

They became personal therapists for each other; Loki had quite a bit of trouble when it came to dealing with whiny humans that he couldn't stab and Peter would help him control his anger - or help him take it out on random object in abandoned buildings. In turn, whenever Peter was troubled or upset, Loki was there to listen and offer advice in the best way he could - which normally involved stabbing Flash or pranking someone with a knife... Peter still had much to do in teaching Loki about what was acceptable behavior for humans.

The Avengers even noticed the growing bond between the two and - with much persuasion on Tony - let the two of them go on a mission together in Brazil to retrieve an alien artifact from a temple.

"This is gonna be awesome...!" Peter said as the two of them boarded the Quin Jet.

Loki chuckled quietly at his enthusiasm as he went to the cockpit, "As long as the temple guardians don't kill us, sure."

Peter paused for a second, blinking a few times as he tried to process that. "Temple guardians?"

"Of course, don't your temples here have guards around them?"

Peter thought about it and frowned slightly, "Probably... Aw man, we're going to be stealing from them, then?"

"It's for the best," Loki smirked as he powered the jet, beginning to fly off. "A human wouldn't be able to resist the power contained in this artifact, and their minds would crumble if they tried to wield it. So by robbing them, we are saving them."

The boy couldn't argue with that logic as he dropped into one of the seats. He really didn't want to steal from these people, but he didn't want anyone to get hurt when he could prevent it. So the good he was doing was going to cancel out the bad.

Sneaking a glance over at Loki as he hit buttons on the dash, Peter smiled a bit. He was bouncing with excitement when the others told him about this mission, and they passed it off as the boy simply being happy to leave the country again... But Peter was even happier to be doing this with Loki. Peter had always had a... connection with the man, albeit slightly unwanted in the beginning it was definitely welcomed now. Getting to know more about Loki and spending time with him was so fulfilling in a way that Peter didn't know he needed.

Growing up after the Battle of New York, Peter had only heard bad things about Loki and how he was a menace. After finding out about his family's connection with him, Peter didn't know how to react and felt as if everything was just as much his fault as it was Loki's. But after they started hanging out and getting to know about each other, it was like everything was magically better. All the insults about Loki that Peter felt had been directed at him no longer hurt (though he was prepared to argue with anyone that now said Loki was evil), and his nightmares were gone now as well. He was back to winning in life.

Taking one last glance at Loki, Peter leaned back in his seat and settled in. It was ridiculously early in the morning and they had a somewhat short flight ahead of them, Peter wanted to get just a little more sleep in.

As he closed his eyes, Loki turned back in his chair to look at him. He couldn't quite place it, but there was something about the boy that seemed familiar... Perhaps that was why he decided to trust him so quickly? It was rough at first, sure; it normally took Loki much longer before he decided to spend so much time with a person. He grew up with Thor and could barely stand him for more than an hour, for heaven's sake! Not to mention letting this child talk on and on about his life and the smallest of things...! Absolutely unheard of.

But strangely enough, he didn't hate it. He actually found his time with Peter quite enjoyable.

The flight had taken a little less than an hour, Loki calling to Peter as they started their descent into a clearing. The boy woke up with a jump, nearly causing Loki to laugh.

"I'm awake!"

"Good, we will be landing shortly so I suggest you collect yourself and get ready. We have to walk a ways to reach the temple."

Peter nodded as he hopped in place, stretching a bit. He was one of the few people on Earth blessed with the ability to wake up energized and in a good mood, and he would fully take advantage of that.

Once the doors to the jet were opened though, Peter was hit with a wave of sensory overload. While the inside of the jet was normally quiet and dark, outside in the Brazilian forest was the complete opposite. The sun was already high and bright despite the early time of morning; bugs, birds, and animals galore were screaming out the songs of their people and Peter was fairly certain he heard a waterfall nearby as well, and the smells... Oh God the millions of smells...


Shaking his head slightly, Peter looked over to Loki; the man had an eyebrow raised as he waited on the ground for Peter to join him.

"Yeah, sorry! I'm coming!" Tugging his mask on, Peter jumped off the ramp and started walking ahead. He was so glad that Mr. Stark had added some built-in precautions for his mask, or he would be in so much trouble right now...

Looking around as they walked, Peter took in the muffled sounds of the wildlife. It was so much different than what he heard in the city, even when he went to the zoo once on a field trip! It was peaceful, calming... Well, calming until something set his spidey-sense off and he was sent on full alert.

"Something wrong?" Loki asked, an eyebrow raised as he watched Peter nervously shuffle forward.

"Uh... Maybe? Something bad is around here but I can't tell what it is."

Loki glanced around, his eyes carefully scanning across the area. He lingered on a particularly large bush, then moved on ahead. "It was probably a snake in a tree, nothing to worry about."

Peter felt like he was missing out on something, glancing at the bush that Loki was staring at for a second before realizing that the man was walking away without him. "Hey, Loki! Wait up!"

It wasn't a long walk to the temple but Peter was still getting the feeling that something was wrong, that feeling in the back of his neck annoying him to no end and making him jump at every little thing. When they arrived at the temple though, Peter's awe soon blocked out any danger warnings.

It was like they had just walked into part of El Dorado... The temple was extremely advanced for how old it was, but what captivated Peter was that it seemed to be made of pure gold. Every surface of it - even the pathway leading to it - was golden and shining in the sun.

"This is a Sovereign temple..." Loki commented, looking around with a slightly interested expression. "I wasn't aware they had ever come to Earth. They don't normally associate themselves with beings who they believe are lower than them, especially considering the time this was built."

Peter nodded along as he took everything in with a wide smile - that quickly dropped when he saw the stairs.

"This is an advanced alien temple; couldn't they have put an elevator in or something?"

Loki chuckled as he began to climb them, "I'm surprised they even put stairs for us."

Peter groaned as he reluctantly started climbing as well, muttering under his breath the whole way. The climb didn't really bother him; he wasn't even winded when they reached the top. It was really just the idea of climbing... Probably a human thing.

The inside of the temple was much like the outside, completely gold and absolutely stunning. There were many different paths leading in various directions that Peter knew would leave him hopelessly lost if Loki wasn't here - assuming that Loki knew where to go.

"Since this is a Sovereign temple," Loki started, taking the second path to the left, "the artifact we're looking for is most likely the Anulax Batteries."

Peter blinked at the man, his head tilting slightly. "Wait... We flew all the way to the middle of Brazil for a battery?"

"Powerful batteries, it's what keeps their planet alive."

"A battery that- Never mind." Peter chuckled, shaking his head.

They kept walking for a while; taking different turns now and then that Peter wasn't entirely convinced were planned. Everything seemed random... But this was Loki, and if Peter had learned anything in the short time he knew the man, there was nothing random about him.

Now that he thought about it, it was honestly strange how quickly the two of them bonded. It had basically happened overnight... They were wary of each other all day, then suddenly they were listening to each other's problems that night. How was that even possible? Becoming this close with someone was supposed to take time, wasn't it? It took them only a few weeks to become nearly inseparable!

Peter couldn't help but wonder if their bond grew so quickly because of his family's connection with the alien god... It was a possibility. After all, Loki still didn't get alone with Mr. Stark and the other Avengers - even Thor sometimes! It gave Peter hope that maybe - just maybe - he would be able to tell Loki.

Loki's back suddenly filled Peter's vision, causing the boy to stop abruptly before he ran into Loki. Leaning to the side slightly, Peter saw they had come into a large dome-like room with a pedestal in the exact middle of it. On the pedestal was a round... thing... with golden glowing things around it.

"Is that the battery?"

"Batteries; each glowing cylinder is a battery," Loki informed him, Peter nodding along. "This is a small amount, normally there are a lot more. It's understandable though - they're powering a temple, not a planet."

They started walking to the batteries, Peter much slower than Loki as he looked around. That bad feeling he was ignoring since seeing the temple was back with a vengeance, putting him on edge as he crept closer to Loki.

"Hey, I think something-"


Peter quickly turned around to see Loki holding his shoulder, smoke rising from the area as the sickening smell of burnt skin filled the air. "Loki!"

"Don't-!" Loki held out his good arm, shaking his head just before a laser blast from the ceiling hit him dead in the back. Peter's eyes widened as he watched Loki's body fall to the ground, disbelief clear on his face as he took a small step forward and tugged his mask off.

"Crimes against us are worthy of death," A voice announced from behind him, Peter wheeling around to see two men that matched the walls with their golden ...everything. "He was stealing our batteries, so he had to die."

"We didn't know you would be here though! We thought that humans would try and steal them! If you would have just asked before attacking-"

"If you would have asked before stealing, your friend might still be alive."

Peter looked back at Loki's motionless form, his chest turning cold as his breathing started to go erratic. Loki couldn't be dead... There was absolutely no way that Loki was dead. He was just knocked out, and the golden people thought he was dead. That had to be it!

"You..." One of them started, though Peter didn't bother to look back at them. "You aren't human... Not fully. Ah, I see now why you are so attached to him. Your human half is in mourning. Fear not, you will be joining him soon; just like the rest of your kind on this planet."

The quiet hum of the ceiling lasers alerted Peter to them powering up, but his eyes were still on Loki, quietly begging him to get up.

"So that's your plan," A familiar voice announced, catching everyone's attention. They all turned to see Loki standing behind the men with a smirk - and holding the batteries. "You plan to kill off all the humans? For what? This planet hardly suits your needs, there's no way you would inhabit it. So why do you want to kill the humans?"

"It does not concern you, Asgardian."

The humming of the laser became louder, Peter started panicking as the cold in his chest grew harsher. "Loki...!" He called as the gold beam fired at the man, who disappeared in a flash of green and reappeared a few feet in front of Peter.

Loki felt a small hint of concern for Peter and wanted to wrap this fight up quickly. He heard the way the Sovereign had mentioned him not being human (which somewhat made sense, Peter had enhanced abilities that could confuse them), but since the boy saw his illusion of being dead, he was growing paler and more stiff. If the Sovereign tried to attack Peter at this time, the boy wouldn't be able to defend himself properly.

He watched with dark eyes and a wicked smirk as one of the men in front of him pulled out a gun. This would be over with quickly.

"Stop!" Peter yelled from behind him, a strangely familiar cracking sound following the voice and startling all three men. As Loki turned to see what it was, his eyes widened as he barely got out of the way of an ice blast. He watched as the ice crossed the ground and surrounded their opponents, encasing them in a frozen prison. Eyes still wide, Loki looked back to search for where the attack came from. But Loki stopped short as he took in Peter's appearance.

While he was still wearing his Spider-Man suit, his face was fully visible and showing the blue skin and red eyes that Peter should definitely not have... Blue markings a shade or two darker than his skin tone lined Peter's cheeks, forehead, and chin; forming designs and meanings that Loki knew a Midgardian would never understand.

"Peter...?" Loki's brows furrowed as he took a step closer, the boy jumping back and shaking his head.

"N-no! Stop, don't come any closer!" Peter's eyes were wide and breathing uneven, he was too close to a full panic as he slowly backed further away and stared at his hands.

"What is happening, child? Why are you...?" Loki left the question open, ignoring Peter's plea and taking another step to him.

"I said stop!" Peter threw his hands out in front of him, a wave of ice spears hurling towards Loki. The man hesitated slightly, but didn't need to do anything as the ice exploded before even reaching him. He looked up to see Peter's horrified expression as his feet shuffled back.

"Peter..." The Anulax Batteries disappeared in a flash of green light as Loki held his hands out, taking another slow step to the boy. "Calm down, child..."

Before he knew it, Peter was running out of the temple as fast as he could, jumping over him and out the door. Loki cursed under his breath as he ran after him.

"Peter! Stop!"

Ice was filling the halls after Peter, the cold surface making the floors dangerously slippery. But Loki didn't have any trouble as he caught up with him, reaching a hand out to grab his arm. Just before he could though, the two of them exited the temple and into the direct sunlight.

Peter yelled out in pain as he felt the sun against his blue skin, Loki quickly grabbing him and tugging him back into the shade of the temple.

"Take a deep breath," The man instructed, holding Peter's chin in his grasp as he brushed a thumb along the slightly burnt skin on his cheek. "Just breathe, it'll go away soon."

"No, it won't...!" Peter shook his head and pulled away, leaning against the wall and sliding down to the ground. "No matter what I do, it always comes back! Every time I try to go to sleep or panic or just when I'm upset, I end up like this and I almost hurt May at first! It's only a matter of time until I do hurt someone really badly! I'm dangerous! I'm - "

"Quiet." Almost as if those were the magic words, Peter stopped talking and looked up at the man. Loki's arms were crossed as he gazed down at Peter with an unreadable expression that nearly made him look away again. "You're part Frost Giant..."

Nodding slowly, Peter let his eyes drift.

Loki's eyes scanned his face, reading the blue markings as his own heart seemed to beat faster with each line. "Peter... How old are you?"

It was quiet for a while, Loki almost about to ask again when the boy finally spoke. "Fifteen."

Flashbacks of Loki's first time on Midgard ran through his head, a night he had long buried in his memories coming back to him. A low groan left him as he leaned against the wall opposite from Peter and placed a hand on his forehead. "You knew... That's why you were always watching Thor and I at first. Why didn't you tell me?"

"How was I supposed to do that? Just go up to you that first day you came to Earth and go 'hey, dad! I'm the son you didn't know existed, good to finally meet you!'? Yeah, that would have worked out really well..."

"No...! But afterward-"

"I was scared!" Peter's voice broke as he hugged his knees to his chest. "I was scared... I wanted to tell you, but what if you didn't want me? What happens when you leave with Mr. Thor and the rest of the Asgardians to your new town? What if you thought it was just a joke and didn't want to be friends anymore?

"All my life, I thought I was human; I thought I was normal. Then May and Ben freaked out when you showed up in New York because they thought you were there for me, and everyone started saying how horrible you were, and I grew up thinking you were a bad person... But then I blew up the apartment one day; I was stressed and got into an argument with May and - and I don't know what happened. I started feeling cold and weird and then next thing I knew ice was coming out of me...! I looked up and there was this huge icicle in the wall right next to May's head... I completely destroyed my room. It took so long for her to calm me down, but she finally told me about you and my mom.

"Suddenly, every insult directed at you in school was also directed at me. We didn't know why you came to New York except to tear the city apart. I thought you could have been looking for me, that I was the reason so many people died... I thought I was a monster." His voice cracked again as he shook his head, fighting off the tears.

"But then Thor showed up and said that you were different now; that New York wasn't your fault and you were being controlled by someone else then. He said you had changed... I wanted to believe that you were good; I wanted to talk with you and maybe hope that you would know about me. But you had no reaction to me. There were so many times I thought you would say something... So many times... But it never happened.

"And then I had that nightmare at the Compound; I had killed everyone, froze them all and left their bodies in a huge pile. They called me a monster... When I woke up, my room was frozen. That's why I went to the kitchen - I needed to get out of there, I needed to know I wasn't a monster. And you helped me with that...! We started talking and getting closer and I was so happy...! I knew then that you had no idea who I was, and I was okay with that. I was okay with just being your annoying younger friend.

"But now you know... and everything is going to change. And I don't know how I feel about that. I liked being friends with you and hanging out and showing you Earth food and stopping bad guys and-"

"Peter," Loki interrupted, taking a deep breath. He was silent the whole time Peter spoke, taking in each word carefully and processing it slowly. It all made sense now, why he had bonded with the child so quickly. But he would be lying if he said he wasn't angry. "Listen to me carefully, child, I will only say this once: your heritage does not define who you are. I am a monster - don't deny it. I have attempted to kill Thor long before I was under the influence that lead to New York. But you, Peter, are no monster. You are more pure and righteous than that oaf, Thor - not an easy task. You are dangerous only because you are untrained, which can easily be fixed.

"You are correct, I had no idea you existed. But that does not give you the excuse to shoulder accusations that were meant for me. Unless they directly say your name, those insults are not meant for you - and if they did include your name, I will kill them.

"And you are right to think that things will change, but not by much. You... are my child, meaning that your welfare is now my responsibility. I will teach you how to control your abilities so that this won't happen again."

"But you're going to be leaving soon-"

"Nonsense," Loki waved his hand dismissively as he stood up straight, "I can come and go as I please, just because I arrived with Thor does not mean I am tied to him by the hip. Gaining control of your powers is much more important. I would also like to speak with your aunt as well... I have met her before; I wish to know why she didn't tell me about this herself."

A small smirk was on his face as he looked down at Peter, offering a hand to him. "Come along, we have a lot of work to do."

Peter stared at him for a second, his eyes moving from Loki's face to his hand. A smile started growing as he grabbed Loki's hand and let himself be pulled to his feet.

While the process was horrifying and embarrassing, it felt good to have this secret off of his chest. And Loki seemed happy to know as well, so it was truly a win-win.

A/N: I have honestly never thought of this idea before... In the entire year I've been writing for Loki and Peter, it never crossed my mind to do a biological family pairing between them. And I hate myself for it. I love this idea so much! Thank you for giving me this request! I honestly want to write a longer story with this, making a better timeline and having multiple chapters and all of that!




"Thor," Loki called, walking into the large man's room, "I have someone I want you to meet."

Thor, who was sitting on his bed with a game controller aimed at his TV, looked up and stopped whatever ridiculous game he was playing with a smirk. "Has my brother finally found himself someone?"

Loki simply chuckled as he motioned to the door, Peter soon stepping into view. Thor blinked before squinting his eyes, glancing between the two of them. "I don't understand... That's-"

"Peter Lokison," Loki smirked, placing a hand on Peter's shoulders, "My child."

Thor's face went expressionless for a second, simply staring at the two for a long while. Peter started fidgeting as he glanced up at Loki, "I think we broke him..."

"Give it a second."

Sure enough, Thor was soon moving again, taking a deep breath as he stood up. "Loki..."

"We should run now," Loki chuckled as he quickly pushed Peter out the room, following close behind him as Thor's thunderous footsteps were heard coming after them.

The two started laughing as they ran, Thor yelling at Loki for being reckless and hiding his nephew from him. Peter had to admit, it was going to be interesting being related to these two...

But he wouldn't give it up for anything.