To Protect the Past

Chapter 4: Kurisu the Gurdian

I have returned to the ones I must protect with my life


Kurisu's POV:

A cracked and damaged bowl was placed beside the pile of rags and cloths that served as bedding. It managed to hold water, for what little had been scrounged up, glistened like stars in the shadowed alcove of the little hideaway that had been found.

A dirty, ragged thing served as a cloth. It currently was being dipped in and out of the water, cooled by magical means. Wiped down the unconscious forehead of the young hedgehog placed upon the bedding.

The wet cloth was held by clawed fingers. Clearly not an anthro's hand, nor was this a humans hand. This was the hand of the "Guardian..." hissed Blaze, irritated.

"Not now Blaze." Spoke the guardian with tired exhaustion heard heavy in his voice. His voice was not a deep sound, nor was it a high pitched noise. Instead, it was at an even pitch, comforting and instantly recognisable. Not really changed from his teenage years from what had been said.

Hands slowly dipped the cloth back into the water and ran the fabric over the hedgehog's forehead once again.

His hands usually are covered with fingerless gloves, to protect the palms when climbing the crumbling city outside. A basic leather creation that had been stitched by the guardian himself, for a practical purpose. Fingers tipped with deadly looking claws, were the reason for the fingerless state of the gloves. Shaped into a slender tip at the end of each claw, they were actually blunt, only when moving them at fast speed did they become dangerous.

Golden-blue eyes were fixated on Silver, as ginger-brown strands of hair fell into his gaze.

It became clear he was cloaked in a ragged material that covered from head to toe. It was fastened at the neck, a sort of dirty grey/brown colour from the dust of the broken buildings staining the material until the original colour had faded away. The hood of the cloak was bunched at the neck, along with a dim coloured scarf-like object, the original colour has long forgotten.

Reaching back, slid a hand between his neck and hair, rubbing the tense muscles before pulling out the trapped layers of hair. Tumbling down, it reached down to mid-back, a long braid of hair that fell to mid-back.

Then he laid a new cold cloth on Silver's forehead, worry in his gaze as he watched over the sleeping hedgehog.

"Where were you?" Her golden eyes followed the movement of the other, as he cared for Silver, tail twitching as irritation got the better of her.

"Blaze." Against his feet, from under the hem of the opening of the cloak, the tip of a tail could be seen. The flashes of orange-brown fur as it flicked back and forth in agitation. While his ears were lowered partially on his head, the orange-brown fox-like ears were flattened.

See The guardian had a habit of keeping them down, so they faced downwards towards his back and almost against his shoulders a majority of the time. Not only did this stop people knowing any 'tell's his ears could give off about his emotional mood, but it could also allow the guardian to lie without giving away his state.

But even so, when extremely upset Kurisu's control over his ears could sometimes be a give away to his emotional state. He was distraught and showing it.

Shifting forward to put a new cold cloth on Silver's forehead again, the cloak shifted slightly revealing the clothing beneath. A ragged tee-shirt with holes and rips, while ripped dark blue jeans adorned his legs. They were the only things that were durable enough for this forsaken place were the boots upon the guardian's feet.

Hard-wearing, still looking as good as when he had first got them were the dark reddish, with brown outline boots. A gift they had been a long time ago from an 'old friend' they could boost the wearer to high platforms and even give a boost when running. It didn't last long, but it was enough to allow the guardian to getaway time and again with his skin intact.

Beside him, slumped was a leather Satchel. It was complicatedly tied so the contents would not be lost or stolen, no one had ever seen what was inside. It had never left his side.

"Don't you Blaze me Kurisu! You left again!" Blaze stood up, then approaching the sitting guardian, eyes flashing with bitterness and rage.

Then she stopped, ears flattening, tail stiff in reaction to the sudden piercing gaze of the man sitting at the beside of the younger hedgehog suffering from heatstroke. The only eye she could see was his left eye. The iris was diamond in shape instead of oval, allowing it to form into a slit shape and was thus currently staring right at her. The other was shadowed by the long shaggy strands of hair. His face was turned partially towards her, the upper lip was partly lifted, and a sharp fang could briefly be seen.

A deepening growl echoed around the room, not so much heard but felt. It vibrated down to the bone, it was a warning, a reprimand and a telling off, all hidden within that savage sound.

The two stared at each other seemingly frozen for a long couple of seconds, his reprimanding angry gaze, and her angry furious yet frozen stance from the warning he had given to her. It wasn't often Kurisu had to discipline the younglings this way, but when one undoubtedly pushed his patience too far, instincts then took over.

"Ah..." Silver's voice broke the stalemate in an instant. The halfling immediately turned his attention back to the panting white hedgehog. Gripping the cloth from his head, dipped it in the still miraculously cold water and pressed it gently against the young anthros face, pressing in small pats around his heated skin as the young males face wrinkled, nose scrunching up cutely.

"That's it..." Kurisu muttered, a smile pulling at the corners of his lips. "Wake up little one."

Blaze on her silent feet crept over, darting over on to the other side of Silver and sat down while also taking up a cold cloth, then glanced up at the guardian. But Kurisu had taken no notice of her actions as he murmured towards his youngest, encouragement within the guardian's tone.


Silver's POV:

The young hedgehog's brow furrowed for a few seconds before his eyes finally opened, golden irises staring blankly up at the ceiling. Then Silver's face grimaced, a dirty gloved hand lifting to press against his head as the hedgehog turned his head to the side, pain flickering over the teens face.

Blaze frowned, before glancing in question toward the elder, ears twitching.

Tilting his head, the long strands shifted and fell down over tense shoulders. Then steady hands lifted the bowl up, carefully, so the water would not spill. The cat could then wring out a new rag and give it to the now awakened Silver who still looked somewhat sick even now.

Silver gripped the rag and pressed it to the throbbing heated skin of his head. A breathless sigh escaped, the hedgehog's body finally relaxing from its slightly tense and curled position on the bed. Blinking, golden eyes fixated on the blue gaze of the guardian. The Elder was watching him with a relieved, stern, but strangely gentle gaze. Kurisu's hands were clasped together, a slight smile edging the corner of his lips for once.

The hedgehog then looked over the other side and spotted similar golden irises. Blaze slowly straightened up, hands fisted, breathing deliberately calm.

Turning to look back at Kurisu, the white-furred anthro gave a confused glance towards the bedding he was currently lying in. "What hap...pened?" A grimace flicked over Silver's face for a few seconds as the usually reliable voice of the teen, rasped out of his throat instead.

"Easy..." Spoke that soothing voice before a clawed hand gently and carefully cupped his face and lifted his head and neck upwards slightly. "Blaze, grab the water in that canister over there would you?"

Golden eyes turned to follow the sway of her coattails of the dark purple coloured coat. As the cat jumped over the ceiling support that had fallen through. To where their supplies were stored in a small room, through a small hole in the wall, which could only be accessed that way.

"Silver?" Blinking, Golden irises turned to look back at concerned golden-blue. "Thought I lost you for a minute there."


"I know. Still, I need to know if you remember why you're like this. What is the last thing you remember?"

"Iblis. He attacked! I defended. Our home! Survivors. Got in...way. So I...Protected?" Silver trailed off, sounding confused, voice horse. Then he started coughing, body shaking with the force.

Over the sound of his chocked breaths, the clanging of metal against concrete was heard. Before a porcelain surface was held up to his mouth, head held in a clawed furry grasp.



Kurisu's POV:

Leaning back Kurisu eyed Blaze as she ignored him, focused as she was on the hedgehog. The cat had basically elbowed the guardian out of the way to kneel over the sharply coughing hedgehog.

A metal canister was upon the ground, a half-broken cup in her hands as she carefully fed the water to the feverish anthro.

Finally, she allowed the other to lay back, his gasping breaths echoing into the air. Then as Blaze leaned down to place the cup upon the ground, Kurisu could see Silver had his eyes closed, mouth partially open. His chest shifted quickly up and down with his panting movements, slowing as the hedgehog calmed, yet he still looked exhausted.

They all were.

"Thanks, Blaze." Golden eyes opened, looking gratefully at the purple furred cat, who nodded in return.

"You are welcome, brother."

Those tired eyes, which were getting sharper then turned towards the elder who sat up, attention entirely on the white anthro. "It''s you."

Lips curl upwards, the gentle smile more prominent. "I'm glad to see you're fully awake at last."

"You had us both worried." Blaze chimed in with a stifled growl. Tail slowly twitching back and forth with worry. The white turned grey bandage, speckled with brown spots of old blood, rubbed against the ground almost silently in the oppressive atmosphere.

Ears twitching, he tilted his head towards her, brows furrowed in concern. "You're hurt."

"I'm fine." She spoke back quietly and firmly, as she held out her hands to Silver, who smiled up at the female cat gratefully and took the gloved fingers with firm hands. He then slowly sat upright and swung his legs over the side of his sickbed.

The elders golden-blue gaze lingered on the back of the purple coloured fur of the anthro female, frowning in severe concern at the way she had brushed him off. Clearly feeling the intense gaze, she glanced over for just a second and met his gaze with her own, before looking back at the hedgehog. "I am fine, you don't have to worry."

Kurisu watched as the two teenagers just stared at each other. She was stiff with worry radiating from every movement, as the other slowly moved with wilful stubbornness, spines rigid with his anxiety at his current weakness.

Blaze carefully reached forward with her hands. before letting her arms hang in the air in front of Silver. "Ready?"

His lips pressed into a thin pale line, hands fisted on his lap. Then fingers opened, lifted up and gripped onto the cat's arms.

She bent down slightly with the thighs and knees. This gave the teen strong support to balance with when he stood up, allowing Silver to push up mostly unaided onto his own two feet.

"You can do it, Silver."

"Don't patronize me!" Silver snapped back, as the hedgehog slowly walked forward on legs that visibly trembled. Hands were grasped tight around her arms, as gloved claws dug in through the fur and skin enough to cause beads of blood to form.

The guardian's nose flared as the heady scent of copper drew Golden-blue eyes straight towards Blaze's arms as streaks of red ran down her arms, as she supported the hedgehog.

"That's enough, you two." He stood, striding over to the unstable teens. Gently grabbing hold of Blaze's shoulder drew her attention, from a shift of an ear backwards and her head turned slightly in his direction. "I'll take over Blaze, his claws have deeply punctured into your flesh. You're going to have to disinfect and bandage them up now."

"I'm fine."


"I said I'm fine." Her teeth gritted together, lips lifting back as she shrugged her shoulders upwards in a sharp motion breaking his hold on her shoulder. Then walking backwards slowly, ignoring the sharp tone the elder growled at her carefully guided the wincing, but focused silver around the room.

"Blaze. Enough." Then before she knew it Silver was picked up gently with a nearly soundless yelp, his clawed hands expertly pressed upon to disengage from her flesh and fur before being set down where he could sit out of the way of the clearly brewing argument.

"Why do you not listen when I tell you to listen. Now you're hurt."

"Don't you come in here, barking your orders at us and expect us to stand us and follow you like your little soldiers! We are not creatures you can just expect to just shout and expect to just sit there and just take it!"

"You think I was just, what did you say? Barking orders? I did no such thing. I've asked. I've explained how to do stuff. But the only time I told you to do something young lady was when Silver was sick!"

"Yes he was sick, but before that, where were you?"

"Important business."

"That makes no excuse Old Man! Leaving for days on end. Treating us without any care, then expecting us to care when you do return. Well, I've had it! I'm not going to!"


"You hear me!"

"What did you say?"

"Enough!" With a pulse of energy, both Blaze and the guardian skidded backwards. Silver collapsed partially panting with sweat running down his face. "Stop it, you two, why do you always do this?" The hedgehog straightened up slowly, baring his teeth in warning towards the two when they made a movement to approach concerned. "No, don't come near me. Until you sort yourselves out, just leave me out of your arguments."

"Silver." Blaze lifted a hand before it fisted and fell to her side. She looked away, biting in discontent on her bottom lip. "Brother, I'm sorry."

A sigh echoed as Kurisu turned away. Running a hand over his face, looked back at the two anthros. "No...It's all built up over time, all because I won't answer the question of where I go when I leave. Isn't that right?" Golden-blue eyes met Blaze's Golden as she scowled but nodded. "I truly don't know how to tell you. Other than I'm tracing the past, that's the best way to put it. But the past is hunting me. And I won't have you, my children, in danger. No matter the cost."

"But perhaps it's time I showed you, the place I was born… No those are the wrong words, it would be the place I was manufactured and created."


End Chapter 4