In The End

~Narrator's P.O.V~

It was a quiet, winter afternoon in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. It was reaching the end of November, in the year of 2012. The city of Lethbridge was buzzing, and people were walking all around the streets, trying to get to shopping centers and meeting each other as they passed. It was the Black Friday weekend, and the citizens were getting their Christmas shopping done, before it got busy during the Christmas holiday.

All except one, of course. Sitting in the food court of Park Place Mall, sipping on a medium cup of Coca-Cola from AW, was a young, 20-year-old female, sitting on her own with a heavy sigh. Her short, dark brunette hair was slightly fluffy, due to the rain that was falling that day. Her hazel, nearly green eyes scanned the food court, looking for anyone that passed by that she knew. Listening for anything out of the ordinary.

A soft buzzing sound alerted the girl, as she dug into her pale Caucasian hand into her coat pocket and pulled out a small Samsung Galaxy cell phone. The phone buzzed again. The girl swiped her thumb across the screen to unlock it. The phone automatically opened to the messages app and showed an unread message on the top of her list of contacts.

She pressed a thumb onto the message and the message read,

'Hey, Ellie. Bad news. I'm afraid I won't be able to come shopping with you.

I have babysitting this evening and the weekend.

Maybe next week?'

The girl, Ellie, looked over the message and gave out a heavy and defeated sigh. With her thumbs, she typed back,

'That's okay... They need you more than I do...

See you later…'

With that, Ellie grabbed her dark grey coat, finished drinking her cup of Coca-Cola and started walking around the mall. She looked through the windows and scanned her eyes over the merchandise within many of the stores, but she lacked the motivation to buy anything.

With another defeated and heavy sigh, Ellie left the Park Place Mall and began making her way to the bus station. Once there, she sat on the sidewalk, waiting for the bus to show up and take her back home. Her mind raced with many thoughts of sadness and disappointment. The rainy weather fit the mood of the lonely girl sitting on the sidewalk.

Everything around Ellie fell quiet and blurred altogether, until the buses arrived and Ellie picked herself up from where she sat and walked aboard the first bus. She paid the bus driver and took a seat at the back right corner of the bus, and looked out the window with a long sigh.

Given 15 minutes of driving around and out of the town, Ellie pulled the stop cord and the bus came to a stop just outside of a little bungalow a block away from the corner shop on the main road. Ellie exit the bus and made her way to the bungalow. She grabbed a pair of keys from her pocket and used the first key to unlock the door. Ellie opened the door and entered the bungalow.

It was nicely decorated inside, with a mixture of colors in every room. Browns and neutral colors in the living room. Oranges and warm colors in the kitchen and dining room. Blues in the hallway, that lead to two opposite bedrooms and the bathroom.

Ellie hung her coat in the closet in the kitchen and sat down one a three-seated couch, in the living room. She grabbed the remote controller for the television, hung up on the wall, and searched through the channels for something to watch. Nothing seemed to get her interests.

Ellie looked out of her living room window and saw the rain. It was quiet in the neighborhood. No one was outside or passing by the bungalow. Ellie took a breath, walked over to a portable CD player, selected a Linkin Park CD and inserted the disk into the player. She chose a song and let it play, as she rested on the couch and started reading her favorite manga book.

'I tried so hard,

And got so far.

But in the end,

It doesn't even matter...

I had to fall,

To lose it all.

But in the end,

It doesn't even matter...'

Ellie let out another heavy sigh and put her book down. Left alone in the silence of her bungalow, Ellie's mind raced with numerous thoughts at once. Why did her younger sister choose now to tell her she was babysitting? Why blow her over when she was waiting in the food court for over an hour to start shopping? Why has nothing been fair to her lately? Does she deserve this life she's living? Should she just end it all, before things get worse for her? Will anyone miss her if she took her life? Will anyone care?

No... Of course they won't. They never cared. They never called to check up on her. Never paid her a visit. Never came by for a cup of tea or supper, just to see if Ellie was doing well on her own.

Ellie looked at her reflection in the window. She didn't see a lonely girl who is struggling with life, she saw an empty husk that had nothing else to live for. Ellie nodded, her mind was made up. She stood up and made her way to the small, but comfortable bathroom. She opened the bathroom-mirror cabinet and grabbed a small orange bottle of small white pills, two-thirds full. She opened the bottle and tipped the white pills into her mouth until the bottle was empty.

She swallowed the pills with a small gulp of water, and looked into the mirror. Her vision started to blur, as her stomach turned from the contents inside and Ellie started to feel dizzy and nauseated. She fell to her knees and threw up into the toilet that was next to her. Her body began to grow cold and her pale complexion grew paler.

Trying to fight back the effects, Ellie picked herself up and wobbled over to the bedroom closest to the bathroom. She entered the bedroom and collapsed onto the bed, her head hitting the pillow as she fell. A numbing sensation washed over Ellie's body as she struggled to keep her eyes open. The last thing she saw was the scenery of the mountains out of the bedroom window...

Then… Darkness…

When she regained consciousness, Ellie found herself in a bright room, full of fluffy clouds, standing before a very tall, slender woman in black armor and a crooked smile on her face. She had a pair of black, feathered wings emerging from her back and her hair was split to look like spiraled horns. Floating on top of the woman's head was a halo that appeared to be dripping.

"Hello, Miss. Eleanor May Carter." The angel smiled with a hiss to her voice, "I assume that you're wondering where you are and why you're here."

Ellie nodded her head. The last thing she remembers was letting her thoughts get the better of her and taking a huge mouthful of her medication, then everything falling to darkness. Then there was a bright light and here she was, wearing a white dress and no wounds or injuries whatsoever, and talking to an angel that might be the Grim Reaper, come to claim Ellie's soul.

"Well, it appears that you have died from drug overdose and you're here so we can pass judgement over you." The angel answered.

Ellie lowered her head with a small quiet sigh. She believed she wasn't going to pass judgement and go to Heaven. Or even returned to life. That's too good for her. Ellie believed that she's gonna spend an eternity in Hell and spend that eternity in flames and darkness. She believed she deserved the worst. No more, no less. She believed she was a terrible person that her family and friends were happy to be rid of.

The angel opened a large black book and turned the page. Her smile turned into a frown, "Well, well... This doesn't seem right..." The angel looked at the depressed spirit before her, "It says here that you've been a good soul. No crimes. No sins. Despite being Atheist with spiritual views, but we don't care about that. Why, on Earth, did you decide to take your own life? You're not meant to die until you're at least 55 years old, from heart attack."

Ellie said nothing and folded her arms. The angel smiled and looked over the book again, "Then again, it does say that you do suffer from the sin of Envy. That's very dangerous, young lady. But you seem to be unaffected by the resentment that Envy delivers to the soul." The angel closed the book and looked at Ellie, "And for that, you cannot go the Heaven with this sin weighing on your heart like that."

Ellie lowered her head with a small sigh. Typical. Commit suicide and you can't go to Heaven because of a sin you've been living with most of your life. Just typical...

With that said, Ellie noticed her dress turning black and the heavenly scenery around her began to turn dark with a moon with a pentagram symbol. Instead of fire and brimstone, the dimension was a skyscraper city with signs and lights. Like New York or Las Vegas. Ellie raised a brow and looked around. Is this Hell? It was different from what the books claim it to be.

The angel opened her wings and arms, "Welcome to Hell. This is where you're going to spend the rest of eternity." Then she frowned, "But you seem to lack a body to live in this place." Her smile came back, "We can fix that."

With that said, the angel tapped Ellie's head with her spear. In a bright glow, Ellie's body started changing. She grew taller and more slender. Another pair of arms grew from her sides. Snow white fur with pastel green skull markings grew on her body. Her hazel eyes faded to a sharp green with black sclera. Her teeth sharpened to a point.

Ellie was now a spider demon.

The glow stopped, leaving Ellie to look herself over. The angel grinned, "There we go. Enjoy the rest of eternity. Young demon."

With that, the angel was gone and Ellie was alone in Hell. Only to fend and look after herself.

Can things get any worse for this lonely soul?