No Matter What

~Jack Rose's POV~

I can't believe I made this choice... I've been working for Valentino for nearly three and a half years and I really wish I haven't made such a stupid decision like this. But, then again, if I refused Mimzy would've died. Her blood would have been on my hands, and I would have ended up working for Valentino either way. So, I had to make the sacrifice and spare Mimzy the terrible judgement.

Angel Dust and I have been becoming good friends and good colleagues, but we don't let work get in the way when we have fun or just talk about life. It turns out that Angel Dust's cockiness, sarcastic humor, sassy attitude and selfishness is just a persona to keep others away from who he really is as a person. Shhh... Don't tell Angel I told you. He'd kill me if he found out. Hehehe.

Along with making friends with Angel, I met a punk rocker cyclops named Cherri Bomb. She's a punk girl with a huge love for explosives. She owns a portion of the west side of Pentagram City and backs off her words with her unlimited supply of cherry bombs. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't know what it's like to live on the wild side. And it is fun.

Right now, it was time for the closing act of the studios. And it was Angel Dust's turn to close the show. The curtains opened and the lights switched on to reveal Angel Dust, leaning his back against a pole, wearing nothing but a short, redish pink skirt and his signature black boots. Valentino smiled, as Angel Dust took a breath and started pole dancing. The patrons of the club cheered for more of Angel's performance, making it rain money on the stage. This made Valentino happy, but I can sense that Angel didn't want to do this. But he had to.

After thirty minutes of dancing and closing the studios for the night, it was time to head home and rest for tomorrow's jobs.

Angel Dust and I lived in the same apartment building that was down the street from Valentino's porn studio. Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to mention that Valentino is an Overlord of Hell that owns a very popular porn studio. Yeah, I'm a porn star now. Well, more of a porn model and performer for Valentino. To be honest, it's not really one of the worst jobs you can have, but the money is good, though. Besides, I'm doing this so Mimzy can live and keep her club. That's what friends do, right? Look out for each other?

Anywho, I was at the main lobby, paying my month's rent before due, then making my way to my apartment, until I heard screaming, shouting and glass shattering from Angel's apartment. I cautiously walked over to Angel's apartment door and the screaming and shouting stopped.

I carefully and gently knocked on the door, "Angel? You alright in there?"

The door creaked open and the apartment was dark. Most of the place was well-kept, but sobbing could be heard from upstairs. I cautiously entered the apartment, "Angel Dust?"

The sobbing continued. From the stairs, a small pig demon ran down to meet me. It was Angel's pet pig demon, Fat Nuggets.

"Hey, Nuggets." I greeted with a small smile and gently petted his head.

Nuggets ran up to me and brushed his head against my hand. Then he grabbed the left legging of my overalls with his mouth and started pulling. This can only mean that he wants me to follow him.

"What's wrong? Is Angel in trouble?" I asked in concern.

Nuggets let go and trotted up the stairs. I followed him to a darker bedroom and slowly opened the door. Inside the bedroom was a familiar pink spider demon sitting against the foot of the bed, his face covered by his hands and sobbing. He looked like he was having another emotional breakdown. Someone needs to be with him tonight.

"Angel?" I called softly, "It's me, Jackie. May I come in?"

Angel Dust removed his hands from his face and turned to look at me. His eyes were bloodshot with tears and his cheeks were wet with tear streaks. He's been crying for a while. He buried his face into his arms and knees.

I entered the bedroom, "What's wrong? Did Valentino abuse you again?" I sat on the bed.

Angel Dust shook his head. He wiped his tears away and looked at me, "It hurts, Jackie. It hurts so much." He sobbed, "What am I going to do? I feel helpless. I feel like no one can hear my cries. That no one cares."

I sat next to the pink spider demon, putting my hand over his shoulder, "That's not true, Angel. I'm here for you, aren't I? And Cherri will be there for you too. There are other people out there who care. You'll see."

Angel turned and hugged himself. I nudged myself closer to him and looked at the ceiling, thinking of a way to make my friend feel better. I hummed a little tune, then opened my mouth and started singing,

'In the light of the day,

In the dark of the night.

When you're raring to go,

When you're tired from the fight.

When you're losing your mind,

Let me give you a though.

I'm gonna be right by your side no matter what.'

I took hold of Angel's hand and put my other hand over his shoulder, as I continued singing,

'In the dark of the night,

In the light of the day.

When you're rising to shine,

When you're hitting the hay.

I'll be hanging around,

If you like it or not.

I'm gonna be right by your side no matter what...'

Angel looked at me, as I finished singing, and smiled, "You've got an amazing voice, Jackie. Thanks for trying to make me feel better."

I smiled back, "It's no problem. Whenever you'll need me to comfort you, just give me a call."

I stood up and was about to leave, until Angel spoke up, "Would... Would you mind staying with me for the night?" He asked me, taking hold of my hand.

I turned to the pink spider demon, smiled and nodded, "Of course, Angel."

With that, I sat next to him, put my arm over his shoulders and he rested his head in my chest. I continued to sing,

'Through whoever you've been,

Through whoever you'll be.

Through whatever you lose,

You will always have me.

At the end of your road,

I'll be holding you tight.

I'm gonna be right by your side no matter what...'

Angel smiled for a second, until his eyelids dropped and he fell asleep. I smiled and rested my head against the foot of the bed, falling asleep as well. I didn't notice Cherri Bomb watching us from the rooftops and smiling.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day.