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Chimera Rising—

"The World is not ruined by the wickedness of the wicked, but by the weakness of the good." ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Chimera Rising

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

November 18, 1959

Albus Dumbledore had just finished teaching his DADA class and had enjoyed every moment of it. He knew he had been earmarked as the next headmaster, but teaching was his true love. Seeing Charlus Potter walk in was a bit of a surprise. Albus knew the man didn't like him, but they had done well coordinating against the forces of Grindelwald.

"Lord Potter, I must confess to being a bit surprised. What brings you to Hogwarts?" Albus smiled sincerely. Despite their differences, he had come to deeply respect Charlus Potter.

"Straight to the point. Good, I like that. Let's keep things that way. Do you have somewhere we can talk privately?" Albus had not seen the grizzled veteran in years. The man was still depressed over the loss of so many of his friends and family.

They walked through Hogwarts with minimal small talk. Charlus just gave abrupt answers. Something was off. Albus led the veteran into his office and directed the man to a large set of wingback chairs that he used when he gave advice to his students.

"Lord Potter, can I get you tea?" Social rules were important.

Charlus Potter just gritted his teeth and flinched. "Hell no. I need your wand, not a damn tea cup." Albus just waited for Charlus to get to the point.

"Dumbledore, there's been a security breech. At Nurmengard." Albus stopped. Stopped breathing. Stopped thinking. Stopped blinking. Stopped everything.

After a long pause, Charlus Potter continued. "We suspect Lycoris Black, the Black Knight. Only someone of her skill could have pulled this off. And we both know how she felt about your old mate."

Yes, Albus knew. Gellert Grindelwald had seduced Lycoris Black to his cause. The Black family was evenly split on both sides, with Arcturus taking a neutral stance. He had initially acted in a way that showed against Grindelwald, but when his sister joined the ranks, he had faltered. She was probably the only person on earth that Lord Black actually cared for. Having Lord Potter call Grindelwald his 'Old Mate' did not sit well, but Albus knew he had to take it. For all his old rhetoric.

Taking a less polite and more direct tone, "Please, Lord Potter. Just the facts. When, how, and what do we know?"

Charlus Potter made a face. He was not used to being addressed like that. "It had to have occurred months ago. A muggle had been transfigured and put in his place. No one suspected a thing, until the muggle passed away. Upon inspection of the body, inconsistencies had been found. We believe the extraction occurred eight months ago. That's when Grindelwald stopped talking."

"Do you have a clue as to where he is now?" Eight months! The man could be anywhere.

Charlus Potter shook his head. "No. But we only realized there had been a breakout seventy two hours ago. We have specialists looking for him now, but the best they will be able to achieve is a general location. The ministry is hoping you can help us locate the man. You knew him better than almost anyone. But no one knew Lycoris Black. Except Arcturus, and he's not talking." The lord then leaned in "The breakout is not something that can be repeated. If word got out, there would be pandemonium. This has to be handled quickly and covertly."

Albus' mind was reeling. The person who once meant the world to him had escaped. Now, he was being asked to help track him down. Charlus made a point of saying 'the Ministry' requested him. No doubt that meant Charlus had not wanted his addition to the search. Life was so unfair. How long would he have to suffer for the sins of his youth?

Eventually, Albus just nodded. "I'll ask for a leave of absence." Here we go again.

Charlus Potter rose up. The meeting was ending. "We leave at Six AM from London's international Portkey departure site. We'll re-convene with the assembled team in Switzerland."

"Who's on the team?" Albus liked to know who he was working with. He always struggled with sharing his plans and ideas, so few could actually keep up. Then, there were the traitors that he had confided in…

Charlus Potter extended his hand. Albus took it. "The best. Beyond that, I'm not at Liberty to say. You'll see when you get there."

Great. No preparation. Albus knew this was standard operating procedure, but he hated being in the dark. "I'll see you in the morning."

Chimera Rising—


ICW Headquarters

November 19, 1959

Albus met the team he was a part of. It consisted of seven members. Four were British: Charlus Potter the team leader, Albus Dumbledore, Seraphina Bones, and Johnathon Prewett. Three were international members: Jean Volant from France, Patrick Wilson from MACUSA, and Dan Akee of the Navajo nation. This crew represented the team that did the most to halt Grindlewalds progress during his original rise.

They were in a conference room on the top floor of the ICW headquarters in the Swiss Alps. The curtains were drawn and the table was enchanted to project images. Albus could feel the enchantments in the walls. It was so dense… No chance anyone could eavesdrop on this conversation. This was a top tier meeting and the room reflected that. Looking around at the aristocratic representatives, Albus wondered if these individuals had any idea what the lives of normal wizards and witches were like. He trade all of them for one Newt Scamander.

Charlus kicked off the meeting. "Alright, you all know why we are here. Grindelwald escaped months ago and we need to find him. Lady Bones from the Department of Mysteries and M. Volant from the French Départment des Mystères Arcane, let's just call them the DoM and DMA members, have pulled their resources to track the criminal. I'll turn it over to you two."

Lady Bones waved her wand over a table. Albus noticed both of the researchers appeared exhausted. Likely they had been living on Pepper-up Potions for the last three days. An image of the globe formed. Across the image, there were multiple points of light showing the main areas where magic existed. These areas were tied together with small threads the Europeans referred to as 'Ley Lines'. The Major ley lines were thick and pulsated with magic. The minor ones were small and tight. There were hundreds of minor ley lines for every major line. All carried the mana of the earth across the globe.

M. Volant stood and began the dissemination. "When Grindlewald was captured, his magic was bound and a trace was tied to his pattern. Between losing his magic and having a trace, any escape was believed to have been impossible, or at least, short lived. However, we did not consider Lycoris Black might have access to magic we are not aware of." He flicked his wand and a second image rose up beside the one Lady Bones was still refining.

It was Grindelwald's prison cell. Albus was sickened by his old friends living conditions. It was a true prison. It was infinitely better than Azkaban, though. Small and dank. One tiny window. A hard mattress and a thin blanket. Albus remembered how much his old friend had loved surrounding himself with comfort and wealth.

M. Volant continued, "The muggle who perished in the cell was removed and cremated. This was the point that we were alerted to the escape. With another flick of his wand, the image shifted. Suddenly, there were sigils and runes covering the cell. These are blood runes. They are of Central American design. While we don't completely understand them all, we know they eliminated the trace. It was written in Grindelwald's own blood and the trace is now fully in the cell. On the walls. We have passive wards that detect the location of the trace and alert us when it leaves the room. We knew there was a problem when the trace still showed Grindlewald in the now empty cell." He then looked to lady Bones.

Finishing her work, Lady Bones cleared her throat and began, "We pulled our archives and reviewed the Nurmengard site for any unusual activity. If you peer at this image, you will see there was a unique magical flare up approximately eight months ago in the area surrounding Nurmengard. By reviewing the data, and analyzing the runic structure, we are certain it was a 'blood magic' spike and the runes in the cell are Olmec in nature. We suspect Lycoris Black, because she was an expert on Central and South American magic. Her natural Metamorphmagus capabilities are advanced to a degree that she could get anywhere and impersonate anyone. It fits when you consider all the pieces."

Charlus then spoke up, "We're fortunate the muggle passed away when he did. Imagine if he had lived past the twelve month point where the DoM purges their records!" All nodded in agreement. All except Albus Dumbledore.

Albus asked what no one else had believed to be important, "Do we even know who the Muggle was? Has his family been contacted? Muggle or not, he was still a human being and a victim of Lycoris Black." Albus noticed that Dan Akee gave him an approving nod.

Charlus Potter groaned, "No one is saying that muggle is unimportant, Dumbledore. Unfortunately, he was cremated, so we really have no way of knowing who it was. Once we capture Lycoris Black, we will find out all she knows. Including the identity of this mystery muggle. Until then, it is not a priority. The fact is we can't focus on Mr. Muggle now without taking our eye off the Grindelwald trail. Now, Lady Bones…" And he gestured for her to continue.

"So, we managed to isolate the frequency of the surge and it corresponds to a pulse that was detected at Chichen Itza seven months ago. An archeological team had reported an unusual surge, but the local Wizards prevented them from investigating. At the time, it was believed to be astrologically triggered as it coincided with a minor alignment. We believe they were removing the last vestiges of the trace."

They continued discussion the search. Dan Akee and Patrick Wilson would use their contacts to get the team to Central America. There they would break up into three groups of two with Lady Bones manning the headquarters in the city of Mérida, the capital of the Yucatán state in Mexico. Dumbledore was paired with Dan Akee, Charlus Potter was with Patrick Wilson, and Johnathon Prewett was partnered with Jean Volant.

Chimera Rising—

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

March, 1960

The last four months had been miserable. The teams had traveled to numerous sites, but had minimal luck other than determining that, yes, Grindelwald had been to Chichen Itza with a woman matching one of the 'standard' appearances of Lycoris Black. The general feeling within the group was that the two criminals had fled through the international airport in Tegucigalpa. Albus and Dan had stayed at the Plaza Hotel where Grindelwald had possibly been seen, but there had been no real breakthroughs.

Arcturus Black had agreed to provide a photograph of his sister, but he wanted her to be taken alive if possible. If she could not be taken alive, he wanted her body returned immediately. He even provided three portkeys. Charlus huffed and mumbled something about getting what she deserved, but let it go.

When credible sightings were reported at the island of Santorini and at Niagara Falls, Charlus re-located the main team to New York. That was a site with better communications and access to international portkeys. Both of the new areas had massive amounts of Mana. Santorini was a corrupt mana site, so one had to be careful exploring it. Charlus and Patrick went to Niagara Falls while Johnathon and Jean traveled to Santorini.

Albus struggled with understanding the logic of chasing after every sighting when one of the individuals was a metamorphmagus. Charlus had correctly pointed out that they had no other leads, so the team was now heavily split across international lines. They had a daily meeting and all were required to log their action plans and performance with Lady Bones, but after months, the team began to lose momentum.

Albus got to know Dan Akee rather well. The man seemed very balanced in his life. As he got to know Dumbledore better, he discussed the ideas of Hózhójí. The importance of being 'in Hozho'*, at one with a part of the world around you. Dan talked a great deal about the importance of restoring balance and harmony to life and how it will produce health and happiness. He discussed the importance of knowing the two classes of people, 'Earth People' and 'Holy People'.

Dan Akee was below average height and very slender, but in a lean way. He was an outdoorsman and a very athletic individual. The man had seemed to have mountains of endurance and was always alert. His skin was weathered and sun damaged, but it suited him. He had quite a few laugh lines. Here is a man who relishes life and the outdoors. The freedom of nature. And he was brilliant, also.

Dan's knowledge was amazing and debating such a brilliant mind with such a diversity of life experience was like nothing Albus had ever experienced in Britain. If it had not been for Dan, Albus would have gone absolutely bonkers with Charlus' conservative leadership. Dan reminded Albus that Charlus was kept away from his only child due to the mission and had lost many close friends in the war. Likely the man was driven by his own personal demons.

Albus had decided to take Dan up on his offer to have a weekend off. He knew Dan had taken the occasional time off, but he had always felt pressured to continue. Charlus had agreed to give them a much needed break from skulking about Tegucigalpa and the outlying area. Albus suspected the man just wanted to get them out of his hair for a few days. The feeling was actually mutual, Dan and Albus were the frequently the sole voices of reason and compassion and it seemed to 'irk' Charlus. His cutting remarks had bordered on unprofessional on many occasions.**

Dan put the trip together after talking with a few locals. Basically, they would go hiking and fishing around Lake Yajoa. They would dress like Muggles and stay at the D&D Brewery, Lodge & Restaurant. Dan especially wanted to show Albus the Pulhapanzak waterfall. Apparently you could actually walk behind it and explore hidden caves. He told Albus it would help him find a bit of balance after all the tension between him and Charlus.

After getting to the waterfall, Albus was amazed. It was not really thunderous, like Niagara, but it was gorgeous. "Thank you, my friend, for making me come here. So much beauty." This was the first time Albus had felt happy about anything in weeks.

"You are very welcome, Albus. If you can't find Hazho here, you won't find it anywhere. Breath the air, Feel the wind and the sky. Next, we catch a fish!" Dan had a way of simplifying life. When they got back to the lounge, they ordered a couple of drinks and just talked about their day. It was then that Albus heard something shocking.

Two women were discussing a man they had met while exploring. He was apparently an exceptionally charming man with the most striking emerald green eyes they had ever seen. He also had a European accent.

Albus looked at Dan who was just enjoying his beer. "Dan, wait here!"

"Hello, ladies. I couldn't help but overhear the two of you. I was wondering if you were talking about an old friend of mine. I had heard he retired in this area, but being from England… well, I forgot his location. If you could just tell me…" Albus pulled out a blank piece of paper and made eye contact with each of them. "Is this the man you met?" The two women stared blankly at the sheet of paper… He was in their minds in a moment. Yes, they had met Gellert. And his… Child?"

The women then straightened up. "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

"Oh, I was just asking if you knew where the restrooms are…"

After they left, Dan cast a privacy charm and asked Albus what he had heard. "He's here. Near the coffee plantation. He lives in a house near the coffee plantation. He apparently has stolen an infant."

"Dan nodded. We need to move fast Albus. For the sake of the child. Can you get us there?" No more laid back Dan, he was now all business.

"Yes, but we'll have to apparition a mile away from their home. They might sense us. Expect traps and wards, as well. Gellert knew how to set a curse and a ward. Lycoris is a true unknown. But you know that. Her movements in the war were littered with blood and pain."

"I'll follow your lead Albus... But I have to ask, can you do what must be done? If it comes down to it?" Albus seemed to get angry, "No, no my friend. I'm not judging. I just need you to tell me if I should plan to be the… one who sends your old friend, turned enemy, to his next life." Dan then gently put his hand on Albus' shoulder.

"I'll let you know…" Albus knew Dan was not judging him. The smaller man was very kind. His anger bled away.

"And remember Albus, I'm not reporting anything to Charlus that you don't want me to. That uptight son of a bitch gets to me too sometimes." They both chuckled at that.

It was slow progress getting to Gellert's small house. They had encountered a few wards, but nothing they couldn't get around. One trap had been especially dangerous, but Dan very carefully disarmed it. Albus was very impressed with Dan, the man knew his stuff. Dan's time in the war had seen his reputation grow, but the Navajo wizard had refused to accept commendation for any of his actions.

The house was small, but comfortable. There was a fire going and they could hear a baby crying. Now or never. The two men burst in while Gellert Grindelwald was feeding an infant formula in a rocking chair. After the initial shock, Gellert just closed his emerald eyes and said. "Albus. I'm glad it was you."

Albus kept his wand out. "Where is Lycoris, Gellert?" He asked with as much calm as he could muster.

The love of his life just looked up at him and said, "She's passed away, Albus. Died in child birth. I buried her out back."

Albus looked down into the eyes of a beautiful red-headed baby. She had the most beautiful green eyes he had ever seen. Just like her father.

Gellert Grindelwald looked up from the feeding child. "Her name is Lily…"

Chimera Rising—

Dan had gone out and exhumed the body, giving Albus time to talk with his old friend. All in all, Albus had about an hour with Gellert.

Gellert asked an odd question "Do you watch the news Albus? The muggle news?"***

"On occasion. It rarely makes me feel good or happy." Albus realized what he was saying. Muggles and their nuclear weapons.

"For what it's worth, I wish I had found a different muggle to ally myself with. That guy was crazier than… well, than me." Albus actually chuckled a bit at his old friend's honesty. Then he considered how horrible the Third Reich had been. There is no humor there. Just horrific evil and inhumanity.

He grimly responded, "Yes, Gellert. You picked a real 'winner' with that one. Millions dead. All so one horrible man could feel superior to his fellow man. He will go down in history as one of the most evil men to ever live."

"But we both know he wasn't the worst. The most evil that is. Caligula had him beat. So did a number of other muggle rulers through the centuries."

Albus was not sure he agreed. How do you measure that kind of evil? "He is can make a strong claim to being the most evil man of the modern age. Some would say the same of you, Gellert. Your atrocities are well documented." There was no happiness in this statement.

At that, Gellert got a faraway look. "I know. I became a bit desperate in the end. I wish I could do it over, Albus. But, the past is the past." His daughter suddenly gurgled.

"I need to burp and change her. Don't worry, I'd die before I let anything happen to her." And he proceeded to burp the young child. He then changed her nappie. As he turned, he asked a question Albus had not expected. "Is there any chance you can give her a normal life, Albus? With no connection to me?"

Albus felt compassion for the man. The father. "Gellert, I don't think that will be possible. Arcturus will demand her, as is his right. The ministry will, of course, want to watch her… but she will be safe."

Gellert gave a mirthless chuckle. "You are not thinking clearly, Albus. She will be a beacon for anyone that wants a new dark lord or lady. She will be despised by good people and revered by the wicked. You know how our society works."

Albus thought about it a moment and realized his old friend was correct. "My hands are tied, Gellert. Even if I wanted to, I am not alone…"

Cutting him off, Gellert pleaded, "Please Albus. Find a way. Not for me, but for Lily. She deserves better and you know it." He held her out to Albus. "Here. Hold her. Look her in the eye and tell her you can't do anything to help her."

Albus gave him a suspicious look. He held his wand firmer.

Gellert sighed softly and pointed out his own weakness. "Really, Albus? You know my magic is bound. It took half a dozen of you, but you blocked it completely. Nothing Lycoris tried would reverse the damage. Hold her."

Albus reluctantly took the small child. He cradled her in his left hand while he kept his wand safely in his right. She was so beautiful. Her eyes were just as vivid as her father's. They captured his attention no matter how hard he tried to tell himself they were just green eyes. Her hair was red and as fiery as her temperament seemed to be. She was so very alert. There was no evil here, just pure innocence. He wished things could have been different. That this could have been 'their' child. But, the man he loved was had been seduced by power and his unrelenting quest for 'the greater good'.

They talked about the old times. They talked about their youth and how quickly it had passed them by. Time seemed to speed up and pass so quickly when they were together. Suddenly, they were twenty again, taking on the world…

Dan knocked and entered. "Albus, I've exhumed the body. It appears to match the description we were given."

Dan was both respectful and sincere. Albus realized the man felt grief at the loss of life. He was actually a bit shaken. Then again, digging up a body that expired weeks ago was not something that was easy to do.

"Dan, I have a favor to ask." How do you ask a man to lie and protect the child of a mass murderer?

"You wish to protect the child? Yes, Albus, you are easy to read." Dan took a deep breath, "Do you know what you are asking? What would happen if we were caught? Think very hard about what you are planning… there is no going back."

"She is an innocent, Dan…"

"She is the child of Gellert Grindlewald. Look at her eyes, Albus! What would you do? Raise her yourself? Give her to the Black family? Hell, Albus… The Blacks would eat you alive to get her!"

Gellert spoke for the first time since Dan entered. "Find a muggle family. No one would suspect that my child would be a muggleborn. She can grow up free of prejudice and hate. She might achieve and be what I couldn't. Without the killings."

"Don't listen to him, Albus. Everyone knows Grindelwald is an insidious man capable of charming all who listen…"

"No, Dan. Not where Lily is concerned. I know we've only worked together for a few months, but I feel we know each other. Trust me to do the right thing."

Dan began to waver. "I don't know, Albus. Something about this seems…"

"Odd? Yes, my friend. But this will bring balance to my life. And maybe even to Gellert's. Isn't that close to your Hózhójí beliefs?" Albus was pulling out all stops.

"No, Albus. You must not have been listening. Make a plan. Tell me how you see this working."

And Albus talked. He would summon his family house elf to care for the child until he wrapped things up. He would then find a muggle family to adopt her. He would alter their memories to have them believe she was theirs naturally. He would keep his eye on the child as she grew up, ensuring she had a healthy and happy childhood. When she turned eleven, if she was a witch, he would guide her on the right path from Hogwarts. But no one could ever know…

Dan asked, "What of the child? Will you ever tell her?" Albus now knew he had Dan convinced.

"Perhaps. But it might be for the best if she never knew." Albus didn't want to commit to never sharing this information.

"OK. I'll play along, but if this falls apart, it's all you. I had nothing to do with it. Is that clear?"

Albus nodded. "Absolutely."

"I still don't like it. Not one bit…" thinking a moment, Dan gave Grindelwald a funny look. "We need to be sure. For all we know, that is some no-mag they transfigured." Albus had been thinking along the same lines, but didn't want to distract from Lily.

They used a complex charm to confirm the body was, in fact, Lily's mother. They also confirmed that she had given birth. A restorative charm temporarily brought her features close to what they originally had been and there was no doubt she matched the image Arcturus had provided. The facial features were unmistakably those of the Black family.

Albus summoned his house elf. He sent the child away after giving Gellert time to say goodbye. They prepared the body and removed any evidence of the child. Gellert was put in restraints and the house was searched. Lycoris had a few dark objects and weapons, but that was to be expected. Her wand would be sent back to Arcturus with the body. It had degraded to a point where it was barely recognizable, but Dan pointed out that the DoM would know she had given birth with a simple scan

After much consideration, Albus decided to just send the body back to Arcturus. As head of the Black family, it was his right to dispose of her as he saw fit. He would have to provide proof of who she was, but that would not include a full body examination by the DoM. There was no way Arcturus would never send the body of a family member to be 'examined'.

Charlus Potter was contacted and he came to the scene with the rest of the team. He was both thrilled that Grindelwald had been apprehended and furious that the body of Lycoris Black had been returned to Arcturus. At the end of the intense argument, Albus recommended Charlus take it up with Arcturus. He also reminded the team lead that he himself had agreed to return the body and implied that he was going back on his word… To Charlus Potter, those were fighting words. Albus was done taking the man's insults and the two nearly drew wands on each other.

Dan stepped between them and diffused the situation as best he could. He confirmed the identity and swore that they had taken all necessary steps in identification, but only Arcturus would know for certain. Without 'Black Blood" there just was no way to be sure. Lycoris had never been scanned or had her signature documented in any way. Hell, if it wasn't for Arcturus, they wouldn't even know what she looked like…

The two men were just too different in their view points. Dan pointed out that they had completed the mission and only full confirmation of Lycoris Black remained. And he had no doubt that was her. Charlus grudgingly acquiesced, but there was no doubt he and Albus were done with each other. Even Albus seemed to seethe around Charlus.

Gellert was delivered back to Nurmengard. The security was improved and updated to ensure that such a break could not occur again. Albus took his commitment seriously. He found a kind family that had one child and wanted another. Unfortunately, the mother could not have any more. It took a bit of work, but Albus was able to place the child with the Evans and alter enough memories of the family, the coworkers, and the neighbors to make them all believe Lily was theirs. The other child's name was Petunia, so having a child named Lily seemed natural. Albus really didn't want to change the child's name, so this was an added bonus.

Chimera Rising—

12 Grimmauld Place

Arcturus Black's Study

Dan Akee sat quietly in a large leather wingback. This was not a meeting he was looking forward to. The room had changed very little since he last saw it. All dark wood and leather. It was as masculine and arrogant as the family itself. But, family is family.

Arcturus entered the room and shut the door. The man was unreadable. Both very intense and completely in control. "Now, fill me in on everything you have been doing over the past five years. Leave out absolutely nothing, Lycoris."

The image of 'Dan Akee' slowly shifted to that of a tall brown haired woman. Her features were definitely of the aristocratic Black family, but there was sadness there too. For years, Lycoris had adopted the face of her squib sister, but it seemed wrong now that Deidre had passed away. No, she would just be herself. It had been a very long time since she had used her natural form.

The switching spell they used to move her child to her sister's womb had been flawless. Unfortunately, giving birth in a remote house in the Honduras countryside had resulted in complications. Despite her sister's 'squib' status, they were close. She would mourn her sister, who had sacrificed so much for her…

She and Gellert had worked this out in detail. He knew he had to go back, it was only a matter of time before they found him. For the good of their daughter, he would return to Nurmengard and Lycoris would watch over their child. Albus Dumbledore was so trusting. Especially where Gellert was concerned. They had played him like a musical instrument.

Looking up at Arcturus Black, she nodded. Where to begin…

—The Chimera Rises—

This can either be a stand alone, or a more detailed story. Ill decide based on feedback. I will be wrapping up one of my other two stories soon and this might take it's place. As a stand alone, it will be the pre-prequel. If I continue it, it will be a Harry Potter story with Lycoris acting as mentor.


* Hózhójí and Hozho are real terms and there is much more to them. They are a large part of the Navajo belief system and it is quite fascinating. If you are curious, 'google' them.

** Keep in mind, this is 1960. Charlus Potter was a gruff man in his day, and the 1960 leadership style was autocratic and confrontational. He knew about Albus' 'close' ties to Gellert Grindelwald in his youth and has made comments that hinted at there being a romantic relationship without ever saying it. Charlus would not be put in charge of anyone in 2020 without quite a bit of personality and leadership training. At the end of the day, Grindelwald killed many of his friends and family… Lots of demons there.

*** He is referencing the numerous events involved in the Cold War. The Korean Conflict, Nuclear Arms race, the Cuban Revolution, the "Bravo" test at the Bikini Atoll, Russell-Einstein Manifesto, France Testing its first Nuclear Weapon, and so on. Basically Grindelwald is saying he is right and could have prevented this.