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KAIJU (kaiju, Japanese) Giant Beast

JAEGER (ya' gar, German) Hunter

When I was a kid, whenever I'd feel small or lonely I'd look up... at the stars. Wondered if there was life up there. Turns out, I was looking in the wrong direction.

When alien life entered our world it was from deep beneath the Pacific Ocean.

Deep underwater, blue lightning flashed across and between a trench. Then, a red-orange cloud of sorts forms above the trench, which turns out to be a portal to a different world.

A fissure between two tectonic plates. A portal between dimensions. The Breach. I was 15 when the first Kaiju made land in San Francisco.

A giant monster with a crest on its head shaped like an ax hovers over the Golden Gate Bridge and roars. It's claws slam down on the bridge as cars are crushed and the bridge crumbles.

It roars as cars and pieces of the bridge itself fall and plunge into the water below. Then, fighter jets come, firing machine guns at the creature. However, it seemed to be immune as the bullets bounced off of its hide.

Then, one of the fighter jets, not paying attention, collides into one of the monster's spikes and explodes. The monster then looks off into the distance, which this giant monster is known as a Kaiju.

By the time tanks, jets and missiles took it down, six days and 35 miles later, three cities were destroyed.

A bunch of news cameras film the destruction, kaiju attacking, and people running for their lives, along with other things like world leaders, newspaper articles, and dead kaiju.

Tens of thousands of lives were lost. We mourned our dead, memorialized the attack, and moved on.

It then shows the Japanese news with that of a kaiju footprint on a beach.

And then, only six months later, the second attack hit Manila. And then the third one hit Cabo. And then the fourth.

"The acid factor of the Kaiju blood creates a toxic phenomenon named Kaiju Blue", a news lady says as it shows people in hazard suits and the blue blood of kaiju polluting the water and a beach.

It then shows destroyed cities and a Kaiju skeleton being hauled on an aircraft carrier, showing the size and how big these things are.

And then we learned... this was not gonna stop. This was just the beginning.

People hold hands atop a bridge, mourning the losses of citizens as smoke was off in the distance from the destruction and cinders flew around them.

We needed a new weapon. The world came together, pooling its resources and throwing aside old rivalries for the sake of the greater good. To fight monsters we created monsters of our own.

Newspapers, maps, riots, protesting, leaders discussing the situation, and other political megalomania is shown. It then shows robots building a some sort of giant machine.

The Jaeger program was born.

It then shows giant machines that looked like bodies. A human had some sort of mind controlling device attached to his head.

It then shows another human in a room with a control system on his arm with an even bigger machine-like humanoid arm behind him in a hangar of sorts.

He opens and closes his hand and the giant mechanical arm copies his movements.

There were setbacks at first. The neural load to interface with a Jaeger proved too much for a single pilot. A two-pilot system was implemented. Left-hemisphere, right-hemisphere pilot control.

It shows a black and white older video of a test pilot. His nose was bleeding and his eyes bloodshot as he couldn't handle the neural load.

It then shows a screen of how two pilots controlled the giant robotic mechs, called Jaegers. A crowd cheers as a camera looks up at a Jaeger, showing how humongous they are.

It then shows a news cast of soldiers marching with a Jaeger in the background, which in comparison in size is just as tall as a small skyscraper.

We started winning. Jaegers stopping Kaijus everywhere.

It then shows a night vision screen of a Jaeger pummeling a Kaiju.

But the Jaegers were only as good as their pilots. So Jaeger pilots turned into rock stars. Danger turned into propaganda. Kaijus into toys. We got really good at it. Winning.

It then shows crowds cheering, two Jaeger pilots on a talk show, a Kaiju statue burning, kids playing with toys of Jaegers and Kaiju, even shoe brands.

It then shows a Japanese commercial of a woman and news cast of people and a Jaeger looking for survivors and cleaning up debris.

It then shows a giant skeleton of a Kaiju resting in a suburb with cars driving by it, followed by a newspaper, a camera showing Kaiju spikes, and a Japanese talk show showing someone dressed up as a Kaiju, and it looks like the one that attacked San Francisco.

The Kaiju was about 18 feet tall and pretended to attack the host and another guy and they pretended to be afraid.

Then... then it all changed.

"Gipsy Danger report to Bay 08, level A-42. Kaiju. Code name: Knifehead. Category 3. 8700 metric tons" a women said over a speaker. In a room, a man wakes up from the alert.

His name is Raleigh, and he was sleeping in a bunk bed with his older brother, named Yancy.

"Yo, Yancy, wake up! Movement in the Breach. Hey, come on! We're being deployed" Raleigh said excitedly, waking his brother up.



"Great...Good morning" Yancy replied.

"Morning" Raleigh said, getting ready, "Kaiju's a Category 3, biggest one yet. Code name: Knifehead."

"What time is it?" Yancy asked.

"Two" Raleigh replied.

"A.M.?" Yancy questioned.

"Yep" Raleigh replied, "What do you say? Fifth notch on the belt?" Raleight asked and they fist bumped. Then, there was a knock at the door.

"Come on, Beckets. Time for the drop" a man said from behind the door.

"Hey, kid" Yancy said.

"Yeah?" Raleigh asked.

"Don't get cocky" Yancy said and he smiled.

After getting ready, they walked through a sliding double door and walked down a hall.

Years before... you wouldn't have picked my brother Yancy and I for heroes. No chance.

They reached the end of the hall and walked through another sliding door.

We were never star athletes. Never at the head of the class, but we could hold our own in a fight.

"All right, let's suit up and kick some ass!" Raleigh said and him and his brother were suited up in some kind of armor-like suit.

And it turned out that we had a unique skill... we were drift compatible.

"Data on helmet. Data relay gel dispersing in circuitry suit." a woman's AI voice said. Lights then turned on in some sort of room and the two brothers walked in through a door.

Two harnesses lowered down and the two stepped onto two, shoe-sized platforms that locked their feet. Then, the harnesses drilled into their armor, attaching to it.

Cuffs came up and clamped on Yancy's right wrist and Raleigh's left wrist, followed by two disc-like gadgets coming up to the clamped arms. They both grabbed the discs in their hands.

"Good morning, Becket boys!" a man over the radio said.

"Tendo, what's happening, my man?" Raleight responded.

"How'd that date with Alison go last night, Mr. Choi?" Yancy asked.

"Oh, she loved me. Her boyfriend? Not so much" the man replied, which his name is Tendo Choi, the guy who locates Kaiju and Jaegers from a screen and reports it.

"You're gonna get your ass kicked" Raleigh said.

"Ha, ha. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, brother" Tendo replied.

"Engage drop, Mr. Choi" a black man dressed in military clothes said.

"Engaging drop, sir" Tendo replied, "Marshal Pentecost on deck. Securing the Conn Pod. Getting ready to drop."

Outside, a technician locked the door to the room. "Conn Pod door lock secure", the technician said. It turned out that the room the Beckett brothers was actually the head of a Jaeger, named Gipsy Danger. Neck pieces slid down over the door, locking into place.

"Release for drop" Yancy said.

"Gipsy Danger ready for the big drop" Raleigh said. Then, the clamps holding Gipsy Danger's head up released and the Jaeger's head fell down a large shaft.

"Here we go" Yancy said.

"Yeah! Here we go!" Raleigh said, excited. They held on as Gipsy's head fell down the shaft and landed on top of the Jaeger's body, her head locking in. Then, her head spun around, screwing itself in before the neck pieces locked in.

"Coupling confirmed, sir" Tendo said.

"Engage pilot-to-pilot protocol" the black man said, who's name is Stacker Pentacost, the man in charge of the Jaeger Program.

"Engaging now" Tendo said.

"Pilot to-pilot connection protocol sequence" Gipsy's AI said. Then, Gipsy's roared to life. Her turbine spun and her lights turned on. Then, a platform with tank treads holding up Gipsy moves forward as two big sliding doors opened. Outside, a storm is ongoing.

"Gipsy launch, Bay 6" a woman's AI voice said. Gipsy was then lowered into the bay.

"Gipsy Danger ready and aligned, sir" Raleigh said

"Rangers, this is Marshal Stacker Pentecost" Stacker said through the radio, "Prepare for neural handshake."

"Starting in 15 seconds. Fourteen, thirteen, twelve, eleven, ten..." Tendo counted down.

"Ready to step into my head, kid?" Yancy asked.

"Please, after you. Age before beauty, old man" Raleigh said.

"Pilot-to-pilot connection protocol sequence. Neural handshake initiated" Gipsy's AI said before the Neural Handshake began.

The Drift. Jaeger tech. Based on DARPA jet fighter neural systems. Two pilots, mind-melding through memories with the body of a giant machine.

The deeper the bond the better you fight.

Then, just as soon as it began, it was over and the two brothers snapped back into reality.

"Neural hand shake strong and holding" Tendo said.

"Right hemisphere is calibrating" Yancy said.

"Left hemisphere calibrating" Raleigh said.

Then, the two brothers copied each other, as if they were one person. They put their hands together, the right hand cupping the other and Gipsy copied their movements.

"Proofed and transmitting" Gipsy's AI said.

"Gentleman, your orders are to hold the miracle mile off Anchorage. Copy?" Stacker said.

"Copy that, sir" Yancy replied, "Sir, there's still a civilian vessel in the Gulf"

"You're protecting a city of two million people. You will not risk those lives for a boat that holds ten. Am I clear?" Stacker said.

"Yes sir" Yancy replied.

"Man, that's cold" Raleigh said. Then, he looked at his brother. "You know what I'm thinking" Raleigh said.

"I'm in your brain. I know" Yancy replied.

"Then let's go fishing" Raleigh said and Yancy smiled. The two moved the platforms holding their feet and Gipsy walked forward.

"Here we go! Come on, bro! Put some muscle to it!" Raleigh said, acting like the boss.

"Worry about yourself, kiddo" Yancy replied and Gipsy headed off into the storm and disappeared under the waves.

There are things you can't fight. Acts of God. You see a hurricane coming, you have to get out of the way. But when your in a Jaeger...suddenly...you can fight the hurricane. You can win.

Meanwhile, a little fishing boat sits among some icebergs, riding out the storm.



Aboard, men were working their hardest to maintain the ship from the ravaging hurricane.

"Get them tied down and go down below! Now!" the captain screamed under the immensity of the hurricane as the crew were stacking cages. Then, he rushed to the bridge.

"How far to the mainland?" the captain asked the helmsman.

"Seven miles off Anchorage, sir" the helmsman replied.

"But we won't even make it past the shallows" the navigator said.

"No, we won't!" the helmsman replied.

"What about that island three miles east?" the captain asked, pointing to the radar with a massive blue blob on it.

"No! It's two miles, sir" the helmsman said, "One mile, sir! It's getting closer". The blue blob grew closer by the second.

"How the hell can it be getting closer?" the navigator asked, confused as the radar's beeping became more sporadic.

"Kaiju" the captain said in horror. A mass in front of the ship was clearly moving towards them as it was the back of a Kaiju. The three watched in horror as it swam closer to them.

"Harder starboard! Turn her around! Now!" the captain shouted. Then, the back stopped and arched. Then, two blue eyes opened as the Kaiju rose from the water. The kaiju growled as it rose.

Then, it rose to its full height and let out a roar. It was the Knifehead, easily recognized by the knife-like projection sticking from its skull, basically like a built-in sword, like that of a swordfish.

The Knifehead growled and looked down at the fishing boat, which was puny from his perspective. But, from behind the boat, lights were seen from beneath the water and they were growing brighter.

"Oh, God!" a crew member shouted as he stared in horror at the massive Kaiju before them. But then, the water stirred from behind them as Gipsy Danger rose from the water, her horn blaring.

"What the hell?" a crew member said before Gipsy rose from the water. Then, Gipsy reached down and gently picked up the ship from below with her right hand.

"Hang on!" a crew member shouted before Gipsy lifted up the boat.

"Ship secure" Gipsy's AI said.

"Adjust the torque!" Yancy said.

"I'm on it" Raleigh replied and he got into a defensive position, Gipsy copying him.

"Torque locked" Gipsy's AI said. The Knifehead roared and swatted its right arm at Gipsy, but she dodged. She then twirled around and put the boat back into the water behind her.

Then, she turned back towards the Knifehead as he roared. Then, the Knifehead lunged, but Gipsy retaliated by lunging a punch into the Knifehead's face.

She lands another punch, sending his head into the water. Then, Gipsy raises both arms up, her horn blaring, before bringing both arms down upon the Knifehead's head.

His head plunges into the water, but he quickly recovers. He growls and lunges at Gipsy, but she blocks his jaws with her left arm.

She then pushes him off and holds his head back with her left hand while her right hand transforms into a plasma cannon.

"Get him. Come on. Shoot him" Raleigh shouts

"I'm on it! I'm on it!" Yancy replied. Gipsy aims the plasma cannon at the Knifehead. Fully charged, it fires into the Knifehead's chest.

The Knifehead is launched back from the blast before he crashes down into the water, disappearing below the waves. The all that remains is a pool of blue blood that floats on the surface.

"Discharge reading, sir. Plasma cannon in the shallow shelves seven miles off the coastal line" Tendo says.

"Gipsy what the hell is going on?" Stacker asks.

"Job's done, sir. Lit it up twice. Bagged our fifth kill" Yancy said.

"You disobeyed a direct order!" Stacker said, angrily.

"Respectfully, sir, we intercepted a Kaiju and saved everyone on that boat" Yancy said.

"Get back to your post. Now!" Stacker commanded.

"Yes, sir" Raleigh said.

"Kaiju signature rising! That thing's still alive, sir" Tendo said.

"Gipsy! We're still getting a signature!" Stacker said. Gipsy got into fighting position and looked around, but there was no sign of it.

"That Kaiju is still alive! Grab the boat and get out of there. You copy? Grab the boat and get out of there now!" Stacker said. Then, out of nowhere, the Knifehead erupts from beneath the waves.

He has injuries all over his body from the plasma blast. He lunges at Gipsy with open jaws, enraged and back for round two. Gipsy held back the Knifehead's snapping jaws with all her might.

"Take it, Raleigh!" Yancy said.

"I got this!" Raleigh replied and Gipsy's left arm plasma cannon began charging. However, the Knifehead swatted down the plasma cannon with his right hand and impaled his sword into Gipsy's left shoulder.

Raleigh screamed as, since he was connected with the Jaeger, it felt like he had been stabbed himself.

"Loccent, we're hit!" Yancy said through the radio.

"Left arm's gone cold, sir" Tendo said to Stacker as it showed on the screen in front of him and an alarm beeped.

Then, the Knifehead pulled his sword from Gipsy and off to the side as Gipsy's left arm came clean off. It then fell into the water with a splash next to the fishing boat. The crew took cover as it hit.

The Knifehead roared and swatted his left claw as it landed on Gipsy's head on the left side. His claw then punctures through Gipsy's head.

"The hull! It went through the hull!" Raleigh said.

"Raleigh, listen to me! You need..." Yancy said, but his sentence was haulted as the Knifehead's claw pulled away, taking part of Gipsy's head with it, including Yancy.

Raleigh watched in horror as Yancy's body flew off into the night with the piece of Gipsy's head as the Knifehead threw it away.

"No! No!" Raleigh yelled in agony as he was heartbroken by the loss of his brother. Then, an electrical surge flowed through his body. But, it awakened his rage for the loss of his brother.

He switched his disc gadget over to his right hand and gained control of Gipsy's still functioning and intact right arm. Gipsy's right hand than transformed into a plasma cannon that begins charging.

The Knifehead lunged into Gipsy, pushing her against an iceberg, roaring. Then, he punctures his sword into Gipsy's chest, but Raleigh resisted the pain as adrenaline and rage filled his body.

Then, the Knifehead begins shredding at Gipsy's left side, roaring. The plasma cannon was almost done charging.

"Loading" Gipsy's AI said. Raleigh let out a scream in absolute anger as the plasma cannon was about to fire. But then, out of nowhere, three beams of electricity hit the Knifehead's back.

The Knifehead roared in pain as they scorched his back. Then, they cut off and the Knifehead falls a bit limp. Gipsy's cannon then stops loading and dies off.

Raleigh was surprised at what just hit the Knifehead, but it gave Gipsy the chance to push the Knifehead off of her before she collapses against the iceberg. Raleigh catches his breath as he is exhausted.

"Sir, I'm picking up another Kaiju signature" Tendo says. Another red dot has just appeared on the screen.

"Did you just pick it up now?" Stacker asked.

"Yes, it just appeared out of nowhere. But, there's also a lot of discharge in the area" Tendo replied.

"What's the Category?" Stacker asked.

"Analyzing" Tendo said. Then, he froze as it's cat appeared.

"Well?" Stacker asked, getting impatient.

"Sir, it's a category 5" Tendo replied coldly. Stacker's eyes widened. He then immediately got to the mic.

"Gipsy! Gipsy! Do you still read, over?" Stacker said. Raleigh had enough strength to reach the radio.

"Yes, sir" Raleigh replied weakly.

"You need to get out of there, now! There is another Kaiju on the radar and it's a Category 5" Stacker said. This immediately caught Raleigh's attention. He then looks as he sees a silhouette among the storm.

"Can you make it back to the Shatterdome?" Stacker asked.

"Negative. I'm too weak to do it by myself" Raleigh replied.

"What do you mean?" Stacker asked.

"Sir, Yancy is K.I.A., but the Knifehead's dead" Raleigh said. Stacker lowered his head at the discern of the news. Tendo frowned at it as well while also lowering his head slightly. But then, Tendo's screen started blinking.

"Kaiju signature rising" Tendo said.

"What? Is it another one, or the same one?" Stacker asked.

"Nope, same one. That thing is still alive"

Then, the Knifehead rises from beneath the waves again, roaring. His back now had a large scorch mark on it, a new one added to the array of injuries all over his body. This time, however, his attention is turned to the silhouette.

"You've got to be kidding" Raleigh said to himself.

"Gipsy, the Knifehead's still alive" Stacker said through the mic.

"Yes, I know, but he's not facing towards me, he's facing towards the newcomer" Raleigh said. Both Tendo and Stacker looked at each other in surprise.

The silhouette then steps forward. A claw lands in the water below the silhouette, followed by a tail whirling around, it's spikes raising up. It actually has two tails. Two giant wings are seen as they spread out.

Then, three heads are seen, each resembling that of a dragon. The newcomer is larger than the Knifehead by a few meters and is also a Kaiju, but is unfamiliar to Raleigh as he's never seen it before.

Besides that, the storm has transformed itself. The lightning is now yellow instead of blue and is more sporadic than before. The Knifehead faces his new opponent with a ferocious roar.

The newcomer responds with all three heads letting out a loud, shrieking roar of sorts as yellow lightning flashes. Then, the Knifehead charges towards the new Kaiju.

He swipes his right arm, but the creature dodges the swipe. He swipes again with his left arm, but it dodges. The Knifehead then swings his sword from side to side, but the creature dodges.

Then, he thrusts his sword forward, but the heads dodge. The sword ends up going in between the middle and right head. Then, the heads strike. The middle head grabs the sword in its jaws.

The other two heads bite down on the Knifehead's shoulders. The Knifehead roars in pain as the two head's teeth sink into his flesh. Then, the two start having a shoving match.

The Knifehead swats as the sides of the heads, trying to get free. Then, the heads let go, trying to adjust their position. But, that was a mistake. The Knifehead lunges forward, biting down on the right head.

The head roars in pain, but the other two roar in anger. The left head bites down on the Knifehead's right shoulder and the middle head grabs the Knifehead's neck in his jaws.

Then, using their strength, they begin to lift the Knifehead up. The Knifehead lets go of the right head. Then, the right head bite down on the Knifehead's left shoulder. The Knifehead roars, trying to free himself.

Then, they throw him back and down in the water. The Knifehead rises again, growling angrily. Then, he lunges at the creature and with force of a runaway freight train, he tackles it down into the water.

He rises again, pinning the creature with his weight. He glares down at the creature and growls. The heads rise back up like sea serpents and they all roar. The Knifehead roars back.

The heads lunge, but he swats the left and right head away before biting the middle head and slamming back down into the water. Then, the creature's necks started to glow yellow.

Then, beams of yellow lightning shot forth from the creature's mouths. All three nailed Knifehead in the chest. He roared in pain and agony as the beams pushed him back and into the water.

The creature got back to its feet. The three heads looked around for signs of life, but nothing appeared. Then, the creature's heads let out thunderous, shrieking roars out in triumph.

Back at the Shatterdome, the Knifehead's signature just went off the chart.

"The Knifehead's signature is gone, sir" Tendo said.

"Gipsy, are you still okay?" Stacker asked through the mic.

"Yes, sir" Raleigh replied weakly. Then, beeping was heard. Tendo looked at the screen again, his wide with fear.

"Sir, its still alive" Tendo said.

"Impossible" Stacker said, coming to the screen.

The creature also sensed the rising threat. All three heads looked around, knowing it could appear from anywhere. Then, the Knifehead lunged from the water from behind the creature.

A new burn was on his chest, like the one that was added on his back, one to add to his collection he already had. The heads turned back just in time.

The Knifehead tackled the creature and the two fell back into the water. The heads fought back as the Knifehead clawed at the creature. Raleigh watched as the Knifehead began viciously attacking the creature.

Raleigh knew if he didn't do something, the Knifehead would attack him and finish him off after being done with the current creature. Nonetheless, that creature did save Raleigh. Knowing his options, he only had one.

So, using the last of his strength, he started to activate the plasma cannon. Gipsy raised up her right, still intact arm and it transformed into a plasma cannon.

Watching the creature roar in agony made Raleigh's body fill up with the rage he had earlier and he knew he should've done this to begin with. He then let out a scream in absolute rage before the plasma cannon fired.

The plasma blast hit the Knifehead in the side of the face. The Knifehead roared in pain. He got off his opponent and roared in pain as his Claw went over the side of his face. Half his face had now been blasted off.

The creature looked back at the half destroyed Jaeger as the plasma cannon deactivates and the arm drops. Raleigh then faints and Gipsy goes lifeless, collapsing against the iceberg.

"Another discharge, sir" Tendo said. Gipsy was still on the radar, but her reading, which is a green dot, goes dark, showing she's lifeless.

"But Gipsy's down, sir" Tendo replied sadly. Stacker turns back, feeling bitter over the loss of another team.

The creature then looks back towards the Knifehead, as he continues to roar in pain. The creature then gets up, growling angrily. All three heads roar as yellow lightning flashes.

The creature spreads its wings and its tails rattle like that of a rattlesnake. The Knifehead uncovers his face and roars back. Now, seeing that half his face is missing, the creature considers that as a weak spot.

The Knifehead charges towards his opponent, roaring. But then, the creature's necks glow yellow. As the Knifehead closes in, the creature's heads fire the beams of yellow lightning forth.

They hit the Knifehead where the plasma blast hit. The Knifehead roars in tremendous pain as the yellow lightning melts and fries the Knifehead's flesh.

Then, the lightning dies down, but the Knifehead is still alive, just weakened. The creature then spreads its wings and takes to the air. Then, the creature tackles the Knifehead with its talons to the water.

The Knifehead tries to block and counterattack, but fails to do so. The Knifehead tries to fight back, but is pinned. Then, all three heads bite down on the Knifehead's neck.

The Knifehead tries to break free, but fails to do so. Then, jerking with all their strength, the creature manages to rip the Knifehead's head off. Then, the Knifehead's body falls limp.

The creature then drops the head into the water before spreading its wings and letting out a thunderous, shrieking roar in triumph. Then, the creature turns its attention towards the fallen Jaeger.

It approaches Gipsy with caution. Then, the left head sees the cockpit is torn into. He peeks inside and sees Raleigh. Then, he turns back to the other heads and cackles as if he was speaking.

The middle head cackles back and turns to the right head and cackles. The right head cackles right back. Then, they were all in agreement. The creature spreads its wings and flies up.

It then grabs Gipsy in its talons by the waist and begins to fly away.

"Sir, the Cat. 5 is carrying away Gipsy" Tendo said.

"What?" Stacker gasped in surprise and shock. He turned back to the screen. Then, they watched as the two moved away. Then, the dots started flickering.

"There's a lot of discharge in the area" Tendo replied.

"See where it's taking her" Stacker said. Then, the dots flickered out.

"There's too much discharge in the area, sir. I'm not getting any signals" Stacker sadly turned back again, feeling bitter again.

Not only did he lose a great team, he just lost billions of dollars in salvageable Jaeger parts.

"No signatures, sir" Tendo said, "What do we do now, sir?" However, Stacker didn't answer.

The creature continues flying with Gipsy before it disappears off into the storm, carrying Gipsy off with it. The creature then lets out another screeching roar before all trace of it is lost.

Author's Note: Well, here it is. The first chapter of an epic story. And you guys didn't expect Ghidorah to appear in the first chapter, did you?

You'll see more of his good side next chapter, but the Big G will appear later on, along with the other Kaiju. Stay tuned. Dinopony2580 out.