Gipsy and Striker are now reaching their insertion point.

"Disengaging transports" Tendo said through the radio. Then, the helicopters carrying the Jaegers detached their cables and the two fell into the water below.

"Loccent, all ports sealed. Ready to submerge." Chuck said.

"All ports sealed. Ready to submerge." Raleigh said. Then, both Jaegers descended into the depths of the ocean.

"Pilots. We just got a reading of Godzilla. He's near your location" Serizawa said through the radio.

"Good to know we have backup" Stacker said. Raleigh was the first to notice the familiar silhouette only a few meters away from him. The only thing he could make out were the pulsating spikes on the Titan's back. Raleigh couldn't help but smile.

Back at Loccent, Herc enters as the new marshal for the time being. Max walks by his side.

"Both neural handshakes at 100 percent" A man said.

"Neural handshake confirmed, sir" Tendo said.

"Two actives still in circle formation in the Guam quadrant" Herc said through the radio, "Code names: Scunner, Raiju. Both Category 4".

"Roger that" Stacker said, "Half a mile to the ocean cliff...we jump! It's 3000 meters to the Breach"

"Half a mile? I can't even see a damn inch ahead!" Chuck said, "How are we supposed to deliver the bomb?"

"Visibility's zero" Raleigh said, "Switching to instruments now". Raleigh clicked a few buttons. The Jaegers continued on, marching towards their destination.

However, Godzilla was know where in sight. Then, unknowingly, something moved fast behind a rock.

Back at Loccent, they picked it up and warned Gipsy.

"Sir!" a man said. Herc quickly got to the microphone as he saw it on Tendo's screen.

"Gipsy, you have movement on your right" Herc said, "Three o'clock! Three o'clock!"

"Is it Godzilla?" Mako questioned.

"No" Tendo replied, "Godzilla disappeared from our monitor". Raleigh and Mako looked, but saw no movement.

"100-feet radius...clear" Gipsy's AI said.

"Right flank's clear" Raleigh said, "I got nothing".

"Left now! And moving fast! Fastest Kaiju on record!" Tendo said. On Gipsy's left, the Kaiju swam past at blazing speed. Gipsy looked, but saw nothing.

"I don't see anything" Raleigh said, "It's moving too fast!"

"Eyes on the prize, Gipsy" Chuck said, "600 meters from the drop".

Back on the surface, an Osprey's door opens with Newt, Gottlieb, Sam, and Rick. Quickly, the four rush out and head for Loccent.

Back down, the Jaegers continue to move. Then, they reach a drop off and jump down. They land on the ocean floor with a thud before regaining their stance and continuing on.

"400 meters and closing" Chuck said.

Back up at Loccent, Tendo noticed something.

"Bogeys are stopping" he said. Herc saw and immediately told Striker.

"Striker! Bogeys are stopping. One o'clock" Herc said.

Striker immediately stops and enters a battle stance.

"Marshal, what are you doing!?" Chuck questioned.

"They're stopping! Why the hell are they stopping!?" Stacker replied.

"I don't give a damn, sir! We're 300 meters from the jump!" Chuck said.

"Something's not right!" Stacker replied.

"Striker, the bogeys aren't following" Herc said, "Take the leap now!". Then, Newt and his team entered.

"Don't do it! Don't do it!" Newt shouted. The shouting caused Max to get up from the commotion.

"It's not gonna work!" Rick said.

"Move, you fascist!" Newt said, pushing Herc out of the way so he could get to the microphone, "Blowing up the Breach, it's not gonna work!"

"What do you mean? What's not gonna work?" Stacker questioned.

"Just because the Breach is open does not mean you're able to get a bomb through" Newt said.

"The Breach genetically reads the Kaiju like a barcode at the supermarket and then lets them pass" Gottlieb said.

"You're gonna have to fool the Breach into thinking that you have the same code!" Rick said.

"And how are we supposed to do that?" Raleigh questioned

"By making it think you are a Kaiju" Sam said.

"You have to lock onto the Kaiju, ride it into the Breach" Gottlieb said.

"The Throat will then read the Kaiju's genetic code and let you pass" Newt said, "If you don't do it the bomb will deflect off the Breach like it always has and the mission will fail"

"All right" Herc said, pushing aside the four, "Now that you've heard all that, Striker, take the leap!".

"Sir! I have a third signature emerging from the Breach!" Tendo suddenly said.

"Third signature emerging from the Breach" Herc said through the radio.

"It's a triple event" Newt said, not believing it.

"Oh, God, I was right" Gottlieb said in horror.

"Now there's three?" Rick said, "How much worse could this day get".

"How big is it?" Stacker asked, "What category?". Tendo then looked at Herc with a frown and a cold expression.

"Category 5" Tendo said, coldly.

"Striker" Herc said, "it's a Category 5. The first ever". Everyone easily remembered the one with Gipsy back then, but that was a Titan.

Stacker and Chuck couldn't believe it and discern appeared across their faces. Then, not long after, the Kaiju appeared. It was huge, just as big, if not bigger than Striker.

It has the head like that of a hammerhead shark with four, forward facing eyes, two on each end. It has seven tails, four small ones, two medium ones, and one large one.

The medium and large tails are almost the same length, but the large one is slightly longer. These three have spear-like projections on the ends. On its back is a large dorsal fin like structure.

The Kaiju has four limbs, each with three digits that end in sharp claws. This Kaiju's codename is Slattern.

Slattern faces Striker and roars. Striker enters a battle stance, deploying both arm swords.

"Striker, we see him" Raleigh said, "We're right behind you about 100 meters. We're gonna come around your 3 o'clock, try to flank him. Standard two-team formation".

Unknowingly to Gipsy, a Kaiju was just beside him. It has the same build as the Knifehead, but with an extra set of small arms. All limbs have three digits ending in sharp claws. Its tail ends in a trident shape.

It has bull horn like structures on its head with four eyes in front of its horns. This is Scunner.

Suddenly, Scunner charges.

"Just keep him busy for a few..." Raleigh said, then is cut off by Scunner. Gipsy quickly grabs Scunner by the horns.

Then, she headbutts the Kaiju twice before wrapping her left arm around Scunner's neck before taking Scunner down with her, slamming him into the sea floor.

Meanwhile, Striker was dealing with Slattern. Suddenly, Slattern's tails swirl before lunging forward.

"Brace for impact!" Stacker shouted before the tails hit, sending Striker back while also puncturing the fuel hold on Striker's chest.

Striker slides across the seafloor before slamming into an underwater volcano, destroying it. Striker lies lifeless.

Meanwhile, Raleigh and Mako activate their sword.

"Chain sword deployed" Gipsy's AI said. Gipsy was just about to stab Scunner when suddenly, from behind, a Kaiju came, tearing Gipsy's right arm clean off. Raleigh screamed in pain.

It felt just like when the Knifehead sliced off his arm back then. Gipsy twirls around before regaining herself. Then, Scunner lunges up, biting down on Gipsy's right leg. Raleigh and Mako grit in pain.

The Kaiju swims off with Gipsy's arm still in its jaws. It then bite the arm in half. Suddenly, it opens up its head to reveal its actual head and lets out a roar. This is Raiju, which is basically a bipedal crocodile.

However, the actual head is protected by a fake head that can split open. Also, Raiju has four eyes.

Gipsy then activates her left arm sword. She then thrusts it down into Scunners head. Raleigh was now angry.

"Let's get this son of a bitch!" Raleigh said, angrily for he has had enough of the Kaiju. Gipsy then moves Scunner's head over to a volcanic vent. Scunner tries to break free, but it's no use.

They finally get his face over it. The flames scorch Scunner's face as he roars in pain. But, he manages to get away and Gipsy falls back.

She regains herself, but struggles to keep up with only one functioning leg. Scunner swims off, but not far. He then turns around to face his opponent. Gipsy struggles to get to her feet, but can't as she's stuck to her knees.

"Gipsy, coming up on your 12 o'clock! Full speed!" Herc said through the radio, "Get out of the way!"

Not to far away, Raiju swims towards Gipsy at full speed. His head opens up as he roars. Scunner turns to Raiju as well. Gipsy prepares as Raiju comes up. She holds out her sword, ready.

Suddenly, just as Raiju comes within striking distance, Godzilla appears. Letting out a thunderous roar, he slams into Raiju at full force. Raiju is sent flying back before he smashes into a wall.

The wall then collapses on the Kaiju. Raleigh and Mako smiled as they were more than happy to see him. Godzilla snorts before he glares at Scunner. Scunner roars at Godzilla and charges.

Then, suddenly, Godzilla's tail spikes begin to glow. Then, the glow runs up his back as all dorsal plates glow. A faint charging sound could be heard as they did.

Then, when Scunner was within point blank range, Godzilla fired his atomic breath, nailing Scunner square in the chest. Scunner roared in pain as it scorched his chest.

The force flung him back as he smashed through an undersea volcano before crashing on the ocean floor. Godzilla then lets out a mighty roar in victory. Then, he turns his attention to Gipsy.

Gipsy nodded at Godzilla. Godzilla slightly nodded back with a slight smile.

Meanwhile, Striker just recovered.

"The release is jammed!" Chuck said, "We can't deliver the payload, sir! We're still armed, but the hull is compromised! Half our systems are offline, sir".

"We need to override the..." Stacker said, but was cut off as Slattern charged. Slattern swam at full speed, grabbing Striker by the waist, whilst smashing him through an underwater volcano.

Slattern swims with Striker before slamming Striker into the seafloor. The two tumble before they regain their footing. Slattern swipes Striker, but Striker retaliates by slicing Slattern's throat.

They twirl around before Striker pushes Slattern's arms apart and stabs Slattern's armpits. Slattern roars in pain. Striker continues to thrust her swords upwards, until Slattern breaks free.

Slattern slowly sinks to the floor as he screeches in pain. Then, suddenly, he lets out a call. Unknowingly to the Jaegers, it travels like a sound wave through out the area, just like a Titan call, except this one is to call for help.

Godzilla hears the call. He growls before he swims towards Slattern's location. Unknowingly to Godzilla, however, Raiju and Scunner rise, as they're not dead, and swim towards it as well.

Back at Loccent, Tendo has tracked everything that has went on thus far. Now, he gives Herc the update.

"Godzilla, Raiju, and Scunner converging on Striker fast!" Tendo said.

"Hang on, Striker!" Raleigh said, "We 're coming to you!". Raleigh limps along.

"No! Gipsy! Do not come to our aid!" Stacker said, "Do you copy?"

"Hang on!" Raleigh said.

"Stay as far back as you can!" Stacker said.

"We can still reach you" Raleigh said, "We're coming for you".

"No, Raleigh, listen to me" Stacker said, "You know exactly what you have to do! Gipsy is nuclear! Take her to the Breach!". Raleigh and Mako looked at each other as they could do nothing to help Striker.

"I hear you, sir" Raleigh said, "Heading for the Breach, now"

"Structural damage, eighty percent" Gipsy's AI said.

Meanwhile, in Striker's cockpit, Stacker takes off his helmet.

"Mako. Listen" Stacker said, "You can finish this. I'll always be here for you. You can always find me in the Drift"

Mako felt sadness fill her as she knew there was nothing she could do to save him.

"We're a walking nuclear reactor" Raleigh said to Mako, "We can destroy the Breach". Mako nodded and they began their march.

Slattern stared at Striker. Suddenly, Godzilla appeared. He lets out a thunderous roar and engages on Slattern. However, just as he was about to strike, Raiju and Scunner appeared.

They both quickly rammed into Godzilla before pinning him to the sea floor. Godzilla struggles, but the two held him down good. Raiju roars at him. Godzilla glares at the Kaiju and growls.

With Godzilla taken care of, Slattern focuses on Striker.

Stacker and Chuck looked as they couldn't really do anything to help Godzilla without them being killed themselves.

"What can we do, sir?" Chuck asked.

"We can clear a path!" Stacker said, "For the lady and King"

"They're gonna detonate the payload" Tendo said to Herc.

"Well, my father always said: If you have the shot, you take it!" Chuck said, "So let's do this!"

Herc closed his eyes as he felt proud of his son.

"It was a pleasure, sir" Chuck said. Then, the two turned on the payload. The lights on Strikers back came to life. Then, Striker got ready and ran towards the Kaiju.

The kaiju watched in confusion before Striker jumped at them. They prepared, but didn't expect what they were about to expect. Then, at the last second, they lunged at Striker

"Teacher, I love you" Mako said in Japanese.

Just as the Kaiju lunged, Stacker and Chuck closed their eyes before they pressed the button, and Striker exploded in a nuclear blast. The blast carried out, destroying everything in its path.

Gipsy puts her sword in the seafloor as the blast came past. It swiped away the sea water, leaving a soaked desert and dead fish. However, as soon as the water left, it came back in a tsunami.

"All systems critical. Fluid loss" Gipsy's AI said, "Code red".

"Systems are critical! Fuel is leaking! Our right leg's crippled!" Raleigh said, "Let's finish this".

"All systems critical" Gipsy's AI said.

"What are they doing?" Newt asked.

"Finishing the mission" Herc replied.

"Loccent. We're heading for the Breach" Raleigh said, "You guys better be right. Because one way or another we're getting this thing done" Raleigh said.

On their way to the Breach, they were looking for a Kaiju carcass, but their was none in sight. Suddenly, Slattern appeared, not dead, but bruised and beaten. He lands in front of Gipsy and roars.

They stop dead in their tracks. Gipsy readies her sword, when suddenly, Godzilla also appears, completely unharmed. He lets out a mighty roar.

Raleigh and Mako were so happy to see he was okay, along with everyone else. Gipsy looked at Godzilla and Godzilla looked back. They both nodded at each other.

"On my count, rear jets!" Raleigh said, "Three, two, one. Now!". Gipsy's rear jets blazed to life, and she charged at Slattern. Godzilla did the same thing and the two collided with the Kaiju.

Gipsy jabs her sword into Slattern's dorsal fin and Godzilla digs his claws into his back.

"Hold on" Raleigh said. They smash through an underwater volcano before they descend into the Breach. Slattern tried to push Gipsy off, but it's no use. Then, Slattern's tails start jabbing Gipsy's back.

Godzilla starts ripping into Slattern's back in retaliation, and Slattern roars in pain.

"Mako's oxygen is down. Half capacity!" Tendo said before he slides over to another station.

"Can you reroute it?" Herc asked.

"I'm trying, sir" Tendo said.

"Hold on, Mako" Raleigh said, "I'm gonna burn this son of a bitch"

"Heat shaft purge" Gipsy's AI said before Gipsy's chest turbine let's out a blasting fire, which begins to melt through Slattern's chest. Godzilla bites down on Slattern's neck.

Using all of his bite force, he begins to crush Slattern's neck vertebrae. Slattern tries to pull away, but it is no use. Then, the fire burns completely through Slattern's body.

Slattern let's out one last roar in pain before Godzilla finishes him off with a final blow by snapping the Kaiju's neck. Raleigh and Mako could here the loud crack and they both cringe a bit.

Slattern then falls limp, and just before they enter the Breach, Godzilla let's out a mighty, thunderous roar in triumph.

"They're in" Tendo said as Godzilla's, Slattern's, and Gipsy's dots disappeared off the radar.

"They're in!" Rick cheered

"It worked" Newt said in relief.

On the other side, the three appeared. Godzilla, Mako, and Raleigh looked at the spectacle as they have never been on the other side of the Breach before.

Electricity danced about, with blue and pink tissue looking structures everywhere. They then let go of Slattern.

"Oxygen main left hemisphere, critical levels" Gipsy's AI said, "Operating at fifteen percent capacity". Mako began to collapse from the lack of oxygen.

Seeing this, Raleigh unhooked his oxygen tube and then unhooked hers.

"Ten percent capacity" Gipsy's AI continued, "Five percent".

"He's giving her his oxygen" Tendo said as they watched. Raleigh then hooked up his oxygen tube to where his was and she breathed.

"It's okay now, Mako" Raleigh assured, "We did it. I can finish this alone. All I have to do is fall. Anyone can fall". Mako didn't respond as she was unconscious from the lack of oxygen.

"Raleigh, your oxygen levels are critical now" Tendo said, "You don't have much time. Start the core meltdown and get out of there. Do you hear me? Get out of there now!".

Raleigh then pressed a few buttons and Mako was lifted into an escape pod before ejected. Godzilla watches as her pod flies away.

"One pod is ejected" Tendo said, "No detonation, sir". Herc slammed his fist on the table.

"Loccent, if you can still hear me I'm initiating reactor override now" Raleigh said. He clicked the button, but nothing happened.

"Manual activation required" Gipsy's AI said.

"What's going on?" Herc asked.

"Trigger's offline!" Tendo said, "He has to do it by hand."

"He's out of time" Newt said, "He has to self-destruct now." Raleigh unhooks from his harness and quickly moves about the pod.

"Manual activation required" Gipsy's AI repeats.

Gipsy continues down the Breach's shaft, Godzilla by her side. Then, they enter through openings, sort of like organ-like doors.

Raleigh continues towards his destination, but then he slips. He luckily grabs hold of the ledge and dangles just above Gipsy's turbine.

Gipsy and Godzilla then enter a cavern, almost like hell as orange is all around.

Raleigh pulls himself back up and arrives at a hatch. He opens it and twists a cylindrical mechanism.

"Manual override initiated" he said, "Core meltdown in T-minus 60".

"Reactor meltdown in 55 seconds" Gipsy's AI said. Raleigh quickly climbs back into his harness and foot clamps.

"Fifty seconds" Gipsy's AI continues to count down.

Gipsy and Godzilla continue falling. Behind them is an eye-like structure, like a sun. Then, just below them, alien like creatures examine the Jaeger and Titan.

These creatures are called the Precursors, which are the minds behind the whole Kaiju invasion. Gipsy then gets upright with the help of her chest blasting out. She and Godzilla look at the Precursors.

Godzilla glares at them, snorting. A shield-like structure lifts up from the Precursors' faces, revealing their eyes. Gipsy's turbine then begins to accelerate rotation.

20 seconds now remain on the clock.

"Evac pod engaged" Gipsy's AI said as Raleigh is then lifted up into the escape pod before it ejects. Seeing Raleigh's escape pod, that was Godzilla's Que for him to get out of there as well.

He looks at the Precursors one last time with a determined look on his face before he swims back up. Being faster than Raleigh's escaped pod, he gently grabs the escape pod in his jaws.

As Godzilla exits the cavern, Gipsy gets ready for eruption.

"Five, four, three, two, one. Reactor meltdown" Gipsy's AI said before Gipsy let's out a nuclear explosion. The blast carries out, destroying everything in its path.

The last thing the Precursors see is a blue heatwave before they are incinerated by the blast.

"Direct hit!" Tendo said, "The Breach has collapsed!". Those words made everyone cheer. On a screen, it shows the Breach as it deteriorates away.

"To the choppers! To the choppers now!" Herc said and people rushed out of the room and soon, helicopters took off from the Shatterdome.

Out at sea, Mako's pod surfaces.

"Visuals on first pod" Tendo said, "Tracking solid. Vital signs are good". The pod opens and Mako sits up, taking off her helmet.

"Okay, where's the second pod?" Herc asked.

"I'm tracking it, but I'm getting no vital signs" Tendo replied. Everyone's face grew worried. Mako stands up, looking around for Raleigh's Pod.

Suddenly, from behind her, the water breaches upwards, like a bomb exploded. But, once the water cleared, it was Godzilla. Mako smiled as she looked up at his towering appearance.

Then, Godzilla lowers down as Raleigh's pod slipped from his jaws. Mako quickly takes to the water. She swims over and soon gets on top and his pod opens up. She quickly removes his helmet.

She puts two fingers to his neck, checking for a pulse, but she has no luck.

"I can't find his pulse" Mako said, "I don't think he's breathing.

"Can you read his pulse?" Herc asks, "Does he have a pulse?". Tendo shakes his head no to both answers.

"Raleigh? Raleigh?" she said, but she goes unanswered.

"Mako, listen to me" Tendo said, "It could be the sensors are networking. We can't be sure". Mako grabs Raleigh into a hug as she begins to sob.

"No" Mako said, "No. Don't go". Godzilla watches a few feet behind her, as he feels sympathy for Mako. He snorts, the wind blowing against Mako's back as he then let's out a sad growl.

"Please" Mako said, "Don't go"

"Mako" Tendo said, "Mako". However, Mako didn't answer.

Loccent felt sympathy as they felt they had lost another amazing pilot.

Then, suddenly, a cough was heard, followed by a voice.

"You're squeezing me too tight" Raleigh said. Mako broke the hug to see Raleigh alive and breathing, completely unharmed.

"I couldn't breathe" Raleigh said with a smile. They both laughed.

At Loccent, everyone cheered with sighs of relief as well. Everyone hugged each other with pats on the back. Then, Herc went to the com.

"This is Marshal Hercules Hansen" Herc said, "The Breach is sealed. Stop the clock!"

Everyone cheered again as the war clock sets to zero. Tendo, Herc, Newt, Gottlieb, and the Monarch team all smiled at each other. Newt puts his hand around Gottlieb, and Max barks happily.

Herc smiles down at him before relief and peace came to his mind.

"Mako, Raleigh" Tendo said, "We have your position. The choppers are on their way. Just hang on". They looked up as they heard helicopters coming. Then, they looked up at Godzilla.

Godzilla looks down at them, smiling, and they couldn't help but smile either. Then, Godzilla's spikes start to glow and an eerie charging sound is heard before he fires his atomic breath up into the sky.

The spectacle is dazzled as helicopters flew in V-Shaped formations overhead.

Then, after Godzilla's done, he looks at Mako and Raleigh one last time before he let's out a mighty roar before plummeting down into the water.

The last thing they see of Godzilla is his dorsal plates as they slowly sink under the water, followed by his tail as it comes up and splashes down like that of a whale.

Mako waves goodbye before Godzilla disappears under the waves.

Then, Mako and Raleigh place their foreheads against each other before they embrace in a hug.

"Are you okay?" Tendo asks, "Do you copy? Uh, guys?". However, his calls go unanswered as Mako and Raleigh had their moment.

Back in Hong Kong, people in hazmat suits work around the Otachi. Suddenly, a slit opens up in the baby Otachi. Hannibal soon crawls out, unharmed, but covered in bodily fluids.

"Where is my goddamn shoe?" he said out loud. Suddenly, a screeching roar is heard. He slowly looks up as Rodan lands near him. Rodan sees the corpse of the Otachi, but it has already been cleaned.

Only the skeleton remains, along with a few scraps. Rodan looks around before he sees the baby Otachi. He reaches down and picks it up in his jaws, not knowing Hannibal is inside.

Hannibal tries to climb out, but is too late. He screams as Rodan chomps him up. Rodan let's out another roar before he takes to the sky again, disappearing among the clouds.


Directed, written and produced by DINOPONY2580

Based on PACIFIC RIM created by


And GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS (2019) created by


Based on the characters "Godzilla", "Mothra", "King Ghidorah", and "Rodan" owned and created by TOHO CO. LTD, WARNER BROS., AND LEGENDARY PICTURES


Raleigh Beckett: Charlie Hunman

Yancy Beckett: Diego Klattenhoff

Mako Mori: Rinko Kikuchi

Stacker Pentecost: Idris Elba

Tendo Choi: Clifton Collins Jr.

Herc Hansen: Max Martini

Chuck Hansen: Robert Kazinsky

Hermann Gottlieb: Burn Gorman

Newton Geiszler: Charlie Day

Hannibal Chau: Ron Perlman

Aleksis Kaidanovsky: Robert Maillet

Sasha Kaidanovsky: Heather Doerkson

Wei Tang Triplet #1: Charles Luu

Wei Tang Triplet #2: Lance Luu

Wei Tang Triplet #3: Mark Luu

American UN Representative: Robin Thomas

Canadian UN Representative: David Richmond-Peck

Young Mako Mori: Mana Ashida

Clerk: Santiago Segura

Gipsy Danger AI: Ellen McLain

Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: Ken Watanabe

Vivienne Graham: Sally Hawkins

Sam Coleman: Thomas Middleditch

Rick Stanton: Bradley Whitford

Ilene Chen: Zhang Ziyi

Jackson Barnes: O'Shea Jackson Jr.

Godzilla: Himself

King Ghidorah: Himself

Rodan: Himself

Mothra: Herself

Author's Note: And there you have it! The ending of an epic story. Hope you all enjoyed it. Well, as I can see, this story has the most favorites, followers, and views of any of my stories.

That's impressive and I am very proud of myself, for I knew this story would be a hit. I just didn't know it would be THAT good.

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