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Chase woke up one morning, feeling awful. He stepped out and was hit by a wave of dizziness.

No! He thought, I can't be sick! Not today! I have to go to school! He decided to hide his being sick from the rest of his family.

He went into the elevator and up into the kitchen where Tasha was making breakfast. The smell of food made his stomach churn but he had to act normal to avoid attracting attention. He sat at the table to soon be joined by Bree and Adam.

"Good morning Chase." Bree said. She seemed in an awfully good mood this morning. Chase mumbled a "Good morning" but Bree didn't notice him laying his head on the table since she was stuck in her phone. Adam did not notice either for he was shoveling his face with the breakfast Tasha had made for them.

"Chase?" she said, "Are you going to eat?"
"Umm maybe later. I'm not really hungry right now." Chase tried to act casual as he turned down breakfast. He walked to the elevator and went down to the lab to pack up for school. He took his time so when he left without eating, he would have an excuse.

He waited for some time after finishing packing then went up the elevator. When Chase arrived on the first floor, Bree and Leo were waiting for Adam to finish eating so they could leave. He finished and they all said their goodbyes and went to the school, arriving quickly thanks to Bree's super speed.

Chase went to his locker and to his surprise, he felt much better than earlier. He grabbed his books and ran to his first class. On the way, he felt very light-headed and soon the world was spinning around him.

He paused for a moment to catch his breath and wait for the light-headedness to go away. Chase figured he was woozy from not eating breakfast and he walked into his science class.


Chase walked out of the science classroom as the bell rang. He had developed a slight headache during class and over time, it had evolved to a pounding migraine. He shut his eyes for a moment as he leaned against the wall.

Chase opened his eyes a few moments later but his headache had only slightly decreased. He walked into study hall and before he knew he was falling, he landed hard on the floor and he tried to fight the black dots dancing in his eyes. He could not stay conscious for much longer and soon faded into darkness.

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