A Goddess Problem

Note : I don't own Kid Icarus and the characters. All belongs to Nintendo.

Palutena and Viridi decide to go on a vacation together as a way to get to know one another and spend some quality time together.

It was morning at Skyworld, taking place at Palutena's temple. Palutena is waking up from her bed, putting on her dress and walks down to the main room. Palutena sees Pit and the centurions and grab their attention.

"Good morning gentlemen, in case you're wondering, there are no new missions today!" She smiles, Pit and the centurions cheered and some are relieved to get a break from battling monsters and demons.

"Well, they sure are happy to hear that." Palutena thought in her head and chuckled. Suddenly, something magical is appearing from a door and it's none other than...

"Viridi?!". Palutena looked back and her face is with shock. "What are you doing here?" She asked.

Viridi smirk and goes to close to Palutena with her arm crossed. "Oh, you know?" I can't stop by to see a friend of mine?"

"Friend?" Palutena raised an eyebrow. I don't even know -" Palutena's sentence is then cut off by Viridi.

"Look, I know what you're going to say next, and it's not because I...uh..." She flustered at any pausing sentence she could think of what to say next. "I need a break from leadership of my forces! There, now I've said." Viridi blushes fade and her eyes did not meet Palutena's.

"Well why didn't you say so?" Palutena smiling clapping her hand with joy. "I don't have any new missions for Pit to assign anyway and I can relate to you about my busy schedule as a boss here. I could use a break too." She sighed and it pains her to think about her life's work in the temple and what she has to put up with everyday : fighting unexpected villains.

Viridi doesn't say a word back and she's only staring at her. Palutena nervously sees Viridi's eye facing at hers the whole time and she's thinking of what else to say next until an idea hit her.

"I know! why don't we go on vacation together? Just you and me?" Palutena says.

"Wait what?! With youuuu?" Viridi flustered a little with a one eyebrow raising up in confusion. "Why me out of all people?" No wait, let me rephrase that...Why YOU out of all people, I should hang out with?"

"I was just wondering, maybe it'll help us spend some quality time together since you've been with us for a quite eight years. Sure, you still want war with Pit and I. But...he's right. I don't think you're all that bad either." Palutena shrugged her shoulder with a shy smile.

Viridi couldn't believe what she was hearing right now, and gives an annoyed sigh. "Fine, I'll hang out with you. But it's not because I...ugh, yes, let's spend some time together..." She rolls her eyes.

"Horray!" Palutena gives her a big tight hug and her cheeks rubs to Viridi very cutely ;).

"S-stop..you're hugging me let go!" She let go of her and Viridi is free from the grasp and breaths. "No hugging me, please." Viridi begged with an annoyed look and Palutena chuckles.