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Co-written by GhostKaiser23


Hey guys, here is a brand new story!

So... there are some aspects of Persona 5 I do not like, even though I fucking LOVE THE GAME, and that is mainly the ending.

The ending, Joker returning to his family? Yeah that was fucked up. If you know anything about Japan, how they treat people with any connections to crime and so on.

-Basically his parents and his old friends, who we know don't care about him and threw him away, would still disbelieve him and hate him and treat him like dirt
-Nowhere in his home town would accept him for a job, either part time or anything more
-The police would hound him, look for any excuse to lock him up again

He is just... Joker is going back to HELL

So Ghost and I decided to have fun, using the concept of New Game Plus to have some creative fun and be a bit crazy

Also, we will be using the name Ren for Joker. Because we have not read the manga and out of the two names, Ren has more meanings behind it as well as the fact the name just sounds better to us.

I hope you all enjoy this

Persona 5 New Game Plus, Joker's Second Chance
Chapter 1: Joker's Second Chance

Tokyo, the center of Japan. A hustling and bustling metropolis filled with people and buildings.

How he wishes he was there right now.

No, instead we see a young man of twenty. Alone in an alley with a broken phone in his hand. The screen cracked and his hands shaking.

The young man had shaggy black hair, round front glasses with cracked lenses, a torn blue hoodie with dirty white shirt and dirty jeans and sneakers. The poor man was left to rot, left alone...broken and victimised.

To think this man was once Joker, the leader of the legendary Phantom Thieves of Hearts. But right now... Two years ago felt like another life time. It had been a year since he left Tokyo, since the Phantom Thieves had disbanded... Since his torment began

Since his return to his home town, he was met with contempt. Joker was labelled as a criminal for a crime he didn't commit. And the stigma that hung over him was still there, even after he was cleared of the charges. No matter how much he tried to explain, everyone followed the rule of 'once a criminal, always a criminal'.

His parents treated him like a criminal in his own home while draining him of every penny they could via 'rent'
His 'friends' in his home town ignoring him or belittling him
No one would hire him for a job, meaning the money he DID have was drained quickly
The police hounded him, bugging him over any small detail and just trying to find an EXCUSE to arrest him
And when he wasn't expecting it, his phone was broken. With no money to repair it or get a new one, because of everything else, he had lost contact to the few people he knew cared about him.

And finally he was kicked out of his home when he couldn't pay anymore, left alone on the streets. He had been lucky at first, Morgana by his side... But they where separated one day, when Joker ran away from his attackers

But now...he was alone. Broken. All he had left, was gone. His family had betrayed him, his home town friends betrayed him, the police were monsters he couldn't stop...his only friend left had vanished.

He didn't know what else to do... Except one thing. A final act of rebellion

He wouldn't give then the satisfaction of seeing him as a homeless bumb, he wouldn't give them the satisfaction to think they had won.

Joker pulled something out from his jacket, a gun

He would stop this on his terms. Not theirs. If he was going to suffer, he'll suffer in hell by his own hand.

Joker brought the gun to the side of his head, his hand shaking in fear, anger, sadness...but he closed his eyes. Thinking of the faces he once saved and cared for.


He took the safety off. The rattle of the mechanisms in the gun were agitated by the shaking of his hand. The last bit of happiness he held onto before he plunged his soul into the deepest pits of Hell.




A small exhale of relief.

"JOKER! NO!" a young male voice yelled, a small black cat bolting at at the teen


The sound of the gun reverberated within the alley way as Joker fell to the dirty streets. His blood and brain matter spilt onto the street as the gun was smoking, still in his hand as his eyes turned red and dilated.

"Trickster. This was not the fate meant for you." A faint voice called through the air as a small blue winged butterfly fluttered over Joker, landing on the cheek of the corpse "You have sacrificed so much and was rewarded so little. We are going to fix this."

Through the eyes of the fallen Joker we fly through a terrible world, a blue world with black diamond shaped chains surrounding it. As the world solidified it revealed itself as a round prison...And Joker was there, lying in striped prison clothes and heavy chains binding him down and the wrought iron door closed on him.

In the middle of this prison was a round blue carpet with golden stitching and a large styled 'V' in the centre. On top of the carpet was a black desk with a strange old balding man sitting on a comfy desk chair. The man had white hair, a long nose, blood-shot pin-pricked eyes and wearing a black suit and white gloves.

Standing next to the strange man was a blonde haired woman with piercing yellow eyes, wearing a blue dress with a large brown book in her hands and black shoes.

"Welcome back to the Velvet Room, Trickster." The strange man spoke sadly before the world exploded into light

*? ? ?*

"Ah!" The young boy gasped as he bolted awake, making people look at him in confusion. He was sat there on a train, the same boy as the young man who blew his own brains only younger by two years and much much cleaner. Joker blinked in shock as he looked around, panicked and scared. What... What just happened?! The last thing he remembered was pulling the trigger to end his life, several faces flashing before his eyes... And now he was on a train?
A normal, normal train. Filled with light and people

Something about this train feeling very familiar

He reached under his glasses and rubbed his eyes, trying to understand what had just happened. He looked down at his clothes and saw that he was wearing a school's uniform. A black blazer with a white shield crest on his left breast pocket, red cuffs and buttons and a number 2 pin on the lapel; a white shirt underneath with the two '^' symbols stitched onto the collar; plaid black, red and white school-issued trousers and finally shiny black shoes. He was carrying a black satchel around his shoulder that was resting on his lap, while in his hand was his phone fully fixed and functioning. His eyes widened, nearly dropping his phone in shock as he saw it... The date. April ninth... Two years ago!






He had come back in time!

How? How could this have happened? This was impossible!

People in the middle of the street continued to walk while he remained in the middle of the busy crosswalk.

This... No! No, this couldn't be real... Could it?

"No. No way. This... This can't be real. This stuff only happens in weird anime's and games, like Fuutaba watches. I couldn't go back in time... That makes no sense. It's impossible." But, this was real. The date. The location. Down to the sounds and smells of Shibuya. This was Shibuya two years ago. Joker began to run, trying to ask anyone for help to understand what was going on. A police officer, anyone who would listen...just somebody.

"Hehe. This is rather interesting" a familiar voice chuckled in his mind

"Wait... Arsene?" he gulped with slight relief

"That's right. I'm here, Joker." The voice called 'Arsene' responded

"But-but you should be-" Joker whispered in shock

"Gone? Along with 'that place'? I should. But I'm here now. And you should probably get out of the road." Arsene answered as the lights were flashing and people were thinning out from the crosswalk.

"Whoa!" Joker yelled, jumping out of the way

"I am your other self, Phantom Thief. Your soul of rebellion given form. If one thing could never leave you, it is me... Unless you loose your free will, of course." Arsene pointed out, giving a dark laugh at the end "But here we are. Stuck back in time. A rather... Interesting predicament. But one with opportunity. Finally, the game is fare."

"'F-fair'? I...I can't. Remember." Joker whispered as he held his head, going to the other side of the street, his body recalling the way through Shibuya. Going through the Station, where his next train would be waiting for him

"Remember? Yaldabaoth. He rigged the game from the start, making it near impossible for us to win. But now... We have a second chance. And we know what is coming." Arsene pointed out "We can make it right. We can stop the things you've felt guilty about from happening. Maybe we can save Aketchi, bring him to justice. We can save Haru's father... Save Ann's friend?"

"Shiho. Mr Okumura. Akechi. I...I remember them. We could. Couldn't we?" Joker asked

"'Could'? We WILL!" Arsene answered passionately "Come on Ren, we can fix our mistakes, the things we had no hope in stopping last time! We have to go through this again, so let's make it a perfect run!"

"... Yeah... You're right." Joker, or rather Ren, smirked. A smirk he wore when on a mission as a phantom thief, an almost sadistic looking smirk as confidence filled him. He stood tall, his grey eyes almost looking red as light shone across his glasses lenses "This time, we win!"

*? ? ?*

"Wait... What are you going on about now?" a beautiful silver haired woman asked as she sat there. She was sitting in a dimly lit room, on the opposite side of a table where Ren was sitting.

Ren was beaten up, bruised, a little blood on his lips and obvious handcuff marks where it showed they were too tight. Ren looked like he was physically tortured, holding his head with ragged breath, carefully breathing from the 'interrogation' he had with the previous interrogators. "It's as I said. I was going to fix what I couldn't before." Ren responded slowly.

"I thought you where going insane when your story caught up to today and you kept going. Fighting something calling itself a god, all that nonsense. And then you go home." The woman said as she sat back crossing her arms "Especially as your story had a strange inconsistency here and there to actual events. And now you are saying you time traveled?"

"Yes. That's right." Ren answered honestly, seeing the woman not truly believing him.

The woman sighed and looked at a folder by her briefcase "Say this actually happened." She tried to humour him. "And you came back in time."

"Yes." Ren nodded simply, taking in the woman's appearance. The drugs where finally fully subsiding and the pain was fading, he was finding it easier to focus now

The woman had back-length long silver hair, wearing a black suit with faint grey butterfly-wing style tips and cuffs, black trousers with heeled shoes and black stockings, red-painted fingernails, brown eyes and a silver necklace "Hm." The woman hummed. "And you decided to change the fates of those before. 'Putting right what once went wrong', to coin a phrase."

"Yes." Ren repeated his answer.

The woman pulled out a folder, labelled 'Kamoshida' and put it onto the table, showing information and a picture of the one it was focused on, a middle-aged man with wavy black hair and brown eyes, a white T-shirt and a gym coach's digital stopwatch around his neck "This man, 'Suguru Kamoshida'; why did you target him?"

"We already went over this..." Ren commented

"Yes. In the 'original time'... whatever that is. But if you traveled through time things have changed. Now it's time to start again." she said seriously

*back to the past*

Ren had traveled through the Shibuya line and headed to the familiar streets of Yongen-Jaya; the narrow cramped streets, the bikes packed together on bike-racks, the hiss of the steam vents, the packed voices of people living in the squashed location. Ren was home, his heart filled with joy as he recalled the sights, sounds and smells. The well-trodden path he walked on each and every day to go to school, he could almost his caretaker's voice once again. Actually, he would. Ren just needed to turn one corner and there he would be: LeBlanc. A cafe tucked away from the rest of the streets. Not fancy or in your face, but it was warm and cosy. It was his home for months, much more of a home than... that place. Ren mustered his courage and pushed opened the door of the cafe.

ring, ding

The clinking of the door's brass bell, each time it was open it would say 'I'm back'. Ren wanted to say that too but...a stranger coming to a place he'd never been in before saying 'I'm back'? That would be unnerving and would make him seem insane.

The cafe had a large wooden bar counter, bar-stools with orange-red leather seats, a small kitchen area and a brewing station for coffees, an old white cash register, a washbasin at the end, back to back couches with tables between them, two hanging menus for different coffees, hanging tinted-white lampshades on above-head lights, stained-glass lights above the customer's head.
And behind the bar, jars. Dozens of jars. Each labelled and filled with different kinds of coffee beans. the scent alone of this cafe flooded Ren's eyes with tears of nostalgia and love.

Inside the cafe were two people, one an older gentleman a patron of this humble cafe, balding with grey hair, green jumper and blue slacks with soft shoes, having a cup of LeBlanc's home-brewed coffee.

The second man had slicked-back black hair, a neatly trimmed thin beard that went from his chin to his sideburns, silver-framed glasses, a pink button shirt under a black apron with faint white stripes, beige trousers with the legs rolled up to his shin and white espadrilles. This man was working on the day's crossword, muttering to himself, trying to think of the answer. "Vertical is...the name of a shellfish used for farming pearls."

All the while the television was on as it was reporting a recent and terrifying accident involving a public transit bus "The bus was driven into an opposing lane, with customers still in it!"

"What could be going on? This happened the other day, didn't it?" The elderly man asked

"Hmm." The man with his newspaper answered, almost uncaringly in response. "Hmm? Oh, they did say it was today." He turned to Ren and then put the newspaper down.

"I'll be going now, the payment's on the table." The elderly man spoke as he got up and left, pushing past Ren, who got out of his way.

The pink shirt man sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "Four hours for a single cup of Joe." He turned to Ren and looked at him with a heavy look. "So, you're Ren?"

"That's right. Please take care of me." Ren responded, bowing to him.

"...Right." The man blinked in response. "I'm Sojiro Sakura. You'll be in my custody for the next year."

The man's voice... It almost hurt to hear. Spoken with such annoyance and distrust, that harshness of meeting someone you didn't want to be associated. Hearing that tone from a man he considered more of a father than his birth father... It almost brought tears of hurt to his eyes.
It was only registering now that he was here, faced with the truth with it. He had gone back in time... Meaning none of his friends knew who he was
"Well, come on. I'll show you to your room." Sojiro spoke as he walked to the small corridor that lead to the attic. Ren obediently followed, knowing the room very well. Each solid step of the wooden stairs lead right to the bedroom he slept in...but it was cramped and cluttered, dusty and nearly unlivable. "Your stuff came here before you did." Sojiro spoke up before he coughed from the dust. "I'll give you some clean sheets for this bed."

"It's perfect." Ren said suddenly with a wide smile. This was it... This was his home.
Where he made such precious memories with his friends. With his new, real family. When he first came here he disliked the room, thinking it a mess. And when he tidied it up it felt better but not like a bedroom... Now? After a year with it, where he made so many special memories?
This place was a salvation to him, a haven... It was home

"'Perfect'? Well, I guess anything beats a juvie cell. I've been told that if you cause any trouble your probation will be revoked, one slip up and you're gone. Understand?" Sojiro responded.

"Yes, I understand." Ren answered

"Oh, and take this." Sojiro spoke as he handed over a diary to Ren. "I have to report to your probation officer twice a month, so keep track of what you do each day; understand?"

"Of course." Ren nodded with a smile

Sojiro looked at Ren with a confused look. He was supposed to be devastated or even in despair for being sent to this back alley cafe and living in an attic...but this kid was happy about living here. Well, no choice of complaining about it. If he did kept within his probation and didn't cause trouble, he didn't care. "I'll lock up shop each evening as well, so no funny business at night; understand?"

"Crystal." Ren nodded.

"Well, alright then." Sojiro answered and headed downstairs.

Ren looked at the room and dropped his bag on the side. He rolled up his sleeves and began to get to work. He was going to get this right this time. First step: a clean room. He was not looking forward to doing this again. But, better now than later. And he was not going to sleep in a dust filled room. Hours passed, Ren had gotten a dustpan and brush, a duster and several bags and had cleared everything that wasn't needed out.
He was tempted to open his box from home a few times, but he focused. The room had to be cleaned first. With his skill and knowledge from his past go around the room was actually spotless in the time it took him to do half of it last time
"And. Done." He whispered, putting the still alive plant up and in some fresh soil and a solid pot. "Well, that was easier." He talked to himself.

"Whoa!" Soujiro gasped as he came into the room

"Oh, Sorry. I didn't hear you come up." Ren apologised as he heard him. "What do you think? A lot cleaner; right?" Ren smiled as he was proud of his work.


"Well, like you said...I didn't want to sleep in the dust." Ren answered.

"I guess that's true." Sojiro answered. "Why don't you come for some dinner? It's curry."

"Okay." he smiled, happy memories flashing through his life

'This kid.' Sojiro thought to himself "Well, come on down. It'll get cold." The two went downstairs, nostalgia filling Ren as he took his seat "Eat up. Sorry if it's not up to any standards you had before." Sojiro spoke as he went behind the counter and got another plate while Ren's was already set up... And Ren was already half done with his first plate "Huh?" Sojiro gasped as he saw that, stunned to see how much he ate within... not even five minutes "Sheesh, didn't you get anything to eat on the train?"

"Sorry. This is just so good." Ren apologised

"...Care for seconds?" Sojiro asked as he looked at him and held a ladle.

"Please." she nodded

"Heh. Sure thing." Sojiro answered as he put his own plate down and took Ren's, putting some more curry onto it. "Eat up. You're skin and bones."

'You don't know the half of it.' Ren thought

"Well, you better head off to bed. We're going to your school tomorrow." Sojiro commented. "Waste of my Sunday." He mumbled.

"I'm sorry." Ren said simply

"Ah, anyway... Hmm?" Sojiro began to respond before his phone went off ringing "Hello? Yes, I'll be right there. Just finishing up here." He answered the phone. "I've got to go." He ordered.

"No worries." Ren nodded as he began to finish off his curry. Sojiro simply nodded and closed up the cafe while Ren finished eating. Ren sighed, knowing the only person that call could have been from 'Futaba.' He thought sadly, knowing she was still suffering right now. He couldn't barge into Sojiro's home right now to help. He'd be thrown out on his ass immediately and this second chance he's been given would be wasted. For now, he'd have to take things slow. Eat his curry and go to bed.



"Huh?" Ren asked himself and answered the yellow pay-phone at the end of the bar counter "Hello?"

"Hey, it's me." A voice answered

"Sojiro?" Ren asked in response.

"Yeah. Listen, I forgot to flip the sign to 'closed'. Do that before you go to bed." Sojiro responded

"No problem, I'll get right on it." Ren answered in response

"Thanks. And one more thing, if anything goes missing or is broken in the cafe, you're out. Got it?" Sojiro warned

"I understand." Ren reassured in understanding as he heard the phone's line cut off. He sighed gently and put the phone down, walked to the door and did the small order he was told to do and head to bed... Though he was going to wash up his dishes first. The long day was slowly starting to get to him. Between the train ride and cleaning his room... Ren needed his sleep.
Everything was just so... Much.
Especially as he was hit with the realisation of the actual weight of the situation. He would have to do this all over again.

His friends. The Palaces. Mementos.

All of it, he'd have to claw his way back to fix what was broken. He knew things that were going to happen, though admittedly, there were gaps in his memories... he'd have to stand by his friends once again. It had been two years since he started this journey the first time, he wasn't one hundred percent on all the details. But... He had to fix this. He was going to fix this. To claw through the depths of hell and raise his rebellion upon those whose desires were distorted. Him and Arsene. Though he was alone right now, he wouldn't be for long.

It broke his heart to know those he loved didn't even recognise him, he'd fight through it. He would reforge those bonds and make them stronger than ever. He'd save everyone he could, he knew he could. He was alone right now, with only Arsene as some form of support, however he was the Joker.
The Wild Card.
The power to change fate and turn the tides.

He was being shuffled into the deck, truly, and would completely disrupt Yaldabaoth's plan. That stupid cup was going to get a loosing hand this time, he was sure.

"This is your warning." Joker whispered with a mad grin "I'm going to destroy your treasure, you stupid cup. '

Ren slipped into his 'old' bed, covering himself with the blankets and began to drift off to sleep, feeling the weight of exhaustion hit him. But still with a smile on his face.

*? ? ?*

Ren's dreams made him feel like he was floating, lost in a soft room filled with something blue. No. Velvet blue. He knew where he was.

He looked up in excitement... And his blood turned cold as his saw the chains and the two girls outside his cell

"Get up, inmate!" A platinum-blonde bun-haired girl holding a baton in her hand, wearing a blue Prison Warden's uniform with a hat with the letters 'X.M.R.N.' along the rim of her hat. And a black eyepatch with golden 'V' on her right eye and a brassard on her left arm.

The second girl had the same coloured hair but it was in a long braid and holding a clipboard in her hand. But on her hat were the letters 'O.Y.O.O.' and the eyepatch on her left eye. "You are in the presence of our Master." The second warden whispered as she looked at Ren.

Sitting in the middle of the round room was the velvet blue rug with a desk upon it. And sitting there...was a balding white-haired man with blood-shot eyes and a long nose, wearing a black suit. "Welcome, to the Velvet Room." The man spoke with a deep and intimidating voice.

Ren's eyes widened as he felt rage filled him, jumping up and slamming against the bars of the cell. There it was! The monster! Pretending to wear the skin of the one who was supposed to help him! It a moment of rage he instinctively tried to attack... And was met with the metal bars against his gave
"Ah!" he hissed, the pain helping his mind clear. And as a trained Thief... He improvised "Who are you people?! Let me out of here!" he yelled, acting like a normal scared teen

"This is our Master. And you shall show him the level of respect he deserves." The woman with the baton struck the bars, causing sparks from it and striking the metal. It was an electrically charged baton.

"It's alright Caroline." The man answered. "I am 'Igor'. The host of this room. These two wardens are 'Caroline' and 'Justine." He pointed to the two, first to the one with the baton and then to the girl with the clipboard. "We are here to help with your 'rehabilitation' and to help change the world."

"Rehabilitation? What are you talking about?" Ren frowned

"This place represents the heart of those who enter. And yours is a prison. We are here to help you break free of those shackles that hold you here." Igor answered as his fingers tapped on the desk, not blinking as he stared at Ren.

"I don't know what's going on." Ren frowned

"The Velvet Room exists between Dream and Reality, Mind and Matter. This is where people with strong wills of Rebellion come to be guided to avert Ruin." Igor answered

"Ruin?" Ren asked, keeping up his act while holding back his anger

"Pay attention, Inmate!" Caroline snapped at him, hitting the door with her baton.

"Our Master is trying to help you." Justine timidly responded.

"There are Forces working on the world, directing it towards this Ruin. Do you possess the power to halt the Ruin and change the fate of the world?" Igor asked

"What? But... How can I stop whatever you're taking about?"

"Gather the bonds of allies, and fight against the coming ruin." Igor answered cryptically. "Seems our time is up. You're about to wake up."

"What?" Ren asked, sadly looking at the two sisters before him

"What is it, inmate?" Caroline glared at him.

"It's time for us to depart for now." Justine mumbled gently.

"Just..." Ren started, remembering the times he had with the two girls. But before he could finish, he woke back up...


"AH!" Ren gasped as he awoke in his room once again, looking up at the dusty ceiling "Oooh God... No..." Ren panted and shuddered, putting his face in his hand. Both Justine and Caroline. They had forgotten him too. That damn cup still had control over them. All that time and effort, he couldn't believe it. He couldn't get through to them. They where forced apart, separated and still their own people... Used as tools


"Damn it." He dropped his fist onto his bed, angry that he couldn't help them right now. What could he do? He had to admit though... It WAS nice seeing them again. He'd almost forgotten how cute they where "Hmm. What am I going to do?" He asked himself, before he smelt the warm tingle of curry in the air "Oh!" he gasped and smiled

Sojiro was back, meaning it was the delicious curry for breakfast. Ren grabbed his school uniform to get changed and headed downstairs "Ah, you're up early. Good." Sojiro responded as he saw him "Eat up, we'll be going to Shujin today."

"The prep school I'll be attending; right?" Ren asked, before thanking his caretaker for the food.

"That's right. Not as oblivious as you seem." Sojiro answered.

"I did my research." he nodded

"Well good. After you eat, we'll take the car. Probably beat the traffic if we get there early." Sojiro answered

Something twinged in Ren's memories. Something that happened when he was here the first time. But he couldn't pin down what it was. It was so long ago that it was a distant memory. He shook his head, it would be something he'd think about later

*time skip*

Both Sojiro and Ren were now in Shujin Academy, an almost prestigious school for those who excel in their fields. But it was his place, the location he could reforge his old bonds. He could almost feel the rut he made for himself those two years ago, but now wasn't the time for reminiscing, he had to make. Good impression...all things considered. He brushed his uniform down, following his guardian into the principal's office

"Come in." A voice responded, allowing them to enter. "Ah, Mr Sakura and Mr Amamiya; I'm glad you could make it today." Spoke the principal. He was a bald man with a hefty chin, wearing a beige suit with a white undershirt and a red bow tie. To say that he looked like an egg, wouldn't be too far off. He was sitting behind a wooden desk with a desk lamp and a paper weight with the school's crest on it.

Standing next to the man was a brunette woman wearing a striped yellow shirt, blue jeans and a tired look to her face. Ren knew this woman, but her face...it was disheartening to see her like this. She wasn't unattractive, but she was certainly pretty.

"Well, we had to Principal Kobayakawa." Sojiro answered with the rub of his neck.

"This is Ms Kawakami, the home room teacher of 2-D and our residential Japanese Language teacher." Principal Kobayakawa spoke, introducing her.

"It is nice to meet you." Ren nodded

Ms Kawakami nodded gently in response, looking exhausted, but still conscious.

"Now, to business. Shujin is a place where you will learn to conform to our rules. We're not usually accustom to teaching people with your... 'history'. But I'm certain that you'll be fine here. You'll be assigned to Ms Kawakami's class for the year." Principal Kobayakawa followed up

"Why me?" the tired teacher muttered, almost as if she hadn't realised she had said it allowed. Like she was so exhausted she wasn't sure what was going on anymore

"I'm sorry that I had to drop it on you so suddenly, but your class was the only one with a space free." Kobayakawa apologised "If there was any other class, I would've chosen."

"Here you go." Ren suddenly said, holding out a can of coffee he had subtly bought from a vending machine on the way into the school "You look like you need it. You must be a great teacher if you're putting in so mu h work to look that tired. I'll do my best to meet your expectations."

Ms Kawakami blinked in shock, seeing how this supposed 'criminal' was being so nice to her "Thank you." She answered.

"Where did you-?" Sojiro began to ask, only to halt himself "Well, if that's all. We'll take a walk around to get a feel of the ground."

"Of course." The principal answered

Sojiro nodded and all but dragged Ren out of the room "Where did you get that coffee?" Sojiro asked with an annoyed tone.

"From the vending machine. I used my own money." Ren answered honestly.

"...fine. As long as you know the consequences." Sojiro sighed in relief "Just don't make a scene. I don't know what you di-"

"I stopped a drunk guy from raping a woman and he had the police in his pocket, blackmailing her when he slipped because he was drunk." Ren said seriously. That was one think he hated from the first go, everyone labeling him as something terrible without even knowing what had happened

Sojiro was stopped in his tracks. That's what Ren did? Save a woman from being raped. Sojiro looked into his eyes and saw no lies, Ren was being a hundred percent honest. He sighed and ran his hand through his hair, shaking his head. What was he gonna do with this kid? "I shouldn't have mentioned anything." He muttered "Look, just...keep your nose out of trouble; okay?"

"I'll try." Ren smiled 'innocently', his shadow forming the figure of Arsene behind him as the two left the school. The two went back to the car and headed onto the road, going back to LeBlanc, it was a full day and things needed to be done.

However, elsewhere in Shibuya, the 13:34 train was going into the station...however, it wasn't stopping. The passengers inside were panicking, banging on the door of the conductor who kept on pushing the acceleration to go faster and faster. "Hey! HEY! Stop the train! We're going too fast! *HEY!*"

"Mummy! I'm scared!" A young child cried as they gripped tight to their mother, their bags and people being tossed about by the speed.

"Break the doo-ARGH!" People tried to get into the conductor's room, who was just standing there, immovable from his station and kept the speed up to maximum.

The conductor himself was gargling and choking on black blood, his eyes rolled into his head like a dead doll's shaking only millimeters as not to move from his lever and station.

Outside of the train, people were screaming in fear the train was going so fast it crashed through the station on impact and broke through a supporting pillar. Innocent people were caught in the oncoming wreckage, those inside the train were flung into each other, banging into the standing poles and chairs, crushing each other by their own weight and the weight of their luggage.

Silence came after the crash. A terrified and sudden silence.

The bystanders who were at the station saw those who were crushed. Blood under the debris of stone and metal. Police were immediately called to help vacate the scene. Two hundred and three people were on that train. Fifty-five people were standing at the station platform.

One hundred and six had grievous injuries. Eighty-four were caught in between the train and its carnage. Sixty-eight souls were lost, dead on impact.

*? ? ?*

"I remember that day. A travesty." The silver-haired woman spoke as she looked at the tortured Ren, recalling that terrible day. "And you say 'you couldn't recall that day until it happened'?"

"Yes. When I came back, there were gaps in my memory." Ren answered "Afterall, after two years you forget a few details if you aren't thinking about that part of it."

"Understandable." The woman answered "But still, could you have done something to stop it?"

"No. Not at that point." Ren answered with a shake of his head "Not by myself, at that short notice. I didn't know the guys name, I couldn't have saved him."

"Hmm. So. When did you start gathering your help?" The woman asked

"They weren't 'help'. They're my friends." Ren answered as he held his head and began to remember "And the first friends I regained came that night..."


Ren and Sojiro had returned back to LeBlanc, hours had passed due to the hold up in the train station. And some heavy silence during the way and near ravenous hunger "I'm going up to bed." Ren said

"Urgh. Fine. Try not and cause any trouble, Ren." Sojiro sighed heavily.

Ring, ring!

"Excuse me. Hello? Ah, yes. I've just gotten in. Don't worry, I'll be back in a minute." Sojiro answered his phone. "Lock up!" he called and left

"Good night, Boss!" Ren called, making the man freeze for a moment and laugh

"I guess you heard my nickname already." He chuckled before walking away, closing the door behind him

Ren headed upstairs and got ready for bed, though he wasn't looking forward to visiting the Velvet Room again...nor was he looking forward meeting Kamoshida once again. He looked to the box in his room, wondering if he should check it first before going to bed. All he had was a few clothes, a spare pair of glasses and a bag. All the stuff he had left in the world. However as he reached the bottom of the box, noticing a few things that SHOULDN'T be there!

"WH-what the heck?" He gasped as he pulled out a 'small' collection of items. "How? They shouldn't-? But could they be?" Ren reached down and pulled out an unusual dagger, a strange gun, a modified coat and several pieces of jewellery. Ren knew what they were. These were the things he brought with him from before. His first time around against those with distorted desires. Ren could even recall the names of each one "'Machete', 'Gravity Gun', 'Space Suit'...And these are the 'SP Adhesive 2' I got from-." He muttered as he held them "How?"

"Seems that whoever brought you back didn't want you having a disadvantage." Arsene spoke to Ren, floating next to his partner.

"... Yeah..." Ren whispered as he took off his glasses, rubbing his nose slightly

"Still thinking about them?" Arsene asked

"Of course I am." Ren answered "... I'm always thinking about them. They are my best friends. My family."

"Well, it looks like we'll be able to save them before long. We'll be there to take those Treasures with them." Arsene responded "But before then, you need to get to bed."

"You are starting to sound like Morgan." Ren joked

"And we'll see him again, soon." Arsene answered as he faded away

"I hope so." Ren sighed as he got into bed, not looking forward to what was coming. He knew he'd be back there again. Ren's eyes slowly drifted off to sleep, falling onto his bed and began to fall into the Velvet Room.


"Wake up inmate!" Caroline's voice snapped, whacking her electric baton onto the chained iron-bar prison door.

"Ugh..." Ren groaned, sitting up

"Apologies for the rude awakening, but our Master wishes to speak with you." Justine apologised on behalf of her sister.

"... Oh..." Ren groaned softly and sat up "You know... You two are cute."

"'C-Cute'?" Justine blushed as she held her clipboard.

"D-Don't say such things!" Caroline snapped as she blushed too, stomping her foot.

"It seems you're enjoying yourself, Trickster." Igor commented. "Though I didn't think my assistants would be your type."

"They just don't seem like the type to be wardens, since they look rather adorable." Ren admitted and shrugged

Both Caroline and Justine blushed at Ren's admission, covering their cheeks out of embarrassment "Th-that's where you're wrong! We're tough and intimidating wardens!" Caroline pointed at him.

"I believe the tough part. But you aren't exactly intimidating." Ren commented

"Please stop." Justine whispered as she couldn't take much more as she pushed her face into the clipboard

"Why am I here?" Ren asked casually, as if he hadn't been teasing/flirting with the two lollies

"Your growth to stop the Ruin of the world is beginning." Igor answered as he looked at him, tapping his fingers on the table.

"I understand. Something's happening; right?" Ren asked

"Correct. Be wary, Trickster. Fate will be against you. It will test your mettle and your resolve." Igor continued

'Something I already know.' Ren thought to himself.

"Will you be able to rise to the occasion and fight? Or will you be a prisoner of Fate?" Igor ended. "Ah, it seems our time is up. You will be waking up soon."

Ren sighed as he felt himself slipping away "I'll see you later then." he said, speaking to the twins and ignoring Igor
He let himself slip from the cell... But he didn't wake up

*? ? ?*

He felt himself fall through an endless blue void, ticking filling the air... And he fell on a soft blue coach

"Oof! What the? What's going-?" Ren asked in shock, seeing this new location.

"Welcome. To the Velvet Room." A softer man's voice spoke with respect. It was Igor, but instead of tapping the desk, he was hunched over and fanned fingers blocking his grinning smile "And welcome back, Ren Amamiya. Or should I cal you... Joker."

"Wait... Igor?! Is it really you?!" Ren gasped as he jumped to his feet, looking around the room

"Yes. It's me, Mr Amamiya. The true Igor." The True Igor answered calmly. "This place is your True Velvet Room. It took some time, but I managed to find you."

"Where are we? What is it?" Ren asked as he observed.

"To my understanding, it's a Clock Tower." The True Igor answered "The perfect Velvet Room for a Phantom Thief, such as yourself." he smirked and that was when Ren realised his outfit had changed

That caught Ren's attention and looked down to observe his clothing. He was no longer in the tattered black and white striped prisoner's uniform. But instead wearing a sleek black ankle-length tailcoat, a high-necked waistcoat with gold accents, black pants, brown-black winklepicker shoes and a pair of red gloves. Upon his face rested his mask, a black and white, birdlike domino mask. He couldn't believe it, he was back in his old gear!"

His Phantom Thief outfit!

"The Velvet Room is supposed to help guide a Wild Card. Help them grow. The Prison was made to hold you back. So I thought you needed a more fitting environment." Igor explained

"But... You're here? I... What's going on?" Ren, Joker asked

"I'm afraid it is all to do with your final moments." The real Igor said sadly

"My-? ...Oh. You saw." Ren Asked before he realised what he meant...how could he forget?

"Yes. And it broke my heart." a female voice whispered sadly

"Wait...That voice." Ren gasped as he turned to the source and saw a young woman holding a large brown book, platinum blonde hair, piercing golden eyes, wearing a blue skirt with a black shirt-dress, black gloves, white stockings and black shoes "La...Lavensa?" and the girl instantly ran at him, hugging him tightly "Oof! Lavenza. You're here too?" Ren asked in shock. "But I thought-?"

"How could you do that?" she cried

Ren looked down at Lavenza and sighed, stroking her head in apology "I'm sorry. But...I had nothing back then." He rubbed her back, turning to Igor "I... How are you two here? Do you know how or what happened?"

"Yes. We know." Lavenza sniffed sadly, hugging into his chest.

"It was a grave misfortune that you were dealt. The title of 'criminal' is not so easily forgiven in society. You chose a path not destined for you, Ren." True Igor answered "And so, when your untimely end came, Philemon gave you a second chance. And we agreed to journey back with you, to give you a fighting chance and a guiding hand."

"Who's 'Philemon'?" Ren asked as Lavenza slowly, but not immediately, released her hug.

"Our instructor. The one who created us." Lavenza answered "A god who believes in free will."

"And he's the one that brought me back." Ren whispered "What're you going to do now?"

"Simple, Trickster. We are going to beat Yaldabaoth at his own game." Igor smirked "We are playing a New Game, Trickster. Your video games may refer to it as something like a New Game Plus. Everything has been reset to the start of your journey... Except for you, and us. You have ever memory, every Persona and every skill you had before your death. And you can continue to grown."

"Do you honestly mean that?" Ren asked in shock

"See for yourself, Ren." Lavenza spoke as she opened her compendium and revealed all the Persona that he had acquired and fused together. From 'Fool' to 'Judgement', Ren's list was extensive and strong. The list was massive, page after page in her book filled with the information about every Persona he had gathered

"I... Did so much?" he blinked

"You where so hopeless with Persona Fusion and spend a good few million yen trying to make the ones for the twins trials... Or rather, my trails." Lavenza explained

"Yeah...You drained most of the money I got out of Mementos for that." Ren deadpanned as he looked at her.

"It's not my fault." she smiled playfully "Although. I think you should look at your phone."

"My phone?" He asked as he did so and examined the app and list.

"Here." Lavenza said, poking his banking app


Ren's jaw dropped as he saw the number of yen he had saved up "This...this is-"

"Your reward." Lavenza answered

"Your leftover money." Igor pointed out

"Heh. Guess I had some saved up." Ren jokes lightly. 'Sojiro.' He thought of his guardian who had given him shelter. He frowned, and quickly went to anonymously send a big bunch of money to the man

"We have also added some extra information to your phone. A single app which should help you." Igor added

Ren looked at the app and pressed it, looking at what popped up. Appearing on it where a series of random bars, a star symbol and a bunch of words. It looked like a stay screen from a video game "Okay. This is new." He commented as he swiped up the app and looked at the various words.


"Okay, so what do I do with this?" Ren asked the True Igor.

"Select one and see." Igor answered

Ren shrugged and hit the stats button, seeing that as the obvious one to go for. Appearing on the screen was a strange 'tiered star', in the middle it was shining gold and had two black and grey outlines of stars around it and at each point the outline of a different symbol. A pair of glasses, a closed fist, a compass star, a heart and a pair of lips. Going clockwise, on the top it said 'Knowledge', followed by 'Guts', then 'Proficiency', then 'Kindness' and finally 'Charm'.

At the side of each word was a number, the number '3' and underneath each of these 'stats' was a description. Knowledge was 'Scholarly', Guts was 'Staunch', Proficiency was 'Skilled', Kindness was 'Empathetic' and finally Charm had 'Suave'.

"This... is me?" Ren asked

"Yes. Back in your first life. A 'middle road' of sorts. Neither excelling in any field nor being lazy." True Igor answered "Your choice to not become the very best you can be is shown here. Room for growth as it were, like a true Wild Card."

"However you can now see your growth. And if you swipe to the left you'll see all the important details about your fighting abilities." Lavenza continued "These aren't some exact details and don't entirely collateral from 1 for 1, but it's enough of a guide to learn how to improve."

"Isn't this like cheating?" Ren asked

"This whole "game" is someone rigging it all. Or have you forgotten that?" Lavenza asked

"No, I haven't." Ren answered

"Then take this gift as it is. Improve yourself, Ren Amamiya." True Igor answered "After all you are just evening the playing field now. And isn't breaking the rules what a Phantom Thief like yourself does?"

Ren smirked in response. He was a Phantom Thief. And he will make this even out.

Suddenly Ren felt something... Alight in his heart, and strength to fill his body

I am thou, thou art I...
Thou hast acquired a new vow.

It shall become the wings of rebellion that breaketh thy chains of captivity.

With the birth of the World Persona, I have obtained the winds of blessing that shall lead to freedom and new power...

"The-The World?" Ren whispered as he heard those words.

"Now, Trickster, you must return to the real world." Lavenza said as she held Joker's face, leaning forward softly "It is time to Awaken." she said seriously, before kissing him

*real world*

"Ah!" Joker gasped as he awoke, Ren sitting up and looking around his room

He couldn't believe what happened. Lavenza just...Wow. He reached up to his mouth and rubbed it out of shock. When did she-? Did she always? No, he couldn't think about that right now. He had to get his head straight.

After all... Today was the first day