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Persona 5 New Game Plus, Joker's Second Chance
Chapter 55
Consequences Over To The Big Bang

Ren and Morgana looked at each other as they knew this was a big point in their careers as the Phantom Thieves. But this wasn't supposed to happen. He was supposed to be safe, so they went into his Palace and let him live, ready to confess to the police.

"It can't be." Ren whispered, knowing that things have remained the same, despite doing things differently. "How could this happen? We did everything right. He was supposed to survive."

"Ren, calm down. Whatever happened, is not on you." Morgana reassured and leapt into his lap. "And it is not on the team."

Ren looked at Morgana and sighed in relief, stroking his head. "Thanks, buddy. But we've still got some things left to do."

"Yeah, we need to get Noir involved." Morgana agreed.

"Which means... only one thing." Ren answered.

"Yeah, and I'm guessing you're not looking forward to it." Morgana asked.

"No, I'm not. I don't like lying to the others." Ren answered.

"It's the only way." The cat answered. "And it won't be forever, I'll be back."

"It's gonna suck for you too, isn't it?" Ren asked with a snarky smile.

"I'm gonna miss the tuna dinners." Morgana pretended to cry and nodded.

"We'll sort it out after all this." Ren reassured.

"Right!" Morgana stretched. "We better get to planning. And we've gotta make this good."

"We better, otherwise the others will know what's up." Ren responded.

"So, how's your acting skill?" Morgana asked.

"Better than you think." Ren joked. "I also wasn't planning on doing this. I was hoping he'd... But Ryuji really needs the reality check. At least it's not as bad as last time."

"Don't worry Ren, it'll all be okay." Morgana smiled while placing his paw on Ren's hand

"Thanks buddy." He smiled and nodded

*With Makoto*

"N... No way... He's dead?" Makoto whispered in shock, looking down at her phone. Sat on her sofa as her big sister worked in the kitchen "It. I can't be. I thought." Makoto held her hand over her mouth to muffle her voice even more. Her heart sank as she realised that they were the ones to kill him, driving him to... Was it their fault? Were Kobayakawa's sins too much for his reformed heart to bear?

Sae walked in carrying her coat, she now had a solemn look on her face. "Makoto... There's been an accident. Your principal has died."

"H-How?" Makoto asked, her shock and fear masked the fact she might have caused it.

"He was struck by a large vehicle. Death by external trauma." Sae answered, being informed by the medics. "They say suicide is a strong possibility."

"O-Oh." Makoto whispered, scared and saddened by it.

"The one thing that doesn't click is: why was he trying to go to the police station when he was going to commit suicide?" Sae pondered.

"I-I don't know." Makoto shrugged "M-Maybe he wanted to confess something and-" she rattled off, hating this train of thought

"Maybe." Sae frowned "I... be careful, Makoto."

"Careful? Why?" she blinked as she looked at her sister

"I shouldn't tell you this, but I need you to be safe." Sae frowned "We believe... the Phantom Thieves are behind this murder."

Makoto gulped as she heard that, thinking Sae was getting close to her. "Y-You think they did this?"

"Well, his mind shift and his absence had been felt at your school, it stands to reason." Sae answered. "I suspect that he had a 'change of heart'."

"You think that he was a target?" Makoto asked.

"I can't be certain, but his behaviour had been different. It wouldn't surprise me if they started targeting people to have mental shut downs." Sae responded.

Makoto tried to defend herself and her friends. They knew they wouldn't do something like this. "How could you be certain it was them? It's not their Modus Operandi."

"Did your principal seem different at all?" Sae asked.

"No. He rarely contacts any students, if at all." Makoto admitted. A comment that had Sae frowning

"Could something have happened on the school trip? Or maybe before?" She pondered. "I'm sorry for bothering you. Makoto?"

"Yes?" She looked at her sister.

"... It's nothing. Just don't get dragged into this mess, okay?" Sae asked.

Makoto nodded, trying to comfort her sister. 'This is bad, I have to tell the others.'

*with Ann*

Ann was silent as she looked at the TV, her blood having run cold as she watched the TV report

"The sudden death of Shujin Academy Principal Koayakawa has been felt today, the principal who had been called 'recently distant' at his profession was caught in a traffic collision..." The newscaster spoke.

Ann shuddered in fear, thinking that it was their fault. But they were careful, they didn't attack Kobayakawa's inner consciousness. Everyone else who did this too was fine, confessing their crimes and going to jail. That was always the plan. And her eyes widened as she saw a clip in the background of the news.

Their calling card in an evidence bag, the police leaving the school with it under arm

'Oh god. What are we going to do?' She shuddered in fear, hugging herself in her blanket.

What could she do? She couldn't tell her parents about this. Shiho and the others weren't close by. What else could she do?

She looked at her phone, hoping that someone would pick up.


"Huh?" Ann wondered as she opened the door and saw- "Shiho?"

"Hi, Ann." Shiho sniffed as she stood there. "May I come in?" Her eyes seemed to be red as if she was crying.

Ann nodded, letting her best friend come in. "Did you come-?"

"Yeah, I did. This never happened before. It can't have happened." Shiho nodded as she entered and sat down. "Did we mess up?"

Ann sat down next to her and could vent about it. "I. Don't think we did. I just. When we started this, we made sure that they were okay afterwards. Like with Oracle, Kamoshida and Madarame. They are all fine. Obviously, Futaba's not in jail, but still."

"I know. But... it's different. Principal Kobayakawa... we knew him longer than the others." Shiho responded.

"It'll be okay. We... Joker knows what he's doing." Ann mumbled.

"... Can I stay over tonight?" Shiho asked. "I need a hug."

Ann nodded and hugged her, just sitting on the settee to be reassured.

*With Yusuke*

Yusuke was in his school dorms, having shut himself in for the time being, his paintbrushes were soaking in the cleaning glass, he was stunned to know this. His friends' principal was dead... and he was away from them all right now. Even Ryuji's panicking texts had rattled him.

'This is too disheartening.' Yusuke thought to himself. 'This should not have happened. No-one should deserve that.'

"Hey Yusuke, you busy in there?" A fellow student asked as he knocked on the door.

"Yes, I am busy at work." Yusuke stated as he began to take work to a canvas "A piece of mourning..."

"Oh." The student asked. "Anyone we know?"

"No. No one that you know." Yusuke answered, starting the work and using this inspiration to put his emotions into art. And hopefully... be something to remember the principal.

*With Ryuji*

Ryuji was pacing in his room, the news had rattled him. He needed some air. 'The guys know. Oh shit, what do we do?' He thought to himself. "I'm going out!"

"R-Ryuji? Where are you going?" His mother asked.

"For some air!" He answered, not being snappy or angry, he was just overwhelmed.


"Sorry!" He apologised through the muffling of the door, he continued to walk out of his house, going to the streets. Just for some air and to clear his head. His freak out and the news had really gotten to him. 'Calm down, Skull. It's not your fault. Not our fault. We did the right thing to stop Kobayakawa. We didn't kill him.' He kept his thoughts to himself as he was almost trying to convince himself. But the truth is, that their principal was dead and they did keep him alive. 'We... we need to find another target. Someone who'll be safe. Someone big.' He thought as he walked past a Big Bang Burger.

He held his head as he could feel his mind slowly getting clearer. And in his mind, began a plan. Someone with such notoriety, and such importance. This would have too put them back in the good graces of the public!

*With Futaba*

Futaba had heard the news on her computers, this was horrifying. She tried to find any traffic cameras that were at the site, anything to help clear the Phantom Thieves' names. Anything that looked fishy, unusual. Heck, even if someone was jaywalking. She wanted to find something to help.

"DAMN IT!" She yelled as she slammed her hand onto her desk, running her hands through her hair in frustration.

"Futaba? Are you alright?" Sojiro asked as he heard her and immediately ran to her room. "Futaba!"

"I-I'm alright, Sojiro." She answered.

"Oh, thank god." He sighed in relief. "What happened? What was that bang?"

"I just... hit my hand. That's all." She half-lied, rubbing the underside of her hand.

"Do you want me to take a look at it?" Sojiro asked in concern.

"No, no. It's alright." She answered. "I. Saw the news. Ren's Principal is dead."

"I know, the kid must be taking it hard." Sojiro answered sadly.

'You have no idea.' She thought to herself as she looked at the screens.

"Hey, it's dinner time. Would you like to come out?" Sojiro asked.


"Y-Yeah. I think I do." She answered.

She looked at the screen with a frown. She wasn't sure how she could fix this...

*Time skip, the next day*

The Group were now all together, the atmosphere was heavy because of the news of their principal.

"So... how did everyone sleep?" Makoto asked nervously, some of them having bags under their eyes.

A grumble of 'not great' could be heard between them.

"Okay, I'm going to be the one to ask... we didn't harm Principal Kobayakawa. Right?" Shiho asked. "That wasn't us?"

"No, of course not." Morgana answered. "What happened to him was something else."

'Or someone.' Ren thought as he thought back to the first time.

"But they still blame us. Kinda hard not to, considering all our missions." Futaba answered.

"We can't dwell on this. Yeah, it sucks, but we have to be better." Ren answered.

"Well, then we need to clear our name!" Ryuji said by standing tall "Which means we gotta go after our next target!"

"What do you mean 'next target'?" Yusuke asked.

"This guy." Ryuji pulled out his phone and showed a picture of a bespectacled man. It was a picture of an older man with square-framed glasses, a black and suit with an orange and brown checkered ascot.

"Kunikazu Okumura?" Ann asked

"Owner and founder of Okumura Foods. And maker of Big Bang Burger!" Ryuji smiled.

"Why would we target him?" Shiho asked.

"And now is a crap time to target anyone." Ann pointed out

"Ann's right. It feels... wrong to go after anyone right now." Makoto added

"Well according to the Phan-Site and rumours around the city, Okumura runs effectively a sweatshop." Ryuji explained. "Even taking kick-backs into politics."

"Ryuji... this is insane." Morgana commented. "You're talking about a politician candidate here. Not to mention, someone really important for our next target."

"Yeah, exactly! If we change his heart, people'll see that we mean business and we're not killers!" Ryuji answered.

"That is the sort of thinking that'll just reinforce it, Ryuji!" Morgana snapped.

"But it's our way out of this!" Ryuji snapped back at the cat. The two glared right at each other angrily, not giving the other an inch as they were on both sides of the argument.

"Guys, guys! Please! We can't argue over this!" Ann called out.

"Tch, fine." Ryuji answered as he crossed his arms and backed off from Morgana.

"Good to see that being a Phantom Thief isn't clouding your judgement, Skull." Morgana rolled his eyes.

Ann frowned as she saw this. "Do you think... things would've been fine if we didn't change his heart? I mean, would he have gone after us because of Kamoshida?"

"We already know he was targeting us." Makoto reminded, everyone nodding. After all, it was the reason Makoto awakened in the first place and it saved Sadayo

"It... could just be an accident?" Futaba pointed out shyly

"An accident?" Yusuke asked

"He was hit by a car, right?" Futaba pointed out "I... maybe he had a heart condition and had a heart attack before being ran over? You've all seen how big he is. He had to have some health issues. Or... or maybe he was scared?"

"Scared?" Ren asked, seeing the flash of guilt in Futaba's eyes

"Hey. Yeah, you're right Futaba!" Ryuji called, catching everyone's attention. Allowing the red head to catch a breath

"Huh?" the others asked

"It's like Ren said when I asked him about saving the asshole when his palace collapsed. He was working with someone important, some conspiracy-" Ryuji shared with everyone

"That was a theory, and not what I meant." Ren clarified but did not fight against

"So maybe he saw someone when going to confess. Someone that made him freeze in fear just a second too long." Ryuji finished... before he slammed his hands down on Ren's table "And I bet Okumara is behind it all!"

"Oh will you shut up about Okumara!" Morgana snapped "You are over focusing on... on... being damn famous, Skull!"

"And what's wrong with that?" Ryuji snapped. "Why shouldn't we get famous for this? We're stopping bad people, for god's sake!"

"Ryuji." Ren frowned... but held himself steady

"Tch. I knew you weren't a true Phantom Thief, even from the beginning. Just caring about being popular and getting girls." Morgana scoffed as he turned around "Wouldn't be surprised if you got a Palace of your own."

"Shut up, you damn cat!" Ryuji snapped

Ren flinched at this, knowing what had to come... but it didn't mean that this was easy to watch.

"Oh, I see how it is. Fine. I'll take on some 'small-time' target lie Okumura on my own." Morgana answered as he leapt to the window. "Goodbye!"

"M-Morgana!" Ann saw him leave through the window.

"Wait!" Shiho added.

Ryuji's temper had gotten to him, thinking himself right. "Let him go." He muttered.

"That was rude, Ryuji." Yusuke answered.

"Damnit." Ryuji grumbled.

*With Morgana*

The young cat leapt through the windows and onto the streets. 'Okay, I know I can do this.' Morgana thought to himself, but he was scared... last time. Last time he almost died.

'It won't be like last time. But I need to get Noir.' He thought as he walked towards a lamppost and stayed in the light. He gave his paw a quick lick before wiping his face to wipe the tears away. Even though it was an act... it still hurt. 'Okay. Off to find Okumura.' As he walked off, a certain auburn-haired girl saw Morgana walking along, confused as to why the cat she saw with Ren was walking on its own.

"Wait, is that?" She whispered.

While Morgana walked, the woman followed as he vanished through somewhere and her eyes widened.

*the next day, with Ren*

Ren sighed as he got out of bed the next day, blinking as he realised Morgana wasn't there. His hand slowly clenching into fists as he let out a small growl. Standing up, he began to get ready for the day. The group planning on meeting at Iwaei's for shopping

'Morgana, please be safe.' He thought, hating the deception, but knew it was necessary. As he got dressed and walked down to the cafe, he saw Sojiro working on a new pot of coffee.

"Ah, good morning." Sojiro spoke before seeing his charge. "Oof, rough night? You look terrible."

"You can say that, Sojiro." Ren answered.

"Any plans for today?" Sojiro questioned as he waited for the coffee to brew.

"Meeting my friends. Hanging out." Ren responded.

"I see, don't forget your homework and chores when you get back." Sojiro answered as the pot stopped brewing and he poured a cup for Ren. "Here."

Ren smiled a little and paid for the coffee, he knew he didn't have to, but he wanted to. "Ah~, thanks."


Sojiro put the money in his cash register, shutting it again as Ren continued to drink his coffee. "So, where's Morgana? It's been a little quiet this evening."

Ren almost spluttered the coffee but kept his nerve. "He... Went out last night. He'll be back, I think."

"He better, I don't want that cat turning feral." Sojiro answered.

"I'm sure he won't." Ren whispered as he looked at the bottom of the cup. "Thanks for the coffee, I'll be back later."

"Alright, have fun."

'I'll try.' Ren thought to himself as he left the confines of LeBlanc and headed to the shopping district of Shibuya. The trains were still running as Ren sat in the seat, a little cramped since he was next to three different people before he got off his stop. "Hnn, that was a tight ride." He groaned as he left the station and walked into the streets of Shibuya and looked around for his friends.

"Hey! Ren!" Shiho waved as she saw him, beckoning him to come over.

"Sorry, did you wait long?" Ren apologised to his friends.

"Nah, not long." Makoto shook her head. "Is Futaba not with you?"

"She's busy with research." Ren answered, showing his phone.

"We can get her something while we're here." Ann responded.

"Guys, come on. We're just hanging out at Untouchables right now. We're gonna look suspicious." Ryuji groaned.

"Patience, Ryuji." Yusuke deadpanned.

"Tch, whatever. C'mon, let's get this new gear." Ryuji mumbled as he turned to the door and entered.

"He's been a bit tetchy." Ann muttered to Ren.

"Yeah, I know." He nodded.

As they entered the tucked away Airsoft shop, feeling a bit cramped inside, they saw Munehisa Iwai inside reading the newest newspaper. "Hmm? Oh, it's you kids. Back again?"

"Hi, Mr Iwai." Ren raised his hand. "Yeah. Back again."

"Been a while, hope you kids haven't been getting into trouble." Iwai commented as the newspaper's open page had the title 'School Principal Found Dead'.

"No, of course not." Ren answered, trying not to look at the newspaper.

"So." Iwai folded the paper and turned to them. "Sorry to hear about your Principal. Shit happens, right?"

"S-Something like that, Sir." Makoto agreed.

"Whoa, look at this!" Ryuji spoke up as he held a model hammer. "Cool!"

"Hey. You break it, you buy it!" Iwai warned Ryuji.

"It's alright Iwai. We're buying." Ren reassured as Ryuji carefully put the hammer down.

Iwai calmed down as he leaned in his chair. "Alright then. I don't want to lose my best customers."

'We're his 'best customers'?' Shiho thought to herself before she saw a broadsword with a falcon-shaped pommel and wing-like hilt. "Oh~, that's nice."

"I see your friends have taste." Iwai commented as they looked around.

"It's an acquired taste, Sir." Yusuke answered as he picked up a red and gold sheath katana.

"Well, I got something new in stock, if you're up for it." Iwai commented, pointing to a selection of model Axes.

Makoto whistled, impressed. "I didn't know you stocked these."

"It's more recent. I had to expand the stock. Gotta be honest, I didn't think anyone would be interested." Iwai answered.


Ann snapped a whip together, not breaking it but testing its elasticity. "Sorry." She apologised. "I think I'll take this one."

"Good, but I don't want you kids losing any fingers. And don't snap the merchandise." He glared, showing an air of dominance.

"Y-Yes, sir." Ann apologised.

Iwai looked at Ren, who seemed to be a bit out of it. "Alright, you kids need to get any new reinforced clothes?"

"Oh, yeah. This one's a bit battered." Ryuji admitted.

Iwai sighed and nodded. "Alright, whatever you got. Bring it."



"Yeesh. What were you doing since you last came here?" Iwai asked.

"A bit of 'junk collecting'?" Shiho lied.

Iwai picked up some of the 'junk' that they had dropped at his store and sighed. "You're lucky this stuff is in good condition and there are places I can send this too."

"Think this'll cover most of the cost?" Ren asked.

Iwai shook his head at that and began to tally it up. "We'll see." And gave a confidant smirk. Some time passed, the items were sold, old pieces of clothing and items were returned... and new gear was purchased. "And here's your change." Iwai passed some bills over to Ren.

"Wow, been a while since I've had change." Ren joked.

"Heh, keep smirking kid." Iwai responded as he sat back down in his chair, opening the paper again.


"Bye." Ren nodded and left with his friends and their new gear, even getting something for Futaba. "Thank you for chipping in guys."

"Of course, we're not going to let you pay for everything." Makoto responded.

Ryuji stood at the back of the group, almost feeling like an outsider again. Being cut out from the group he was a part of. It was like the track team all over again. "Hey, guys?" Ryuji muttered as he looked at them, trying to get back into their group.

"What is it, Ryuji?" Shiho asked.

"Just. We got the stuff. When are we gonna check on Okumura?" Ryuji asked.

"Soon, just give us time." Ann answered.

"Y-Yeah. Alright. Sure." He answered, walking behind them with a bit of a slouch. 'Could've been there at this point, finding his Key Words.'

"Look, we'll head back to LeBlanc and talk to Futaba, we'll get the Keywords and figure out what to do from there." Ren answered.

*Time Skip*

Ren and the others were all sitting in LeBlanc, after what happened last night, it was a bit awkward. Sojiro noted this and was tempted to step in to try and help diffuse the situation and their emotional state. 'Jeez, what happened last night? I've seen more life at a morgue.' Sojiro thought to himself.

Yusuke looked at his phone, seeing the time. "Darn, I have to go."

"Wait, why?" Makoto asked.

"My newest painting. I have to work on it. It's for my lessons." Yusuke answered.

"But what about-?" Ann asked.

"I am more than confident that Futaba will do an excellent job finding it out." Yusuke answered. "Please excuse me."

'Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence, Kitsune.' Futaba thought to herself as she sat next to Ann and Shiho.

"Well, we can't stay here for long." Makoto admitted as they were on their own, Sojiro having left the cafe to the group.

"I. Guys, come on." Ryuji commented.

"Ryuji, calm down." Shiho turned to him. "We've got to plan first, hell, we're still reeling from the fact Morgana is gone!"

Ren sighed and rubbed his head gently, while Futaba rubbed his back.

"I. I looked into Mr Okumura. And some of the rumours that are around him." Futaba reassured.

"What have you found out?" Ren asked kindly.

"Well, I looked for something to do with his company, 'Okumura Foods', that gave me the location: its headquarters. Its concept was a bit more difficult. But I found it out. 'Slaver'. But his 'Distortion', that's not happening I thought of everything I could involving the company."

"Did you try 'Big Bang Burger'?" Ryuji joked.

"Ryuji." Ann glared.

"Yeah, I thought that first. Nothing involving food or the company." Futaba answered.

"What about the theming? It's in space, right? Maybe something involving that?" Shiho suggested.

"... I can try." Futaba answered, getting her phone out and looking it up. "Meteor. Galaxy. Planets. Spaceship. Outer Space."


"Hey, it worked!" Futaba blinked in shock.

"Great work, Futaba." Ann smiled.

"Thanks, though it took me a while longer than I thought." She admitted.

"Hey, you do what you do best. Besides, it's great that you're so good with computers, I wouldn't have gotten it that fast." Ann reassured.

"Well, it seems we have the means to get to the Palace." Makoto commented. "And we've gotten our new gear."

"So, what? Do we just hold off until tomorrow?" Ryuji asked.

"The best course of action really." Makoto answered.

'Thank goodness.' Ren thought to himself, rubbing his eyes under his glasses.

"Fine, whatever." Ryuji agreed and got up. "I'll see you guys back at school."

"Thanks, I'll see you there." Ren responded as he saw his friend leave.

"How're you feeling?" Ann asked Ren.

"I'm. Alright. Just thinking about Morgana." He admitted sadly.

"He'll come back, right?" Futaba responded.

"I'm sure he'll be back. Everything will cool down when everyone's emotions cool down." Makoto answered.

"I miss Morgana." Futaba muttered as she curled up a little.

"He'll be home. I'm sure of it." Ren answered.

"We better get going too. Mum's going to be angry if I'm home late." Shiho responded.

"If you need to go home, it's alright. I get it." He answered.

Both Ann and Makoto nodded as they all gave Ren and Futaba hugs before going. "We'll see you tomorrow."

"Love you." He whispered gently.

*Time Skip*

It was the following day. The group were in their text chain again, Futaba had found the location of Okumura Foods HQ, a large building with a space-styled logo with the kanji for the family name. The group were together again. They were ready for the next step of their plan, the infiltration of the Palace.

"Whoa, this has got to be the biggest place we've seen yet." Shiho commented.

"I know, it kind of makes me think about how many fast food stores they have." Ann responded.

"True, I *have* wanted to try the Big Burger Challenge." Makoto admitted.

"You couldn't handle it. I've seen pictures." Ann admitted.

"Wait, where's Ren?" Yusuke wondered.

"He said he'd be here." Ryuji added.

Walking up the street was Ren and Futaba, with the former looking a little exhausted. "Sorry, we're late." Futaba apologised. "Ren was up all night working on stuff."

"Could it be homework?" Yusuke asked.

"Nah, the other stuff." She answered.

"Seriously? Didn't you sleep at all?" Makoto asked.

"I got a few hours." Ren responded, covering his mouth from yawning.

'I know that feeling.' Yusuke thought to himself.

"Are you sure you're up for it?" Shiho asked.

"Yeah, I'll be alright." He nodded. "We have the Keywords ready?"

"Booted up." Ann responded, holding her phone up.

"Don't we need the Doc or-?" Ryuji asked.

"She's busy at her clinic. I don't want to interrupt her." Ren answered.

"Yeah, no. We understand." Ryuji answered understandingly.

"Here we go." Ann pushed the button and they were all teleported into the Metaverse, seeing what Mr Okumura's Palace was. They were transported inside a massive spaceship, with chrome walls and flooring with slightly glowing circuitry under the plating that glowed faintly throughout the halls.

"Whoa. This. This is." Shiho whispered.

"I know it's kinda goofy, and we're not really there. But... God damn this is cool! We're in space!" Ryuji chuckled.

"I suppose that this is good insight into Mr Okumura's psyche." Yusuke admitted.

"It looks like something out of a sci-fi show." Oracle answered.

"More like something from a child's world." Fox commented. "Like something from a movie."

"Wait, does he see us as a threat already?" Panther asked as she saw their costumes.

"Considering what President Okumura has been seeing in the news about himself and his company." Makoto responded.

"What do you mean, Queen?" Joker asked.

"I saw the news. Due to the rumours circulating about how he treats his employees and staff, it's put him in range for us." Queen explained. "Didn't you see the news last night?"

"... No..." He shook his head.

"When the Phansite brought up his name, I think it grabbed his attention. Meaning he does see us as threats." Queen explained.

"Alright, I just hope that we can get through here in the first levels." Panther commented.

"Speaking of, how do we get through?" Skull asked. "We're in a room with no doors."

"What about this?" Oracle asked as she had walked to the centre of the room and a lever of sorts came from the floor.

"A lever?" Fox asked. "Where does it lead?"

"Probably the next floor." Joker answered.

"Well, what're we waiting for?" Skull asked as Joker pulled the lever.


The circular floor underneath them began to descend, going downwards as they were doing down a scientific tube. They soon arrived down into a computer room, dark grey shutting doors with hologram computer screens and keyboards.

"Whoa, this... looks familiar." Skull commented.

"Maybe it's because it's the second level?" Oracle deadpanned.

Joker sighed with a smile and rubbed his eyes tiredly. Dove held Joker up briefly, thinking he was going to fall asleep again. He shook his head and reassured her before they walked through the room and headed to the doors, where even more corridors led them down.

"Oh, come on. Even more corridors?" Panther asked.

"It's part of a spaceship, Panther. It's part of the aesthetic." Oracle answered.

The group stayed huddled together, but sneaking through the corridors they saw triangle-faced robots, working in unison one after another, each branded with the Big Bang Burger logo on their backs.

"What're they saying?" Dove asked.

Oracle listened in, hearing the taller robot giving orders. "They're saying 'You must adhere to your shifts. If you don't like it you can quit. But you won't be compensated.'."

"What're they talking about?" Skull asked as they saw a robot shut down in the production line and fall flat onto the floor.

"They said, 'they're being disposed of'." Oracle frowned.

"These robots are a part of Okumura's cognition, correct? Meaning they represent..." Fox commented.

"Don't tell me." Joker whispered, knowing what this meant.

"It's just speculation right now. But this is how the workers of Okumura Foods are viewed by the CEO." Queen answered.

"So he thinks they're his robots?" Panther asked in shock.

"Black companies do this all the time. It's commonplace, Panther." Joker frowned, remembering the unfairness of it all.

"See? Okumura is a piece of crap! Just like I said." Skull responded.

"Mona is our objective here, Skull." Oracle answered.

"It doesn't seem like he's here. We'll have to go deeper in the Palace." Queen informed.

The group nodded as they knew this. It meant they had to go deeper in. Though Skull grumbled under his breath as they followed Queen and Joker.

'Okay, what was the problem with this place again? It was... something.' Joker thought to himself as they went into another room... while stealing some valuables along the way.

They soon came across an open door into a corridor. "Seems to be this way." Dove spoke.

"Hey, wait!" Oracle called out as the doors slammed shut in front of them, barring them entry.

"What is this?" Fox pondered.

Performing Biometric Authentication!

"What does that mean in normal speak?" Skull asked.

Joker groaned and leaned his head back a little. "That was it." He thought to himself. "We can't get through without being the 'right people'. Okumura or someone who works at his company are allowed in, but we can't."

Only Authorised Personnel May Pass This Point!


The door became reinforced with a light shield, protecting the way from the Phantom Thieves.

"Damn it, looks like we can't get through." Skull frowned as he saw this.

"Will we get through Okumura's Cognition with this early block?" Fox asked.

"That means Mona hasn't been through here either." Queen added.

"AND we've hit a dead end." Joker frowned, putting his hands in his pockets

"Is there any way to hack into this, Oracle?" Dove asked.

"It's not like TV, I don't think simply 'hacking' into a biometric defence system won't get the guards on our butts." Oracle answered.

"Meaning we're stuck." Fox commented.

"Damn it. Stopped at the frigging beginning!" Skull groaned and kicked a bucket.


"Skull!" Panther snapped.

"Who cares? No-one's here but us." He responded.

"Halt, Vigilante!" A voice caught their attention from the top of some scaffolding shelves

They all looked at the top of the large shelves and saw a young woman. She had chin-length curly auburn hair and brown eyes under a black domino mask. Her outfit consisted of a dark purple cavalier hat with a feather plume tucked into a royal purple hatband, a long-sleeved pale pink blouse with a white neck jabot, held there by a red gem pin, a black corset vest with gold buttons, bloomers that match her hatband, black pantyhose, a holster belt carrying ammo and lace-up pumps. And her gloves were violet.

"Wait. Is that-?" Queen asked in shock.

"Another Phantom Thief?" Dove followed up.

"A black mask? Wait, is she the one Madarame talked about?" Panther asked.

"She's the reason people have been going brain dead? it was a girl this whole time?" Skull asked.

'Noir.' Joker thought as he saw her again, fully decked out in her Phantom Thief regalia.

The woman on the shelves seemed to be a bit lost for words, struggling to say them. It was like she was... new to this.

"Are you the one who has been following us?" Fox asked.

"Say somethin', dammit!" Skull snapped.

"Muwah-ha-ha-ha!" A familiar voice called out as it appeared from the shadows. "Enough of your misunderstandings!" And appearing before them-

"Mona!" Oracle gasped, seeing Mona next to this new person before them.

"You're okay!" Panther smiled in relief.

"Long time no see, Panther." Mona spoke up.

"Uh, it hasn't been that long." Skull snarked.

"If you came for the treasure, you should go home with your tails between your legs." Mona continued.

"Actually, we were looking for you." Fox clarified. "Coming here was secondary."

"The treasure will be taken by me and this..." Mona spoke as he looked at the woman. "This 'Beauty Thief'!"

"'Beauty Thief'?" Queen asked in confusion at the naming choice.

"I'll have you know she's a Persona-User too!" Mona clarified.

"My name is 'Beauty Thief'!" The woman called out.

"... Did she really just call herself that?" Dove asked.

Fox shook his head and held it in his hand. "Any tension there was is now out the window."

Both Mona and 'Beauty Thief' flipped off the air and landed gracefully with the poise of trained dancers.

Giving a pointed pose, Beauty Thief gestured to the group. "We will take the treasure!"

"Mona already said that." Oracle deadpanned.

"A-Am I doing okay, Mona?" Beauty Thief whispered.

"You're doing fine, keep going." Mona reassured her.

'I forgot how awkward this was for her.' Joker thought to himself.

"You are not qualified to be Phantom Thieves!" Beauty Thief called out. "Do you not even know what it means to be Phantom Thieves? An admirable Phantom Thief is-err."

'She's really nervous.' Dove thought to herself.

"You! What do you think it means?" Beauty Thief asked as she pointed at Joker.

A moment passed before Joker spoke, pondering his answer. "One who helps the weak."

"Yes! That's... right?" She responded before shaking her head off the confusion. "Enough with the idle chit-chat!"

"You started it." Panther retorted.

"Mona, who the hell is she?" Skull asked.

"Just give her a sec." Mona responded.

"You!" Beauty Thief pointed to Fox.

"Me?" He double-took since this 'conversation' had now swayed to him.

"Learn to take a hint!" She 'informed'.

"Huh?" He questioned.

"And you!" She pointed to Skull. "You're very vulgar... and very stupid!"

"What?!" He snapped.

"And... um..." She muttered as she looked at Dove.

"No, no. Keep going." Dove asked as she leaned on her broadsword. "Where's it going?"

"What was it again?" Beauty Thief muttered like she was trying to rehearse notes.

"You came all the way here just to say that?" Queen snarked.

"I dunno. It kinda feels like she ain't dangerous at all." Skull remarked.

Beauty Thief looked at Mona who gave her a reassuring nod and they got back into their pose again. "We will take the Treasure!"

"You already said that." Oracle deadpanned.

"We don't have time to chat!" Mona answered as they went to the door.

"No point doing that. The door won't-" Skull groaned as Beauty Thief and Mona went to the scanner and-.


The door opened. Quite easily in fact.

"Don't underestimate us." Mona smirked. But as the door opened, stood sentry robots!

"Behind you!" Panther called out.

"Huh? HUH?!" The Beauty Thief panicked.

"Here they come!" Fox called out.

"Snap out of it! We need to go!" Mona ordered, doing his protective best.

"We'll meet at the usual spot! Hurry!" Queen ordered. In a flash, the Phantom Thieves vanished from the area and were safe.

What was that encounter?

Fool: Rank 10

Magician: Rank 10

Lovers: Rank 10

Chariot: Rank 10

Sun: Rank 10

Lust: Rank 9

Strength: Rank 9

Hierophant: Rank 8

Devil: Rank 8

Death: Rank 7

High Priestess: Rank 7

Emperor: Rank 7

Hanged-Man: Rank 7

Temperance: Rank 6

World: Rank 6

Fortune: Rank 6

Tower: Rank 6

Star: Rank 6

Hermit: Rank 6

Moon: Rank 6

Empress: Rank 5