Summary: A Gotham criminal comes to jump, a criminal with a history with Robin. The titans though Robin was bad with Slade – that is nothing how he is with Tony Zucco. Guest staring Kid Flash

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans or any of the DC characters

Author note: I wrote most this story back in 2016 and it been on an old memory stick for years.

Chapter One

The Titans made their way to the town hall – they had revived a message that morning to meet with the mayor of Jump and it sounded important. They had got similar messages before and they all have meet the mayor multiple times. This time the message was different, the mayor hadn't told them why they were called in – leaving the titans very curious.

"Did he sound serious?" Question Beast Boy as they walked towards the town hall.

"Yes," said Robin shortly

"Maybe he wants us to go to school again…" suggested Beast Boy hoping this wasn't the case. Three months ago they had a debate about their education and being good role models for the youth of Jump. The mayor wanted them to go to school and the titans refuse. How were they expected to go to school and protect Jump at the same time? None of them would fit in at school – and Robin had a secret identity to protect. (Robin augured that the Justice League made sure they all did their school work online – they all rather be home-schooled than having to go to regular school. The mayor wasn't very impressed with this answer.

Cyborg chuckled to himself "I don't it, especially after last time…."

"Maybe…." Began Beast Boy

Raven spoke up before Beast boy could tell them another theory. "Maybe we shouldn't guess." She said as they walked into the reception area of the town hall "We will find out soon enough."

They walked to the main desk before they could speck the receptionist told them they could go straight to the mayor's office. They started to climb the stairs towards to main office.

"Well," said Cyborg when they reach the door "Let's get this over and done with…" he knocked on the door before opening it. They all walked in the mayor of course was there sitting behind his desk but next to the desk stood another man.

"Commissioner Gordon," said Robin at once sounding very surprised

Commissioner Gordon walked up to Robin. He looked like a tough but caring man he shook Robin hand "Good to see you again, Robin. I have to say I've I missed seeing you in Gotham skyline." Commissioner Gordon then shook the hands of the other Titans – he knew all their names and showed them the same respect he had showed Robin.

"What's bring you to Jump?" asked Robin "I take it it's not a social call…."

Commissioner Gordon had a small smile on his face. "Right down to business – wouldn't expect anything less…" He looked at Robin "I got an escape prisoner, reports say he is hiding in Jump. He needs to be found as soon as possible. Batman tells me you are more than capable to deal with this. And the mayor also tells me you and the titans will be able to help."

Robin didn't react hearing Batman name. "Who is it? You said prisoner so I take it is not the likes of the Joker or scarecrow…or anyone else from Arkham," If it was one of the big names like that Batman probably would of come to Jump himself.

"It's one of the man you helped out behind bars," said Commissioner Gordon "Tony Zucco…"

As soon as that name left the Commissioner mouth, Raven felt a crash of emotions from Robin – emotions that Robin was currently hiding. The titans who have learn to read Robin's body language very well by now could read the slight changes that no one else would noticed. "Zucco?" question Robin "He is here?"

"Almost positive," said Commissioner Gordon "And Robin…Batman has asked me to pass a message to you. He say to remember your vow…He says you know what he means by that…"

Robin nodded his head "I understood it…."

"I can send you all the information I have – but I suspect Batman already has done that…"

Robin paused for a moment "Why do you think he choice Jump? I thought Bluthaven was more his type of city…the mafia doesn't know that much power here….he would know that….."

"I wish I knew," said Commissioner Gordon "I can't see any reason he has to come here – but they is not always a reason for things, I think we both know that.…You know how to connect me right?"

Robin nodded his head then without another worked he walked out of the room. The titans all hesitated awkwardly for a moment Beast Boy went of shake Commissioner Gordon hand once again. "Nice meeting you…err…..bye…." with that they all followed their leader out of the room.

The titans made their way out of the town hall and back into the fresh air. The meeting wasn't a long one but it was clear as day Robin was angry. Once they step outside Robin went to punch the wall but Cyborg caught his arm quickly not wanting him to hurt himself "Don't do anything stupid, Rob," he warned he didn't know who this Zucco was but it was obvious to him that Robin had a great dislike towards him, whatever happen wasn't worth the risk of breaking his hand.

Robin broke his arm free from Cyborg's grip. "Meet me back at the tower, I need some space" with that Robin stroll away disappearing into the shadows on the city.

"Do we go after him?" asked Starfire watching Robin with a worried look on her face. "He seems upset…"

"I'll leave him alone for now," said Raven knowing Robin needed some time alone. Robin should meet them back in the tower soon. If he doesn't return– they will deal with that if and when it happens.

Starfire nodded her head but still looked concern. "Who was that man?"

Beast boy started to talk quickly "He's like, the head of the Gotham police. He was the one was set up the bat signal apparently. He was meant to arrest Batman but never did…most of the Gotham law enforcement hated Batman but he was one of the only ones that supported him…"

"Did they hate Robin too?" asked Starfire

Beast boy open and close his mouth of a moment unsure what to say to that. "Maybe – Robin doesn't talk about Gotham much…" they all got in to the T Car "Anyway, does anyone know who Tony Zucco is? I never heard of him…"

Cyborg shrugged a little "You may never heard of him because maybe he isn't a crazy psychopath like the joker…Robin will tell us later…"

Raven disagreed "If this was originally a Gotham case he might not tell us. Beast Boy was right when he said Robin doesn't talk about Gotham."

"But if we need to find this guy we need to know something about him," pointed out Cyborg "Robin is not stupid he knows he has to tell us something…he may not want too but he has to say something….." Cyborg paused again Robin had a habit of keeping things to himself – but after the Red X indent Cyborg hoped Robin would be better.

The titans were waiting for Robin back in the titan tower – it had been a few hours since the meeting and Robin still wasn't back and Starfire was growing more and more worried. "You don't think he gone after him alone do you?" she asked "He might know where he would be…."

"I wouldn't be surprised," mumble Beast Boy more to himself.

Cyborg looked at the computer screen where he been keeping an eye on Robin. "His tracker in his communication device is still on…." He said. Cyborg knew that if Robin wanted to go off the grid and try to track down Zucco he would of turn the tracker off and be almost impossible to find. "And anyway it looks like he heading back…"

Starfire looked relieved that this but Raven still looked concern "When Robin is back I don't think we should question him too much," she said the other looked at her surprised. "We need to know the important thing… but….we shouldn't push him too hard…"

"Something about this Zucco has got Robin rattled…" finished Cyborg understanding Raven's concerns "And we all know how hard it is to rattle Robin….Whatever going on I have a feeling it's more personal…." Robin had seen a lot on the street of Gotham – seen things that could give people nightmares. Over the years Robin had almost professional approach to crime fighting – the only thing that would have made it slip was something personal.

"Batman seem to thinks Robin can handle it," said Beast Boy

"When is the last time they spoke?" asked Raven quietly "The way Kid Flash, Speedy and Aqualad all talk about Batman sometimes…." She paused their all heard tales of the dark knight and how much harder his training was compared to the other member of the league, how much more distance Batman was as well. They all knew that Batman and Robin hadn't talked in months

Robin return soon after looked tried from his rooftop walk. He seem a mixture of anger and upset – and the other titans guessed he had been crying (it was hard to tell because of the mask) but it seem to confirmed Cyborg theory that this case must be somewhat personal to Robin. "Suppose you have questions," said Robin getting himself a drink knowing even with his back turn to them they were all watching him.

"Of course we have questions," said Cyborg at once "We have a few….."

Robin turned to his team mates and then there was a long paused where no one spoke "Who is Tony Zucco?" asked Starfire carefully remembering Raven warning about pushing Robin too hard.

Robin sat down heavily and looked at the floor "He's a criminal from Gotham…"

Beast boy huffed "Tell us something we don't know…."

Robin looked at the titans "He has link to several criminal families, high up in the rank of organize crime. Very high up…Mafia stuff that kind of thing" Robin paused for a moment "A person you do not want to get on the wrong side of, a person who doesn't like the word no…." Robin stopped talking and no one dared asked what would happen to you if you did get on the wrong side of him – but they could guess. "He is responsible for many crimes in Gotham alone…other places too I imagine…but Gotham…..he was the boss and Gotham was his kingdom….."

Raven eyes narrowed at once, "There is something you are not telling us,"

Robin stood up and walked to the window and looked out at the city. "It's hard to explain… but I hate Zucco…even more than I hate Slade."

The titans looked at each other, they didn't think it was possible for Robin to hate anyone one as much as he hated Slade. "Robin…what did Zucco do?" asked Starfire sounding scared asking.

Robin paused for a long moment "I don't want to talk about it, not yet any way….I better see if Batman send me the information I need." With that Robin walked out of the room quickly without looking back.

"I have a bad feeling about this case," said Beast Boy more to himself, the other titans had to agree.