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Chapter Five

Zucco was soon taken away by the police. They found in the old office room of the bowling alley boxes of guns and coded names of people who would help them. If they hadn't of found them as soon as they did the mission might have headed more differently.

The Titans didn't hang around longer than was necessary. They went back to the tower.

"Well…." Said Cyborg more to himself "That ended better than I thought all thing consisting."

Kid Flashed nodded his head in agreement. "Well, at least he will be back behind bars and hopefully he stays there now."

"What about Robin now?" asked Starfire not knowing how best to react. "Raven gone to talk to him….but….."

"Give him some time," said Kid Flash lightly. "Everyone needs some time sometimes." He laughed a little. "And if he sulks for a while – I knock some fun into him again…."

Raven walked up behind Robin who once again was looking out over Jump "It's over Robin,"

"For who?" asked Robin they was a silent and Raven knew what Robin meant – this was never going to be over for Robin – he had to live with this every day.

"Tell me why you choose the name Robin and not Batboy?" asked Raven Robin looked at her with some confusion and Raven carried on talking "You said once Robin was who you were – you weren't batman filled with hate – you are Robin…. For many people Robin was the light in the darkness…. That include Batman you know…."

"Yin and Yang…." Said Robin "What has this got to do with anything?"

"He hasn't won yet," said Raven "You become Robin – you caught him twice now….you help people. You haven't yet your past a become an excuse to do crime in the future."

"There is a lot more people who need justice isn't there." Said Robin looking out of the city "My job isn't done."

"Well don't you sound like a certain grumpily old bat." Come the voice from behind them. Kid Flash was behind them. "Don't forget to have some fun sometimes, Rob. Come and spend a weekend off…. We could have a movie night…."

Robin nodded his head "That sounds good."

I finished the story when I though I add this in – but I didn't know where to put it. So it basically a missing scene.

"There is one thing I am little confused by." Said Cyborg "Commissioner Gordon said they was information Zucco was in jump. What was the information?"

"Anonymous tip." Said Robin

Beast boy looked up at once "Who?"

"If I knew who it wouldn't be anonymous was it," said Robin he saw the questioning looks "People are scared of Zucco – even those in his inner circle are scared of him…..and the new top dogs don't want him taking over. They could be hundreds of theories…..but we won't never know. Snitches get stitches…"