All the students stared as a silver Lamborghini pulled into the parking lot. a hushed whisper broke out amonst the students as the door opened and a girl stepped out. she had raven black hair and striking emerald eye's that seemed to glow. if one were to be reading the minds of the students at that moment they would have noted how often one word flew across everyones mind Beautiful.

Hekate Potter looked around the lot with a bored expression on her face, why was she doing this again? oh right. because Luna, her best friend with her infuriating seer abilities told her to enroll in muggle school when she moved, Hekate sighed. and thanked the gods once again that the ministry had long since developed spells that brought her up to date on all muggle highschool subjects.

sighing in resegnation Hekate looked over the students who were still gawking at her before walking towards the office building. running her hands along the gems that were stuck to her shoulder bag, at least she had enough sense to get a feather light charm placed on this one. that would at least make her day more bearable.

she was also glad she had dressed semi warm. she had on a green V neck long sleeved blouse and a black flowy skirt that wend down to about mid thigh. see through stockings and black peep toe dragon skin heels. though to human eyes it might look like leather..


Bella sat down at the Cullen table with a frown on her face, Shooting a glare at the new girl. She thought she was so perfect with her fancy car, nice clothes and such, well she would show that spoiled rich upstart just where her place was in this school.

"Why so upset Bella?" Alice asked politely, ever since they had come back from Italy the entire Cullen family, bar been distancing themselves from her, They had all begun to see her in a not so favorable light. she had been obsessed with being turned and nothing could disuade her from it.

when they had pointed out she needed to graduate, she said she could graduate the next time they went to highschool. when they asked her about her parents, she said they were adults and could deal with thinking she was dead. there was just no reasoning with her

Bella huffed. "Its that new girl, Hekate. she's only been here a day and already she's strutting around like she owns the place. plus, she gets along with Lauren so im sure she's one of those shallow airheaded girls. I mean she didn't even raise her hand once in English," Bella said, as if that proved just how stupid Hekate was.

Edward rolled his eyes. "She knew the answers though." He commented. Bella threw him a withering glare, Edward simply shrugged. "She was muttering the answers under her breath, I think she was just amusing herself." He said with a small smile. all the Cullens smirked. He had already told his siblings that He couldn't read Hekate's thoughts either. none of them were to concerned. Carlisle had long since expressed his theory that blocking the mind was just a rare occurence. "What?" Bella demanded.

"she's smart, but she doesn't go out of her way to show it. she doesn't draw attention to herself, thats smart. I'm going to invite her to eat lunch with us." Alice said suddenly.

and before anyone could blink Alice was practically skipping across the lunchroom to where Hekate sat. Bella scowled. "Why would Alice want to talk to that girl anyway, I thought you guys didn't make human friends?" She complained. Rosalie glared at her. "She has style. and Alice probably wants a shopping buddy who wont complain the entire trip"

Bella scowled as Alice began walking back with the stupid girl in tow. She had been trying to get her truck to break down for the last few days so Edward would buy her a new car. of course she would act like she hated him buying her anything.

Suddenly she got an idea just as Alice and Hekate sat down. "Edward. I'm going to La Push later today to see Jake." She said. Edward scowled. "Why?" He asked through gritted teeth. "Because my truck has been acting up and Jake promised to fix it." She lied smoothly.

Edwards lips thinned into a hard line. "or I could just buy you a new car." He bargained.

Bella's pulse raced in exitement and she didn't notice Jasper looking at her with a scowl on his face. "Edward, no. I love my truck. " Bella chided.

"Id rather you not go to la push." He insisted.

Hekate who was talking to Alice about favorite fashion brands couldn't take it anymore. this Chit was faker than Lauren mallory's nose. and so she decided to throw a wrench into little miss plastic's plans of getting a new car. "I can help, she offered

A flash of annoyance crossed Bella's face as she turned to look at Hekate. and Everyone at the table noticed. including a now confused Edward.

" I'm great at fixing car's. just let me have a look at it and I swear it will be running good as new." She offered with a smile on her face. of course she didnt mention that a simple Repairo would get the job done. just then she felt a probing at her mental shield.

wanting to know who was trying to invade her mind she sent an image of the Basalisk lunging at her straight at the probe. She smirked when Edward jumped in his seat and nearly fell. of course. Hekate knew they were vampires. so she muttered. "That was very rude of you Edward. My mind is not for you to read. please keep out. "

The Cullens all looked at her in varying degrees of shock. well except for Alice. as Bella mulled over my offer. "Fine." She grumbled

just then Bella got a nasty glint in her eye. Alice froze before both she and Edward stared at Bella as if they had never seen her before. "So Hekate. where are your parents? they must have been happy to get rid of you if you moved here alone." She commented.

The rest of the Cullen sibling stared at her in disgust. Hekate stiffened as she set her jaw. "Their dead. they were killed by a home intruder when I was one. My mother placed herself infront of my crib and died protecting me." She said in a low voice as she absentmindedly rubbed the sar on her forehead.

"I'm sorry." All of the Cullen siblings murmured. Hekate shook her head and dropped her hand to the table. Bella scowled and pushed on. "Who raised you then?" She pressed.

Hekate pressed her lips into a thin line. her relatives hardly raised her. "I stayed with my aunt, Her husband and my Cousin Dudley." She replied. The Cullen siblings noted that she said. 'her husband' and not 'my uncle' when talkimg about her relatives. even though she claimed the boy as her cousin.

there was obviously a story there.

"What kind of a name is Hekate Anyway?" Bella questioned. Hekate now glared at Bella with such venom that Bella actually scooted a bit closer to Edward. "I am named after the Goddess Hekate. she is the goddess of Witchcraft." She said curtly.

"Why would your mother name you after the goddess of Witchcraft?" Bella asked snidely.

Suddenly Bellas closed can of coke opened abd a spray of coke exploded in Bella's Face. The Cullens looked on in shock as Edward quickly passed a now red faced and sticky Bella napkins.

They noted how Hekate simply continued eating. and they also noted that not a drop of Soda got on anyone besides Bella. Edward was about to point out that she hadn't answered Bella's question. when he suddenly looked at Bella again and wondered if she DID answer Bella's question. just not with words.

But that was crazy talk. Witches didn't exsist right? He looked at Alice briefly and was fustrated when she began translating Beyonce Lyrics to japanese in her head.

At the End of the Lunch period Alice had Invited Hekate to sit at their table everyday.

Then Hekate headed off to gym with Rosalie. Who started questioning her about general topics. she liked this human. she didn't know how. but somehow she was sure Hekate had been behind the can exploding. and that made her best friend material in Rosalie's book.


In the locker room. Hekate clutched the uniform in her hand as she simply stared at it. or more spesifically the short sleeves on the T-shirt. She was having a mini panic attack. mainly because she had decided not to glamour her scar's from the Dursleys.

mostly because she didnt want to slip up one day and forget them. she had planned to wear long sleeved shirts for the forseable future. however this uniform threw all that in the bin.

she wasn't overly self consious. she just... would rather no one knew about her scar's, preferably ever.

the other girls in the locker room noticed Hekate clutching the T-Shirt and as if working on instinct went over to stand around her. now say what you'd like about how often cat fights occur but it is generally accepted that the female species help eachother when one of their own are hurting.

"Hekate, are you ok?" Lauren asked. Hekate shook her head. "Whats wrong?" Angela asked. "I- I um, do they have a long sleeved option?" She croaked holding up the shirt. Laureb shook her head and Hekate bit her lip.

"Why?" Rosalie asked. Hekate swallowed thickly before removing her green shirt. the girls gasped. scar's of various sizes and shapes littered Hekate's arms and torso. the most prominent one being the word 'SLAG' carved into her abdomen from the underside of her right breast to her left hip.

"I-I can't. they'l all stare. and-" She trailed off. None of the girls new what to say. what on earth had this girl been through?

"if the boys start being idiots because of a few scar's ill hit one of them in the head wwith a dodge ball." Rosalie promised. the other girls nodded in agreement. Hekate bit her lip and changed into the uniform. she had transfigured her heels into sneakers when no one had been looking.

after taking a deep breath she had followed the girls out of the locker room. if she hadn't been so nervous she would have found the way they stood around her in protective stances endearing.

at first none of the boys seemed to notice the scar's. mainly because Hekate had been half hiding behind the other girls but then Tyler Crowley bumped into her from the side as they were playing soccer and she went sprawling to the ground. "Oh my gosh, I'm really sor- Jesus Hekate what the hell happened to your arms?" He asked loudly. The other boys stopped and stared in a mixture of shocked horror.

Hekate felt herself flush in embarrassment. Thankfully the other girls swooped in. " shut up Tyler! thats none of your business!" Lauren seethed. "What the hell are you guys gaping at!? so she has a few scars. stop staring!" Rosalie hissed. All the guys immediately complied. they had no doubt Rosalie would have scratched their eyes out if they hadnt.

Angela helped Hekate off the floor while the other two girls got the game going again. thankfully the rest of the class passed without incident


After school at the Cullen mansion Rosalie had called a family meeting and was incensed when Edward walked in with Bella hot on his heels.

"Edward this is a family meeting what is she doing here?" Rosalie demanded. "She wanted to come..." he said simply. Rosalie crossed her arms. "Well to bad. i want to talk about something important and i don't need her using this to insult Hekate more."

Bella scowled. "Why do you even care about her? she's a freak and completely creepy. but if your worried, I swear not to use whatever i hear to insult that little upstart." she swore

Rosalie was not happy about it but she nodded and explained what had happened in gym. Esme was horrified and Carlisle was concerned. The rest of the Cullen siblings were spitting mad. now could anyone treat a child like that. how could anyone torture a child like that?

while the Cullen's were lost in their anger horror and concern for the green eyed girl. Bella didn't like that they were getting involved with another human other than herself.

she wasn't stupid. she saw that Edward payed mire attention to that freaky nobody than he should. even if he himself hadn't noticed.

forgetting for the moment that her decisions were being monitored Bella decided to break her promise and run the Raven haired wench out of town using what she had learned.

Alice suddenly I got a far off look in her eyes before sshe turned disgusted eyes towards Bella. Off in her own little world for the moment as she silently planned Bella hardly noticed Edwards eyes shoot to Alice before he dropped his arm from around her shoulder as if scalded.

Edward couldn't believe what he had just saw. He saw a side of Bella that he had never knew existed. and a side of her that disgusted him.

~Alice's Vision~

Hekate was standing in an empty classroom with Bella. her arms were crossed as she glared at the brown eyed girl. " what do you want Swan? your going to make me late for English." Hekate said icily

Bella smirked at the raven haired teen as she put her hand on her hip. "Stay away from my Boyfriend and I his family you freak!" She hissedHekate stiffened slightly at the last word but thankfully Bella didn't notice.

Hekate scoffed. " and who the hell are you to be telling me what to do?" She questioned coldly.Bella smiled cruelly. " My dad is the Chief of police. not only will he run a background check if I asked him to he'd also become your worst nightmare on the road.

And as soon as he gets your file with every detail of your life. -all those ugly scar's had to come from somewhere.- ill find out and tell the entire school how pathetic you are" she threatened

Hekate's eyes grew cold and detatched as she reached out. gripped Bella's upper arm and dragged her so close that their noses were almost touching.

" go ahead. but you should know a few things. one access to a Civilian's personal information is a privilege. and when it gets out he was the one who gave it away he would be fired. and probably arrested for violating my privacy. second I spent most of my life bowing to the whims of others. and I finally broke free. so I'll be damned if I let a small town jealous bitch like you control me.

third Karma's a bitch. mess with me and powerful forces beyond your comprehension will knock you on your think your the shit because 3-5 boys give you the time of day begging to wait on you hand and foot but really you don't even rate a mention on anyone elses list as for your lap-dog Edward

I hope that one day he realizes that your just using him to gqin what you want. don't even try to convince me you actually love him. you love his money. you love his attention and you love the attention he gets you but you don't love him." Hekate said harshly.Bella glared at the other girl but now there was obviously fear in her brown orbs but she didn't refute Hekate's words

~End vision~

Edward had allot of thinking to d

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