Hekate scowled as Jasper and Emmett came back shaking their heads. "We followed the scent as far as the main road, it ends there, whoever it was got in a car and drove off," Jasper announced. Jacob sighed. "Well what are we going to do about it, I mean, how can we be sure this leech didn't mean Bella and Charlie any harm?" he asked.

Hekate snorted, Paul, one of the two that came with Jacob sent Her a withering look. "Why are you even here, this discussion should mean nothing to you." He sneered. Edward opened his mouth, probably to teach Paul sone manners when Hekate held up her hand and rounded on the arrogant boy to defend herself.

"I've just as much right to be here as any of you, I may look meek and helpless but I'm not, so sod off before you find yourself buggering a cactus!" She hissed. Paul looked both angry and confused. Quil, Jacob's other companion sniggered. It was left to Jacob to play mediator, even though he had no idea how a human expected to defend herself from a vampire.

He supposed the Cullens were just humoring her, after all, it's not like she could actually contribute anything. "That's enough Paul, this is the Cullen's house, we have no right to dictate who can and can't be here. Dr. Cullen, our problem is that we want to protect Bella if her little visitor returns. However, her house is on your territory, it would be much appreciated if you could allow us to patrol her house." Jacob said.

Carlisle nodded. "Of course, though please bear in mind that your patrols shouldn't be to close to the actual house. if Chief Swan saw you that would be an issue." He said sternly.

The wolves nodded and thanked Carlilse before taking their leave. As soon as they were gone Hekate sighed. "I have a feeling that this isn't as simple as a curious vamp, popping over for a visit." she said sulkily. The others nodded sharing her thoughts.


It was a week later that the Cullens started to worry. Due to them spending so much time with Hekate and learning about the magical world they hadn't really been paying attention to the Muggle news, they usually just sat around reading the Oracle, which had been printing stories on Hekate and her views since the Quidditch world cup.

Either that or they played Wizarding Chess or Exploding Snap, which Emmett absolutely loved. Rosalie had been giving it a miss since one particular explosion charred her hair, which Hekate fixed immediately.

Now however they realized what they had been missing, the rising death toll in Seattle was worrying, especially because all indicators pointed to out of control newborns. When they brought this point up with Hekate she got a very worried look on her face and said she would be back before Apparating away.

Twenty minutes later she Popped back into the house looking grave and anxious. "I've just got off the Mirror with my friend Luna, she's a Seer, though she doesn't have holes in her visions as Alice does. I've asked her if she's seen any danger pertaining to me lately since anything you lot are mixed up in, I'd join as well.

The only problem is that it's Murder getting a straight answer out of a seer if they think you ought to work the problem out yourself, Luna apparently thins so and she's told me something that I've been unable to make any sense of, perhaps you might have better luck.

She said the red-headed broken soul has made strides in avenging the one who was lost to greed. Puppets have been sewn into an uneasy alliance that will go one way or the other often. Visitors should be ignored and once enemies must work together and split the threat." She said. The Cullens blinked as they tried to decipher the seemingly insane warning.

"Victoria is obviously the redhead broken soul," Rosalie said. The others nodded in agreement as Hekate looked on in confusion, she had only gotten a summary of what they had been through trying to keep Bella Swan alive. "I believe James was the one lost to greed," Carlisle said. Jasper looked deep in thought before his head snapped up. "Newborn Army." he breathed. All the others looked at him in shock.

"Do you really believe that? The wording could just be a coincidence." Edward said. Jasper shook his head and then explained. " after we left Maria, Peter once called her army an army of Puppets sewn into an uneasy alliance. I don't think it's a coincidence Hekate's friend used those exact words, I think she meant that Victoria has made a newborn army to avenge James." Jasper said confidently. "But what about the rest?" Esme said worriedly.

Hekate cleared her throat, she really didn't like talking about this, but that particular phrasing had jumped out at her like a Neon sign, it was the rest she didn't understand until a moment ago. She took a deep breath and spoke.

" I think once enemies meant the La Push wolves, even though you never considered them such they certainly did, and some still do, consider you enemies. As for the last part, well during the war my friends and I were captured by snatchers, we all had glamorous on that I had applied in parseltongue so they couldn't recognize us, though they had their suspicions. Anyway, the idiots were so arrogant they openly spoke of their plans in front of us while we were in the dungeons.

One of the more bigoted complained and refused to go and raid a light family's house with Fenrir Greyback, a vicious werewolf. Another Death Eater got annoyed and told him to split the enemies, which basically meant that one group took half while the other group took the other half.

Which makes sense. The wolves couldn't truly work paired up with us due to their prejudice. The only thing is that I'd have to tell them about my magic, which isn't so much of a problem if they could keep the secret,

but it's illegal for muggles who don't have magical relatives or close friends to know the secret. And if they tell Bella, I'll be the one in hot water because I was the one who told them. " Hekate explained. The Cullens grew pensive, how did they ensure the wolves, especially Jacob Black kept the secret?

It was going to be a long night

Ok so this was mainly a filler with some important information, next chapter is a meeting with the wolves. How do you think the Cullens and Hekate, will get them to keep the secret from Bella, will she find out anyway? Tune in next time to find out what happens at the meeting. Also, who votes for getting Emmett drunk again? Let me know in your review, I'm not a mind reader, if I was I'd never get an answer wrong in school.