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Chapter 8:

Harvey wakes in the morning with a smile on his face that is completely out of character. He rolls over and looks at the time. 6:30 AM. He rubs a hand over his face absently as he arches his back and stretches out his legs. He feels… good.

He had woken up about 1:00 AM at Donna's and after getting her tucked into bed, he'd come home. As tempting as it was to crawl into bed beside her, he knew she was emotionally drained and hadn't trusted himself to keep his hands off of her. There would be plenty of time for that, he thought to himself, now that everything was out in the open.

He picks up his phone to see if she had texted him while he was sleeping, but he had no messages. So he texts her instead.

Good morning Beautiful. I hope you understand why I didn't stay last night. I wanted to, believe me. Maybe tonight after work, we can finally get that drink I offered before all hell broke loose?

He presses send and hops into the shower.

Less than an hour later he is in the backseat of the Lexus on his way to the firm. He feels different. Lighter somehow. Like a knot that had taken up permanent residence at the base of his neck had finally moved out. He felt so good, in fact, that the tiny seed of paranoia sprouting in his gut, due to the fact that Donna had yet to reply to him, went almost unnoticed.

"How was your night, Mr. Specter?" Ray asks casually. The fact that he had dropped Harvey off at Donna's but picked him up at home had Ray second-guessing his assumptions from last night.

"It was great, Ray. Really great," Harvey answers while smiling out the window.

Ray eases his grip on the wheel with a renewed confidence in his instincts.

Harvey walks into the firm and immediately heads to Donna's office. When he finds her lights out, he scratches at the hairs standing on the back of his neck. Something feels… off. He continues on to his own office and is surprised to find Louis sitting on his couch.

"Louis?" he asks in a tone that mirrors his confusion. "What are you -"

"Did you tell Thomas about Donna's involvement in the Liberty Rail case?" Louis interrupts with a look of clear disdain.

The color drains from Harvey's face. He has no idea where this conversation is headed, but he can tell from the look on Louis's face, it's nowhere good.

"Well, I… I mean… I -"

"Spit it the fuck out, Harvey." Louis stands up and approaches him. "It's a simple question. Yes? Or no?"

A wave of nausea rolls through Harvey's stomach. He flashes back to his conversation with Thomas and what exactly he had said. There's no way Thomas would… But he hasn't heard from Donna since he left last night and…

"Harvey!" Louis shouts and brings him back to the nightmare unfolding in front of him.

"Yes," he stammers, "Yes, I did."

Harvey reaches for his desk to balance the dizziness as the shouting continues. His chest tightens around his lungs like a vice and he can't seem to take in a breath. He hears bits and pieces of what Louis is saying but he can't make out the words. Harvey's vision begins to blur as he feels Louis grab his shoulders with both hands. What is that he keeps saying? Harvey tries to focus, but he can't breathe…

"...arrested!" He finally makes out.

"Harvey! Did you hear me? Donna's been ARRESTED!"

Harvey gaps for air as he wakes up with a jolt and nearly knocks Donna off the couch. He clutches at his heaving chest as sweat pours from his forehead.

It takes Donna just a couple of seconds to gain her bearings and figure out what the hell is going on.

"Harvey! Harvey? Can you hear me?" she asks doing her best to stay calm but his bulging eyes and short choppy breaths are scaring her to death. "Harvey, breathe. Just... breathe." Donna reaches for his face. "It was just a dream. I'm here. You're in my apartment, Harvey. That's it," she says as his eyes meet hers and she thinks she is getting through. "I'm going to get you some water, okay? Breathe for me. Deep and slow."

Donna jumps up and runs into the kitchen. She knew about his bout with panic attacks, but knowing and seeing were two very different things. She runs back to him with the water and although his breathing is still labored, she can tell he's coming down from it.

"Drink." She pushes the glass toward him and he gladly accepts.

Harvey brings the water to his mouth and shakily gulps at it as half of it pours down the front of him. Donna takes the glass and sets it down as she kneels between his legs and takes both his hands into hers.

"Look at me," she says calmly. Gazing into his eyes. "Look at me, Harvey," she says again, squeezing his hands lightly. The wildness in his eyes starts to subside as his breathing becomes deeper and less frantic. "You're okay. I'm right here." Donna takes his right hand up to her mouth and kisses it gently. "You're okay," she repeats, but this time she seems to be calming herself with the words, not him.

"Bad dream," he finally croaks out. His eyes well up with emotion as hers soften with a small frown.

She nods, "That's what I figured." She sits up higher on her knees and places a light kiss on his cheek. "But it's over now and it was just a dream, Harvey." She lays her head on his chest and listens to his heart pound. They sit like this quietly while Harvey regains his composure.

"I'd like to stay," he says hoarsely. "If that's okay with you?"

Donna's breath catches in her throat as her body immediately reacts to his request. Before she has a chance to pick her head up or respond he clarifies his meaning.

"Just to sleep, Donna. I'm not suggesting..." he stops mid-sentence. "I'd just rather not leave you alone tonight," he continues a bit awkwardly.

It strikes her as ironic, that his initial request made her feel a bit panicky, but his clarification left her feeling slightly disappointed.

She picks her head up and smiles anyway. "Of course, Harvey. After that," she waves her hand in front of him, "I think you're the one who shouldn't be left alone."

Donna gets up from the floor in front of him and goes to refill his glass. While she's in the kitchen he lays a blanket out on the couch and takes off his shoes. Donna grins at him as she walks back in.

"You finally tell me you love me after fourteen years and you think you're sleeping on the couch?" She chuckles. "Bedroom, Mister! And don't worry, I promise not to take advantage of you while you're weak."

"I thought I was the one not taking advantage," Harvey responds, smiling into his water and following her into the bedroom.

Donna uses the bathroom first and comes out in a silk set of pajama pants and a matching tank. Harvey's eyes immediately drop to the very visible outline of her nipples and the response in his groin is instantaneous.

He clears his throat to give himself an excuse to wipe the drool from his mouth. "Maybe this isn't such a good idea." His tone is an octave or two lower than usual.

Amused by his sudden shyness, Donna teases him, "Don't tell me the idea of sleeping next to a beautiful woman makes the great Harvey Specter nervous?" Her smile is seductive as her intentions suddenly shift.

"Careful, Donna." His eyes go dark as he looks into hers. His gaze moves slowly up and down her body with painstaking intensity. "You have no idea how many times I've thought of this exact scenario."

Donna's stomach flutters at the hunger in his eyes and the need in his voice, and she knows this is happening. Tonight.

She glides the few feet between them until her breasts nearly touch his chest. "And you don't think I've fantasized about you, Specter?" She runs a hand up the front of her body, just barely grazing the back of her knuckles over the bulge forming in his pants. He inhales sharply as she leans to his ear and whispers, "I've lost track how many times."

Harvey grabs her waist and pulls her against him as he takes her mouth with his. The taste of her floods his system with memories that he had never really forgotten. He continues kissing her with a sense of urgency as his hands roam from her waist, up her back, to her neck, her hair, back down to her butt as he squeezes her and pulls her tighter against his throbbing erection.

"Donna." He moans into her neck and his mouth travels from her jawline to her shoulders. "I don't think I can stop." His words are muffled against her skin and his breath is hot on her neck.

"God, I hope not," she whispers as she walks backward toward the bed, pulling him along with her.

When her calves hit the bed she moves her hands from his head to the front of his shirt as she frantically works on opening it, all the while cursing the designer who made the buttons so damn difficult.

Harvey runs his hands up and down her back as his tongue slides over her lips and into her mouth. He reaches for the bottom of her tank top and pulls it gracefully over her head, forcing her to delay getting his shirt off. He drops it to the floor and grabs both her wrists before she can continue undressing him. He leans back slightly and pulls her wrists out and away from her body as he lowers his eyes to her breasts.

"My God, Donna. You are so beautiful." He lets go of her wrists and slides an arm around her waist and one behind her knee, lifting her up off the ground and gently laying her onto the bed as he climbs over her. She tries again to reach for his shirt but he catches her wrists and pins them both above her head on the mattress as he brings his mouth to her chest. Harvey is overcome with the desire that he has worked so hard to keep at bay.

Donna moans as she arches her back to bring her body as close to him as possible. Harvey manages to free his right hand by gripping both her wrists tightly with his left. He cups her breast, lightly at first, as he teases her nipple with the tip of his tongue. Slowly increasing the pressure as he takes her breast into his mouth and elicits a loud moan as she pushes her body up and into him again.

"Harvey, please," she begs and it nearly drives him over the edge. "I need to touch you."

He releases his grip and she grabs his shirt, yanking it open, and popping the few remaining buttons right off. Her hands immediately reach for his chest. His pecs are hard and glistening with sweat which only turns her on more. He begins to apply pressure between her legs by lowering himself onto her and slowly thrusting his body upward.

Harvey starts to work his way down her body, placing passionate kisses on Donna's collar bone, her breasts, her stomach. The feeling of his lips and tongue cause her entire body to shiver. He slowly hooks his finger into the elastic band of her pants and slips them off of her. He continues to slide down, placing kisses on her thighs until he stands at the end of the bed and removes his own pants, his eyes never leaving her body. Her eyes fixed on watching him undress.

As he lowers his pants and stands in front of her she gasps as memories of the other time flood her senses. He looks different now. Older, stronger, sexier.

"Harvey," she begs again, her body aching, her core throbbing.

Harvey kneels on the edge of the bed and runs his hands from Donna's ankles, up her calves to her knees. He gently applies outward pressure and she complies, willingly spreading her legs apart. A humming sound comes from Harvey's throat as he brings her legs up into a bent position and lowers his mouth between them.

The first thing Donna feels is the tip of his tongue. Gently licking her as he spreads her outer lips apart. The sensation of pleasure starts at her core but spreads like wildfire to all her extremities. She arches her back and lifts her hips off the mattress as she calls out his name once again. Feeding off her energy he probes his tongue deeper and then slides two fingers inside while mercilessly teasing her clit with this mouth. It doesn't take long for her walls to tighten around his fingers as her body bucks and spasms as he watches.

The moment she catches her breath, she reaches for him and pulls his mouth to hers. The taste of her on his tongue drives her need for him deeper, despite the release he had just provided her.

She pulls him upward so that he is straddling her and his cock is just above her breasts and inches from her face. She lifts her neck to take the tip of him into her mouth as she uses one hand to stroke him and the other to apply pressure just below the base. Harvey places his hands on the wall above the bed and eases himself deeper into her mouth.

"Fuck, Donna… You're going to make me come." He sits back with a few labored breaths. Donna begins slowly caressing her chest while Harvey is watching from above. She pushes both breasts together, wrapping them around his hard erection. With his hands still on the wall, he begins to slide back and forth using the lubrication left from Donna's mouth. The sounds coming from her coupled with the erotic look on her face brings him dangerously close to the edge.

He slides his body down so it hovers just above hers. He kisses her, softly at first, like he wants to make this moment last. Then he takes the kiss deeper, and deeper until she feels him, hard and ready, between her legs. She gasps at the intimate contact as the need to feel him inside her grows unbearable.

"Donna," he groans.

She closes her eyes, lifts her chin back, and arches her back at the pure ecstasy of hearing him moan her name.

"Donna?" Harvey says again as he slides along her center and this time she hears it as more of a request. A plea.

Her eyes flutter open and she sees him only an inch or two above her. The look in his eyes is so raw. She feels like for the first time she can see right into his heart. Like a window to everything he has ever felt for her but never been able to say.

"I love you," he whispers. And before she can respond, he glides into her and fills her in every sense of the word.

Harvey wakes with a beam of sunlight shining right in his face. It takes him a few moments to get his bearings and realize where he is. He rubs his face with both hands and rolls over, expecting to find a beautiful redhead lying next to him. Instead he only finds some pillows.

He swings his legs over the side of the bed and looks around the floor for his underwear. The first thing that catches his eye are a few loose buttons on the carpet, which causes him to break out into his signature grin.

"Donna?" he calls, getting up and taking a closer look around for his clothes. It's not like she didn't get a good look at him last night. In fact, just that thought causes the rest of his body to wake up. Maybe he should hold off on finding his underwear.

"Good morning - Oh! Harvey, my goodness!" Donna giggles as she walks in with a coffee mug in each hand.

"Are you closing your eyes?" Harvey laughs as he walks up and takes a mug, kissing her lightly.

"No. Well, maybe." She opens one eye and takes a quick peek at the man she's been pining after for over a decade. "This is going to take a little getting used to, I think." Donna smiles and walks back down the hallway, calling over her shoulder, "Your pants are on the chair, Harvey."

They enjoy a cup of coffee, a little hand-holding, and even a few soft kisses before either one of

them lets reality creep back in.

"I guess I should go by my apartment and grab a shower. And a shirt that still has buttons," Harvey says smirking over his coffee cup. "You could come with me?"

"Harvey, as sweet as that is, I think I'll be just fine on my own. I've been going to work all by myself for years now."

A sick feeling surfaces in Harvey's stomach at Donna's comment and he doesn't bother to mask it.

"What is it?" She reaches for his hand.

Harvey swallows the lump in his throat while he contemplates his answer.

"The dream," he says looking away from her.

"Oh," Donna nods. "You never told me what it was about?" She phrases it as a question.

"I'd rather not relive it. I'm sure it's fine. Just let me have Ray take you in, and I'll catch a cab."

It's around 9:00 when Harvey makes his way into the firm. Just as he had arrived at the building, he got a text from Louis saying he needed to see him in his office right away. He pushed the fear and anxiety down, convincing himself it was foolish. But he still didn't like the idea of his day starting with Louis.

As he steps off the elevator and heads to Louis's office, he notices that everyone is already there. Robert, Samantha, Alex, Louis, and Donna. The nausea that was resurfacing, subsides when he notices everyone is smiling.

"Looks like I'm late." He tries to appear casual.

"You are, Harvey," Robert spouts. "It's 9:00 fucking AM."

"Robert. Please." Louis interrupts. "Harvey," he turns toward him. "I have some good news. Thomas dropped the suit. He called me this morning." Louis slaps Harvey on the shoulder. "Dodged another bullet Spiderman."

"It's Bat-nevermind." Harvey lets out a big sigh. "Did he say why?" he asks trying to not sound too curious.

"Something about new information coming to light. He actually said that he had misjudged you," Louis added with a hint of surprise. "But when I suggested he tell you that himself, he insisted I pass it along."

Harvey's gaze immediately shifts to Donna. They exchange a long look while Donna's eyes fill with emotion and Harvey's heart aches for her. He knows she loves him, but she cared about Thomas, too.

"Excuse me," Donna says as she quickly walks out.

Alex, Louis, and Robert missed the entire exchange as they were already knee-deep in a new issue. But Samantha had watched it unfold.

"What the hell was that about?" She catches up to Harvey on the way down the hall.

"What was what about?" His tone, disinterested.

"That moment between you and Donna back there. You could cut through it with a knife!"

"Samatha, I don't know -"

"Harvey, let's rewind, shall we? The other night, I witnessed you and Donna eye-fucking each other by the elevators, then "Ding" cue her boyfriend. She leaves with him. You look like your dog died and can't put two words together. The next day, all hell breaks loose as you and Alex are tripping over yourselves trying to save said boyfriend's shady deal. Next day he's filing for an Ethics Hearing against you and Donna is MIA. Today, ex-boyfriend, taking a wild guess there, drops the case, and you and Donna are back to goo goo eyes, and she runs out crying." She puts her hands on her hips and tilts her head. "That about cover it?"

"Yep," he answers. leaving her gawking behind him while he goes to find Donna.

He walks straight into the Ladies room, and finds Donna trying to freshen up. Her eye makeup has had better days.

"You okay?" Harvey asks softly. "I'm so sorry about this whole thing. I know you care about him and -"

"Is that why you think I'm upset? Because of Thomas?" Donna interrupts. She falls more in love with him every moment.

"Harvey, those tears weren't for Thomas. They were for you! I'm just so relieved that everything worked out." Donna steps toward him and takes his hand. "We got a little… distracted at my apartment, but the minute I got to work today, all the fear came flooding back. There was still a part of me that was terrified I had cost you everything." Her eyes begin to fill again.

"Donna. Hey." He reaches up gently and wipes a stray tear away. "How could you possibly cost me everything, when you are my everything?" He pulls her in for a hug and kisses her on the top of her head.

She squeezes him tightly. "How will I ever get used to you saying things like that to me."

"Who knew I had such a way with words?" Harvey chuckles. "Oh. By the way, Samantha knows." He grins in the mirror at her horrified expression.

Donna and Harvey were packing up for the night. They had agreed to finally go out for that drink. As great as things feel between them right now, they know they still have a lot of talking to do. You don't make up for fourteen years of denial and bad decisions in one night.

"Hey, I'll catch up with you in a minute, okay?" Harvey says to Donna as they are walking out of his office. "There's something I need to do real quick."

"Sure." Donna smiles.

Once she's out of sight, Harvey picks up his phone and makes the call.

"Mike? It's Harvey."

"Hey Harv- what's up?" Mike is surprised to hear from him, but he's even more curious at his happy tone.

"I just called to say… Donna IS." Harvey stands in front of his panoramic city view.

"Donna is what, Harvey?"

"The ONE, Mike." Harvey shakes his head and smiles from ear to ear as he feels his chest swell. "Donna is the one."

"No shit, Harvey." Mike laughs. "But I sure am glad to finally hear you say it."


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