"Easy, easy, this thing is expensive, you know."

There was no response as he was pushed along a dark corridor. There were easily hundreds more guards that were all uniformly silent

"I'm flattered that I get the silent treatment, but is it really necessary? I know everybody hates me," a younger man spoke to a couple guards who were in all black with full body-armor and automatic weapons.

The young man rolled his eyes as he looked down at the tattered state of what he was wearing. His tie was ripped in two, the vest had multiple holes in it, he was missing one pant leg and his shoes, oh his shoes.


Where was his blazer?!

"I'm just saying, but these shoes probably cost more than both of your lives put together. Who do I foot the bill to? 'Cause I know good ol' SOD doesn't make this much," he stated as he craned his head down.

He looked as much as he could but the chains he had connecting to his collar were damn heavy. The ones on his wrist, too. These things had to be made of star-ship armor.

"Probably should have put a muzzle on him,"one guard commented in a slightly distorted voice as he escorted the young man.

The guard beside him didn't comment as the young man snickered. "Stupid, muzzles keep someone from biting. The word you're looking for is gag...you know the one your mother-hurk!" the man stopped as an armored fist buried itself into his gut.

The guard which hadn't spoken pulled the young man who sported a sloppy grin up roughly by his hair and made eye to visor contact with him. "Speak more and I'll kill you myself," he spoke with a gruff voice before putting the younger man back down and pushing him along.

"Couple things, one, you won't, I'm too valuable alive. I know too much, way too much, and c'mon. This is the most fun the world's seen in a while!"

The guard let loose a guttural noise before another voice stopped them. "I'll take it from here."

The young man looked up before a certain gleam entered them.

"Oh and now don't you just look swell for a dead man!" he exclaimed with glee. Oh things were all sorts of enjoyable now.

The other man waved off the two guards before two giant robots of silver and black metal dropped from the ceiling with a softer crash than they should have made. The young man recognized them as new models of beings he had fought previously but still decided to sport the grin he had when he saw the man in front of him. The suits of armor allowed silver streams to flow from them and produce small tracks on the bottom of the young man's feet, similar to those on tanks.

"So~ fancy! Tartarus sure has upgraded itself last time I was here," he grinned as the man turned around and the young man was forced to follow thanks to the tracks on his feet.

"We call this place Chronos now. It's a tad bit more enforced than little ol' Tartarus. That place has nothing on something of my own design," the older man said with a small hint of mirth in his voice.

The two traveled in silence as the older man walked and the younger man followed, albeit not of his own volition.

But all of it was fun, it was so fun! It was so...boring.

"You'd do well to not turn your back to me, Tony Stark," the young man spoke in a dead tone as they entered a room at the end of a long tunnel. The doors were as thick as the robots behind him and were interlocked by complicated mechanisms.

Tony Stark shrugged. "I think I have enough firepower to even put you down, Izuku Midoriya," he spoke matter-of-factly. "This place was built to house those who were a multiverse-level threat. And you were at the top of its list for first come first serve," he explained as two chairs came into view with a table in between them. "How does it feel to have a prison built in your honor?"

Izuku continued his fish-eye gaze, unblinking as he sat down in the chair. The robots behind him withdrew their silver streams of nanobots he assumed and posted themselves in the corners of the rooms.

Tony looked at the younger man. Izuku sported an undercut that went around his head and quite a few tattoos that lined his body from his fingers to his neck, ending at his Adam's-apple. He had more on his chest that he could see but it was irrelevant. Tony made a face. Perhaps he should have removed those?

They were weapons after all.

Everything about Izuku Midoriya was a weapon. From his body, to his abomination of a quirk, to those tattoos. And his brain. Especially his brain.

But that mattered little. He was weakened and many heroes and villains stood by to take him down.

The table shimmered before a computer with holographic interface was fabricated from the metal. Tony's fingers glided along the keyboard before several hundred files were populated.

Izuku grinned. "It's so small. I'm sure I've done more than that," he responded as he sat back in his chair and crossed his legs.

Tony grimaced before he heard a pair of footsteps and two voices.

"That's because we're still documenting them," an aged voice spoke and Izuku craned his head backwards to see a bald man in a hovering wheelchair and another man who was missing an arm.

"Charles Xavier and Bruce Banner! Oh, is this a psych eval? I feel so special!"

Bruce felt the familiar anger of the Hulk roar within him but he placated the Hulk as best he could. His arm was still regrowing. He would have his, but not yet. Yet.

Bruce sat down in a chair with a stack of papers in his lap and organized them on the desk, slowly due to him missing his arm. Charles hovered over to beside Tony and merely stared at Izuku of which grinned.

"C'mon, old man. You really don't want to go in here. Lots of really weird things happen up there."

Professor X grimaced and stopped his mental probing. The young man had the best mental defenses and wasn't a primordial Mutant or Cosmic entity. They were here for a single reason.

"Why?" Tony asked in a whisper which prompted the man across from them to crane his head.

"What's that, Tony? Couldn't quite make it out," he grinned. The gleam in his green eyes showed untold amounts of chaos. But it wasn't insanity. It was simply chaos.

"He asked why, you son of a bitch!" Bruce yelled as he stood and slammed his hand onto the table in front of them. He had never heard the Hulk beg before, but now, he was certain he was begging to kill this thing.

"Quadrillions in destruction throughout the galaxy, trillions more on earth, the death of Heroes, Avengers, Villains, Mutants, and anything or anyone that stood in your way. And instigating war. We have simply asked you, why?" Charles spoke in a deceptively calm voice.

Izuku sat back in his chair and breathed in deeply before he looked to Tony with those damn dead eyes who carried duplicity within them. "This is going to take a lot of cigarettes and coffee. If I'm going to be here for a time before my death is broadcast to the galaxy, then do me that favor, yeah?"

Bruce growled and made movement towards the other side of the table before Tony rose a hand. "Sure. What's your favorite flavors. Honestly, I could use some, too," he sighed as Bruce looked at him with wide eyes.

"What the fuck?! You're actually humoring this monster?!" he screamed, looking towards Iron Man.

"His life's over, Bruce," Charles said quietly. "And still a boy, too. Such a shame."

"I'm 21, old man."

"And still a boy who's throwing the universe's largest temper tantrum. Someone who hasn't grow up."

Izuku bristled before he grinned again. "Such a spectacle, too, yeah? Any type of cigarettes and black coffee, please," He added as he looked towards Tony of which was decidedly quiet. Tony waved his hand and a couple packs were brought in with a hot pot of coffee via a wave of what Izuku guessed were nanobots. Izuku made an impressed expression as he took the pot and poured it in a couple cups before passing one to Tony.

Charles didn't respond and continued to look at the boy in front of him.

Izuku drank from his metal cup and sighed. "This is the good stuff. Real motor oil," he said in bliss as he reached for the cigarettes and lit one. He took a drag and blew out after a couple seconds.

Bruce shook his head and paced around the room before he sat down in his chair in a huff. Tony's fingers flew across his screen before a recording hologram flew between himself, Bruce, Charles, and Izuku.

Izuku made himself comfortable in his chair and his eyes flickered across the three beings across from him. Tony pressed a button on his interface and the recording began.

"The purpose of this recording," Charles began, "Is for the purpose of learning. It is being taken into account for the purpose of confession and for you, Izuku Midoriya, to tell what you believe is your story. This is also for the purposes of learning so that something like this does not happen again."

Izuku absorbed his words with a smile on his face.

"And when someone, the special someone, who happens across these recordings, will understand perfectly why I've done what I've done. Heroes, Villains, those terms are so constricting. They'll carry on what I've sought out to do. Because that's what we do."

"Who's 'We'?" Tony asked.

"Maybe you'll figure it out when I'm telling my story," Izuku responded.

Tony took a drag from his cigarette himself and moved on. "You'll start at the beginning. And during your telling, we'll be outlining what and why you've done what you've done. The most important question will be 'why?'"

"'Why?' is such a simple yet complicated question. It starts out when you first discover the word from your parents and then its meaning. Then you start asking, 'why this?' 'Why that?' And you never really get the answer you're looking for. There will always be room for interpretation and room for more 'whys'."

Bruce sat up and glared across the table, disregarding what was just spoken. Izuku felt a hot pit of anger well within him. He hated being ignored. "After this has reached it's conclusion, depending on what you've said. Maybe, maybe, you'll be imprisoned here for the rest of your miserable life."

"Then I suppose I should make this the epic this universe has been looking for, hmm?" Izuku grinned before he adopted a thinking expression.

"The beginning, hmm? So maybe..."

"Deadpool, I know how to shoot a sniper rifle. Just give me Kingpin's location!"

"Ah, ah, ah! You still need more training! Ever heard of curving a bullet?"

"This isn't Wanted!"

"And you're a killjoy!"

Bruce shook his head and adjusted himself in his chair, fidgeting with the bandages on his arm. "No, the beginning. That happened later than what we were talking about."

Izuku's brows scrunched and he seemed to be in thought before he nodded his head and smiled. "I know!"

"All-Might, can...can I really not be a hero?"

"I...I was wrong earlier. After you saved that girl and you said what you did..."

"I can, I can be a hero?!"

"Yes, Izuku. You can be a hero."

Tony shook his head. "This didn't begin when All-Might said those words."

"Rias, don't worry about what I do, or why I do it."

"But, Izuku, we love you! And when you do these things, we can't help but worry!"

"You don't have to worry. What I do, I do for you."

"Your first inter-dimensional location would be a good place, but we're talking earlier," Bruce spoke.

Izuku flicked the ashes of his cigarette in the ash tray. "So the beginning, beginning huh?"

Charles nodded. "When your descent began. Yes, Izuku, that beginning."

Izuku Midoriya sat back in his chair and allowed the shaggy hair on top of his head to cover his hands wrists crossed over the other before he leaned back and craned his head, cigarette in mouth. Tony, Bruce, and Charles all allowed their eyes to widen as they said his eyes. Those eyes that only a few had seen.

"You know, there's probably a bunch of things that those little documents don't tell you. There's a lot of things that happened between then and now and honestly I can't be sorry for what you might hear. But honestly?" he laughed lightly and cleared his throat off to the side before looking back at them.

"I'm not sorry for what I've done. Who I've hurt. Everyone who I targeted had it coming. Everyone who got caught in the crossfire. Regrettable."

Tony, Charles, and Bruce all felt anger rise in them. The younger man looked at them and his he shook his head. Anger at him, the closest target.




"And truthfully?"

A pause.

"This is going to be a long one."

Izuku seemingly looked off into nothingness after that. "Third person, by the way."

A loud groan was heard as Tony cupped his cheeks in his hands. Bruce and Charles looked at him questioningly, about to write off what was just said as insanity. "At least we know he spent a lot of time around Deadpool."